Jira Hacks that will help you to be more efficient. | Anca Onuta | Skillshare

Jira Hacks that will help you to be more efficient.

Anca Onuta, Agile Coach. Digital Transformation

Jira Hacks that will help you to be more efficient.

Anca Onuta, Agile Coach. Digital Transformation

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9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro to the course

    • 2. Flag Impediments in Jira

    • 3. How to link tasks when there are blockers

    • 4. How to define workflows Machine Learning Project Example

    • 5. Marketing Project workflow example

    • 6. How to edit issue types

    • 7. How to edit statuses

    • 8. How to activate workflows for a project

    • 9. Project of the class

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About This Class

Hey all!

I'm sharing with you a few Jira Hacks.

How to flag impediments when they occur?

How to add more statuses or edit the existing ones?

How to edit a Jira worklow?

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Anca Onuta

Agile Coach. Digital Transformation


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1. Intro to the course: Hi, everyone. My name is Anka. I'm a professional project manager for almost a decade. Yes, I done this for about 10 years, and I'm still not board about it. I have many people and many of my friends, my teams, who asked me how come and managed to put everything like, structured under control when it's so hard to manage so many new things nowadays. The reality is that I do use technology, and I do use on tools to make my life easier. And it before I was relying on my note, I was relying on Emma's. I was relying in other fame's. Nowadays I do exactly the same project management activities that I was doing 10 years ago , but I'm using it and music tools that are available nowadays, and in that way, I'm sure ing my project management part with the team and the teams are very happy to see that they make the contribution. They don't find project management something very close that they cannot access, and also they feel like in power of the own work. So this is something that I want to share with you in this course my little tricks that I used to keep projects around the country 2. Flag Impediments in Jira: it is. You know, I want to show you how we can flag the issues inside the project. Sometimes during our project, it can happen that we cannot continue working on a certain task or innocent story because it is built somewhere. Both can mean that we're waiting for information coming from somebody s or were waiting for something which is external and outside the project team. But you know, sometimes when these things happen, when we have blockers, we plan to leave the things in progress and just to be there were all aware that cannot be continued. And in the best case scenario, what we do, we write, commencing what's happening. But I want to show you an even better way of tracking you. And highlighting them has something called flags. So if you go in center fast, you can Mark is certain ties. This is a story that has any payment. And how do you actually do that? I want to show it in a second. And then there is something called flag. You will find it over here, and if you don't have it like I don't have it black, then you have to go into your settings and do it. Look, you go on the street, cdo's here and you kick on our flag and you see it is fair. Now, if you're using another drug version, especially if you're using dress server, you might have to get inside and configure it. So you're going your approaches for settings and you are going toe this field odd flag and can flag is impediment in another version of gear. I usually the one before this one, have a menu up here inside the mayor. You cannot feel or you can become aided and you can find the flag field and check the check box is impediment. It is the newest version of Julia. You find it over here. The three does. You can always remove the flag once the impediment. So you can also out here a note, and I always encourage my teams toe other numbers when they flag something as a better man , because that helps us later with information. This is a blocker because we I don't have to defend my environment. There are months. Let's say you can write exactly what is the situation about and then very important, because July's actually tracking everything. So if you go in history, you know, that reflected this impediment. And one that Yeah, and this is how we actually flagged the things. And it's very important, because what's that flag? I'm showing the next video what you can do about them. 3. How to link tasks when there are blockers: if Mark Task has any payment, any flag that we cannot move further with that pass, they're still with practices that recommend either than adding a command. It's also to highlight What is it blocking if there any dependencies? Sometimes it can be that these is not blocking anything else is just the top of his book. Or it can be that. Then, if this test is not resolved, its trigger something. Yes, sometimes we're willing the house. Sometimes we're not need the tasks. But when your friend is something is an impediment. You have to think. Is this task blocking another task? And that, I think, is not highlighted in Sure. If yes, then I suggest that you're going to leave this bottom. It's a link button and you think one is blocking. So here you have blocks and blocks were very interested to know one. It blocks when it's coming toe a past that this make is my It's black is impediment. If you're using a different version of Jura Ford, Um, for the several, one have usually around here I mean or more or something like that, and you can say I think, and if you know see, it's talk to your mean because that's a setting that you can configure it if you have the version before this one look like this old version, what you can do, You actually have have a section for the links. So let me see. You should have done that mean you can either. I refused. Right were another thing that you can do. You can people 80 and ended. You should be able to find the links, and there is where you aided the dependencies. This is I always, always, always treat common that keep this information there because there is there moments inside a project in which we forget Leave them and this is how trouble starts to come. So any information that you have tried toe inside tool because once it is there one of my cities outside your head, they need to be easier. Let's go to the next year 4. How to define workflows Machine Learning Project Example: in this video. We're going to define a workflow for your project, and I will use as an example one of my projects recently was doing a project on which learning and way were having a very hard time in defining the scope of the porch. And that's something very specific to the emotional projects that we don't know where exactly the technology is going to take us. But you can have the situation in any project. So it is perfectly project the steps that we were doing Waas getting the idea from the kind . So we had from idea drafting. Yeah, trusting. Then we were having in idea when he is measured and it's ready to be picked up by one reigning toe be developed. But in between, we actually have ready for they signed thes investigations and research. So ready for the sign thes Andi, let me write this. And after it was developed, actually we had a whole process of ensuring the quality so that waas like pure review information tasting. They think it waas marge ing merging toe trunk. Then we had released in production and you see why this latest part of flow was very clear before it wasn't and actually from raid to be developed thistles. Something that was taking care of very specific team. It was the development. But, like, ready for the US scientists. Actually, they also for the float had something called the preparation preparation play Ray already shed. They had more than a Jackson. Just fun. Be training Martin. And they had vesting mother. And you see, this was the flow off the research. Now, when for the idea to be ready for the day assigned these we actually had a process. Is what So waas drafting. Then it waas a fireman and then it waas they that get goring and validation. So this is the flow that our requirement was passing through and why we may be in trying to have something a zine to do in progress and done when we actually look at our project. You see that something like this is made more science for the project that heavy. So your relation Think about what are the things that you are having us workflow inside of projects and define it. Let's take another example toe understand better how to define work flows 5. Marketing Project workflow example: Let's take a marketing project and you find the workflow for eat. So initially we may have a business need. Which can be say that I need a newsletter for my from July, for example. So that is going to be the request. Then we have a request and they quest needs more information, so we may need preparation. Let's call it when we can have preparation. When we actually selling dope big, we can define on what we want is cost right? So actually, let's be more specific selected, Toby said. It will be then what? We have to be selective. We may have gathered the content. Then we have configuration. Then we may have release right and this can be our floor. You see, I really insist that you move away off the to do done to do in progress and done. Because the projects are more than that, you have to think exactly on the transitions that you have. And if you have one particular task that has to be transit through everything, let's take, for example, the content creation, which is a very important piece, very important task when it comes to marketing project and you have this content creation which starts from trapped. It goes to Teoh if you a goes toe configuration did finally said. And this is another way of defining were flows. I hope this makes sense. And you remembered, in the course of this class, you'll have to define your own workflow, so use this information for later. 6. How to edit issue types: in his leader. I'm going to show you how to configure more issues types in your project. Sometimes I see teams that they are like struggling with information that is out there. They have it in the minds and after words. You have the stress to remember that information you have always. So the gears that you feel when you forget about the war, when it starts to myself a project and then you start to film. So so one. So that's why I always recommend used Gerard really use this tool that so, so flexible toe put the store information oneto. So if you have to do, let's say you have risks. And let's say you have some external dependencies for project. And how did she store injury? Because they're not actually pass that you have to do and that you have to sign them to somebody? How do it you go to project settings and in our project, say things you are going to configure the issue times. So this is the fourth screen you are taken toe in here on the left side. You're going to see issue times, you click on if you ties and by default. We have a peaks stories bist, Asness bus. You can believe something. Anything. Don't make sense for you, bird. Honestly, I think they all day says so. Now you can ever for your whole toe Odd war. You can even device key months at the certain point. Now you see that body foiled. I don't seem war. Let me move myself. I don't see more. So sometimes if ya using another scheme out, we can have some other valuable types. If you don't have anything gets, then just click on on issue type in the name we cannot let say risk. You can have a description. These is that we see in fortune in the project. Stand the issue time for thanks and he's out of here now we can have another one. It's called dependency. You seem these these Xterra see or did a project another one that I use. He's improved month into Lund and another one is a new future. And I usually use improvement in your futures when I want off this cool creeps. So we say we're going to do it. But we market different and we market if it is a feature or is an improvement of an existing creature. And in that way, afterwards I can track what he is on extra. Maybe we can voice Maybe we can check afterwards. War this in perfect. That every slowing it knows that that's already kind of a scope recently thinking twice. And if you don't have this once available there, then we don't feel inclined toe to use them. So this is how you do it? Perfect. Now, if you are using some, I don't. Some some black issue may have did make comments on your issue tires, and then you will have different iPods here. If you don't, then there will be the circle. And now, if you want to develop to some of them, you can always die, so you can just put them back. You cannot them there And if you can save. But before we click on save like me should see, let me show you what as we have over here so we can say this came with a different name. We can have a before decent type. So started comes by default. But depending on whether thing is using the mosque, then you can select something goes I have teams were reselling the sub tasks, but story is fine. And then I say save and this is actually mine your skin. And then I can associate toe to a different workflow. I can have different fields to show different fears War to show a different screen. But that's another video. Now let me show you how that actually looks like. So when I had an issue, we should be able to see these improvements. So we see I have dependency and creature in proof Month on and, uh, riff examined. Then let's go next year. 7. How to edit statuses: in two days via I'm going to show you how you can configure the status is of a project. Whether you need that at the beginning of each forgery but you have to do is to ask your projecting White are Start sees that any past is transiting through. I have teams who were very well to do in progress done. But some mothers work different way. They start with to do work in progress. Deployed, accepted, for example. Some are working with peer reviewed testing and any other flows. So that's why it's very important that you made the board acceptable and easy to use for any team needs. And you're not overstate that the opportunity. Actually, let's show you how to do that. You going to your project? And there is something called project settings. If you're using Jura server, it is hammered down. If you don't see this project setting since I project, it means that you don't have the necessary right. So doctor that mean and us for those rights So what you're going to do? You flick on project settings and it is going to take you on this page on the case from their applicable workflow. So it takes you here and you're going to click on workflow because that is what we're going to configure. We're going to configure the workflow in Iraq and what we have over here, we have the workflow names, the issue, ties and the actions. And one of the common mistakes that we do work is that peak on this ended and we try to edit it. And guess what? Let me let it load. Let's say I want to This is actually already edited, so let me discard the draft. I was playing with heat while I was preparing the medium. So I go back in actions and in actions we can edit draft, so we can I d this one. And I'm speaking on this one, and I'm just saying, somebody transition between progress and done. And I'm moving very fast for this because this is now how we actually edit it. So I'm just going to write something here. I could go up and we get these error. You cannot perform this operation on a draft workflow. So before you actually start anything, may a Hopi of these workflow and work with Akopian not wait to trap, not with the active ones, because you're going to get an error. So women for saving and I'm going to say it. That's an any differently. I chanced. So this is weekend, right? That takes about the big description. These sees my pierce on our eyes weren't flow. Go on a date and then I take on published draft. And when I take from published draft, basically I'm afraid and publishing the draft of the initial scope. I don't find anything, and I select these safe copy and this call copy to already have another copy and we keep unpublished. And we're going to work with this copy to actually. And how do we see that I was We're going workflow schema as any workflow schema as I have the active ones. But I'm interesting in the active one. Inactive once we're flows. Another work closely mystery. I'm interested in the workflow. So I'm taking on the work flows and I have the active ones and I have the inactive ones and this is the one that I just did with you. Copy of software simplifies workflow. Just be myself and I click on a date you can do that operation that I showed you with co p From what I showed you war from here. So this was what mine you're seeing all the world flows that you have access to. I see them all because I have access to all these projects. If you only have access to one product, you only see one. So you can also create Kobe from here. Right? But I wanted you to show you what you have to do when you get so. I'm opening this one histamine, and I'm opening it for anything. Now it shows that it's an inactive workflow, which is except now what we have over here. We can show this workflow on a diagram like this or on a text, but on a text. Honestly, for me it does, man, especially when we have more more flows. It's really but so I do prefer to have it on a diagram. It makes sense for me now to move around. They think you just hold and move it so you can move it for every want you wandering can't push it towards the right. If you have something very complex, you can zoom, you can mouth regarding the services we have to components, we have status and the transition. The status is to do. Dan Progress Accepted working progress, testing wherever we are doing the transition is though news month. What happens from a staff? Just another one? It's called the transition. So if you go most over, you will see the transitions you can, or so click on the essential transition neighbors and you are going to be able to see it. If you want to see it better, you can always from this week's around them you hold, you hold mounts fee. Now why deformed? We have to do done in progress. They transit from any from any stylist to do from any status down from any status to progress. This one doesn't. Sure, because I'm mortified, Toe Eddie. This one, for example, chanted lead transition. You just click on it. You see it that low and click on the transition, and it didn't. Now, when you see them red light these with this red border. That means that the reason away the user that certain past can I get there? So you have to add in transition and one transition. You see these circles. You go the mouse on top of it and you pull it towards the next steps and you get a pope up called a transition, and we're going to Mamie in progress. Call it working. Promise you cannot description here. If you wanted to show on certain Scranton's, you can select it. You can also use it from another transition. I usually use their using part when I'm money, conditions, transition. But that's another people have, and there it is, work in progress. Then I can do the same done and done or faint, and that's it done. This is how you actually ended the statuses. I also want to add another status, which is called deployed and by the fort. I mean, if you want to select, allows that just transit. In this one, you can select if you don't want to. They selected. If you said if you select it, then it shows. I'm sure you then shows ideas you see, and then it's adding this arrow on important things that I want to show. You just never speak on your stocks here in the category we have in province and done. These are very useful when we're doing the reporting and when we configure our boards. So if this is not a dance Stansell's but progress that market is in crores. Uh, good. Actually, this one can be transit only from your progress, so I can call it deployed. Oh, transitioning centers called you throw away. The status is deployed then actually, from in progress. I wanted to pass from one employed perfect. 8. How to activate workflows for a project: in this video, I'm going to show you how you can activate your workflow. Basically interests Ajira. It is called associate workflow Toe project. Now I'm going to go into work. No skins toe. Get here. You go inside your project, say things and then you have work. Flows were close case. So in here I didn't find the Wanda I'm seeing. If you are with me and over seven projects, you are going to see always the active pro changed on the active work schemes that you have access to. So it's important to identify the right one you want to refine and mine is age the G and how the do land. So I identify it. It's associating to this project how to get started and the workflow that I have is softer simplify, workflow. And actually what I want to do is to sign a new one wonder I just edit it. It's like connected. And here I take on odd Werfel likely from existing. And I go to this one. It's coping too. You see, when he selected then you have the priv union so you can look at and say yes, that's the one then you can forget about this terrorist that your kid thing and then kick on. Next, people nice. Here you have the chance to select supply that new scheme only for certain things, for certain issue times or for all of them. So if you peek on here, you can see them all. If not, then you just go in and select. So I'm interested to see like that for tasks and sub pasts and for bags and then for epicenter for stories. I want to keep my old one so I keep on finish. And here is my association. No, it's better to don't have to scheme. As for the same type of issue, So I go into my nation one and I was just epics and stories likely finish. Now this changes are published yet you see this big bank here and it weaken published partnership before you get it to publish. You know, sometimes if we change radically, status is there is a difference. So jury's asking us to make them and you are going to click on associate. Usually it shows a list of of us and why you want to mock them, stop just two stops So it's really better if into this at the beginning of the project, when you don't have too many start to seize, because then if you change them, it'll be very hard for Gerard toe mob them. And sometimes it's really, really becoming a mess. So do this at the beginning of a project. Once it is over, it says it asks you to manage that this time and that's it. Now let's see how six inside a fortune. So I would go into my think and I was actually, I don't want something new. I want to show it to you. Let me refresh. I just open a task. This is a story and let me open a sub because I want to show you something. Oh, good. And now let me open us up. That's perfect. And I opened this stuff, so I should now on the story on the story. If you remember, we said that that we can configure only from to do in progress and done. Now let's see exactly in what we can set it. Okay, here it's on the status and C we can configure it from to do to Don, right, because we actually removed in progress. So from to do only done and then for the for the sap cause you can configure it from from from the progress you can transit to do war from deployed. Right? So I said to deploying, Why's it is set for deploy? You see, we can transit to done or to do? Yeah. And this is how it looks like This is how we can after evade the new work flows for our projects just for some special, uh, he survives. 9. Project of the class: of this class. I want you to define a project workflow for your project. So I wanted to think On what? It makes sense for you, Prue.