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Jewelry Making For Beginners: Alcohol Ink Pendant Necklace

teacher avatar Kellie Chasse, Artist/Instructor ✅ 16+ Years

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Necklace Intro

    • 2. Using alcohol ink to create fun colors

    • 3. Sealing your alcohol ink backgrounds

    • 4. Cut out shapes for your necklace

    • 5. Using pen and ink to detail your backgrounds

    • 6. Sealing your necklace with glue

    • 7. Using Mineral paper

    • 8. Mineral Paper Teardrop Seal

    • 9. Creating multiple pendants

    • 10. Using tin foil as a subtrate

    • 11. Necklace options

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About This Class

Jewelry Making for Beginners - Creating  Alcohol Inks Pendants for necklaces.

Please know that after you take the course, people may experience a tiny bit of jewelry envy when they see you wearing your pendants! I have added a printable PDF in the Project section under attached files with clickable product links. 

Alcohol Ink is an amazing art medium that is just now beginning to be noticed! In this course, you will learn what Alcohol Inks are and how I use them step by step in REAL-TIME to create some terrific one of a kind, unique jewelry pendants.


Watch the video above for the beautiful pendants you'll create during this course, then be sure to ENROLL NOW for Jewelry Envy! 


This is a Beginner to Intermediate course for those of you that want to have fun, be creative, and get the basics on how to create these artsy pendants. Learn all my quick easy tricks and steps to create your own jewelry to wear or gift! I'll show you how to create my art pendants and give you the skills and materials to develop your unique jewelry pieces with Alcohol Ink. I'll take you through the entire video of my steps and process and give you some ideas on different mediums to work with.

In this course  will cover: 

  • Materials needed
  • Creating beautiful and unique pendant art to wear.
  • Create pendants using different techniques and materials.
  • We will cover working with Yupo paper, Mineral Paper, and tin foil.
  • Learn to correctly seal your jewelry

Over 1000 happy students are already creating some lovely pieces of Art with my Live classes. So come get creative with me and enjoy all the compliments to come on your own special art pendants you will soon be wearing!

With the right instruction and a little bit of practice, you too will soon be able to make your own stunning art necklace pendants!


REGISTER NOW and get started making beautiful Alcohol Ink Art pendants today!


Here are some recent reviews from  ART STUDENTS:


I have been a Bob Ross certified instructor for 26 years and I have taught in various venues. Kelly is very clear in her instructions and she makes it easy to follow what she is doing. The class is simple enough for beginners and yet she gives the student plenty of room for creating a little on their own. The instruction on the supplies was also clear and easy to follow.

~Cherly M.

★★★★★ "ENJOYED"

"I enjoyed doing this painting. I am new to watercolor. Was able to follow, having to go back occasionally. I will probably do this painting several times just for the practice. I contacted the Kellie Chasse sight because of interest in alcohol oil painting. So will be an active student for a while to come. Thank you for a great beginning!!"  

~Kathleen F.

★★★★★ "BIG HELP"

"Because everything was explained so simply, and Kellie's painting in real-time was a very big help. I intend to take more of her courses in the future."

~Jill B.

Feel free to find my social media platforms in the profile section all my links are there. I would love to see your final paintings posted there.

Happy Painting!


Safety Note:  When using paints and chemicals please adhere to any and all manufacturer safety guidelines with these products.  If you have specific safety questions or concerns please contact the product's manufacturer.

Meet Your Teacher

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Kellie Chasse

Artist/Instructor ✅ 16+ Years




Thanks for dropping in on my Skillshare profile!

I hope I get to see you in a class soon!

Make sure to follow for all future classes and updates.



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1. Necklace Intro: Hi. Everyone and Kelly hear from Kelly Chatty, finer. And today's cores. What we'll learn how to do is paint some alcohol independence. And I'm gonna show you how to do this step by step in real time. And this is something that could be, um, Warren, given as a gift on whenever I wear mine. Implore was asking Hill, would you get that? And I can always tell them that I made it, so you can too. And it's a real simple course, and you don't need a whole lot of materials for this. I will tell you all about where you can get your supplies if you have alcohol. Thanks. You've done no alcohol is on. You put paper and you've done alcohol in khan tiles. You're looking for something new and fun to do, and it makes a great gift. This is the course for you. So I hope to see you inside 2. Using alcohol ink to create fun colors: Okay, let's get started with create ings and lovely background colors with ink on you po paper. Now you put paper them using here is acid free. It's smooth 100% polypropylene, and I found that the £74 you put paper works best for creating jewelry because it fits nicely inside the basil and it's a little bit easier to cut. So this is a pad that that you could get a pupil paper. You can also get it in smaller sheets, but for this purpose gonna use theme nine by 12 inch. And this will give us a little bit more options on what we can choose from for our backgrounds as we cut out our background pieces for our necklaces. So I've got my gloves on, and I'm starting with some alcohol ink here. Now you can play with any color you want this one. This is a fun course because it's really all about you and your preferences. So I'm starting with just a nice pink color here. I think this is called Raspberry, and we're just going to be layering down some colors for this, and I'll show you a bunch of different ways that we can try to create different textures in here and give it a little bit different looks. So if you mix the two together on one section here, got a little bit of the blue and will create some purple and I'm using just a Popsicle stick here and just creating a little bit of texture in this just make some kind of cool designs and issue, Um, as you look at this, you've got a lot of different choices that you can kind of go with this faras what you'd want your necklace toe look like and you've got some nice blending of the colors You're getting some purples in here and making these little fan shapes. So this is all about playing at this point, and if you want to do this on some smaller sheets of paper, you could do that. But sometimes when you mix them together, you get some funky creations, and you just never know what you're gonna come out with. So I have some mixed motives here. This is just a silver mix, a tive, and the mix it ibs if you've used them before. You know that for ranger inks they have a little ball inside their little metal ball, so just make sure that you shake that really well before you put down your colors. For that, she want to make sure that your colors are nice and mixed. In there. You could see where I'm just kind of blending again, putting these in adding a little bit of that silver mix a tip in with it, and this gives your necklace is like a little bit of a sparkle, and it, ah, it's fun to play with. You don't need a lot of this because the mix it was Bill go a long way by using just a little bit of drops, and you could tell that it really mixes in with your colors. So let's try some yellow down here. Give these separate. So if you don't want to mix your colors up together, you can ah do a bunch of little separate sections. So I guess you're just added some little thoughts on here and again. Just another way toe. Create a different look, and you could see where that top line, where the silver is still kind of moving around as it starts to dry there. I'm waiting a little bit just to see how far out those colors air gonna tow blend just to see what it does cause Inks continue to move until they're completely dry, so we'll let that dry. And in the meantime, let's try another little spot over here with Cem Twilight Purple. And I'm just going to take my brush and blend this out a little bit again. Just just kind of boxing in a little color with square here. If you don't want toe waste a lot of your you put paper, there's gonna be a lot of white space left on mine. Eso Let's throw a little bit of red in here and let's make that move around a little bit. Lindows together. Just make a nice little soft background here. Remember, this is really all about playing, coming up with your color combos, playing with different ways to create texture, which gives your necklace is a little bit more depth and we'll be more playfulness. It's just not like a solid blue or a solid pink. You really get Teoh be artistic this way. So let's try another little section down here and I've got my mix it up again. You could see where I'm shaking. And here, making sure the ball baron inside is moving around really good. And we're using a little bit of gold on this one and taking my brush and just kind of swirling the gold in throughout that color again, creating some different looks with this playing and just seeing what this comes up with. So we've got a couple different ways of doing this. Now you've got were, but the mix active in with a Popsicle stick for texture. We've got just the dots with the yellow and the orange and then have a nice, smooth background with that pink. And now with the gold just using a little brush work just to give some texture in there with the brush creating little lines throughout it. Now I'm trying a little mini Mr Made by Ranger, basically a little mini squirt bottle with a real fine mist, and I'm filling it up with 91% isopropyl alcohol and we're just gonna add some some details to this with the alcohol, and if you just spritz it, it gives it this nice texture as well again, just different ways. to creates an interesting looks for your necklaces. Let's go ahead and do one more down this bottom section I've got I think this is lettuce and some salmon color, different combo and again using my breast just to kind of bring some of those colors in through the lighter areas Here. It's creating some interesting design in here. Fun thing. You just play with colors and it doesn't have to look like anything. So you just get toe, really? Just have fun with it. There's no right or wrong. And then when we go ahead and look for sections that we want to cut out for our necklaces, you you can really, uh, see some interesting things in this. And I have a little what white space on here. If you wanted to fill that in with some more colors, you can You can do that as well. I think this is good. Just for what we're looking for us gives us plenty of opportunities for some different different looks in our pieces that we're going to create. So we're gonna want to make sure that this is nice and dry, and then I'm going to go through and show you how to seal this before we we cut it out 3. Sealing your alcohol ink backgrounds: all right. So sealing your alcohol inks on you, Po papers are next section, and what you'll need for this is number one is calmer varnish, which is made by Crile on. And this is the one that I've been using since I started it. Really like it. It's very important that you use the core more burnish first so that your inks air, then sealed. And then secondly, you will want to after doing a couple coats roughly 15 minutes drying time in between, depending on the humidity and conditions in your home. Ah, the second coat is you would want to put on a UV varnish to the karma rendition. Let me just quickly show you riel fast here how easy this is to put on ship Cam and it is going to give it a nice light spritz. You want to make sure you do this in open area good ventilation, and you're gonna do at least one light coat to start in little drive flickers of 15 minutes . And then you will apply a second coat once that's dry to make sure that your colors air nicely sealed. Step two. Once that's done, the UV resistant will help keep your colors brighter behind the glass. Um, and it helps the inks from fading pendants are not recommended B. Warne in direct sunlight because they will fade and they're also, uh, this is water resistant, But when you put the glasses on the top or the the glass piece, it's ah is done with glue, and the glue is not water resistant, so that's something to keep in mind. So once you've got your karma varnish on you, can I spray it with UV? You want to make sure that you've covered everything with your karma varnish because you can see where one of these little spots here left a little bit of, ah, reaction, and you could see where the dots are on that. So next we're going to let this dry, and then we'll look at some color options for our pendants. 4. Cut out shapes for your necklace: Okay, so getting our potential patterns cut out. So what I have here is what's called a vessel and these little pieces you can order from a company called Sun and moon dot com cinema crafts dot com and the, um, come in different shapes, and then they have some matching glass pieces that go on. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna be cutting out the favorite pieces from are you bow paper to match our benzel, and then we'll be placing and gluing on the glass on top of it. And you can see I have a perfectly cut around circle here, and I'm using this tool. And you can also get this through Sun and Moon and I have all the links in our, um, pdf warm for you so you could put these out. But this is really easy way to do it, that we don't have to do your scissors And, um, it's not anything that's definitely needed, but it commit quick and easy cutouts for you in the one inch size. That's the only size I found him in. So this is a one inch round. So what I'm doing now is taking my piece of glass, and I'm just kind of placing it in different areas here, so I could kind of get an idea what dependents going to look like. And, as you can see, there are so many options that you can choose from and choosing will be the hardest part, and you'll have lots of options. What I do often is do my cutouts ahead of time, and then I go back through and and see what I want to use. Ah, one thing to keep in mind, though, the teardrop shape and the rectangular shape you'll have to cut by hand, and I'll show you how I do that as well. So for the whole punch of this part's really simple, it's Ah, you could line it up. It's got a little lock on the bottom here, and then it's just a matter of pushing on it to clip it out. So what you can do is just kind of slide your paper right in and again. The £74 works great with us, cuts it with no problem. Line it up and you can see what it's gonna punch out for you. So this is a really fast way to do this and you're a glass will fit perfectly on there. So I want to go through and cut out a bunch of these and you want to do is you want to be careful that you get close enough so that you don't lose a whole a section which I have done many times is your What happens is thesis. Arkels will overlap and then you'll lose a little piece of it. So just be careful when you're when you're using these to cut out close enough, but not overlaps with the missile section of it. And sometimes it's fun just to leave the white as well and part of it. It kind of gives a neat, a neat look. If you can't reach a certain area, you can always just take your scissors and cut in around you're you po paper so that you can reach all of those areas that are too far in for the whole punch. Did you get going? You get you can get a bunch of these done really quickly, and then you could pick your favorites and always hold on to them, cause you never know what little magical tricks you can learn. So here, I'm going My scissors. I can't reach in through here, So I'm just gonna go ahead and cut this part out. Can I left off a lot of white space. You probably wouldn't want to do that because you're wasting your you po paper. And, um, it sometimes is a little bit less cutting involved with it, but and you can get so many more, um, cool effects by letting the inks kind of bleeding together where you come up with some combo colors that you weren't expecting toe look real good. And then Lobel holds, it's, ah, one of your favorites. So I'm just kind of cutting around the circles here as well. You can't use us because they're too far apart. Lessons learned. I'm teaching you all these things you don't want to dio. So I cut off the white edges here, and then we're just gonna go back through, and we're going to continue to punch out some more of those circles. So I'm not going to show you all of these. I go through all of them. Some women do is just, uh speed this up, but you get the idea of Ah, what we want here. So this is here. I'm all done. I've got him all punched out, and you could see how many different, unique looks that we have with ease. And again that glass bead will fit on all of those. Okay, so next will, um, add a few fun options. And I'll show you how you can use a signal gel pen to create some more interesting things and looks for our penance. 5. Using pen and ink to detail your backgrounds: All right, so here's a little fun option for you If you have some little gel pens, these air a great way to add a little bit of extras to your little necklace is so I used silver, gold and white. Often the silver works great White works good, but sometimes will fade when you seal it behind the glue. But it's still a fun thing to do if you seal it with the car. More varnish before that helps. So let's just say you want to try. When it was like a little tree of Life's here, I'm using the silver pen and just kind of drawing it really lightly in here again. The gel pens sometimes will stick, especially if you, um, have your ink is still slightly wet. Or, if you're varnish, hasn't dried completely, Um, but this just to create a little way to make those little tree of lives Tree of life trip lives Tree of life. However you say it, um, and you kind of come out to read around to the edges of these really simple little design, but folks really like the trees, and then let's go ahead and try something else on this one. Try a little cat here. So your little head, little body, a little tail on may be a little fence area here. Well, moon and it was really simple designs. They're really small. So you don't want to have a whole lot going on in there, But, um, so they are very cute. Special. You've got people that like cats, or like, nature, Or you can get really creative with this and do all kinds of different things. So you make sure those driver Well, if you wanna go ahead and pop him with a little bit of karma varnish after you've drawn them on there, that will help prevent them from fading a little bit. So let's try another one here. Really? A gold pin this time on a little sailboat in here and come up with all kinds. Little things, Mrs like never ending. I was trying to their sailboats. You how this works with the gold here on the blue and the white a little hard to see it again. If you have it in a little necklace, you get that little illusion of that boat in there. No wave. Okay, so that kind of give you some ideas with those. Let's try and one in white. We'll try this one here with another boat, maybe. Look, like this guy, That's everything. I kind of spin it around, See what kind of pops up into your head here. So, holding on a little boat little night sale, maybe. There you go. Yeah, let's do another tree on this one. You can see I'm not really getting a lot of details in here. This is more an illusion of a tree, and that's all it needs. And then if you want, you can do a little abstract stuff. So I'm just doing some little circles and dots again. Just something kind of fun. Cheerful on just playing again. It gives it a little bit more than just having some colors in there for people that are fun . Not that you're not fun if you don't like little circles and dots, but all right, so then go ahead and to spray those lightly with the karma Varnishes sometimes is hard because it wants to blow away on you. But you can get a good Sprits in there. With that, you can also use a little double sided sticky tape to help take him down when you go to spray him if you want. So next we're gonna glue the U PO paper cutouts onto the Benzel amber groom to seal them. 6. Sealing your necklace with glue: all right. Now that we've got some nice little backgrounds done up, let's go ahead and try a practice seal with one of our dependence. I'm using Diamond Glaze. This is a type of glue, and I purchased mine through Amazon. I think you could get it most art supply craft stores. And let's just go ahead and pick out one of these. Let's go ahead and try it. A little tree here so women do First is going to place a little bit of the diamond glaze into the Benzel. Just a little drop of it here, and this will help so that the peace will not move around. The people paper will stick nicely to this trick. Is getting this in the right direction when you first place it in? Here was when she get in here, it's really hard to adjust if the basil is fitting just perfectly. So what I'm doing here is just trying to push in the edges of that you bow paper. And when he was a toothpick here, would you just need to be careful that you don't dent the you put paper, so just make sure you get the the edges of that. And I think I have that pretty straight on there. So I want to show you some two DUIs and what not to do. So you can see where I have, like, a little air bubble in here. So releases way too much glue or too much glaze for this particular pennants. When I put the glass on top, you're gonna get a lot of extra seat pitch underneath and the air bubbles. If you don't get those out, they will leave a, um, indention underneath your glass that you will see when it dries. So we'll go ahead and wipe this one out. And I will tell you this takes some practice. It took me a few times to get a really good pendant. So don't get frustrated with this. You know, you know, different glues will do different things. You can use resin for this, so there's lots of options for you, but I'm using what I have on hand, which is the diamond glaze. And so what I've got now is just put a little dollop of that in the middle, and I'm taking a brush and just kind of spreading that out. So you could say, I don't have a whole lot of glue in here for a whole lot of glaze, so you can wipe off the excess and then place that on there, and you need to slightly move it around just to make sure you don't have any air bubbles. You don't want to squeeze all of the glue out. You don't want to do it too hard, but just get it to move around a little bit, and you will usually see your air bubbles if you've got them underneath there. At this point, if you do, you can always start over, pull your glass bead out and start over again. And then, if you get any excess around the edges here, you could just take a little bit of alcohol with a Q tip and wipe that off around the edges . Alcohol is staying with a little bit of yellow Incan here, so try to get some clean alcohol to get some colored ones. But this is dr after you're not going to see it. Ah, you also can use baby wipes, says work really well to to wipe off the excess glaze around the edges here, and they make sure you get the beginning stuck onto your top of your pendant. Here. Make sure you get that too. In the underneath. So there you go. That's one way to do it. We're going to show you a couple other options as well. This is a great way to do it. If you have, ah, cutouts that you've used to your circular pendants. The cut out part is very easy. It's not quite as easy to get a nice seal on your bustle. A zit is on another way. I'm going to show you. Okay, so we're gonna move on to our next section, show you how to use a background on mineral paper this time. 7. Using Mineral paper : Alright, let's try some mineral paper using our alcohol inks. Now mineral paper is less expensive than you poets made from rocks. It's still bright white Isabel um, surface. It's acid free, and it's a little bit lighter weight than what the U Po paper is, but I've had some good luck with it. As far as making pendants out of this. It's the same size. It's a nine by 12 and I'm going to start similar to what we did with you Bo paper. And we're just going to kind of play with the colors, play with the inks and create some different textures on the paper, and you'll see that it doesn't tend to blend quite as much as it does on the U PO paper, and you don't work in a little bit more. I really do that same. I like that gold in the blue together. So we're gonna go ahead and try this on here is well, and I'm using sailboat blue and the gold mix it'd for This is Well, I'm just using a brush again, just spreading it around, creating some different textures and some interest in the background. Here. I'm gonna go ahead and just kind of drag this down and here, creating protection. I'm kind of moving my stick back and forth with this. You can see just to create a little bit of movement in here, So let's go ahead and put thes side by side. This time. Do a little bit of cranberry color and again with a Popsicle. Stick just kind of creates the texture and the blues and the gold or kind of mixing in a little bit here. So it's creating this nice purple beautiful colors. Well, let's give us some little swirls here. Just dragging the brush of dragging the Popsicle stick down again, creating a different type of texture on our paper. It's good. I like that. So let's go ahead and dragging it. We're here to mix it in a little bit more, right? Well, straight. 1/3 color here on the right. Try a little twilight purple and maybe try a little bit of orange here and see what we get . Rial. Vibrant colors. I tend to often paint dark for some reason, not a dark person. It's the past deli colors. I'm gonna get a work on that a little bit more so. I like the the blue and they its former yellowy orange because it's, ah, sunrise yellow. So it creates a nice greens. We'll go ahead and try it sideways with this, this one take a popsicle six sideways again to create a different look for the texture. So, you know, fabulous color choices in here. You could do a lot and again just taking a little stick and maybe adding a little bit of moving to paint around angle. More texture in here is creating some different looks for you. So we're gonna go ahead and let this dry, and we're gonna seal this one similar to what we did for the U PO paper. Let's go ahead and try a little bit of the mini Mr here again. This is filled with isopropyl alcohol, and it just creates really cool textures in here. So have fun. Play with it, see what you can come up with, and we'll make sure this is nice and dry completely before we go ahead and seal. This is important to seal your alcohol inks because they are behind glass so they can fade , and we want to make sure that you were using the karma burnish first, as we did on the U PO paper and secondly, using the UV clear resistant spray and that will help protect it behind the glass. So make sure you do least to light coats of the car. Maher varnish. Let it dry at least 15 minutes in between. And let's go ahead and just show you really quickly again how we just give it a nice little spritz. Make sure you're doing this again in a well ventilated area, and you're following all of the manufacturer recommendations for all of these chemicals and products. Once you've done that, you can go ahead and cover that with the UBI protection. Go very light. If you go too heavy on this, it tends to reactivate drinks, especially if you haven't hit it really well with the car Mara varnish Excell being making some color choices again for our pendant using the middle paper 8. Mineral Paper Teardrop Seal: All right, So this time we're gonna go ahead and do a teardrop pendant, And for this one, I'm just going to go ahead and look around for some interesting combos for color choices here. And for this one, we're gonna actually cut it out using a tracing method. So if you have either Sharpie or a white gel pen, something like that. Um, pencil. Whatever you have handy, go ahead and use that to trace where your pen it's going to be. So, as you can see, there's lots of different options. I always find it neat when you have a lot of different color combos within your necklace because it goes with a lot of different things, right? I like this little spot right here. So I'm gonna take my black Sharpie in trees around this my sharpies not working really well here. So let's go ahead and grab a white gel pen. Here we go. You can see this a lot better, so we have a pattern ups, and if you do that, you can get Thea alcohol and just wipe that white right off of your glass bead. So don't worry about it. That's also a great thing to do. Anyway, if you have alcohol to make sure that your B doesn't have any little fingerprints on it before you go ahead and put that down is to take the alcohol. It just kind of clean that off. Make sure you get a little fingerprints off of it. All right, so now we're gonna grab our scissors and you will find the vessels are supposed to be all the same size, but sometimes they aren't. So what I recommend doing is when you cut it out, try to go towards the outside of the low lying because a lot of times the basil, once you place that glass on top of it, it will cover up any of those little marks on the edges there. It's very forgiving. So you just gonna go ahead and use your scissors to cut around that if you need to cut your piece out to make a bill easier, you can do that. And then you can kind of go around it from this. So I'm gonna go ahead and do this right on the white line and you will see that my is going to be just a little bit smaller than what the Benzel is. And it it's, um you're better off to go really? Right around on the outside of that, because this one's gonna be just a little bit little bit small. You see what I place it in here? Those grab our teared up shaped puzzle and you could see what I have a little bit of an edge around here. But when you put the glass dome on top, you really don't see that this one's a little bit smaller peace than some of the other ones again, they're not always exact, but that will work. Once we get the glue in there, Let's go ahead and grab our diamond glaze again. And if you had trouble with some of your other ones, you've tried these. Sometimes the once they dry s bubble will appear inside events. And when I found is if I put the glue or the diamond glaze on the entire bottom part very lightly, you don't need a whole lot the place that throughout the bottom and this gives it a nice seal. So I've got that on the bottom and now I'm gonna go ahead and push down on this. Make sure you got it in their real well. And then we're gonna go ahead and put some of this diamond seal on the very top of that. Aziz. Well, so just take your little brush. You can kind of everything kind of comes out for the edge. There. You can use that toe kind of fill in. We're gonna do a nice little layer on here again. Not a lot of glucose. You don't want this to be so much of the diamond glaze that it's going to spill out over your necklace when you put your glass on top. Then we'll go ahead and put just a little bit on top of the glass as well. And you will notice you have two sides to your glass. There's more of a flat side and then use your rounded dome shape. So you always want to make sure you're putting this on the flatter side. That's the part that's gonna go down and in. So you can see I put just a very little bit on here, and this will give you a nice seal so that the air doesn't get in through there and there we have it. Just make a little adjustment. Give a little push on there to make sure that your set and if you kind of wiggle it back and forth, that will help. If there are any air bubbles in there to escape and we'll just hold it for about a minute or so, and then we can take the alcohol and just clean off any any excess that's built over the sides here and there, we have it beautiful. 9. Creating multiple pendants: All right, so now a quick and easy way to make many pendants. And this is one of my personal favorite ways to cut out and seal my penance. So again, I've got the diamond glaze, and I did want to mention you'd ever want to shake the diamond glaze contain because it will create air bubbles in there. So you want to kind of just go back and forth of it very slowly to get it mixed up. Um, but, you know, and you also don't want to dilute it with any water anyone? I make sure that you store it tightly, Captain, out of direct sunlight according to their directions. So, again, this is the simple way to do this. If you just were to put the diamond glaze right on your paper and then take your glass and place it down and just kind of moving it again, back and forth, trying to get the air bubbles out of it. Now, if you were going to use something that waas not water resistant paper, something like that, not you put paper. Mineral paper. Um, you do want to make sure that you feel like a Jess or something before you went ahead and did this. But since alcohol inks basically are waterproof and the paper is Aziz, well, you really have to worry about that. So I'm just skin. It was kind of sliding around here, getting it to a spot where really wanted. And I have a little bit more of the diamond glaze down here than I really need. I probably could spread this out and get, you know, three or four pendants out of this one. So this is a great way to make a number of pendants at one time. She could get them all way down on your glass pieces and let them dry overnight, and then you could cut them out. And I'll show you have let this one dry for overnight and have gone back. And let me show you what we're going to be doing next for this. You also want to make sure that you wipe off your tip of that before you put the top back on your your glaze. It gets very sticky. I will dry on you. So now this one has been fully dried and you could see it's stuck on here really well, This is the best way If you have difficulties with your pendants getting air bubbles, I found you can really kind of push it, actually, even lay things a light weight on top of it. If you wanted to again, you cut it out, and this is nicely glued on here, so really easy to cut around this with a pair of scissors and especially the mineral paper . It's very lightweight, so if you can see here, this is really simple to cut out. Sometimes you'll have a little bit of jagged edges on here. Sometimes you won't see it when you put it in your basil. But if you do get some that you just want to kind of clean up if you just take a little nail file and you can very easily go right around the bottom edges of it. And you want to make sure you that you can't stay underneath of this so that you don't get any scratches on your glass on the top. And again, the middle paper is great for this because it's very lightweight and it's it, uh, it tears off very easy. You can see I've got that one all done. And once we get that in the bustle, any little edges there that might still be hanging around, you really don't see. So let's go ahead and grab our round basil. Now for this, you can use different glues because you've got your top already sealed on here. I'm gonna use the glaze here again. But another great one is e 6000 and you just put a little drop in there and leave that to dry overnight or any other glues I'm gonna get. Go ahead. Do a nice seal on this. Just filling this all in again. Not too much, because you don't want that to come out over the edges. Just taking my paintbrush in, kind of moving that around, and then you want to make sure that you get it in the direction that you want it so you can kind of eyeball it. See which way is the best way for you and match set up with that top piece that's going to be hanging in your chain and there we have it. So this is actually a piece that I attempted to do that wasn't quite sure about. And that gold lightened it right up down there. The bottom. So this is one of my favorite ones. It's actually later sort of scan cleaning up the edges here for any glue that may have spilled out around that. And there we have it are finished piece. Well, uh, so have fun with this. I'm gonna try one more item to create on, and it creates a beautiful, reflective look in your pendant. 10. Using tin foil as a subtrate: All right, So now we're gonna curry a necklace, actually, using regular household foil tinfoil, and you're gonna pull up a sheet either coming the roles here. This is very inexpensive. Grab yourself a new roughly, a nine by 12 size, and you're gonna want to go ahead and put this on the shiny side up. And then, as you can see here, I'm just kind of taking it and squishing it a little bit here and there just to give us a nice texture in here. This is how you get a nice shine and then you could just kind of start playing with some colors. Throw some colors down on here. The with the texture in here It's really kind of hard toe Teoh control the inks as far as where you want them to go. So you could just kind of just put your colors down and let the mix a little bit See what they're going to dio. My favorites are blues and purples. If you can't tell and you could use makes it ibs I wouldn't use white. You kind of lose that nice shine that silver background has on it a fuse The mix it is. It's more of an opaque color, but we're gonna throw a little bit of golden here on top. So I'm just gonna taking my hands and just moving this ink around and you could see where it's spreading. So it gets a little lighter in some areas, and it was even pretty to leave the silver, so it kind of comes through on it. You can always add more colors to this. This if you wanted to. This is a lot of the similar colors, a lot of reds, a lot of blues purples. But you can you know, that's what this would make quite a few pendants if you were to use this entire sheet. So again, I'm just kind of dragging some of that color down here. It's a little bit more of this bottom section. I will fill this in and a little bit a little bit of silver to this. Just want to see what it's gonna do is just This is silver background paper anyway. But sometimes that will give it that pearly look. Okay, so let's go ahead and grab a tissue and lift some of this up. So I get a little bit of a lighter color in here. We seal it fantastic little crinkles and wrinkles that it has in there. The texture is just amazing with us. Spritz a little alcohol and see what it's gonna dio Oh, toe, lighten it up a little bit and some of that will fade Kind of watch it. So it is gonna dio let's go ahead and grab that tissue and just kind of lift some of this ink up. We'll just kind of lighten in certain areas. So they're really easy to color tinfoil, Right? So you're gonna want to make sure that you see all these do you're going to do the same steps with the you did with the U PO and with mineral paper going to the karma varnish first and go ahead and to go to that on with a UV clear assistant seal. So here we have our paper. It's all dry ready to go, and this is one of the pendants that I made out of it. So the next section here is last section is gonna be on necklace options and some other materials that you can purchase to make your necklaces with 11. Necklace options: all right, so let's go over some options that we have, first of all, where I order or have ordered some of my best ALS and such items are from Sun and Moon craft kits dot com, and this is just a copy of their page. So there's lots of different things that you can purchase through them. Many fun options, and this is just a few of them. You have the round basil. You have the rectangular, the teardrop, which we covered in the class. But they also have some just a bigger round pieces that you can paint directly on. If you want some flat rectangular ones, they have key chain options. You can attach these to their silver, nickel or antique. They have some different colors that you can order through them as well. So this is a fun option. You can also create little matter little pins such as this one here, where I painted directly on the back of the glass and then sealed it with a resin. And you could also is little pin sings. You could order magnets you can order just like the plane Basil's. You could glue these on again, painting just the backs of the flat pieces of glass and then sealing it with a resin and gluing the bail right onto the back of its. This is another one that I've done so plenty of options for chains as well. They have the silver lee have copper antique since lots of options there, as well as little ribbons that have a little bit of thread running through them. And these air really pretty as well. They come in all these different colors. And, of course, that the moon kids also does the little leather necklaces as well. So these are the three options that you can get from them less, many others and their online as well so you can order through online. So thanks so much for taking this class. I really hope you enjoyed it. And I'd love to see some of your final results that you've accomplished. So feel free to give me an email. Show me a picture. Uh, in all my information is under the about me section of this course. One other thing. If you're interested in resin, you could also make resin pendants. And I'm going to be doing a class coming up soon on resin and showing you another way to create some art with Alcohol Inc. With that, So look forward to that. So thanks again, take care.