Jewelry Craft: Create Your Own Knot Necklace | Jenn T. | Skillshare

Jewelry Craft: Create Your Own Knot Necklace

Jenn T., Artist

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. The Knot

    • 4. Finishing Touches

    • 5. Alternatives

    • 6. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Join crafter Jenn Taft as she creates a new piece of statement jewelry out of some rope, an old chain and some odds and ends. In this 15 minute class you will see how to quickly bring alive old jewelry, and mix them with items you might find lying around. Learn how to create a great looking knot and attach it to a chain, creating a beautiful, unique statement necklace.

This class is perfect for crafters and designers who like a quick project that brings about a dynamic result. No previous skill is needed, just some imagination and determination!