Jewelry Making • Rock Paper Scissors Pendant Necklace Project • Great Gift • Sell Jewelry Online | Sandra Clarke | Skillshare

Jewelry Making • Rock Paper Scissors Pendant Necklace Project • Great Gift • Sell Jewelry Online

Sandra Clarke, artist • educator • maker • craftivist

Jewelry Making • Rock Paper Scissors Pendant Necklace Project • Great Gift • Sell Jewelry Online

Sandra Clarke, artist • educator • maker • craftivist

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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction: Rock, Paper, Scissors Pendant

    • 2. Lesson 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Materials + Cost

    • 3. Lesson 2: Rocks. Gemstones + Housings

    • 4. Lesson 3: Paper. Literature + Frames

    • 5. Lesson 4: Scissors. Charms

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Jewelry Making • Rock Paper Scissors Pendant Necklace Project

This class provides you with detailed information about how to create a unique Rock, Paper, Scissors Pendant Necklace.

Lesson 1:  Materials + Cost
Lesson 2:  Rock
Lesson 3:  Paper
Lesson 4:  Scissors
Final Thoughts

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Meet Your Teacher

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Sandra Clarke

artist • educator • maker • craftivist


2021 began with the death of my 27-year old daughter, Emily.  Emily died on January 1st, 2021 as a result of complications from her 2019 heart transplant.  I can already see a transformation in my textile artwork directly related to grief, mourning + navigating new trajectory.  Emily was a brilliant writer + she will continue to show up in my artwork, as will my son, Evan + my husband, Gary.  
Family is the reason for my maker career.  I needed work that would afford me the time to drop everything to be in hospital with Emily, or on a school field trip with Evan 
+ be portable + meaningful.  Family will always be woven into my artwork.  
Emily’s fearless writing influences my artwork with words embroidered on upcycled clot... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Rock, Paper, Scissors Pendant: Did you know that rock paper scissors originated in Asia? And 206 BC. This class takes that classic game and turns it into a fun and unique pendant necklace project. You will learn how to create this awesome steampunk theme dependent by using rock, paper and scissors. In this class will go over five lessons, and less than one will talk about the materials, their costs and where to purchase your supplies and lesson to. We'll talk about rocks and gemstones, and less than three will talk about paper sources unless and four will go over some scissor styles. And in less than five, we're gonna put it all together. You can make these pendant necklaces for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family. You can add them to your jewelry line. Or you can even designed several different theme to rock. Paper Scissors pendants through the sources of materials and supplies that we go over in class. Join the class and learn how to create your own rock, paper and scissors pendant and share your artwork in the project gallery. I'll meet you in Lesson one 2. Lesson 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Materials + Cost: the materials that will be using in this project are rocks or stones, paper and scissor pendants. We'll also be using these supplies wire or pre made wire cages toe hold the stones of the rocks. We'll be using jewelry, pliers, plain white craft glue and a paint brush to apply the glue. A chain for the necklace and jump rings those air just those little round or oval metal things that we can just open up a little bit with our jewelry pliers toe. Add the pendants that we're gonna use an attached to the chain. We need pendant frames, toe hold the paper and a pair of riel scissors, the rock, paper and scissor material that will be using. I'm going to go into real depth into those materials and lesson 23 and four. But first, let's talk about where to get the other materials and supplies. You likely already have a pair of scissors, plain white glue and a paintbrush. Use an inexpensive one for the glue. You might even have a pair of jewelry pliers, the chain jump rings, wire rock cage and the pendant frames to hold the paper. Have a few other sources that I would like to talk about scissors, glue and an inexpensive paintbrush to apply. The glue can be purchased it just about anywhere. Craft stores such as Joanne and Michael's carry these items, but you can also purchase thumb at Wal Mart, Target and the Dollar Store. Scissors just need to be able to cut paper, and the glue just needs to be sticky. And the paintbrush should be inexpensive, cause you'll never likely use it for paint again. The jewelry pliers that will be using in this project are the round nose pliers, and I like using them for smooth curls. I also like the ones that have the flat area and then the wire cutting component. All craft stores have jewelry pliers. They range in price from about $5 or $20. A mid range $10 pair of pliers will last a really long time. I have seen round nose jewelry pliers at Wal Mart, Target and some dollar stores as well, and you can also source them online Chains and jump rings can usually be found at the retailers that I've mentioned in this lesson. The rock wire cages and the frame pendant settings are a hit and miss at the big box stores . You can sometimes see them at Wal Mart, and you can even see them in some craft stores, but they don't always have them. So now I'd like to introduce you to some online markets that you might consider as a source for those harder to find items. Our go to craft stores like Joanne and Michael's have online shops. I like to use their websites to find the names of the brands they buy from and then go to the wholesaler websites for my materials and supplies. I do this because I buy in bulk from a jewelry design business. Joanna Michael's websites have a search criteria that allows you to shop by brand. This lists all the companies that they buy from, but if you plan to just make one or two rock paper scissors pendants, Joanne Michael's WalMart will serve you well when you buy your chains and your jump rings. Blue Moon and Beat Alone are two of the many brands that you'll find on Joanne and Michael's websites. They both have consistently good products that I use often and their price pretty well. Fire Mountain gems and beads is an excellent source for wire cages and a lot of other bead projects that you might be working on. They also have chains and jump rings, and you could spend a lot of time on this website, and I believe they still have a beautiful free catalogue that you can order in the Senate to your house. And you could just make yourself a cup of tea and go over the catalogue all day long. They've got lovely stuff. Great prices, too, and this is one of my favorite online shops for supplies and materials. Amazon is bursting with jewelry, making supplies at mostly reasonable prices, but most of the material is made in China, so I prefer to go directly to the Chinese manufacturers. What I really prefer is the source my supplies locally to support neighboring businesses. But since manufacturing has moved to China, I tend to deal directly with the Asian manufacturers. For my supplies. You may have heard of Ali Baba and all the express these air companies in China that serve as a selling platform for manufacturers to sell to customers directly all around the world . Ali Baba sells in bulk Therefore, their customers are usually dealers and retailers directly. Ali Express, however, offers manufacturers to sell directly to customers like you and me at smaller quantities. I've been buying jewelry supplies from Ali Express for a few years, and for the most part I'm satisfied with the service and the products I have received damaged goods likely costs and shipping, and the manufacturers have reimbursed me about 30 to 50% of my cost. The good news is that the cost is always really low, and I always select the manufacturers that offer free shipping. Now, in this case, what I've put up here are the frames that we use, where we're gonna be gluing our paper portion of our rock paper scissors and these ones are $4 by a lot of 21. So it works out to look 19 cents each. When I have seen these type of frames in Walmart, they might be $4 for a package of 45 So it's up to you now. The thing about Ali Express is especially when you click the free shipping, it will be going on a boat to North America. So you do have to wait about four weeks, sometimes for your product. But if you don't need anything right away and you can't find anything in your local shops, this is a really good option. Having purchase jewelry supplies from several sources, I noticed that more often than not, the materials I purchase in North America are exactly the same as the Ali Express suppliers , resulting in my belief that the North American retailers are buying from the same suppliers in China than I am. I prefer going directly to the source myself for the cost savings. Ali Express also has a huge variety of jewelry suppliers to consider. In the next three lessons, we will discuss rocks, paper and scissors to complete your class project. I will meet you and lesson to. 3. Lesson 2: Rocks. Gemstones + Housings: using a stone for the rock portion of this project could be as easy as taking a walk in your neighborhood and looking down. Or perhaps you collect stones and you'd like to select one from your existing assortment. Maybe you want to see what stones, air on the market and searching shops or online. Selecting a stone with properties amplifying special meanings or vibrations could also be an option as well. You're only limited by your imagination on where to find your stone. The stones that I use for my rock paper scissors pendants are tumbled, semi precious gemstones that I purchased from art festivals, specialty gem shops called Lapid Aires and in mine rob stores in my area, very fortunate to live in the gemstone capital of Canada, So mind stones are very easy to come by here. Tourist areas usually have gift shops that sell tumbled stones as well, and they're very well priced. Those are areas like in major cities or tourist areas such as Niagara Falls. I've seen them in Rainforest Cafe. They're great big bins of stones and the usually tumbled A gate stones, and they're really pretty. And they're not very expensive at all the costs of semi precious gemstones varies. Common stones such as an ethicist, courts and tigers eyes could be purchased for about a dollar even less. Here's some rocks that you can consider is well. If you look on the beach or by riverbanks, you'll see that there's some nice smooth rocks, the picture on the top, right. Those are river rocks that you confined, and they come in some really beautiful various colors. And you could just go for a nice little walk and find something that appeals to you. And use that in the rock portion of the rock paper Scissors pendant. The picture here on the top left, is tumbled glass that you confined, sometimes on beaches and the weather and the water and sand have eroded them away. And they're just some beautiful specimens here that you can use in the rock portion of the rock, paper scissors as well, and the pictures on the bottom. Here on the left, you can find some rocks that actually look like things like here's beautiful rocks that look like hearts and the picture on the far right are fossils that are on some tiny rocks, and that's really interesting to and then the picture in the middle on the bottom. Here are just some river stones that you can paint yourself and put some beautiful words on if you like. In this lesson, we're gonna go over the steps to create the rock part off the project, as in these class pictures, as well as two alternatives for your consideration. Ah, wire cage. To host your rock is an easy and practical solution toe, adding the rock too dependent they're inexpensive and can be found online. And at the suppliers that we discussed in less than one, the wire cages used in this project were about 50 cents. You can pretty much find them online all the time, and really, sometimes you can find them in the craft stores. They are hit and miss, and then the big box stores. It's very rare that I've seen them there maybe once or twice a year. They'll have, um, there are also several cages to choose from from Ali Express and Fire Mountain Gems and these air excellent sources for some funkier looking rock paper, scissors, pendants. The one that we're doing in this project has a steampunk look But you can also use thes silvery cage ones that have trees on them or owls or the home sign. And there's some really neat wintery looking ones. And there are a lot of fun should go online and take a look and see what they've got. The second, more laborious way to wrap a stone is to use jewelry, pliers and craft wire. This is fun to do, but it can take some time to master stone wrapping. The benefit is that you can create any rap design you like, which adds to the artisan appeal to dependent. The third method to add the rock part is to simply by an existing stone pendant. They're available at the online shops we discussed in this class, and you can, usually by them in craft stores, Select stone that appeals to you and fits the overall tone of your rock paper scissors pendant. In the next lesson, we will discuss the paper portion of your class project. I'll meet you in less than three 4. Lesson 3: Paper. Literature + Frames: you can use any source of literature for the paper. Part of the rock paper scissors. You can use newspaper quotes or a favorite quote or some lines from a favorite novel, a poem or even something that you're right up yourself and then print it up. A lot of people prefer to use literature they print from their computer rather than from a book, but I was given a large box of vintage books that were slaved for disposal. I like using those for my arts and crafts here. The steps to take in order to complete the paper portion of your pendant. Step one. Gather your material, the literature glue paint brush for the glue, scissors, jewelry, pliers, a jump ring and the frame blank pendant that you purchased for the project. Step To select the wording you want to display on dependent and cut a rectangle larger than the frame blank Step. Three. Lay the paper on top of the frame blank, using the top part of the paintbrush or even the pencil or the tip of the scissors. Gently guide the paper into the frame. This will help you cut the precise size of the oval that you'll need Step four. Apply the craft glue to the frame with the paintbrush. Step five. Place the paper oval on the frame and then apply a coat of craft glue over the paper as a ceiling. Now this is not a waterproof sealing, so I wouldn't take a shower with this pendant. But putting the glue over the top will definitely protect it for quite a long time. Step six opened the jump. Bring with the jewelry pliers attached, the jumping to the frame blank and then close the jump ring with the pliers. Let the glue completely dry before adding the frame too dependent. The cost of the frame pendant is about 20 cents when you buy them in bulk off 30 or so in the next lesson, we will discuss the scissors to complete your class project. Meet you and Lesson four 5. Lesson 4: Scissors. Charms: this is Urbi, or charm can be purchased in most beats sections of craft stores and online. At the Web sites we discussed unless and one there are several styles to pick from. For our project, I chose the vintage Bronze Scissor charm from Ali Express because it represents this steampunk theme that I was looking for. I also like the size of that charm, and it wasn't expensive it all and know the scissors don't really work. If you plan to make several rock, paper scissors pendant necklaces, consider buying in bulk for the best price. These ones cost about 20 cents to start. If you buy the package of 10 in the next lesson will put it all together, I'll meet you and Lesson five. 6. Final Thoughts: your rock paper and scissors are ready to be placed on the chain if you're raw. Paper frame and scissors charm are small. You can use an 18 to 24 inch chain purchased online or at any craft store or big box store . Larger charms look better on longer chains. Using your jewelry pliers. Place the necessary jump rings on your charm and then place those charms on the chain. You couldn't use a jump a ring on the scissor charm or simply threat it onto the chain as it looks in the picture to the right, you can expand your rock paper, scissors craft. I make key chains, earrings and cell phone charms. Oh, in this. If you know what this charm bracelet means, tell me in the comments section. Thank you for taking this class. I look forward to seeing your rock paper scissors pendant in the project gallery. Let me know if you have any questions. Please stay in touch