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Journal Embellishments: Paper Doll Scarecrows

Daniela Mellen, Artist & Author

Journal Embellishments: Paper Doll Scarecrows

Daniela Mellen, Artist & Author

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10 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. CLASS INTRO

    • 2. Class Examples

    • 3. Class Supplies

    • 4. Cutting Out the Scarecrows

    • 5. Scarecrow #1: Small Pick

    • 6. Scarecrow #2: Traditional

    • 7. Scarecrow 3: Creepy

    • 8. Pocket #1

    • 9. Pocket #2

    • 10. Class Wrap Up & Variations

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About This Class

Add creative elements to journal pages by creating paper doll scarecrows that can be hidden in pockets, or used as bookmarks or page markers.

This class is intended for beginner paper artists. We'll create three scarecrows and embellish them with raffia, craft sticks, and adhesives. Alternatives can be made with paper.

Included are two pages filled with scarecrow images and additional pages of text elements and patterned paper to download and print out.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Daniela Mellen

Artist & Author


I'm an artist and author living in coastal Florida and surrounded by plants, animals, marine life, and the warm sun - all things that inspire me.

I am drawn to creating things and love to get lost in projects. Each day is a opportunity to learn something new, build on existing skills, and branch out to new ones. I was formally trained as a educator which is my passion and incorporating art into teaching makes my life complete.

I upload art classes every Friday, here on Skillshare. You'll see handmade books, memory keeping, watercolor, acrylic paint, unique art supplies, and photography composition. Thanks for joining me and I look forward to seeing your work.

Check out my blog for additional info on my website

You can contact me at [email protected] See full profile

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1. CLASS INTRO: Hello. I'm Daniella Melon and author and artist here on skill share. Thanks for joining me for my class on journal Embellishments making paper doll Scare crows . These embellishments are fun in the unique addition to journals as something to peek out of a pocket, a page marker or bookmark, we'll make three scare crows in class. A small pick. Ah, more traditional model in a creepy rendition. And of course, there are slight variations you can achieve with each model. The basic dolls are illustrations that you can download and print out, and then we'll have fun embellishing them with supplies you probably already own. Try your hand at this quick technique and post a photo of your work in the class project section. You might be interested in some other journal embellishment classes that I have here on skill share, and I'd love it if you follow me. Thanks for watching. Now let's get started 2. Class Examples: So these are the three paper doll scare crows that we're gonna make in class. We're gonna attach them to these sticks so they're reminiscent of a real scarecrow in a garden. We have a simple scarecrow, which is just a head on a stick with a little bird on the hat, and just trim that out and attach it to the stick with your choice of word. This is one is a little more elaborate. It's more of a traditional scarecrow with stuffing and straw throughout the body and the head. And then, lastly, we have a creepy scarecrow, which is kind of fun one to make. We'll also make two envelopes and cards to stick in your journal that you could stick. The scare crows in as well. And there's two sizes of envelopes, a small one for our smaller scarecrow and a larger one for our larger scare crows. 3. Class Supplies: here the supplies for our paper doll scarecrow. We'll start by downloading the template. It's four pages long, and it has, um, images of the scarecrow that you can cut out for the paper doll here. I printed them on colored card stock. If you could also print them on white paper, but printing them on code card stock is you a little more body on them, but it does give a different effect. So here is the same image printed on colored paper colored card stock versus white copy paper. There's also two pages of words and quotes that you can use as well. And again, I printed these on a light craft colored card stock. Then at the end of the hand out, there's also two pieces of pattern paper that you can use, or you could use whatever pattern paper you have on hand. I thought these colors were very appropriate for autumn and for our scarecrow images. I also use some cutting supplies. I have a little pair of paper scissors here to actual cut out to actually cut out our paper dolls. I have a little more adorable scissors for cutting out the Rafiah and the craft sticks. And then I have a little bored and a craft knife to cut some images on the scarecrow, and I'll show you different ways to embellish them. I have some rafia here. It's just colored orange or natural color raffia. And if you don't want to use that, just use a strip of paper. This is just straw colored card stock that I've cut approximately 1/4 inches long, and that will produce a nice result if you want to tuck these dolls in your journal. I also like to use little wooden sticks. These air little coffee stirs. I find them to be the perfect size, their narrow and long enough, and you just purchase them at the grocery store right here like this. You could also use use Popsicle sticks or craft sticks if you prefer. The ones I have are just a little bit shorter, but they're pretty narrow themselves, so they work out really well, have different types of adhesive. I have double stick tape that is a permanent, very strong double stick tape. I have just my plain old Scotch tape, and then I have some glue. I have some tacky glue which takes a little longer to set and that I have my fabric tack, which sets very quickly. And that's a nice um, because a nice result doesn't tend to wrinkle the paper. And it's good for using the craft sticks, the raffia or the paper optionally, if you like to use, like to make a little holder little envelope for your dolls. I have some supplies for that as well. Um, so I just use standard envelopes These air six by nine envelopes either white or this Manila color and will cut those down slightly. Or you can use a standard number eight size element envelope, and you can use either the one that seals with a triangle or the one that seals with audit . You know, a little strip that you remove and steal your envelope. It doesn't matter. I have some scrap paper, and then I cut some card stock just so I have cards to slip in the envelopes, and this one is three and 1/4 inches by 5.5 inches, and this will be on the class supply list, and this one is 5.5 by seven inches 4. Cutting Out the Scarecrows: first thing I'll do is cut out the scare crows. There's three scare crows total, with some additional ones here thrown in copies of the existing three. And so the first thing I'll do is just cut out each scarecrow. - So now I have my pieces cut out. I have my three main scare crows and the first scarecrow. I just cut him out as he waas the 2nd 1 I cut out my cut little jagged edges around the edges to indicate that he's filled with straw. I also cut an additional face and an additional hat, and we'll go over using those in the next coming chapters for the third Scarecrow. I cut him out and I created additional head, so in the next chapter will start on embellishing this little teeny scarecrow first. 5. Scarecrow #1: Small Pick: to work on the scarecrow. The 1st 1 I'd like to work on using a Popsicle stick. And like I suggested, you could also just use a piece of paper or you can leave it as it is and just tuck it in your journal. What I like to do is take a Popsicle stick just because it's a little larger than this coffee stir. And that would be fine as well. And I want to make sure that the Scarecrow looks like he's sticking on a stick and be put in a field. So with some durable scissors, I just cut the end off my Popsicle stick. It takes a little work in it. But then I get a nice edge that resembles something that would be on a scarecrow in the end of a scarecrow. And then I'm just gonna cut off this existing, um, little stem here, and then I'll just glue him to that. So with my glue and this time I'm gonna use tacky glue. It's gonna put it at the top of the peace here, and I can go down a little ways. Then I figure out where I want my scarecrow, Tego and So I put him right on, burnish him a little bit, wipe off any excess clue, and I have my scarecrow. Another way that I want to embellish him further is to take one of these words that I thinks appropriate and stick him on the base of the stick. So I have two different sizes of the words here. The largest size fits on a Popsicle stick. The smaller size fits on the coffee stir, and again, you can use a smaller one on the Popsicle stick as well. But it's just choose the last word. Here are Tunnel, and I'll cut that out. We'll cut the edge and then just fine. Tune it a little bit. I'll stick him right on the edge here, using my glue. Do the same thing. Stick my word, clean up any excess glue. And there we have our first scarecrow to simply put on a stick to go into our journal 6. Scarecrow #2: Traditional: for our second scarecrow. You can just attach the post to the bottom of it if you like, or we can do something a little more elaborate. And that's what I'm gonna do here. So I've cut two more copies. I've cut one of that was just the hat and one of the hat and the head and I cut off the hair in the body. And so we're gonna build this scarecrow. So the first thing I'm gonna do is take some of my raffia here and you can use any color raffia. Or you could just use paper really thin strips of paper, and I'm gonna cut it out and try and create a little more full fuller hair and areas where the stuffing is sticking out of the scarecrow. So to do that, I'll take it right on the back of the Scarecrow. I'll cut a few strips just like this. So maybe a few more, and then I'll trim them after they dry. And I'll put just a little bit along the end of the scarecrow hat here with my glue. Make sure there's enough there that Rafia will stick Teoh. Then I'll go in and hear with my little pieces of raffia and stick it down, and I know I'm gonna stick it long enough that I'll trim it after it dries. So put it down here just a little bit here and there, all the way down the length of that hat there. Any areas that I think need a little more work, I'll put in a little more glue, and I can also trim this up somewhat as well after it dries. So I'll set this aside to let that set up for a little bit, and that's what it will look like. And I want to put a little stuffing underneath the head as well. I'll take my pieces, cut some of those I don't need to many and right under the neck, I'll add some stuffing and my glue in the base of the head and then add my pieces going, Oh, every which way. So that's what that will look like, and I'll set that aside and so we've covered this part in this part. Now I want to add a little bit to the hands, the legs and possibly the sides here of the waste. So to do that and just gonna take my craft knife. And I'm gonna cut to little notches on either side of the mitten on both sides. And I can tell in the back if I can fit my Exacto knife in there. I've done a good job cutting it. If not, I'll just go back in, cut that hole a little bigger, do that on both sides, and I'm gonna just feed a little bit of the Rafia through there and I'll do the same thing on the feet here. Gonna cut one long mark and then over here, just make a little mark to stick some raffia to make it very three d looking. So I cut my piece. Two more manageable pieces can pull it apart to it doesn't have to be. It's solid piece and I'll start here on the back. I'll add my glued to the top of one hand and then just feed some pieces through. It doesn't open up enough on. Go in there, pull this apart, feed a piece through, and I'll do the same thing over here, and I can look over here and see if it's too shallow. Just pull it through a little more so it sticks out, press down on the glue to make sure it sticks. And that's how it's looking. So flip it over and continue with all my other parts of feeding the raffia in and gluing it down. - So now that I have my piece is attached One piece here on the side. I cut a little bit, too. I was a little overzealous and I cut through it. So I'm just gonna take a piece of tape and put it down there to hold it in place. I'll start with the pieces I need first, and I'm gonna trim the straw and we'll put that on our peace and see how much more we have to trim. But I'm just trimming the background pieces right now. We don't want it sticking out strangely, and the same thing over here. I'll go and trim them, Raffi on the back. So now that we have that done, I want to take my just Scotch tape and take down any of these raffia spots. I don't want them to get caught when they're in my journal, so I'll go and just add tape if it extends over the body anywhere I'll go in and trim that off, like right over here. There's a little overhang, so I'll come in here and trim that off and then I'll do the same thing over here on the arm . So now we have the back completed. When I flip it over, I can see that it needs a little bit of trimming. So I'll start here in the hands and I want this to be split, so it looks a little fuller. So I'll just cut that and trim just a few pieces. And in the same thing over here, it doesn't have to extend that far. If I cut it an angle, it looks a little more natural, like the end of some straw. And now work on the face with my glue. I'm gonna take the head, put it, glue it right down on top of the existing head. But before I do that, I want to add just a little bit. We'll see how this will look with the hat. Gonna bring some over there so we'll have this and this just like this. I had just a few little pieces of straw coming up from the side here, so put some glue down, split some of the pieces, attach them right in just like that, and we'll go through the same procedure, trimming it. Make sure ing that it's in position. Trim that up and we're gonna add the face. But before that, I want to trim that a little bit. So take some of these pieces and cut them. Put that right on top. Make a good size blob of glue. Put a piece right on top. When this glue dries, it can easily be wiped off, just like rubber cement. And then with our hat, I want the pieces up top like the bangs to be a little shorter, then the pieces on the side. So add that as well. We one more step after we attach this hat, and that is to add the stick. I should add that hat right position to our scarecrow, and they will and that stick. So here I have my Popsicle stick. I'll put some glue on and then we'll put our word on the bottom 7. Scarecrow 3: Creepy: for our third scarecrow. I cut him out and if you want, you could take some dimensional tape and put the head on with adding another layer of dimension if you like. And that's an optional fun thing to Dio. I took the little stick here, the coffee stirrer, and I colored it in so that it matched this gray here. So it's just a great color pencil, and I went over it and it really picks up with wood grain on a little coffee stir, which is kind of cute. I'm gonna leave this part rounded for this one instead of cutting it like we did in the in the First Scarecrow and then I'm just gonna take and cut the bottom of this post off. So I go around here, cut off that piece, trim around the scarecrow again, and then once again, I'm gonna glue it on and then add our little word and I could make this is tall as I want. I can make this a nice, tall one that peeks out of the pocket, or it can bring it down low. So I just put a strip of glue, find where I want to put my scarecrow and then just burnish. Take a little more glue for down here and I'll put our little word rate on the Scarecrow. And here we have our completed final Scarecrow. 8. Pocket #1: just to make our pockets to stick our paper dolls in is really a simple procedure. You simply take the envelope. But in this case, it's the larger the six by nine and hope, and it's the same procedure for either one. And here's the little card that I cut to fit in it. So I want the car to stick out somewhat. So I'll just make a little mark here, where I'm gonna cut my envelope down to so right to about. There may be a little further down and I'll go with my paper trimmer cut down that envelope . And so now I have a built in pocket and it's very easy there, the car to fit in nicely. And I could always double check and trim down the card if it doesn't and it even sticks out a little. And so what I'll do is I'll cut a little notch in here when we're done. But for now, I'm just gonna choose the paper that I want and these air ones that are included in the template. But you can use any colored paper that you have that you like, and I'm just gonna cover it and because I'm gonna attach this pocket in my journal. I'm gonna leave the back there, and this will allow me a spot toe. Add the pocket to my journal. So just with some glue gonna go around the edge of the paper here, just put a little bit down as well. And I had a teeny bit here to hold it in place and I'll put my pipe. My envelope right on top of my paper approximately in the center doesn't have to be perfect . Place it down and then I'm gonna flip my paper over and very neatly cover the back of that envelope and I'll trim off the end edge when we're done. I'll just do the same thing over here is Well, we'll add my glue right to the edge. I fold my paper over. That'll take my citizens and just trim the edge. And I have a decorated pocket with a leftover paper. I can use this if I want on the tag. I want to put a little spot of it or make a little collage on it. But for now, I'm just gonna leave that so it fits right inside the pocket. The last thing I want to do to the pocket is I want to add a tab and I want to create that notch. So here I have my quote that I want to put onto my envelope, and I think I want to just ground it with a little bit of paper behind it, kind of creating somewhat of a collage as well. And I like that color. I just don't like that size. So I go over here and just trim down a piece of paper a little further and use that. So here I have my paper, my quote. I would hear that and trim that off. When it's done to stand a little blue, I will add my quote and will make our notch mental trim. This edging off here you can also fold it over the back and blew it so I don't see any reason to add more bulks in the envelope for Are not gonna take it just a two inch punch that I have. I'm gonna eyeball the center of this part of the envelope here and make a punch approximately half the circle. Maybe a little less than half. I think I have it fairly well. Clip it. And there we have a large envelope. It'll fit my tag. And if I want to stick in a letter or a card, I could do that as well. And then at the end, I'll stick in my paper dolls. I like the way it kind of peeks out. 9. Pocket #2: for the smaller envelope. I'll use the same procedure. Get a seal. The envelope this time because I wanted to be a tall pocket instead of a zweig is the second the first envelope waas. So I'm just gonna seal it, and then I'm gonna cut off the top part because I know this is fitting Onley this skinny one. I'm gonna kind of roughly figure out how tall I want that pocket to be. I think I just wanted to be approximately there, so I'll make my mark trim the envelope, and here we have a pocket will cover it the same way. Just this way. If I want this to be a floating pocket, I'll make sure that I cover the entire piece with paper because this one smaller, it's more apt to be covered entirely anyway And using the same procedure, we'll just trim the edge. I can see the edge right here. So make that mark true, My pocket. Then I'm gonna punch that hole in the top right in the center. This is a small one inch punch kind of eyeball the center, and then I'm gonna stick my card right in. It's a little off kilter, but that's okay. I can put my, uh, quote either this way or I could put it right on the tag right inside. And I kind of like that. I think I might add a little bit of this paper as well to tie it together. Cut a piece of that. Maybe just like this, I had the paper. Now add the quote, buff off any glue, trim that and put that right in the pocket. And I can either put the Scarecrow doll in the pocket or it can pin him to the side. The next chapter will do a class wrap up and look at our completed projects. 10. Class Wrap Up & Variations: So here we have the Scarecrow, the 1st 1 the smaller version and we have it just cut out from the paper with a little fussy cut going around the edges. And it's effective. And here's the one we did in class today where we cut it around, put it on a post and then embellished it with the sentiment here or the words. It's kind of a fun look for our next scarecrow that we didn't class. Today we have the three dimensions and the straw sticking out from it. If we wanted to just cut it out, it's still effective. It's just not nearly as striking as the one that we embellished and added to it. And then there are just some variations you could make. So for here I just added a stick, and again it gives it just a little more something special. And then over here I added different colora FIA instead of the straw colored I add color rafia. And then lastly, I need another rendition where I just took the head and I took some ribbon and made a little scarf with it and stuck it on a pick. And in the right setting just sticking out of a journal. This would be rather interesting for the creepy scarecrow that we did in class today. We have the scarecrow up nice and tall. If we were just to cut it out on paper, it's still effective. It's just a little smaller. And then here's another embellishment that I made with it where I cut around the dress and I need across that he's hanging on in the garden. Uh, just out of the little coffee stirs. So because another effect, it's a fun way to go, I hope. Youll try your hand at one of these scare crows and post a photo of your work in the project section. Be sure to follow me here on skill share to get notified of future classes and please consider leaving your review. Thanks for watching