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Jewelry Design using Fusion 360

teacher avatar Jakob Andersson, Learn CAD

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Jewelry Design using Fusion 360 How to do a L

    • 2. Jewelry design using Fusion 360

    • 3. Fusion 360 How to do a cityscape ring

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About This Class

Beginner course using Fusion 360. Learn how to do some jewelry.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jakob Andersson

Learn CAD


Mechanical engineer that loves work with CAD. I love to help other people to learn CAD. I have experience using SolidWorks, Fusion 360, FreeCAD, Pro/E, Ideas/NX and Autocad. -97 was the first time I used a CAD software and since then a lot of cool thing has happend. I think that educate other people is the best way to educate yourself.

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1. Jewelry Design using Fusion 360 How to do a L: I am welcome. This is Jacob. We can have some fun today and create some devilry. Some devilry to science. I will not do this exactly, but I will do the same. Princip Sis on the same concepts do our letter in three dimension And you thesis ah que to extrude and cut to get some fun futures and ah, I think it fun that you can do Ah, this is a beginning to roll for beginners on I think you should have fun when you learn on you can't system so we go We three away, close the data panel and go to new design Here we have a new brand sign and we can save it to Is the Joe vah ree se Yeah, we will have a shocked or l So we click here. Great sketch. We click on a plane from a side and way you waken use the lion tools go to the middle and use snapping function clean and use the mouth wheel to some out Then just click and used article strain There we have ah l no Then you used for d but done you can use on ah dimension begins 20 on we can t Ah, we can take and drag to something like that And we teii 20 here Onda, we take the damage here a t there we have the l From aside we close Stop the sketch. Ah extrude it and extruded 20 Then we have these l these three dimensional and we go to the top and create the sketch Youth Ah offset tools and right in awards. Well, I think two millimeters is great Then we stop the sketch and we take Ah exclude on extruded in words like that Dimension It's not very important. It is the signing of devilry and we want to have Ah some kind off We will not use Ah profile play. We will have officer plane and take to go in order to reconcile Used the minus sign. Yeah, that will be great. No, we have these. Ah, it is hollow. You can't see it, but we will use Take the side and, uh, create the new sketch and use Ah, two point rectangle use snapping function. But we can take it somewhere. Don't words We don't use the snapping function we take and do a rectangle large that one we take snapping fighting Fundo two lines. Ah, stop Sketch and pick on weed control. But we pick the both off them on extrude. Now we want to cut you don't. We can take distance or we can take okay, four millimeters on a kilt. That's a nice future. And we wanted to the same on the other side. Then we can use mirror. First we go to construct taken me plane pick this side on the other side than the other plane in the middle Them we go to create mirror and we want to pick the futures on it would be that future on a mirror plane. Is that one? Okay. And we have exactly same on our side. We're going into construction and hide the extra plane. No, we have symmetrical. We can do something. Eyes on the back side of l create the sketch. Take the middle. Ah re changed it to retake the rectangle sent the erectile and we go to middle when you have a triangle and used to stuff in function something like this, I guess, um, stocks get, um to kilts minus for millimeters. We have a nice cut that side if you want to upload it to shape ways to three d print it. You can do it. But then you should have not too much materials because it costs more. So I think we take front side. Um uh, great. The sketch. Do something. Something like case stop Skitch. Um, pick. We can actually adjust. Picket the on we take mind four millimeters kilt. Remember a nice little cage for Ellen. We have something to put Shane for Our pendant. I think we are finished. Read, uh, the cage. You know, we can do some nice cat out. So you put it aside. Um, let me take drag. So just do some sketching. We'd rectangle and stop sketch. Um and we take the extrude and yes, speak this. Ah, cut on the flu. Ah, you take Ah, I just try it, okay? No, nos. It looks really funny. So I guess this is just the beginning story A. When you learn how to create 1/3 dimensional letters she character off letter. You can pick the Shane from there. Then you can operate shape ways. This is just something easy you can do in few show 3 60 I hope you and your way of ah, to roll. And if you want to see renderings, you have to visit my book post. There are real posts, our images off these rendering in some different materials. Thank you for watching listening. Bye bye. 2. Jewelry design using Fusion 360: Hi and welcome. This is Jacob. Today we're gonna do our jittery name tag and we will use to things we would use fusion 3 16 I have it here. And we really also learn how to freely print Jeff jewelry. So I will use shaped waves on and I have my shape raise shop here and we will do our devilry like this one. Here we are, the TCO and we have Ah, stop. And we have a pet on with a hole. Onda, we have another example. See, the next pH here we have also, uh, named It's be your letters and I think today we gonna do like this, but we will keep the let us small or in the Porton Off Pennant Onda. We will upload the STL file to shape ways and shake for we have to check for the thickness off the material so we can three d print it. But we will come to that. Go to Fusion Tree 16 and maybe you should create a new full or I have already folder and I have create the a new file. We can save it. I will save it to Neil's tag and save first we will create the storm. So we create a new sketch and we can take it. Ah, put it on playing and we go to sketch rectangle sent the rectangle and we pick the center off the rectangle on. I think we will have it 10 by 10 millimeters on. And if you use the tub, you go to the next. No, we have ah rectangle with 10. 10 we need a thickness. But we can, um because shape ways paid by material. So I think we should have it whole. When we can do, we can draw another are rectangle or we can use the we can use uh, shell the shell future. Sorry for my confusing. It was a long time since I recorded some card, uh, videos, but I think we create a new rectangle from a center. No. We use offset sketch and offset on its the correct way. And we need free mill. No, it I think we take two millimeters. Two millimeters. That's gonna be good. No, we can, uh, extrude it, but I think we keep the sketch and extrude both of them. Andi, I think we can take 40 millimeters and go back and look at sketch. And we want the bottom part hollow on. We just extrude cut it. Well, I she 30 fly millimeters when we have save some materials and we want to have a whole for the room and we pick one side. Andi, create sketch. I think we do the shape off a rectangle and we can use lines. You know, it's clever snapping. I used the wheel when I assume in and out the most real. I think three millimeters would be good on. We use extrude and we take you north. Dean Stones. We take it all on the flip side. Okay? No, we have to make sure we take the point, um three millimeters that we know before we have It's longer. I just want to shake if ah, road, please. Big enough. Small enough for a whole. So we can take a Roop. No, we really that on name at thes face. It may take draft. Well, Skitch plane Um uh fixed. Take it from the middle. So we get the snapping position and we start with the first letter. It's to being on the way. Two millimeters. It's too small I think for it's good, We can take it alone here. We can choose some other front. But I think I will keep Arial for this one, and that's OK on we do the same four millimeters and we moved them off a bit. Oh, sorry. I'm, uh sorry. Four minutes. It's tricky to get, Uh I think we should hide the body, the background, so I can be Yeah, sort of. From a break. If you just more and hold on, then it can move a letter. They can move 14. Thank you. Some, uh And we are another some texts and we don't use snuff being l onda we need this. No, the most pretty. But I think you understand the principle. So having meals I know stop the sketch and we riel extra days We can yeah, may extrude And we know it is too many mato us in the other direction. So they change it to minus two. Then we should peak that to a lthough letters. Okay, I know where how the name Neill's not this name time. So we have these devilry name tie with the name Neill's Onda. We go to make three d print Select. And we named me. They could be means And we get to still fine and to go to shape ways Go to make product uploads freedom models and we need selective fire. Should be Neill's. We have to hang on to look less on. We are uploaded. No, it will be some automatic tests who shape, Um, depending on the material, it wouldn't. And here we have. Ah, picture off softening time. We'd neill's we shake. Can we get it? Three print and we have a price. So the first test, it would be print? Yeah, we can get in, uh, natural. It will be printing bucks on, then melted. Uh, but should we pick steel? We cannot take it because it will be really print directly. And we have to make, uh, walls thicker. We can check the east soon. Here. Well, thickness. So if we shoot created in ah steel we have to fix some problems. We have toothy noble here that music fixing. And we have some walls with letters. We have to shame to the sign off and and some off this Yeah, we can go to friend or and on material our parents and we can takes on for us. We can take Brass Bernardi to sign and then we can render it ren rick in the club. But they take too long time. So I will show you the render off Javari on the first thing on the videos you conceive around ring, but, uh, this was can't to to roll infusion 3 60 Andi, we learn generally designed to do a name tag and you seeing shape ways that you can get your things three D printer on Have your own custom made jittery. Oh, it was really fast. You can see, uh, rendering in for us. I think it looks cool. Yeah, that's what's everything for today. Hope your annual ah position. Bye bye. 3. Fusion 360 How to do a cityscape ring: I am welcome. This is Jacob. I made ah sick during infusion 3 16 It looked like this. It's a sure uh oh, we have some skyscraper us Onda. We don't have been function infusion 3 60 So I will show you can do a ringing like thes. We'd another tactic kid than useless Ben function My tactic. He's that I have two circles and can't eat out from the top. So let's see how I did. It's green first idea. So go two circles on extrude a ring and then I, uh, drew some lines and extruded some parts get some different level in the ring on the way the first roof, this one off the skyscrapers. And you can see that I draw some lines from the circle that sometime of the circle on you think tactic and get out that I used pattern and then circular pattern for windows way. Have another roof for the church. We have some different your booth. Yes, extrude though we have four o'clock on, use your glove. Patton here is for, uh, rule. So I always if you look at the sketch a drawer like this from the top on the select on and cut out. Indeed, the wrist along and you know it's cut out on circle patterns for bricks in the rule. Now we work with the skyscrapers, and we know three Sierra Club patterns. Um, rectangular patterns to get the rule on the circular patterns on the roof Read, uh, extrude read tapper annual off minus five degree to get ah, on an annual when I extremely And here we have the windows, we see a club patterns and rectangle patterns. And that is how you dio cityscape bringing food gentry 60. I think it looks really nice. I hope your, uh, learn something new. Have a great day since we see you next time. Thank you. Bye bye.