Jewelry Making For Beginners : Learn to Create Diamond Stud Earrings with Wire Wrap Technique | Gopi Dave | Skillshare

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Jewelry Making For Beginners : Learn to Create Diamond Stud Earrings with Wire Wrap Technique

teacher avatar Gopi Dave, Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials & Tools

    • 3. Project : Create Stud Earrings

    • 4. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to this Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making class. This class focuses on creating the super simple and fun Diamond Stud Earrings!! The best part about making jewelry is that you can wear your creations and enjoy them, gift them to your loved ones. In this class you will learn to create these stud earrings. 

What will you learn :

  • You will learn to handle small size stone
  • You will learn to handle dead soft wire
  • You will be able to create beautiful earrings.

Requirements :

  • Students will need the necessary Tools, Wires, Cubic Zirconia stones. Watch the lecture titled 'Materials & Tools' to get a list of supplies required.
  • You need a desire for learning to create unique jewelry and some time for practicing the skills.

This Class is perfect for you if :

  • You like making handmade Gifts for your loved ones.
  • You are a beginner at Jewelry making and are looking for quick satisfactory projects.

Make sure to share your own creations from the project from this class. I will love to see your work.

Make sure to watch some of my other classes on Wire Wrapped Jewelry making to take your skills to next level and to explore new design ideas. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gopi Dave

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker


Hi, I'm Gopi. 

I am an architect turned jewelry maker based in artisan’s country India.

I have been making jewelry for almost 16 years now.I absolutely love jewelry making. 

Since last few years Wire Wrapping has been my focus for creating jewelry. I sell unique Wire wrapped jewelry and Wire Wrap Tutorials on my ETSY shop : ArtsvilleHandcrafted 

I started experimenting with wires and I realized that with wire wrapping I can make more intricate and more complex designs, I can manipulate the wire to create the designs I imagine.. Once I became a mom a few years back I started jewelry making full time. Wire wrapping relaxes me. It is a perfect outlet for my creativity. 

I have always enjoyed teaching so I finally started sha... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, hand rupee diary. I'm an architect and jewelry maker based here in the artisans country, India. I've been making jelly for last 16 years now, and I absolutely loved to make jewelry. I still remember the first time I came across via that. Instead now, I fell in love with this technique of duality making in stinky. I started experimenting with virus and soon realized that I can create morning Dave, and much more intricate designs using violent means. I can manipulate the buyer to create the designs that I imagined. Lighter pink relaxes me and let me explore, likely deserved it. Once I became a mom a few years back, dick making duality for anything, have always enjoyed teaching. So I finally started teaching this beautiful technique of via that API, which has endless opportunity to everyone who wants to explore their creativity. Wrapping lends me interact with students from adaptable. And I absolutely enjoyed that. Mitosis and due diligence focus on creating a strong foundation by guiding the students towards that. I think that ONE studies required Epi. Maya doping is a very intricate and Mozart they'll method of jewellery making. But to reach them, we have to start at the basic. And this class we will be making study earrings with cubic zirconia and COP of IOS. Ideas are pretty simple design which you can create for yourself and your loved ones. And a good point to start your by wrapping journey. But just a few materials and the tools listed, you will be able to create the stored hearings. If you're ready, then let us start the day. 2. Materials & Tools: Let us clear Chinese stud earrings. They're very easy to create and fund to where all we will need to fight them. Cubic zirconia and diamond. You can use any color and any size you prefer these around lunch. We'll need to hearing plunks. I'm using silicon blogs here. I need two pieces of eighth inch long 22 gauge around while I'm using copper wire, but you can definitely use silver via, We will need a flush cutters around nose pliers and Jane loss pliers. And we will need a dollar, which is of the diameter of that of the diamond. So I am using a five MM double for this purpose, you can add just as border diameter of the stone you are using. 3. Project : Create Stud Earrings: We will start with do 22 gauge down. Dead soft bios, match the eggs and lay them parallel to each other. We will mark on both viruses at three inches from Hven off the ends. Now, as you can see, the diamond is five MM diameter. We will take the double of the same damn IDO, all the gaba let the mock bind Golda via firmly against their will. And we will start good wrapped around the dove is that the longer end of device. So rep for one full rotation. And that device may be Jada again, removed from the Darwin. And we will repeat the process with the other via OF those dark from the Mach point and wrap for one complete rotation, add another half rotation and let the virus grows each other. We are walking on both the adding simultaneously so that data as similar to each other as possible. So we have one side that is longer and the other side that is the shorter end. We are now going to start rotating with the shorter end. We are kind of creating us vital within the original loop. Sylvia going inside towards the center. Do this width times. This gives the best reason. So reach almost the Santo, the visual beat the process with the other pair. So pick the shortest side, acquire and hold of iOS for live with your finger and start to call to create a spiral. I did do complete rotations, and this will change if your diamond is slightly larger in diameter. So we have this kind of reshape that both fire. Now, please deny mind such that it's bind is placed within the central cell, collect the back, and boiled the virus along its edges. Let the virus reached in the top. So the diamond is sitting properly within the spiral we created. If I hold it like this, the stone stays and does not fall. All the diamond and the vial form live at one hand. Now we will be walking with the longer end. And we will start to rotate the longer end of the vial just About the daps or phase of the diamond. So start to go gently. Let the vial sit on top of the stone. I did one complete rotation woulda via slightly about US drone enough needed. Make sure it is as tight as possible around the Diamond. After almost around 1.5 rotations and baking the Via back, the longer end of the vital to the back side. We have something like this radio at this point. The story's sake, mortar less and does not move or fall. We will repeat the process with the other bear. So please The Diamond and position pulled the virus out there. Now rotate with the angle of the vial. Oily like this between Tom and the forefinger. Rotate with the other hank. Let the virus that on top of the diamond go down for one complete rotation data bit mode, and go back. Make sure this angle is similar on board the earrings. As you can see, the stone is now set within the spiral frame. Models dawns I now set, as you can see, they look almost similar so that we get similar earrings at the angle. We will now vote on the back end of the earrings. Now take the shorter end and folded up like so short that it becomes perpendicular to this diamond. I did this with the shorter end of the via is perpendicular to the stone like so nothing to longer end of the bio, We are going to be wrapping this around the vertical vial for one rotation. So start going at all times. Hold the earring formally. With the other hand. We will cut off the extra vial as it does not required anymore. And using chain nose pliers, vivid die the VIA and around don't vertical bias such that the VIA and is towards the inner side. Within the spiral. It should not be outside at the surface. Make sure a duct within the spiral we created. But as dike livid fingers so that the vials are set. More to see if the stone Moser falls. It should not happen. I'd just outside this white bulldozer via about a stone. Died dendrite fingers. You can even use pliers to gently tighten the spiral around the diamond. Take your time by lead Justin and tighten till you are satisfied. I think this is the ID. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to press the backside pliers to hard and repeat the process with the other hearing. Up. The shorter via the longer via drab ones. Got the extra value towards the inner side of the chain loss pliers. Again, as we did before. Satisfied. Move it a little bit to see if the diamond falls or stays straight down the via the back, make it Poppendieck, yellow. Dots are almost ready. So at this point we will market one centimeter on the back, on both sides. We will get the extra wires. Now, this via needs to be hardened. I'm using Jane nose pliers and pressing it tightly around the perpendicular via end of the stirred to harden the vial. This can even be done using hammer and manage block. Repeat the process for the other years. Now, that will smooth out the ends. For that, I'm using a needle fine. So start looking over the edge of the point where we cut the extra value. File it 45 degrees so that the entire surface and the circumference of the vial is as small as possible. Feel it with your fingers to see if divisor is sharp or not. We have used the file. I'm using sanding people and I'm going to send this over to sending people. This is a 400 grit sanding people. Feel with your fingers or not. Repeat for the study ratings are almost straight either they just add that earring plugs at the end. And these ready-to-wear, these can be boldest using metal polish, even using their drummer. I hope you had fun creating this super-simple and Q dealings. 4. Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed creating the study airing. I always enjoy making my own duality and have been doing so since a long time. If you want to develop your skills further, then definitely visit my beginner's class. The introduction to via wrapping class. Create a pendant using single wire technique. Loop without my glasses on creating the Aurora pendant. I'm sure you will love I repay. It is a very rewarding hobby and a perfect creative outlet for you. I hope to see you soon and some of my other glasses to lend keep practicing and creating.