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Joint Venture - How to get experts and marketing top guns to promote your product

teacher avatar Brian Cliette, I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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JV Secrets - The Fastest Way To Gain Joint Venture PartnersDiscover how to get the most quality traffic to your offer by gaining Joint Venture partners.

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Brian Cliette

I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly


I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly. Via High Velocity User Acquisition & Data Driven Growth Marketing!!

Meet the Mad Scientist of Digital Greatness.

What do you get when you combine a data geek, a social media master and a growth marketing connoisseur?

You get a mad scientist named Brian Cliette. Brian has been working his brand of magic for more than 10 years, serving the hospitality and digital media industries with a unique, holistic approach that allows him to see the entire picture, tear it down and rebuild it into something amazing.

Brian gets a lot of joy from helping people and companies to be better than they were. He's a people person, a problem solver, and holds an unusual balance between the analytical and creative sides. After trav... See full profile

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1. Jvdeals: Hi, Brian. Quiet here and putting together a very short course on JV deals. Now I've been receiving a lot of Ah e mails from some of my students on exactly what RJB deals a k a. Joint venture deals. How do you put them together? And is it true that people make so much money with JV deals? So hopefully, by the end of the short course, you have a little more clarity around. Some of these commonly asked questions around joint venture deals. So JV deals, A said is also known as joint venture deals, and it's pretty much where you actually going out and finding affiliates. But you almost hand picking the type of people that you want to promote your particular product Now, typically, we see a lot of this in the Internet marketing space, so does not really apply to all of digital marketing. Okay, so this is mainly Internet marketing space people selling this software's people selling different Internet marketing courses on how to make money with kindle our how to make money , selling on you to me, how to develop your own information product, our how to do Amazon eBay arbitrage like typically topics related to the how to make money . Niche is typically where you see a lot of joint venture deals happening. Now. You may be asking, Well, what's the difference between ah, joint venture and just being a normal Philly? Well, typically people, especially in the Internet marketing niche, they may sell their products on Click Bank and may sell them on JV Zoo on the Warrior Forum . Um, so the major distinction between and normal affiliate program I go to clipping dot com and go to a marketplace. I find a product very interesting in, and I go to the affiliate page. I get my affiliate link for that particular product starts in traffic towards that product . That's kind of affiliate marketing, where I'm promoting someone else's deal. Where people have access to the affiliate page. Joint Ventures is part of taking affiliate marketing to kind of the next level where you go out and you attract people that have large melon list that you try. People have large following is the people that have large communities online for particular niche, especially for as I said in that market niche, people might have 1,600,000. This, uh, these many email subscribers. So you go to them and you make them some type of offer. So you say, Hey, I have a product coming out in Internet marketing space. I have a product coming out in the Kindle's marking the space, and I would love for you to, uh, you know, blast this particular offer to your list to your following, and typically, with this joint venture deal, it goes simultaneously What you call a product march. So we're launching a new product. Will you be bringing a product on a warrior for May? Bring a product. I don't click Bank of JV Zoo. You want to make sure you hit the mark with a bang. So typically, how you do that is that you get people talking about your product launch anywhere from 30 days of 60 days before you're going to be launching it. So that's kind of a buzz or anticipation about this product, and typically this happens through your joint venture partners. So you go to them 30 days before your product launches, you start giving him e mail swiped fouls, you know, talking about some of the products that they were going to be released or your product that's going to be released. The House going to help them solve particular problem are mixing money or safe some money to police around the topic of make money. We'll talk about Internet market. Okay, so people kind of change following kind of the shiny object may have shiny object syndrome when it kind of joint jumping from one money making opportunity online to another money making opportunity online. So this joint venture relationship is a city is a well established people in ah community are in a space that have large melon lists off people looking for money making opportunities. And you just established a deal. You give them anywhere from 100% commissions for the upfront cell of the product and on the back end, you maybe give 50%. Because really, what you're doing here and you're launching a particular product is that you're getting their lists, right? So they're sending their lists of those people buy from you. You now have emails that will wants another email list, okay. And there's some value in that because now you can market directly to those people there will want some someone else's, even all this and still on someone else's and even lists. But they're now part of your melon list, so not everyone's willing to give that up for 50% commission. Some people want 75 80 But right now, as of today 2016 most people are really looking for 100% up front commission on the first in product and then for the up. Sales is typically the way these joint ventures work. When you're doing a product launch, you have a product that sells between, you know, $17.97 dollars on the backend. You have opportunity to upgrade for additional bonus, additional coaching or something along those lines where they might pay, um on a monthly ongoing basis that might pay $100 a month to access this particular Siri's . Are this extra information on it might be some bonus software that helps automate something you taught them in the course that they otherwise have to do by hand. So you charge you no additional $200 for that particular software. Eso. You typically make money off the back inside of the deal so maybe I'm confusing you a little bit on exactly what a joint venture is, but just to reiterate, it's pretty much two individuals getting together on a kind of partnering to promote a particular problem. So that's kind of the definition. So two parties getting together to promote a product together. So once the product owner and one is to believe the marketing partner where they have a long large list on have some expertise and you guys get together and do a dio. So that's pretty much what a joint venture is in the simplest of forms. What I've explained so far in the past five minutes or so, this is kind of some of the different nuances are they go along with the joint venture on what separates a joint venture commonly from a regular of affiliate program. I've rather affiliate program type set up. So how to get started in a JV deal? So I'm gonna give you two perspectives. One is from the product creator. So I have a product that maybe automates, uh, Kindle book promotion. So I have a Kindle books, and I wanna automate now have been outsourcing to someone help me promote a product on Facebook on the Philippines are in Pakistan, where they get access to my account and they go on Facebook Post ads there. Well, maybe I can develop with software, automates that process so you don't have to pay someone to 50 a month to do that for you. So I am the product creator of the software creator. So once my software is developed, I can then go to a joint venture partner. I could say someone it has a large following that a Kindle space and say, Hey, I just developed software that automates this. This and this That makes it much easier to make more money with Kindle marketing. And they'll say, Cool, you know, uh, set up a website and write what they call email Swipes for me. Que Most wipe is pretty much email promotional at Aussie wanna right between six and seven of these eso you can send them to your joint venture partners. And, as you say, you really want to value this relationship. So you want to try to make sure that the way you have everything set is it's convenient as possible on both the way to get paid the way to get email sweat files, a way to communicate with you. Any questions of technical issues or concerns. Leave concerns they may have and promoting your product. They should be able to get back to you. You should be able to get back with him. AST's fast as possible with us. Think about it if they're relying on you to pay them after they make a certain amount of cells and you're not paying them and you can't even answer. A simple email takes you seventies respond to answer an email. That's probably a bad sign as far as you gonna be. Community doing his money of All right, so someone's trying to make you money. You're not available. That's a bad sign. So you want to be as communicative as possible. You also want to be try to make things that's convenient. It's possible when make sure that you're paying people through pay power through one of the top joint venture kind of networks. A click bank JV zoo are took lease. Um, the more popular ones within the Internet marketing space on so those kind of way you wanna look at set in your product up on getting their fill it links created almost particularly networks. It also pay power. You're paying people bonus. You know you don't want try to send money. There's some weird service that no one's ever heard of. We have to sign up, publisher, put an application and get approved to sign up for an account again, this is very inconveniencing. And people are not gonna be very motivated to join your joint venture that to jump through all these fiery hoops to hopefully make you money, right? So you have to keep that in mind. So that's kind of one side of the joint bench. Do you have a product? And I'm looking to get some marketing partners to put some firepower behind me promoting this product Now. The flip side on the other side of JB deal is that, um, I have a mailing list in a certain niche, and someone has a product that I want to promote so he constant want to be promoted to your list of kind of try to make some money off your list so you want to send the deal once a week are two or three times a month, so you're gonna go out in the marketplace and see who has a product that has who has a quality product. Okay, that is going to be of value to people on your mailing this. So if you have a melon list, let's go back to the Kindle example people that are kindle Amazon authors. Okay, you don't want to promote a product on making money with the APP store. Okay? Because although they may be a few people that do publish books on Kindle, the Kindle authors and maybe a few of them that want to know how to make money on the APP store. But that's probably not some things wonderfully complement are not gonna have a strong level off correlation between the two. So you want to try to maybe fine go out in the marketplace and see someone has a product related directly to kindle marketing. That's something that helps make it. It makes it easier for authors Teoh make money or right mawr sell more books because that's something will complement this melon list that you have. So you have a mailing list of Kindle authors, go out and find people to partner with. So that's the other side of joint venture deals. So it's two ways you have the product. Look for marketing partner are your marketing partner. You're looking for a product to promote to your list, looking for product to promote to your community. So that's tipping with the ways that you get started in the joint venture deal and on both . You pretty much need to start with some type of affiliate networks you need to join. JV zoo dot com JV zoo dot com are joined. Click bank dot com, Click Bank, See Ill I, C K B A N k click bank dot com And again, they have a marketplace with tons and tons of products. I'm going to share with you guys when I go over the tools with joint venture deals, a few websites that I go to to find out what the latest joint venture deals going to be so you can, you know, frequently cites to kind of see look out for joint ventures, especially in your particular niche on that you can capitalize on, and I make money. So what are the pros and cons of joint venture deals? Um, I guess I will start with the pros. You can make a lot of money, So if you get the right joint ventures, you get the right affiliates behind your product or associate you doing a big product launch. You can make a lot of money, have friends they have launched products, have made $14,000 in a week. Friends of meat, $30,000 in a month, just selling a variety of different small Internet marketing products. Just having strategic joint venture partners and you don't really need a gang of joint ventures of JV is to promote your products. I mean, if you have 23456 people large list. I get a lot of traction to make a lot of money in that particular product watch so you don't need a ton of JV partners. You just need a few. So that's one of the pros on. And with every pro with every advantage, there is a kind of built in disadvantage, so because you can make a lot of money, one of the cons is that there's a lot of scammers in the space, right? So a lot of people running around trying to do joint venture deals, a lot of people are can be very cut throat. A lot of people can, uh, not pay. You are not pay you everything that they agreed upon are they can try to, you know, take your money some other way. So a lot of, ah conmen and calm women around this space because the money that you can make can be so lucrative that it draws in a lot of this scam me crowd as well. So that's definitely one of the cons. Another common joint ventures is that it's not something to his wake up one morning, said Hamlin. To do a joint venture like people need to know who you are. People need to know that they're going to make money with you because joint ventures not only about making money, it's also about time. So if I'm spending time promoting your products, morning your software. It's a crappy product. Our software that does not work are so training courses outdated, and it's really going to make me look bad to my melon lists. Gonna make me look bad to my community, and the next time I try to send them something, they're gonna be a little reluctant to, um, to make a purchase because I suggest the product it was not a high quality before. So on one of the cons to joint ventures is that it's kind of like one of those chicken or the egg kind of things. You know what comes first? You know, the popularity are great product than the popularity. And really, I want to say things start with a great product. Okay, So if you don't have a name, you know, the first start and getting started with joint ventures on this far as one of the to avoid some of the cons associate with is this to have a high quality product really over deliver on the product. So half bonuses that unannounced bonuses really made people happy about buying a product because this will get back to the person that promoted your product. This get back to the customers and just get back to the Internet market community, which is relatively small, if you really think about it. Okay. They're only a couple of 100 big players in this whole space. Can we talk about the whole Internet marketing community worldwide? Okay. There. Tons of medium players and tons of small players so presents opportunities for everyone that kind of scale up the food chain sorted to speak, but again, a lot of competition and really to get traction, you got to come up with a quality product to get your name out there and have people vouch for you. Okay, so you may have one joint venture that has made a decent amount of money for you and you go to a bigger fish. You go to someone who has the even larger mailing list. OK, you're going to need that original JV partner to vouch for you that your stand up guy to stand up girl. Okay, so that was the summer of pros and cons of things to consider. So what are some of the tools for JV deals? The first tool that you're going to need is going to be a, um, some type of network. So you're going to need some type of affiliate network to host your product to do your credit card processing. I highly suggest JV zoo. That's J V zoo z o dot com. JV zoo will allow you creature product. They're actually delivery a product for you as well they do the credit card processing that also process all the commissioners for you. So again, taking out all the whole payment, headache and product delivery headaches. So they take out some of the technical issues that often times people have. We try to do these things manually. Another affiliate platform is click bank dot com. Click Bank is very popular. One. Ah lot of JV partners have clipped make accounts was very easy for them to create their own unique link for the JV promotion using Click Bank. But probably JB's was probably more popular than obviously could do your own. We could do pay Powell and use some work less programs to deliver your product. So you not limited to these other networks where they do charge but typically higher credit card fee. I've been doing it on your own best. One thing to consider. I also want to share with you some websites that I suggest you check out this far as getting information on JV partnerships. So one site is, Ah, Xavi notified pro dot com and this actually subscription service. We can kind of law again. You could become a V I P, and they will let you know of all the large, um, product launches coming out so they'll let you know. So this is Mike Merck's very popular Internet marketer, one of the top, in my opinion. And he owns this particular website. This is his product. And, as you could see here in this particular form tons of different product launches coming out even that planning for 2017 cause a lot of this stuff we want to start getting partners, you know, months in advance says, you know, it's, ah close to be in 2017 people already promoting products there. So you go out here and see you some of the latest products coming out kind of see what the market is kind of. See if something caters to email list that you have again, this is a great tool. Great start. Especially want to look to promote for you wanna look to promote products to your list on JV? Notify a pro works is a great source for you. Now, if you want to get the latest news and updates Ah, guarding JB marketing in that marketing. Ah, you won't want to check out JV focus dot com. You can meet some pretty cool JV partners on here as well. So if you want to co promote a co creator product, which is kind of another niche within ah J V marketing is that, you know, you may be that you may have the idea for software See part with the development actually coast to software for you are you may be a developer, your partner with a marker to help you market your software market your product. Are you content right? And you're looking for a copywriter to help you copyright he may partner with them. So you guys actually partner together and actually co owned the particular product that you're promoting. JV focuses a great resource on it to make those type relationships another very popular, especially in regards to Internet market, is kind of a warrior for, and one of my favorite pages on the water form is the worry form Joint Ventures Page, so he could see all types of things going on. So people are making offers to look for copywriters. People looking for S e o people to joint venture with, and here this is kind of a partnership form, so There's another space outside of having a product. Look for people to promote it are looking to promote other people's product. You also have people that want to do a deal together so you might want a co promoter product co created product. A says someone might want to develop a software and find someone else to do the promotion for that software. So you can find a lot of those deals and kind of see how people are sitting those deals up . I come into the war reform dot com backslash warrior Dash Joint Dash Ventures. You can see all types of things going on here. It's great. This kind of looked through here, kind of see the language, See what people are offering because that help you formulate your joint venture deal there . So some great ideas there it in another ah website. Very similar to the 1st 1 I share with you. JV notified out Pro where they're kind of launching listing all the new hot products is exceeded. Have dates and dates of products here, um, going out all the way to april 3rd 2017 May 17th. Okay, so tones of products there another one is Ah much I dot com. OK, Munch i dot com and again it just list tons of new product launches products that just came out. So you want to start promoting some hot products that just came out? Um, you can do that on much I some big launches. So launches from this site that are now on JB Zoo here. You can see the dates in the launch when these dates when these products gonna come out so you could start, you know, want me list up. You can start doing some marketing for them. People want to start searching for these things you can over optimize start put up the content, see rank for the so once their religion once they're released. You know when people start searching for me already in search engines. So that's one strategy there as well. But these kind of major sites iconic tools for finding such deals. And I was talking about So hopefully, um, that's helpful for you as faras tools for putting together JV deals, advice and tips on JB deals. Just remember that unlike just a standard regular affiliate program, joint venture deals are really about the relationship like you're essentially partner and with someone were both for you guys, hopefully having mutually beneficial relationships and both you guys adding value, I synergistically adding value to each other to enhance the relationship versus you doing something your own and then doing something they are. So you want to just keep in mind that you know, you always want to create value. Okay, so, uh, developing a building long term relationships is all going to totally be about your ability , create value for others, create value for the partnerships pre value for the products that you're promoting, product value for the products that you're creating and then also create value for the people you're pardoning with. Okay, so you are coder and your partner with the marketer creating value there. If you are a marketer and you're getting with someone that writes really well, OK, apartment with rider, you know, creating as much value as possible is a market a criminalist values possible as a writer. So tips and advice think long term. Think about value. I also think about convenience. So JV partners or potential partners have a lot of options. As you saw on those sites There were hundreds of new products coming out every month. So they have options so they don't have to do business with you. So they typically do business with someone that they know they're going to make money where someone they trust someone that I was gonna ask him value to them into their customers. And people refer to you and that someone is convenient. Who's going to be the most convenient? So do I have to jump through all these fire? It hopes to do business with you Or is it pretty straightforward? OK, do I have to sign up for new accounts? Do I have to go to some weird form a communicator? Can I message on Facebook? Can I call you on Skype? But I have to call down with some weird apt to contact you to talk to you, you know? So, trying to be as convenience possible, try to think long term, think about value and be communicative. Okay? Never forget to be not to be communicative. That's going to be a huge Valya because a lot of people Internet market space, are lazy and lazy. People don't like picking up the phone. Lazy people don't like answering the email so you don't want to be put into that lazy bunch . So hopefully these tips in and ideas for you to getting started and making success out of JV deals. So this is a JV deal. Wrap up again. Joint ventures. Probably not something that I would start doing if I was new to Internet market and the new traditional marketing Probably focus on some other easier techniques on and then, as you are able to create value, understand the marketplace off, then look at these shady deals again. A lot of money to be made, but also a lot of sharks in this space. You have to be very cautious, um, in dealing with these JV deals, but hopefully this is insightful than a short course on JV deals you answers. Um, maybe some preliminary questions that you have on JV deals in the event that you have additional questions. Always feel free to reach out to me again. Thank you for your time. I talk to you