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Jewelry Design: Make an elegant Silver Chain Link Bracelet

teacher avatar Georgiana Mois, Jewelry Designer/Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. 01 Intro

    • 2. 02 Materials and Tools

    • 3. 03 Cutting the Wire

    • 4. 04 Sanding the Tips

    • 5. 05 Making the Curled Links

    • 6. 06 Small Bead Links

    • 7. 07 Big Bead Links

    • 8. 08 Assembling the Links

    • 9. 09 The Clasp

    • 10. 10 Thank You for Watching

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make an elegant professional looking silver bracelet.

I will walk you through every step and show you how to make every link and how to assemble the bracelet so you can feel proud of yourself that you made something so unique. These techniques can be used to make many other bracelets with different designs, colors etc. So the skills that you learn are transferable and you can create much more than just one single piece of jewelery.

It makes a great and valuable gift either to yourself or to a loved one!

Please post a picture of you finished bracelets in the Project Gallery. I can't wait to seeĀ both of them, especially the one where you are free to get creative and use the skills you have learned from my video to make your own unique silver bracelet!

So please join my class to find out how to make it!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Georgiana Mois

Jewelry Designer/Artist


Besides making jewelry I also paint and write stories.

I started making jewelry during my time at University in the UK because it was so much more fun than to study for exams hehe :). And I have loved it ever since so I did a City And Guilds Silversmithing Qualification to hone my jewelry making skills. I started this channel to share my work and hope that many people find value in it.


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1. 01 Intro: Hello, everyone. And welcome to my class. My name is Gena, and I will show you how to make this bracelet from sterling silver and white pearls. It is a chain link bracelet, which means that it is built from different links that are assembled together. And I will show you how to make them from scratch because you can't buy them. And that's the beauty of it. You get to make the whole project from start to finish yourself and you get to be really proud of your work afterwards. It is a very elegant piece of jewelry, and you will be surprised how simple it is to make. So I'm going to show you how to make these links one by one so you can follow along. And first of all your projects will be to make a bracelet that is exactly like this one until you get the skills that you will need. And once you're done with that, I want you to get creative and to try and experiment with new things with different sizes with different beads in different colors. And I can't wait to see both of your projects. You don't need any jewelry making experience to be able to make this design, as I will explain everything step by step so it is suitable for both beginners and intermediates. But I do advice Beginners to start with cheaper materials first, sterling silver is quite expensive, and you do need a bit of practice before you get the confidence that you needed to be able to work with more expensive materials. But don't worry. There are cheaper alternatives out there, such as copper wire instead of sterling, silver wire and glass beads or wooden beads. Plastic beads instead of pro for any other semi precious stone. So please join me in the step by step follow along tutorial so you can wear your own elegant pieces of jewelry. 2. 02 Materials and Tools: Hello and welcome to my class. Here you see all of the materials and tools that that you will need to make the bracelet. You need a simple roar. I have a 11 But any plastic school ruler will do the job. A nail file, preferably one that you use on Lee for jewelry making suppliers, specifically a cutters of flat nose pliers, ground no suppliers and round and flat nose pliers. And for the materials you're gonna need 06 millimeter hardwire and 08 millimeter hardwired . You need two different thicknesses. And this video. I chose zero sticks and your eight because I thought there would. It is a good ratio and always remember to get hardwire because it's a more durable and the bracelet will last a lot longer. And for the beads, I have big pearls and small pearls. Again, you need to different sizes. This is a five millimeter in diameter. Can the small ones are three millimeters in diameter and last but not least, you need a class 3. 03 Cutting the Wire: Hello and welcome back. Now that we have our tools and our materials ready, we're ready to start crafting. In this step, we will cut the wire into the desired length. To make the links, we will need to 10 links in total, each of which will be three centimeters long. So take your wire and take your rulers. You don't need the packaging anymore. Align it so that you have three centimeters. Be careful not to cut the wire too short. We don't want the links to be too short. Once you have the mark, take your cutters and cut. Now we need nine more pieces. So just got the rest by using the wire that you just have as a reference. And make sure you cut all of the nine pieces to the exact cooling. You don't want your pieces of wire to be of different links that will mess up the project later on 4. 04 Sanding the Tips: in this step, we're going to use a simple nail file to round off the tips of the wire that we just cut. I will share the difference between a smooth tip of wire and a non smooth one. You see that the left one is already nice and smooth. I have already used the file on it, and the right one is freshly cut and you can see that it's pretty pointy. It's pointy and it's going to scratch your skin. That's why we do them the step with file. I don't A lot of people like to skip this step when they make wire jewelry, But personally, I don't like jewelry that will hurt my skin. Or that will ruin my clothes. And I don't think either of you will so take the time. It only takes a few extra minutes. Just move in the tips of the freshly cut wire, take two or three pieces of wire, and I always like to use the final perpendicular to the wire first to send off the boat. Once I'm happy with that once it's starting to get round. I like to send it off an angle just like that to get a really nice and smooth and round wire to you will make whom wire drinks from these pieces of water, and you don't want them tips to hurt your skin or to damage your calls. And also be careful not to scratch the length of the wire. I mean, don't don't do this because they believe ugly marks on the wire itself, and we only want to round up the tips. We don't want any every marks on Arlene. Just check with your fingertip. If it's smooth and it doesn't hurt, it's fine and turned the ground into the other side. You sandpaper for this stepped. It does the job just as well. I'm guessing the bigger than nail file or the sand, the bigger the area. You can use it on Theo better. This one's quite been but Carolyn rounding, you know, So do this on both sides for each of your links, and I will see you in the next step when we will start making the actual wire links 5. 05 Making the Curled Links: Hi. And welcome back in this video things they're gonna get open more interesting as we will start making the main links mainly this one. We need at least 10 pieces of this link depending on the length of your arm, depending on the length that you want your bracelet to be. And we're going to start crafting these from the warrior that we just cut through this step . We will need either the round and flat nose pliers or the round nose pliers. I'm gonna go for the round and flat nose players because I think it has a little bit more stability. But if you only have one of these, it's perfect defying. You can use it as well. Let's get started. Take one piece of wire and place your players right in the middle of it. Just like that. So just Ben did with your fingers, hold it tight with your players and pull on the on the ends. Careful, bended, just like that. And, um, it can happen to make a mistake like this. I mean, if if you're endings aren't even, you can correct that by simply simply pushing on the longer bids, thus making them. Even it even set out if you push on the longer one and make a loop. And now we're gonna curl up the endings and make sure you crawl them up this way. So this bit is supposed to go like that on the outside, not on the inside, because if you're over him on the inside, you won't get you won't get a sheep like this. You won't get a shape, but it will look different. And right now we need this one. It's a gross close as you can to the ending without the player slipping off and just use the right amount of pressure. You don't want to use too much pressure on the players, because if you if you squeeze too much in your hand, that's gonna leave ugly marks on the wire and we don't want that. We just want to crawl up the endings. It feels like that. Just like that. I know you can use this bid of your players over here wasn't actually meant for bending, but I like to use it because it saves time. If you have a flat nose plier, you can use that as well. Teoh make sure the loop is completely sealed. Do that on the other side as well. Just rule it. A You see what I'm doing Release and go back and curl up. Do that with a wrist and I will see you in the next video. 6. 06 Small Bead Links: Welcome back, everyone. I hope you had a lot of fun making the big wings and hope your fingers are hurting too much . And if they don't, please join me in making the smaller links. Next, we will use thinner wire 06 millimeters for me. Small beads. I have three millimeters small girls, the round nose pliers and the cutters for this step. I don't like to take the wire completely out of the packaging is it's a lot of words. It will just make things. It will just make things harder. So take one tip. I will take three small beads or pearls, whichever you have. Run them through the wire 123 and use the round. Most players to make a loop, the ending just like before trying to get as close as possible to the ending of the wire without, um without the players slipping off and rounded off, just as if you would want to make a ring. And now that you're here, you can see that the group looks quite ugly. It doesn't really look centered. So in order to make it centered, we're gonna take the pliers just like that. Hold it like that user fingernail to straighten up as shown here and out centered for the other bit. Other ending is your fingernail to bended at an angle. And from here you will use the players to create the loop did. Don't cross it over when you're finished, you have When the wires were touching players and cut off the extra bits Y you're never happened. You can use your players to seal these and make them perfect. But you don't have to because we will open the loops again when we will connect to the links going to make them pretty just for the sake of this demonstration. But don't waste too much time. Or maybe don't raise time at all closing the loops because you will open them again later and you wait. But when you do have to pay attention to Was that the virus street? If you look at mine, it is not perfectly straight. So you can use the flat bit of your pliers or the flat nose pliers to make the necessary judge adjustments so that it's so one street, the line. So over here. But 7. 07 Big Bead Links: this step is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that instead of having three small baits on the wire, people only have one big bead or pearl. Just as before. Take your wire. Leave it in the packaging. If you think it's easier to work with, take the bead, run it through the wire. Rome knows players curl up the ending until they touch. So cro up the ending until the touch straightening up with your fingernail beat goes there . Hold the big between your fingertips. Then the wire should have been a little more crewed up. Take the cutters that's cut off the excess wire just like you did before. Sway, Straighten up. It is very difficult to make the loops be in the line as you're working with it. But that's why that's what players air for. Very handy if you have to, because then you can use both at the same time to align your link. Okay, so our bracelet consists of nothing more than these three types of links that we just created, and once we have a mole, we can assemble them. We can put them in a specific order that will give us our desired pattern. Once you finished making all of these or at least a considerable number of these, please join me in the next video where I will show you how to assemble them in the right order by 8. 08 Assembling the Links: Okay, so now you're done making all of your links and you're ready to start assembling your bracelet in this step, we're going to connect our links in the pattern shown. We want this pattern connected by a big pearl, followed by this pattern again until we have the desired length. So it's the door. First of all, we're going to work with these beaded links were going to open them up, open the loops. The reason why we're choosing the beaded ones to open up and not get not the cruel ones is because the thinner warrior is so much easier to work with than thicker one. Now they're open. Now we're going to take a curled link and the two beated links that we've just opened and connect them pop that in close talk that in closed pop that in and clothes now take another cruel thing and connect the other ends of the beated links. Okay, When you pop them in, make sure they are the right rear around. You don't want to pop them in like this. If you happen to do that by accident, just open up the beaded link and start over and place them incorrectly now, sick and bid is the trickiest one because you have to connect it the right way. And the right way is this way. If you were to do it wrong, gonna open it just to show you If you were to do it wrong, you would have accidentally twisted it and then inserted it. You see, there is no way I can get this to flow. There's no way you can get it straight if I do it like this. So just make sure the air turned the right way before you connect, though. And then once you closed, they are connected the right way. - If you find it that you can straighten the month and they're all closed and you know that it was the right way, you just still use round. I just can't that links round. And they'll it was straight. Um, and of course, you can always make adjustments to make it look this Prius possible. Strange thing. Straighten up everything you can do. What now? You could do it later. When the very sets done. Can you call the necessary adjustments? No, I have another sense. You just keep doing that and adding links until the bracelet is the until your bracelet fits you until it's the banks that you want 9. 09 The Clasp: you are almost there. The bracelet is almost finished. I bet you can't wait to see it done. And I bet you can't wait to wear it. So if you're happy with the length, of course you can always try it on and see if you're happy with the length. If you have a bigger risk than you can always make more links and add more links like I've shown you in the previous videos. And once you have the correct leg, all you need to do is assemble the clasp and then you're done. OK, so it's plus, this is what it looks like. I would always advise you to get a class that is, um that is not soldered on the Smalling here. You can see the opening right there because if it's soldered, then you're gonna have to use. You're gonna have to open one of the bracelet ling's from one of the world from one of either sites. And if your bracelet is like this one, you can't really open this link. If it, if your bracelet would have, would end in this which can be the case depending on your length. So if it ends in a link like this, you can always open it and assemble the class. But if it ends in a crude one like this, then you can't have to open the class in order. Teoh, assemble it. So take your players and gently opening up really, really gently. You don't want to break it. Just a lot of space. Create just enough space. Your link fits in just enough space, depending on the thickness of the wire. Basically. So put that in and gently close. Breece fit the clasp. You can always use your players like this. Close the link. It's the sideways movement isn't enough. Do this as shown here? That is it. Congratulations. The bracelet is done. It's done. You can wear it. You can. Finally, where it 10. 10 Thank You for Watching: Oh, there it is. The finished bracelet. I really hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial. Please feel free to leave any questions or pictures of your working progress. You don't have to wait until you finish the bracelet so you can post a picture of it. I'm more than happy to help you out if you have any questions along the way. And I can't wait to see both of your projects both this bracelet and the design that you invent yourself. If you have fun making this bracelet, I won't be posting some more videos in the next few weeks, so check them out by.