Jewelry Making Basics: Embroidered Accessories with P.S.- I Made This | Erica Domesek | Skillshare

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Jewelry Making Basics: Embroidered Accessories with P.S.- I Made This

teacher avatar Erica Domesek, Founder, P.S.- I Made This...

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Inspiration + Ingredients

    • 2. Embroidering the Pendants

    • 3. Completing the Necklace + Other Accessory Ideas

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About This Class


What You'll Learn

In this online workshop, you will learn how to create a variety of unique embroidered accessories, including:

  • bracelets
  • earrings
  • necklaces

This class is perfect for anyone and everyone who shares an appreciation for fashion and eye-catching accessories! The project speaks to a savvy student, and a budget conscious, stylish globetrotter.


Lessons will include demonstration video tutorials, curated resources, and  links for you to engage with us as you complete beautiful statement pieces of your own. There will be other students completing projects simultaneously within the class, so we will all be able to share our work and provide feedback! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Erica Domesek

Founder, P.S.- I Made This...


Erica Domesek is the founder of the innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) lifestyle brand P.S.- I made this... Erica is a distinguished design and style expert living and creating in New York City. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and encourage her audience to embrace the concept of "I see it. I like it. I make it."

In June 2012, Erica's leading role in the DIY industry led to her weekly appearance as a judge on TLC's Craft Wars. She has also appeared on The Today Show, Rachael Ray, The Martha Stewart Show, E! News, The Nate Berkus Show, and Fox Business News. Her work has been featured in issues of Glamour, Lucky, InStyle, Teen Vogue, Self, Elle, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal and more.

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1. Inspiration + Ingredients: - before I actually ever make something. - I always get inspired by something. - Everything. - Tons of things. - Um, - you know, - it's inspired by so many designs that I've been pulling and creating a mood board, - which I think is a great way to start any project. - I really encourage people to look through magazines, - you know, - go online. - I have so many bookmarks open and my magazines always torn up. - So I'm either making digital mood boards or fiscal mood boards. - And I hope you guys have some type of mood board that will get you in the mood for a - project like this and you can share with everybody. - Know whatever you're dreaming of in your head, - just go with it. - And no matter what, - it pretty much always turns up cool. - So either way, - you know, - for this project there are a couple things you need to get started. - After you have some type division and a mood board, - you need actual materials, - or, - as I call them, - ingredients. - Now for this project, - there some essentials. - Now, - when we have all of the links for you guys. - Teoh, - get everything you need for this and one of the most important things you will need. - Thes plastic canvas is you're going to need some embroidery thread. - You're gonna need your trusty scissors. - Of course of that, - my gold ones, - a ruler, - some type of marketing tool. - Other things, - too. - But I'm gonna get into that because we're gonna be making an amazing statement necklace - today where you'll need other things like chain jump rings and, - um, - even a little nail polish. - Yep. - Staging. 2. Embroidering the Pendants: - So let's get started. - Um, - as I mentioned, - I was really inspired by geometric patterns. - So what I'm gonna do is take it to some plain piece of white paper because they don't want - to get on my table. - And I'm gonna tell Square, - which is 3/4 of an inch. - Make my lines. - So we're gonna cut this at. - I want to do a bunch of these guys now when you cut. - Be really careful. - You don't want to cut on the actual whole itself. - The goal is now I've got my glasses on here. - They're kind of nerdy, - but they're essential because I want to make sure that I bet 10 dots across each way. - 123456789 10. - If you have too many, - you can trim it down when you're making things always remember, - you know you want to always be able to have more than less. - Now I've gone ahead and I've cut a bunch of these already. - We're gonna use five for this necklace. - One, - 2345 So I have a really fun turquoise. - This really poppy marigold. - And this rad fuchsia like a perfectly fuchsia. - I'm sure you guys have seen before these little bases that you can purchase and you can - wrap around this way they don't get tangled because I'm sure you've all run into the - situation. - When you take these out, - you take the little things off pieces of paper, - they get knotted. - Uh, - who's got time for that? - I don't. - Now, - you really only need about 18 inches or so when I this out. - All right, - Great Tested before you try it. - Now, - if you have trouble on, - it's too thick. - Stop because what it will actually do, - it'll break your embroidery mash, - and that's no good, - all right, - because we want this thing to be intact. - But if it rips no biggie because you got a whole other sheet, - you can cut some more. - You're gonna need a needle. - If you're having trouble threading this needle, - which happens to most of us, - there's little trick. - Sometimes you can use this great little wax, - and he didn't simply take it and wax the bottom. - Get it in there so it stays together because a lot of times what will happen. - Your embroidery threatened was split. - You don't have wax like your fingers that works too. - All right, - So to get started, - we're gonna take our needle, - and we're simply going to start in one corner, - pulling through Now what I like to do leave a little tail like a pony tail, - maybe about four inches or so on the end, - you're gonna take your needle and thread, - and you're simply gonna stitch it back through the hole directly next door. - It's next door, - neighbor, - and we're simply going to go around the top and onto the next hole, - pulling up, - give it a little tug. - Not too tight. - You don't wanna rip it, - but tight enough. - So it's really secure. - And we're gonna continue to do this along the top and around the edge, - And you could just guide it along with your finger, - making sure that all the string is even and straight making short lays nicely. - Look at that. - Look in pretty good goes now. - When you get to the end, - you're gonna have to turn the corner. - Same deal around the back. - Get that tail out of the way and make sure crosses over. - You see what I'm doing? - Scooted over with your finger. - There we go. - And just keep going. - You see how this is framing are square so far. - Now, - you're gonna continue to do this all the way around. - All right, - now we're almost that corner. - Let's go back, - and that's where we started. - And that's where we'll finish. - Give it a tag And there we go. - We're going to use our scissors and we're just gonna sniff that. - We want to make sure that we leave some extra room on the end. - Second color, - future time. - So one ahead and threat this about two feet or so. - I've got my square. - We're gonna start from the same corner where we started with the miracle old. - Now, - what we're gonna do is the exact same thing. - But it's a little different this time because what we're gonna do is we're going to do a - diagonal that's actually gonna stretch over to Rose. - Not just one. - Now, - if you're embroidery, - thread splits a little bit. - Don't freak. - Use your scissors. - You need a little step back. - Sometimes it happens even to the best of us. - Now, - as you can see, - I don't have that last year to go to. - But I have those two holes here. - Someone to go from three up to two, - and so back up to that top. - Always go back to your top. - Right? - Looking good. - Now we need to turn the corner. - I'm gonna go up through this baby guy right here through the top again. - You know, - the whole idea of this with your embroidery mesh were covering the surface. - So if you forgot what we're doing, - we're covering the surface with thread. - Great looking good. - Right? - Well, - we still need to turn the next corner. - So we're gonna do that again. - You guys flip it. - Look for our diagonal, - which is right there through for sure down. - I know it's hard to see. - Give me a second. - Pull this through you guys. - Uh, - here we go. - Sometimes it's sick. - Sick. - Just a little. - A little tug. - Watch out for those tales. - See that? - That's our new diagonal. - There. - Once again. - Same thing. - Follow the line. - Going through, - uh, - hole number two, - going down. - You know, - thread. - You know the drill. - Now, - this one is extra long because this is gonna cover the center portion. - The differences for this one, - what we did is we actually started from outside to inside this one totally different. - We're gonna be starting from the inside and going from the outside. - What we're gonna do is create an X, - and that was the whole reason why when we were doing this, - we made sure that our holes were even because we wanted to make sure that we would be - centred with a little X for our geometric pattern. - Now, - what we're gonna do is start from one of the corners, - pull through again. - Same deal. - Leave that little tail lying underneath. - We're gonna do a diagonal and X marks the spot right there. - We're gonna finish this off by going from this X out to the outside. - You're gonna follow the bottom line of the few show, - bringing it down and around. - All right, - we're almost done with this side. - Get that little guy in there. - So we know from three down to to see that we're really essentially doing the same thing - that we've been doing. - All right, - I'm at the corner. - You know the drill. - Put it back through the corner. - Where are you? - Corner. - Here we go. - Pulling through cross over for the diagonal and putting it back down the same thing But, - dear wise, - that people are really just looking to put their own personal stamp on who they are. - And, - um, - really, - truly say, - you know, - this is important to me. - This is special to me. - I want to wear this. - I want to share this. - I wanna give this to somebody. - So I don't know. - I just I get excited about something. - This I'm a total nerd though, - right? - Clearly. - All right. - I'm on my third corner were cruising. - Now I know you might think that this seems like it took a while, - but I'm going super slow just to make sure you guys get there. - She is. - She's a beauty. - Let's give her a snip now, - guys, - we need five of these. - That's what we're going for. - These were going to be our fun little tassel embellishments for a necklace. - It looked pretty awesome, - if you ask me. - All right, - you're gonna take this and we're gonna not our tails together all together in one, - So make sure they're all nice and lined up. - That was the reason that we left these tales. - We're gonna pull them through, - make sure that not is towards the bottom. - As you can see. - However, - don't pull tight yet because I have these guys here like you to meet. - They're called jump rings. - Now jumping is really easy. - You can simply open it up with your fingers like that. - I after for gold color because that will go with our chain. - Now we're gonna open that up and we're simply going to slide it right through are not - before we pull it like So Now, - ladies and germs, - just give it a tub. - Great. - Perfect. - It's on there. - Really nice to have. - Really good tug. - Now we're gonna cut these ready, - Guys, - trim here. - Now I know what you're thinking, - Erica. - This is gonna Frey. - It's gonna come out. - Oh, - my God. - I'm freaking out now. - This is one of my little tricks. - I love to use clear nail polish to seal the deal. - Yes, - sealing the deal is important. - What I'll do is take some clear nail polish and I'll coat the end because we don't want her - . - And so afraid that would be sad, - because when they fray, - they come undone. - And we just spent all of that hard work making these. - So we're gonna trim them, - we're gonna seal them, - and we're gonna let them sit to dry completely 3. Completing the Necklace + Other Accessory Ideas: - I collect chain. - I have a lot. - We've got some in silver. - Got someone gold. - So tons of different types of chain. - And you look at these different style scares. - Just like a pretty simple, - simple chain. - Um, - that thin chains which are cool for smaller accessories. - But today I was thinking, - you know, - let's kind of split the difference between this guy and this guy and find something in - between. - This one's cool. - Take a look at this one. - This one I had It's kind of like a distressed aged finish. - Pretty cool. - Right now, - The important thing for this is the opening of the chain links. - Because we want to be able to do a braid, - and we want toe braid, - some embroidery string in there. - So I'm gonna make sure it has enough room, - right? - Simple enough. - All right, - let's get to it. - Now we have our chains, - We have our string, - not it together. - And we have our bobby pins, - which are needles. - All right, - Now we're gonna take our first color, - whatever one that iss, - and you're gonna put it right through what? - This is what you do is just really helped pull that string All right, - Now, - we're gonna take this guy, - and we're simply going to go. - We're gonna go over this string and then under and through the same hole. - All right? - See what we've started here. - Over, - under through. - We're gonna continue to do that again over under now through the new one. - Now you've got a double chain like us. - You gotta be careful, - because it all right, - callings continue to do this over, - under through, - over under through the whole way down. - Now, - this part the little time consuming. - But it's worth it, - I promise. - Now, - you don't have to do this, - but this is really gonna make our necklace pretty awesome. - So let's keep going. - Take a look at how bad this looks. - You know, - As I went, - I started really pulling it tighter and tighter and tighter. - Looks supercool. - I left one little link left. - So what, - we're gonna dio it was simply gonna not it all together. - Kind of like how we started. - Get it down to the bottom, - give it a tug. - Point it. - Now we're gonna put it through that last one. - So he's my five even again. - And ladies and germs, - it's done Well, - not almost and love the colors Looking so awesome. - Really great. - Now to attach these, - it's really easy. - No tools, - Just your little fingers. - I'd like to normally start from the center and go outwards because we want this to be even - for the center. - One we want. - I want to be the best one. - So I think this one is the best one. - And then simply take my jump ring and put it right through that center point. - Make sure didn't shift a little bit. - I'm gonna put directly through the yarn, - and I'm gonna just close it with my fingers. - Now we're gonna continue to do that. - These guys, - I think I'm gonna spread them out about an inch or so, - apart from one another. - Same thing putting through. - Now we did five little pendants, - but, - you know, - you could do one large pending. - You could so pom poms to them. - Originally, - I had this idea that I wanted to stitch pa bombs on them. - I mean, - maybe I'll do that for my next one. - Um, - get creative with yours. - Uh, - this is so cute. - Two more left. - You guys, - This looks so great. - I love the necklace to turn out Amazing. - Ah, - it's so great. - That's right. - On this is gonna be my favorite summer accessory. - Well, - maybe not. - I might make a couple more. - So our necklaces down, - it looks fantastic. - But there are so many other things that you guys can create using embroidery thread and - just get inspired by the colors you love patterns you like to. - So check out some of these amazing cool earrings and bracelets that I created that are - super easy and really did these little squares again. - But I think another cool idea that I had I had some chain that was finer and some hearing - wires Really easy thing. - You could dio do your squares get some change and you could make some statement earrings - simply by stitching them together. - Another thing, - in keeping with our graphic square motif, - I made a larger one and I had this really cool cough. - So I thought I'd according to a statement cuff and simply after you finish your - embroidering reach for that e 6000. - Or you could use hot glue as well and you simply just sticking on right there for a great - cup. - Dainty Bray says they're really in right now. - So I thought that this was cool. - Just Tamika bar shape rectangle and do these cute little triangles. - And once it's done, - you simply use your chain thread a needle, - get jump, - brings a class and make a great bracelet. - Are you guys you know, - they say save the best for last. - This is super yummy. - It's super cute are mesh cut out into a slice of watermelon, - which is pretty amazing using watermelon colors. - And you obviously need some seeds in there or even go see this. - So we can also stiff some black and there for seeds which I haven't done yet because I was - also thinking you could also use a Sharpie to if you want. - Thank you so much for joining me at my very first skill share class. - I can't wait to see what you guys make. - So please, - please upload them. - Because I really do want to see I'm not just saying that, - I really do. - I love it on and check out P. - S. - I made this for more ideas for more projects. - Everything from jewelry to chandeliers. - I mean, - we have it all there. - So tell your friends tell your girlfriends I like to saying I like to make things. - So you guys other another or dancing or is it fine? - Okay, - fine.