Jewelry Making: Learn to Make Beaded Hoop Earrings | Joleen Richards | Skillshare

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Jewelry Making: Learn to Make Beaded Hoop Earrings

teacher avatar Joleen Richards, Let's create beautiful jewelry.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Materials

    • 3. Step One: Beading

    • 4. Step 2: Closing your Hoop

    • 5. Step 3: Make Your Earrings into a Clip on Version

    • 6. Bonus: Gifting Options

    • 7. The Finished Product

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About This Class

In this project, you will learn how to make a pair of Beaded Hoop Earrings. While this is a beginner level project, there are jewelry tools required. No need to fear if it's your first time working with this materials, I break down how to use these tools to achieve professionally made earrings. If you are making these earrings as a gift, I am almost certain the giftee will be impressed with your craftiness.

I recommend watching the entire tutorial before starting your own project. It is helpful to have an overall sense of what you will be working on before you dive in. When you create this earrings on your own, it will take you 30 - 45 minutes to complete. If you need additional support, check out page five (5) to book a one on one session.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joleen Richards

Let's create beautiful jewelry.


I started creating jewelry out of boredom and I am still going strong four years later. Now I turn the spotlight on you to get creative. Let's make some dope jewelry pieces. :)

Joleen Richards is a jewelry and accessories designer who uses any material at hand to create unique, colorful and fun pieces. She started out by creating jewelry for herself, then quickly realized many of her pieces became conversation starters. As interest in her designers grew, she began creating custom orders and selling them on Etsy in addition to her own online store, Joleen teaches online jewelry courses on Skillshare and hosts pop up events throughout New York City.

Common themes and influences reflected in her work include bright colors, reminiscent of her childhood in ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is Sean Richards. I am a junior designer based in Brooklyn, New York. My company's called join creations and I love creating bold, colorful, and unapologetically fun jewelry. I think the jury should be fun, and that's what I do. So I am so I interrupt training George so much I wanted to share my joy of creating joy with all of you. So for today's class, we are going to make who guarantees? Which I'm wearing one right now. As you can see. So the great thing about hoop earrings is that they never go out of style. Whether you were a big hoops or smaller groups. I do have some examples of the different sizes that you can make. All types of these beaten hoop earrings. And if you're one of those people that loved to match or ease, B2C areas is a great way to go because you can make a range of colors and have a hoop earring for every of it. So yeah, this is why I'm so excited to share how to make these who earns with you because you'll never run out of school. And they're really simple to make that really easy. And I think you'll have fun making these areas just as much as I do. I can't tell you how many hoop areas I have OP embarrassing. Study. If you're ready to learn how to make these hoop earrings, stay tuned for the materials you'll need for this course. 2. The Materials: The materials you'll need for today's class is some sort of box to store your pieces. So we'll be working with some really tiny pieces of jewelry today. So we'll be working with really small beads as well as some really small jump rings. And these pieces are very easy to get lost and disappear and roll off into the base and you'll never find it again. I'm saying all of this because it's happened to me way too many times I've learned my lesson and work within a box or some sort of surface that has corners so that nothing you can roll out. So the first thing you'll need is definitely some a surface to work on. You'll need some beads. So the basic chooses really up to you. You just want to get, I just recommend getting small, small beads for this project. We will need these hoop earrings so they come like this. I will link these. All of the all of the materials I mentioned will be listed under worksheet attached to this project. So you will need these airing, these hoop earrings, these hashtable so you can lean on them and then reattach it and close it up, which will go through in this broader. So you will need two of these lead to hoots. I usually like to test them before I start working because sometimes they can grow in, you know, Manufacturer error. So just test them before you start working and doing fifties. You will need to area hooks. And if your ears aren't pierced, I always give people that option when they buy jewelry from me, but they didn't want a clip on version, they would like hook option. So we'll also be making these will be translating them to a clip on option. If you want to make something special for your friend this holiday season and the ears aren't pairs. I know that there are not a line of options out there, so we'll be using these as well as a click on option to make these hoop earrings. Finally, not finally. Next you'll meet some jump rings when Lead for jump rings. And the reason we're using four instead of two on each areas is that we want your hips to have movement. Usually if you have one, It's kind of buried stuff and if you're like me and you want to areas that the party proof it, move with you. You're going to need to jump rings. So that's why I used tools, is why they're so fun an area right now. And then you'll need to, we might end up using one, but it's always good to have on hand, especially when working with jump rings. Okay, so now that we have all the materials you'll need for today's course. Let's get jam making. 3. Step One: Beading: Now that we have the supplies we need for today's project, Let's get started. So I'd just like to keep everything nearby just in case. So the first step will be to take a deep breath and have fun creating. Yep, so during this part beating I find to be very relaxing. I would say turn on your favorite music, tried to keep uplifting. Turn on your favorite song, your favorite music, because you might be here for awhile. The meeting process and itself can take about 15 to 20 minutes. And you kinda need your focus and your energy. So keep the background noise minimal. Keep your, keep your, it's like really alive. I create your, your, your creative by playlists. And then let's get started. So first thing you need to do is take your, your hoop earring and you'll just open it like this. So that side that is exposed right now is the side would be beating on and then that's it. You just get beating. So I'll zoom in a little bit closer so you can see this process up close, but it's really just name them in. So I'll probably fast-forward section just a little bit because it will be awhile here in this meeting process. But look at how it's coming out already. And you'll just have a whole circle of this beautiful red, of this beautiful red herring. Okay, so let's continue beating. Like I said, turn on your favorite music and this will be the best time anymore. So once you've got ends at this part here, and there's just a little bit of room left on the end of the group. I'll put this one aside. Both put it in the container. So it first I'll put it aside and then get started on your next one and go through the exact same process. Okay. So we've got answer the end of this one as well. So I'm going to put the extra you decide to take him out, need those anymore. 4. Step 2: Closing your Hoop: Anymore. And then next step will be a little tricky. So for this, you'll need your pliers and you'll need to pick up your hoop earrings. Now be careful what this part, because beads are prone to go away during this process. So be very careful. So the first step you would need to do is hold onto the side with the beads with suppliers. And B to be the wire through here. You can then squeeze it. But the goal is to get this, to have a little piece of wire on this side here. Now, if you find that it's hard to do that and just take one beat off and try it again. So you see the wire came through on this side. And once that wire comes through your grip it with your pliers. So your grip, the tiny piece of wire. I'll zoom it really closely. You can see. So here I am. So here I am holding on to this piece of wire on this side, pushing it through there. And once it comes through on this side, we'll run pretty tight and just give it a twist upward. So when you twist it up like that, you now have a secure who bearing. So that's fine. It is completed. So but that's it aside and do the same thing. So I noticed that I may have needed to close the end. So let's see if the cyber work. So same thing. We want to be through there. And then once it's fair, boots, It's stereo. Just grab a bowl of that wire and twist that upward. Now this side is a little bit more trickier than the other side. Okay. Hold on So that wire and give it a twist. So that way that is secure and your weak areas are almost complete it this is where you read your other pliers. And to Toronto jump ring. You want to hold one at this angle and hold the other one directly, making it a 90 degree angle. And then you twist with one hand. So the handouts, handout G20 slip. And once your jump ring is, open the bag and grab your completed who earring. And you would beat it through. Take your complete a hoot airing and you read it through here. So step 1 is complete. So now you're going to close this jump rings. So remember, hold it out. You're trying to get to a 90 degree angle with this hand when you're turning in. So you've done turn. And then we put this out for a second and get your spec and jump around. So here it is. And you do the same thing, holds at a 90 degree angle and twist open, attached. So in the second part of this, besides that, you can see in this second part, you're going to get your earring Coke and you're going to attach it here. So you want she get this side of your earring and the frontal side where you can't see the wires. So what you do is that you place your airing in this. You place your airing in the same direction as it. So the area you hook a backup, the earring hook should be facing down in the same area of the wire is facing so I won't be exposed playing where you're getting this. And then the final step as you close this jumper. And there you go. And then you do the exact same thing. So the other side. So you get your numbering. You open your jump, bring you in here who are hearing that you just created? You close your eyes, close your numbering. You get your other jumper, you open your jump ring attached to it. And then finally your hoop. So remember the back faces for it like that. And then you close this up and, and hit your areas ready to weird. Isn't that the great thing about joy as soon as you're finishing product is to ready-to-wear. So this is me not follow my own instructions. Keeping it at a 90 degree angle will make your lives so much easier. So there you have it. 5. Step 3: Make Your Earrings into a Clip on Version: But let's say your ears aren't pairs, but you still want to wear these hoop earrings or you have a friend who's areas aren't pairs. Here's how we turn these as N2. Click on option. So you need these clip on stud earrings and you can get these at Michaels or local craft store. As a reminder, these lanes in the worksheet attached to this. So the first step here, we're just gonna take this part off. So I'm just going to do it on one side so you can see what that looks like. So these Erin Hugs come these clip on hearings. They come with a hoop here. So you just have to close that up first. So I'll just say hold it securely with one hand and kind of the same 90-degree motion and then just close this. Use closer to the end of the pliers or you'll be hitting against that and it would be harder to close. So very close and supplier. And then you just close that circle. And then I just give it that extra squeeze there. And then you're going to then come back to a membrane, reopen our ridge on brain. So you're going to open up, I jump ring now. And then ti her hoop and beat it through. And now I wouldn't sits on we'll just close this jump brain. And we had a hoot area. Or your plan that for yourself if your ears are just. So let's test this out on myself to see how they look. And we'll wrap up this video and you'll be on your way to make it all sorts of food pairings. 6. Bonus: Gifting Options: So the last step now that your areas are completed, let's talk quickly about packaging. So there's two easy ways to go about it. You can use a pouch bag, you can use a jewelry box, something clean, something simple, or you can just get something as simple as tissue wrap to package your earrings. So let's just go through how to do each. So first step, if you're using a jewelry box, it's really simple. I like to add a little note card in the box. Well, thank you so much. I hope you enjoy these hen made airing signed your name, you know, place it inside and then just place your earrings on top. That's very simple, nothing too fancy. These are the clip on versions here and boom, boom, done. Another option is just their jewelry pouch. With a jewelry pouch, I think that, you know, it's just a place to store it. You can use a smaller option, you can use a different color. There's our range of options with this. So a joy pouch is another great in simple ways to go. The third option that I'll share with you today is just some tissue paper in a sticker. So as you can see, I was demonstrating this a little bit earlier, so sticker still here. But just to give you the rundown of how to do this with tissue paper, you can place one airing on top of the next. And then Cognitive just folded. Hold all four sides like this top at all, and then attach a sticker to keep a closed. And this is just a great and simple way. If you're just passing it out at your party or something, you know, it's very simple. And even you can also put it inside of pouch is just like an extra layer of look how thoughtful I am. And that's also a cute way to go about gifting this off to your family and friends self. There are three ways you can package your finished product as you show off how, how crappy you've become now that you've completed this project. 7. The Finished Product: So we have completed our who've ends hairs the clip on version. And here is the erring hope version. So we're going to try both of these on and see how they look. Just move this to say, I'm just giving you solve for c fun. And then here is the clip one version. See, I think this is one of my favorite price it by creating joy as well is that the options are elements. So if your ears out gives it doesn't mean you don't have to. You can't wear earrings. They're equivalent versions that you can make yourself. You can make it at home in this very cost effective as well. And the hook where this is 79, and they actually match the photo. I'm already wearing the red theme. Yeah. So I really hope you had fun making these earrings today. But for us, for right now, it's time for you to go off and create your own hoop earrings. Yeah. I mean, don't just create one color because I created a one color. You can make it multicolored. You can use any color beads you have. Yeah, I can't make you see what you create. So thank you. Thank you so much for watching this video tutorial today. I hope it inspired as he get creative and I really can't wait to see what you create yourself. Things.