Jewelry CAD Design: Fashion Word Pendant in Rhino 5

PJ Chen, An Authorized Rhino3D Trainer/ Jewelry Designer

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About This Class

This video is a special edition to my student Amy Lin demonstrating how to make a popular fashionable word pendant in 10 mins in Rhino 5. I hope you enjoy it.

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PJ Chen

An Authorized Rhino3D Trainer/ Jewelry Designer

PJ Chen is an adjunct faculty at College for Creative Studies, a freelance Jewelry Designer and an Authorized Rhino3D Trainer. She had taught both Jewelry and Industrial Design and work and teach in jewelry industry for over 13 years. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Metals and Jewelry, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design, and an associate degree in Industrial Engineering and Management degree. PJ is specialized in jewelry design, Rhino3D training for individual, group or c...

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