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Job Interviews: The Top 10 Questions to Prepare for on Every Job Interview PLUS BONUSES

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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19 Videos (50m)
    • Top 10 Questions To Prepare For Intro 0002

    • The Best Question To Ask on Any Interview

    • Tell Me About Yourself The Standard Answer

    • Tell Me About Yourself The Advanced Answer

    • Why Do You Want to Work for Us

    • What Are Your Weaknesses

    • Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years from Now

    • Why Do You Want to Work for Us

    • Aren't You Overqualified

    • What Makes You Think You Are The Most Qualified Person for This Job

    • What's More Important The Money or The Work

    • Why Should I Hire You

    • Why Shouldn't I Hire You

    • Why Should I Hire You When I Could Promote Someone

    • Why Have You Had So Many Jobs

    • Are You Interviewing

    • How to Answer Illegal Questions

    • What Makes You Think You Are The Most Qualified Person for This Job

    • Why Were You Fired


About This Class

If you are like most job hunters, you have been "winging it," figuring out how to answer questions as you are asked. This trial and error approach to interviewing has resulted in you missing out on a lot of jobs you really wanted to have.

I want to help you become much more successful with interviewing. Here, I provide you with the way to answer the top 10 questions asked on interviews, including two ways to answer, "Tell Me About Yourself," "Why Should I Hire You When I could Promote Someone," "Why Should I Hire You," and "Why Shouldn't I Hire You," and more.

There are several bonus questions I include but best of all, in addition to these top questions, I give you the best question you should ask on any interview and tell you when to ask it.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Once you know the title of the lesson, answer it as you would have and then listen to my answer. 

Then practicePracticing how to answer the question will help you deliver the answer perfectly on interviews.

Great athletes in every sport practice. 

So should you.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter filled more than 1200 positions plus consulting assignments throughout the United States, evaluated more than 750,000 resumes and coached many more people on how to effectively interview. I am the host of, "No BS Job Search Advice Radio” and “Job Search Radio,” the #1 and #2 podcasts for episodes about job search, written eight books and more than a dozen other guides to job hunting plus created thousands of YouTube videos about job search.







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Jeff Altman

The Big Game Hunter