Job Interview Secrets: Your Guide To Master Every Interview!

Silviu Marisca, Fast Reader, LifeHacker

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9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Welcome to World Class Interviewing - How to Craft the Perfect Answers

    • 2. What are Interviewers looking for!

    • 3. How to Answer to the Open Ended Question

    • 4. 3 Steps to Perfect Interview Answers

    • 5. Find the Question Behind the Question

    • 6. Find the Plain English Answer

    • 7. Polish to Perfection

    • 8. What’s Your Biggest Weakness?

    • 9. Quick Recap - Answering Interview Questions

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About This Class

Job Interviewing is a learned skill.

Very few people are "naturally" good interviewees.

What transform a person from an interviewee into someone who gets the job can be summed up with the following five phrases:

- good interviewees understand the interview process and have anticipated the questions they will be asked;

- good interviewees have researched the company, the job demands, the field, and the interviewer, and use that information to their advantage during interviews;

- good interviewees have a thorough knowledge of what they can offer an employer, what they want from employers, and what sets them apart from the competition;

- good interviewees have invested time and energy in building powerful interview responses, and they practice answering common interview questions;

- good interviewees are persistent. They follow up after interviews, send thank-you notes, and refuse to accept rejection without learning something from it.

The information in this course addresses each of the preceding points.