Jewelry Design using Fusion 360 | Jakob Andersson | Skillshare

Jewelry Design using Fusion 360

Jakob Andersson, Learn CAD

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3 Videos (35m)
    • Jewelry Design using Fusion 360 How to do a L

    • Jewelry design using Fusion 360

    • Fusion 360 How to do a cityscape ring


About This Class

Beginner course using Fusion 360. Learn how to do some jewelry.





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Jakob Andersson

Learn CAD

Mechanical engineer that loves work with CAD. I love to help other people to learn CAD. I have experience using SolidWorks, Fusion 360, FreeCAD, Pro/E, Ideas/NX and Autocad. -97 was the first time I used a CAD software and since then a lot of cool thing has happend. I think that educate other people is the best way to educate yourself.

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