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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction - Job Hunting Made Easy

    • 2. The Right Tools for Job Hunting

    • 3. Finding Places to Apply

    • 4. Searching Open Positions

    • 5. The Time It Takes to Apply for Positions

    • 6. Emailing Possible Employers

    • 7. Rotation of the Search

    • 8. Replying to Yes and No with A Thank You

    • 9. The Wrap Up

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About This Class

Job Hunting Mad Easy

Job hunting can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be.  I prefer to make take the easier road and I am sure most of you out there would too.  This class is going to show you how I have streamlined by job search process to make it effective and efficient.  

When we need a job or want to change jobs the process shouldn't scare you more than it helps you.  This class will take the fear out of job searching and make your hunting easier and more successful.  Stop waiting time trying to filter through all the jobs out there.  

With a little planning and focus, you can create a job search process that is specifically made for you.  Allowing you to spend a couple of hours a day hunting jobs and letting your inbox fill up with questions and offers of interviews.  

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Peace and Love,

Rob Alex, Ph.D. 

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Meet Your Teacher

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Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching


Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work - metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the l... See full profile

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1. Introduction - Job Hunting Made Easy: everybody Rob Alex here with you today to show you how I hunt for a job like a pro. Now hunting for job is never an easy thing. It's never fun. It's not something that people are just like, Oh, I want to do it But we can make it a lot better for you with planning preparation. You know, it takes a lot of time looking for jobs. Now you can go to one of those jobs services, but you know, they're usually going to give you something temporary. You can go through ah, platform like career builder or, um, I think a job placement boards like that, Um and they're great. They have there benefits, but it's also there's a lot of people on there looking. I'm going to show you my tips and tricks, how to get in and find the job that you really, really want, because you know when you're waiting through a site like a CareerBuilder or the ladders or something like that there so many jobs on there, and there's so much that is not even relevant. You know, there's all those sales jobs, those telemarketing jobs that pop up on there and It gets really frustrating for you when you're looking for a specific job to be doing that over and over. Get now. You know one thing. I want you to understand that looking for job takes time. It takes a lot of effort, and it takes a great focus. But with the steps I'm gonna give you here today that's gonna help you streamline your process a little bit more so that it's not gonna take you as much time as you're gonna find the things that you want to find and you're going to be happy with those. So get ready because I'm going to show you this. Is this the perfect way? No, it's not the perfect way. Everybody's weighs a little different, but this is the way I go about it. And it is working very well for me in the past, So I wanted to share with everybody here today 2. The Right Tools for Job Hunting: Okay. The first things that you're going to need to do is to get your tools that you need her job search. Obviously, your computer, you're gonna have to have that. Um, I suggest having a notebook. You can keep track of your jobs that you're applying for on your computer if you want. I like to keep the Britain down, um, so that I can see what I'm doing and I go back to without having to turn on my computer. Because after I sit here all day looking for jobs or whatever I'm doing, I don't want to spend more time here checking all the off. So have, you know, broke your computer. I like to have a couple highlighters and a good pin to work with. And those are some of the tools that you need because one of the things that is important looking for the job is the planning the planning session. Because this is not a quick process. You're not gonna get online. The very first job you find, you're going to be like, Oh, this is it. This is only one. I want one for their For starters, it takes time. Uh, usually I'm even gonna say Probably a month, Uh, for you start hearing things. Maybe, you know, a couple weeks Sometimes if you're lucky for you should. It's about a month before you start hearing things and start getting replies back from these companies as they're going through their process. So we want to have a plan in place so that we're constantly implying to places. Like I said, you're not going to hit the lottery. Probably find it the best job in the world on the 1st 1st go around the first place, you go to it. Look, you have to have some flexibility. So the planning stage is very important. And I think one of the other things that's very important is to have a nice, comfortable space that you can see right here. I'm outside. I've got a drink right here. I've got snacks over on the other side, things like that. So I don't have to keep getting up now, everyone. So I was good to get up and stretch exercise and things like that so you don't get our bodies get into that will sit in the chairs kind of mode all the time. So we want to keep our mind's fresh bodies fresh to during this process because you can spend a lot of time here. Believe me, you can spend a lot a lot of times there's hundreds of thousands of jobs out there and probably hundreds of thousands just in your in your area alone. So let's start, you know, with the basics we need to have all our tools light out, and then we need to start planning and we're gonna start planning section next, even to the time friend that you're going to be working. Start thinking about that with what time frame will work best for you as you're looking for Jobs is gonna be late at night or nobody's gonna bother. Use it first thing in the morning when you get up in your fresh and your new Maybe it's an afternoon after lunch that works best for you. Start planning those out of when you're going to be hunting for your job and all those 3. Finding Places to Apply: Okay, the next thing we're going to do and this is actually the kind of the first step, you know, if we get our tools and everything is start figuring out where we want to apply. Look for those excellent companies that you want to apply to specific areas, maybe specific businesses. But this is where you start needing to do your research. What I will do is I will go through and I will list the probably a whole page of places in the area in the areas that I want to get employment and and I'll branch out my search and I won't just pick specific companies. But I'll try to branch out. You know, I'm looking for specific, like, say, I'm looking for to get a job in the hospital. I'll look at hospitals and then I'll go looking. I'll look for immediate care facilities, and then I look for other things that might be hospital related that are offside of hospitals. You know, emergency care facilities, things like that, if that's what I'm looking for. So I start to branch out my search, and I will try to get a whole page of places that I would like the work that looked like great places to work that would have amazing benefits for me. And you may be close to my home, things like that, that all the weather there, but start taking motion. If you're looking to relocate, that's another thing, you know. What areas are you looking to relocate it? You can usually do a search and say, What are the best places? Uh, the biggest places for employment in that area. And you can get those that information. Those types of things are vital to making your job success, job search as success. And like I said, we start writing those down. You can see I've got colored will go into the colored my highlighters there in a little bit . But now I have Ah, Now I have a list of what to go onto. So now I'm not sitting here looking through one of those job sites. That's just gonna tell me hundreds of jobs, and I'm trying to pick out a needle in a haystack. I've got places that I want to work that are close, that drawing my attention. You know, whether a friend or family member works there or you know that you heard It's a great place to work or it's a dream job come true. Maybe it's very specific job for you, but don't be afraid to branch out because you don't want to have your focus to narrowed at this point that you're looking through jobs. So you know, then you can go through this list and start finding the websites, finding the websites and writing them down beside it so you don't have to keep searching for them if they're not obvious. You know, if it's david busters dot com that you're going to go to then you know that's pretty obvious. But a lot of these places don't have specific websites like that. They you can just hop on Teoh. So we're gonna make our list of all the places we wanna work. You know, you can do it by location. If you're looking to really relocate, obviously you can you can maybe have several different areas if you're not specific to which air you want to look at. A lot of times I will do that. I've had you know, I have four or five pages cause I'm actually looking to relocate right now and I've got four or five pages of places that might be a possibility that I'm going through and searching. So there you go. Now we're on our first step. We've got places. Stop lying to now. We'll start that process here in just a minute. 4. Searching Open Positions: okay, we're ready for our next step. Got our list of all the places that we want to apply to written down or when I looked for jobs for Let's say it that way. What All the places that we want to look for jobs for and now we go through the tedious Kosit going through each and every one of them, going to their website and seeing that they have open position. Most places have job boards where they list their jobs, that they're very big company. They have a job board that you can find all their employment openings on. If it's not, if it's a smaller location, you might have to call them and ask. But this is what we want to do with this list. The first step is to go through and see which one of these half job boards in which one of the don't because we don't waste our time keep going back to this these over and over again . If they don't have a job board and they're not placing anything up there, so go through all these have list. Check him out, see which ones have job boards that are there now during this process, you can start looking and see if there's anything that they address you. But I would say your first step is to go through and see if they have job boards. Like said, We're trying to streamline here so we won't want to get sidetracked as we're doing this. So I go through. I see which ones have job boards, my color code if it doesn't have a job, order up a mark all the way through it. So I know not to go back and check on that side. But this is really helps out a lot. Speak to step up and then I go back and I check and we'll get into that here and a little bit. But as you're going through that, but which ones have job sites go back. Once you figure out which ones all have job sites, then we can go start back and looking for jobs and see if they have any jobs available. And then I use a different color highlighter. As you can see online. I have pink and then I go to yellow. Pink means that I do have a job or and then the yellow is the last date I checked it. I'll put a little young mark there and put the data in there when I checked it last. And I will see if they have a job, uh, that are of interest to me as I do that. Now, if I find one, that's an interest. I don't stop and apply for it right here and there. I wait until I go through all these on so I could apply so I can give the time needed to once cause, um, we'll get into that a little bit, but it takes a lot of time to apply for all these jobs. So what we want to do is we want to pinpoint the ones that were really interested in making notations of the ones that were super interested in making notations of ones that don't have any job openings or don't have any job openings for us at this time. Um, and we put that in the yellow little yellow box. So, you know, if I put a little, start the date and we'll start, there's an interesting job on there that I want to apply for. As you can see, we're streamlining this down. So now and our next step, when we go to apply, we are going to know exactly where we're going, being being being being and we can start applying for jobs because this is the tedious fart when you start finding the jobs that you like, because it's not quick dip life, if any of you are out there that have applied for any jobs, yes, If you go to one of the job hunt sites, you know they're all there quick, you load, upload your resume and you just start picking job that you want. But there's hundreds of 1000 people doing that. Not many of the people are taking the time to do it this way and go through the effort and contacting the company individually. So look for that job. So we'll be back in a minute with telling you how, um, we're going to start applying for these jobs 5. The Time It Takes to Apply for Positions: Okay, so we found all the jobs on our list that we want to fight for, and there might be a extensive list. I would, and I go through my first brother draft. Um, I go through this and I'm like, Oh, my gosh, there's so many jobs I want to apply And the time constraints that it takes to apply for jobs are pretty strenuous. A lot of times when you're doing it this way So you want to make sure that if you can, you can mark him down the ones that are most interesting to you and do those first because you're going to spend the most time on those. Those are the ones that you really want a home to make sure your dot near uh, crossing your T's and dotting your I's, uh, make sure that everything is perfect on those. So we want to go through our list and say this was the most important job. This is like the ideal job that I want. I'm gonna spend the most time on it cause it's gonna take easily, you know, 15 minutes to an hour to fill out an application. All the job sites are different, some of them election. Load up a resident of those air the quick ones and then just fill out answer a few questions. A lot of them will have you fill it all out online. So you have to put your whole work history in their your education. And if you've had quite a bit of work history, that could be quite time into Mia's. You're putting it in there. So I was have a copy of my resume sitting beside me or I haven't pulled up on the computer so that I could make sure I have consistency, cause last thing you wanna do is have conflicting statements on you know what you're filling out online and resume that you might be sending to them to A lot of places will even have you upload the resume, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me. And I'm sure it doesn't. You you upload a resume and then you have to fill out a recall that information too. So that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that's what a lot of companies do it. But be prepared for the time constraint that this is gonna take as you start to apply because you don't want to get to where you're just rushing through. So if you have to bust it up into several different sections segments, please do that. Don't just rush through it. Try to get it done as fast as you can. Take your time. Make sure everything's perfect because this could be the job that you really want. And if you make a silly mistake, I'm filling out the application because you're trying to push through it. That's not what you want to dio. And that don't hurt you in the long run, obviously. So you know, you make yourself I was. What I tried to do is I try to do so many a day, you know, if I'm in a hot, heavy time where I'm meeting a job and I'm needing it right now, I might do more than that during three to Ford five, maybe a day so that I don't get burned out on it because you can. You could spend all day and all night filling out after cations and going through the process. So prepare yourself for the time that you're gonna be needed to make sure you take breaks. I think that's one thing that's very important. Take your lunch break. Take your 15 minutes to stretch whatever it be. But make sure that you're giving yourself a good rested mind to be going into these job applications and filling them out online. That could make a big difference on whether you get the job or you don't. 6. Emailing Possible Employers: Here's a little tip that not many people go to the effort to do. But as you're applying for jobs and you find a job applied for cute, there's an email person for the human resource is director or somebody in that office that you can send a message to? And it can just be a simple, short, sweet message, say, a thank you Just serve Mr So and so I just want to let you know I just submitted my application for the position of such and such. And I just you know, I want you to know and be aware and be looking for that can go a long way into you may be getting that position because you've already laid some groundwork. They've already they will already know your name. You know, make sure you sign it the same way you sign it on your resume. For example, I go by Rob Alex a lot, but on my resume, its is Robert Allen. So on that email I would put Robert Alex so they can get a name. So now, as they that's the resumes air coming through and are coming in, and that one comes across their desk. They're gonna have a little light bulbs. Go off. You know it's possible. Doesn't always happen, but very likely they're gonna have a little light bulb come off and say, Oh, this person contacted me. I read half communication with them. All right, Another apply. They sent me a letter stating that they apply, thanking me for the opportunity, those type of things. And they could go a long way to helping you get through that first hurdle of making it through that first segment of, uh, resumes that they're getting some of these companies air getting, you know, 2030 resumes for job, maybe even more than that, depending on the size of the company, you need to take advantage of anything you can to stand out. And this little email trick could be one of those that really helps you out to start out with 7. Rotation of the Search: Okay, so we've started the process and you started going through in your applying for places. Now, it doesn't just end when you get to the into your list. Bam! Oh, it doesn't just end and you're done and you just sit back and wait. When you get to the end of your list, guess what you get to do unless you've heard something. And security position, you need to go back up to the top and start over. Why, you might ask, How many times have you been to a place and our Binda jobs? I can job pops up open after you applied for some, um, happens all the time. Jobs were constantly being updated and placed on the job boards. So you need to keep a rotation going of looking up and seeing something new popped up, seeing as something mawr interesting popped up to you because sometimes you get into the position of where you're gonna have to choose. You know which job is best for you and you want to know which ones are all open at that time. Plus, you know, there might be a better job. You might have applied for something that was okay. Not too bad. But then something comes open next week. That's like, Wow, this is the one I really want and you want to go back and apply for that. So we need to have a rotation going. Even the ones that don't on your initial pass through said that they didn't have any jobs open. You want to check out their job sites again and just make sure that something as it came open. Um, because as many of us know, as often as people are looking for work nowadays, jobs were popping open all the time. They're switching positions. They're moving up in careers, those type of things, that jobs were coming open all the time. So we need to have a rotation going until you start until you get a job. You need to have a rotation going so that you keep going back to these places that are your primo places where you want apply pinky, making sure that they don't have anything new. Open up, um, or that, you know, maybe they have another branch that's opened up or anything. It could be crazy. What goes on? Come on, these job boards, but you need to keep a constant vigil on them and keep going back to him. Especially. That's a great company that you want to work for. They might have something come open That's a little bit, um, below you that you could get in the door with. That might be, you know, the catapults that'll lead you That that job that you really, really want. So put it in a rotation of checking these places for jobs and to make sure that that, you know, is a constant until you secure position. 8. Replying to Yes and No with A Thank You: Okay, now the job. Either the interviews air starting to roll in or the rejection letters are starting to come back. And I want you to take time. And this might not sound like a great thing for you, but when you get a rejection letter, take the time to send them back of Thank you could be quick email that says, Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for considering me for this position and sign your name because you don't know when you might have Teoh. Another job might open up for that position, and you might want to reapply to a different position or maybe even the same position that whoever they got didn't work out. You see that it's posted to get in a week or so. You want to make sure to get your name back in there, and obviously we don't ever want to be negative towards them or say anything that would be derogatory because, like I said, we could have that job open up next week that we were apply for again, and we don't want our name to stick out in the negative way because we sent a nasty email back saying, I can't believe you didn't pick me blah, blah, blah. I'm gonna have that nice, polite conversation going with them, so that if the situation arises again that you're gonna be a shining star and said, it's somebody that they just want to kick out the door. So always be polite with your interviews, obviously, any rejection anytime they say no, you know it's humbling, believe me. And it's frustrating sometimes when you get those knows. But if you stay positive and polite, good things will happen for you and you'll get you'll end up getting what you want. I've seen Ah, lot of people that you know are so polite and respectful at the end of the interview that sometimes I say, You know, we do have this one position that you might be interested in. It works out a lot like that 9. The Wrap Up: Okay, we're ready for the wrap up, Giving a lot of stuff. That's how I go about my job search and how I secure positions. Not that I've had to do it a lot, but every time I had I followed this process and its work wonderfully. I'm sure there's a lot of different processes out there. Like I said earlier, a lot of ways for you to do it. A lot of suggestions you might have. I'd love that. I'm open to suggestions. If you have one, put it in the project section of this class. I would be happy. Teoh A review. It may be added to my own repertoire here if I have to look for another job anytime soon, but you know, finding a job is tough, but, um, thes tips that I've given you, I'm hoping, will make it a little easier for you. Make it a little more directed, make it a little more time conscious for you so that you're not wasting all day, just kind of searching back and forth all around and all over the place again. Like I said, the job boards air nice. They have a lot of jobs on there, but there's a lot of people looking at them, and if you can get in with that company before they started looking at those job boards posting it, it's gonna be a lot better for you. Plus, you're gonna make contacts first before those people on those job boards. So that's why I do it the way I do. And I like that work right with the company and not with an outside source a middleman, if you will. So you know, I wish you guys the best of luck to cock in your job search. If you have any questions or anything, you can post them here in the class and be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge and to help you guys out in any way that I can. There's lots of jobs out there. You just have to find the one that's perfect for you.