Jewelry Design: Make an elegant Silver Chain Link Bracelet | Georgiana Mois | Skillshare

Jewelry Design: Make an elegant Silver Chain Link Bracelet

Georgiana Mois, Jewelry Designer/Artist

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10 Videos (29m)
    • 01 Intro

    • 02 Materials and Tools

    • 03 Cutting the Wire

    • 04 Sanding the Tips

    • 05 Making the Curled Links

    • 06 Small Bead Links

    • 07 Big Bead Links

    • 08 Assembling the Links

    • 09 The Clasp

    • 10 Thank You for Watching


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make an elegant professional looking silver bracelet.

I will walk you through every step and show you how to make every link and how to assemble the bracelet so you can feel proud of yourself that you made something so unique. These techniques can be used to make many other bracelets with different designs, colors etc. So the skills that you learn are transferable and you can create much more than just one single piece of jewelery.

It makes a great and valuable gift either to yourself or to a loved one!

Please post a picture of you finished bracelets in the Project Gallery. I can't wait to see both of them, especially the one where you are free to get creative and use the skills you have learned from my video to make your own unique silver bracelet!

So please join my class to find out how to make it!





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Georgiana Mois

Jewelry Designer/Artist

Besides making jewelry I also paint and write stories.

I started making jewelry during my time at University in the UK because it was so much more fun than to study for exams hehe :). And I have loved it ever since so I did a City And Guilds Silversmithing Qualification to hone my jewelry making skills. I started this channel to share my work and hope that many people find value in it.


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