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Jewellery Illustrations - How to design quicker with CorelDRAW

teacher avatar Swasti Garg, Jewellery Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (2h 32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Chapter 1 Setting up a New Document

    • 3. Chapter 2 Object's Movement and Transformation

    • 4. Chapter 3 The Basic Tools Part 1

    • 5. Chapter 4 The Basic Tools Part 2

    • 6. Chapter 5 Metal Tone and Surfaces

    • 7. Chapter 6 Surface Finishes

    • 8. Chapter 7 Surface Techniques

    • 9. Chapter 8 Gemstones Shapes and Cut Part 1

    • 10. Chapter 9 Gemstones Shapes and Cut Part 2

    • 11. Chapter 10 Stone Settings in Jewelry

    • 12. Chapter 11 Chains in Jewelry

    • 13. Chapter 12 Designing a Classic Pearl Necklace Set

    • 14. Outro

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About This Class

Let’s design realistic jewellery illustrations !

Learn jewellery design with Swasti Garg, an award winning jewellery designer. With her experience working in a diamond industry and an export house, be assured to get the best of details captured at every step of her class.

In this class we're going to get our hands on CorelDraw and look at how we can draw realistic jewellery illustrations using basic tools and techniques. The goal of this class is to help you design and ideate your ideas in a better, quicker and neater way.

Designing is a 5 step process, however, those who are already a part of this field knows what it takes to reach the final product. Sometimes we spend a lot of time in ideating, and rejection being an important part of design, not every design makes it to the final product. A design could get rejected due to practical reasons, costing and market requirement and response. Whether a design gets approval or not, there is no denying that a designer works hard on each design. With corelDRAW, I want to make jewelry ideation not only precise and neat, but also quick and fun.

So what are you waiting for, take this class now!

Not a jewelry designer?

No problem, the first four chapters includes the basics that would help you in anything that you might want to design. Fashion illustrations, document, product or accessory.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Swasti Garg

Jewellery Designer


I’m a Jewelry designer based in India.

Currently working on Freelance Projects, teaching Jewelry Design on Skillshare, running my own Podcast Show and posting art videos on youtube. 

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1. Introduction: Hey, everyone, welcome to my first ever school share class. This is Swastika Girl, a jewelry designer from India. And in this class, I'm going to teach you how to illustrate jewelry on CorelDraw to tell you a little more about myself. I haven't only fashion jewelry business at gmail dot com. We deal in high quality fashion jewelry and also in 18 carat yellow gold jewelry that is exclusively designed by me in terms off experience. If we go by number off years, I might not be the most experienced jewelry designer in the world since I graduated in the year 2018 and started my business soon after. However, when it comes to jewelry designing, have been using CorelDraw, toe design, jewelry and documents for more than five years now and have also won some awards for my design projects in my college days. Then I just stopped by to spreading because I personally believe in learning more and spend majority off my time in learning new Softwares or website designing when it comes to jewelry. One thing that I love the most is rendering jewelry manually and venom. A. I do it. I often have people asking me, How do we render? Said Small going So precisely. And the simple answer to do this Yes, I practice jewelry rendering a lot. But the reason why it appears even more precise as compared to others is because I designed my to the sketches on coral growth first, and you have to give it a try because this software is really good for quick, totally sketching give you a little insight into the class. I have designed this class based on the 80 20 rule. That is, I will teach you 20% off the basic tools and commands to help you do 80% off what you wanna do. So even if this class mean talks about jewelry design, I would highly highly recommend it. Do you? Even if you are looking for a good software for product, open design 2. Chapter 1 Setting up a New Document: So first thing first, we need to launch our software that IHS coreldraw. So first we need to open a blank document for this. You can either press control. And so this is a new document. This is the men. Uba. You can see a lot of options here. This is the principal area. So another way is you can select new from the file menu and C, we again have a new document. Now, this already is a four, but you can select the size off your page. So now I have selected a tree. Now you can see here. Over here I have the measurements off the speech. So for a four, it's a student by 2 97 Now I'm looking with the units. Mm. Because jewelry is a very small scale product, and we do being with the MM skill. So now here we have the different orientations, portrait and landscape. So when I click on any off it, the orientation changes. But you can also head on through the stab over here, and you can just right click on it and then you can switch the page orientation. So here you can see we can. This is the paper with an height. So here we can just type in whatever measurements we want. So, for example, I want an a three square and instead off to 9 to 7. I'm going with 300. Mm. By 300. Mm. So here is where you can change the units. You can select inches. You can select centimetres kilometers. It really depends upon What is this scale for your field off design. For me, it's jewelry and jewelries, a small scale products. So I'm going with millimeters. Now, let's try saving a document so you can grow something, then Goto file, and then you can just click on, see what you can option. You do control us, and you can just see it. So I only had a file. That was the previous file skin share class first tutorial. So I'm just going to select it and replace it since the previous radio didn't work out well . So yeah, you can just save it and you can also create a copy by clicking on Sirius. So now it's a new page. Now you're thinking, Where is my older file? The one we just saved. So this over here is our the taps for the software. However, this right below the above tabs under taps to control the particular file. So now if I press on many mice, I can see that both my documents are here. So you only work on one document at the time, but you can adjust your, uh, space. So now I have three documents over here. And you you can just select whatever document you want to work upon, but yeah, when after time that just closed the other documents and work on the one we just saved. So this is the printable area where whatever you do is going to be printed. So now if I want to change the background off the space since it's right, I can just go toe layout than background. And yes, this is how I can change it solid, but map anything and you can just under Trudeau from the edit option. Or you can just press control C and control Szefc for I put under and regal, respectively. If I want a bit map in the background, I can just go to but map Then I can select any picture, whatever works for you whether I'm not selecting any picture right now, it's just some simple things. So now if you want gin size, you can goto layout and that paid set up and in layout you also have another options, a lot of options. And then again, you can also change the back room from here. If we go to level, Do you see this option called Facing pages? Which works very well if you're designing a catalogue or documents, since you can see both off the pages that are going to look after your E books published, a book is published, so now you can insert, um, another pages like If you want to insert a new page, you can just go here and taken plus right or left wherever you want to insert. But there's another way. You can just press page up page tongue to insert any bitch you want. You can. There is an option off inserting as much wages you want. You can just inside, and you can also change the orientation. However minus the it's a square paid so bored dimensions are safe, so the option isn't working. So now we have two pages at the time. That is the facing pages. Now you see what I was telling you earlier? This is essential for a document designed by the or if you're designing the jewelry, get along. If you go toe paid set up again and from Leo, Do these like facing pages Now you have normal pitches, See? So now if you want to, if you want to delete the page, you can right click and going Delete the little beach. Also, if you want, insert more pages. You can just right quick and there are options to insert beach. You can also rename it by right clicking and then clicking under name bridge And you can just name your beach whatever you want. This is very good for a document design. Since you can get hold off what a particular pages about and during design urine Just just go back and forth whenever you want. So now this is the toolbar. These are the guidelines. So these are the guidelines. They are very important in document design because they kind of guy do. And whatever guideline you make, it appears on every pitch. So if you write, if you left, click on the guides, and you just drag him than they appear. So this one is X excess. And this one else Why, Alexis guideline? Because you can see one most left right? One moves up and down. Left to right is Theo xx is and up abdominals divi access. So and these are non printable, by the way. But if you call for a copy paste on, they become printable. So over here we have the object position. So now I want a 20 frame. So I I don't 20 on this x sexist by after selecting the guide. So for student to select a guide or any object that you want to move for a matter of fact, and you just need toe, try the position off the exact object or a guide. So what happens is see, now I have placed both the X axis. Now I want to place the skied over here at the 20 distance from the right edge. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to select it. And then in the X axis object pushin. I'm just going to write to it. That is 300 minus 20 so I can write 300 minus 20 or I can just right do it if I know the exact position. So it works with plus in mind. Suppose your object is at 20 and you just want to move it. 50 further so you can just write when people's 50 so it goes to the 70. An imposition. So now if I want to lock guideline because I don't want it to move, I can just right click on the guideline and I can click on lock Object. So this works for every object. You just need to select the objects, right click on them and then Justin, it's locked. And to unlock them, you again have to right click and press unlock click on unlock culture. So now all the guides are locked, they won't move. So see, I just typed in the position, and now it's moving so on, displacing these guys for a quickly out for maybe a jewelry catalog. So I've just mentioned the positions that I won't Maybe I want 200 by 107 square. Yes, I just strike wondered away here. So now I ever under them. But now I think it's pretty small so I'm just going toe I more distance. So I'm just going to write Go with 1 50 So now I have the spectacular area where I'm going Toe place my jewelry design now here, right below it. I won't do text to take place. And I want this layout on every single breech for every design. And here I just get the dimension. I'm going to talk about these tools further, so don't What if you don't understand what's happening? I'm just trying the beauty layout in part how you can set up a document. Okay, so this is now I have a guide over here. So the system if I see the next bridge, the guides are here, so I know where I have to place something. Now we are talking about grids, so grids also like guidelines. But you know, there's a great forming, so it's it's very useful. When we draw, I submit designs are when we want to draw some symmetrical designs. Although you can just copy paste. But yeah, it does help for certain curves and everything. So in grade you can just go toe of your great options. And now you can set the spacing. So now it has 20 spacing. So now you can see it's not yet good 3. Chapter 2 Object's Movement and Transformation: Chapter two objects. Movement and transformation. So now let's draw a rectangle from the rectangle tool from the toolbar. So we have two left, click and drag. So now I wanted to be 80 by 80. So I'm going toe go in the object size option over there Tool over there and just mentioned decides. So now I have a team. Um, say so now when I move it, you see, it kind of moves it, do this direction. So what I'm going to do, I'm just not this Let everything. And here I off the option to nuts offset here. I'm just going to type in don t m m. So now when you click over it And then I pressed the Hokies. You see, it moves at 10 at the 20 escape. No, I said no one ever. Now I click it and they impressed the arrow buttons. And see, now it's just moving up and down left and right. One mm skill at the minimum distance. So, no, What I'm going to show is that you can just You can just goto file import to import any picture, and you can just click or you can just click and drag whatever works for you, and then you can changed its size, reduce its size or increase its size by stretching it from the outer corners. So when you stretch it from the outer corners, it has a fixed proportion. But by when you stretch it from the these edges, then it kind off deforms. The shape has changed, its sometimes compresses. Sometimes it's like to stretchy you get the picture, right. So now what I'm going to do when I dived in 40. Mm, You see the proportion exchange. So now I'm going to the stool. This little guy over here that says non proportion, No sizing, Skilling. So now if I look it and now I type 40. You see, the proportion hasn't changed. So this is very important for any sketches because we do require to skill certain items or pictures and everything we don't want to lose. The proportions are always make sure that you have the non proportional settings. It just it according to your needs. So now we have it set with him. Now, if I want to insert this picture for this picture into this rectangle, this square over here. Sorry. Square over here. So what we're going to do is we're going to select it. We are going to left click and select it. And then we're going toe effects menu in the menu bar. And under the if its menu, we're going to select park and within file clip. We're going to slip place inside container. Now this when we click on any closed shape, that is a container. So the image start off the object sort off, goes inside it. So now when you when you right click on this container and you select edit contents. You could just school in sight and just resize reshape. You can change the color. Whatever the object you have placed in sight, just transform it and then you can select Finish everything. Symbol. Now if I want to remove this outlining, I'm just going to select it. My left leg, and then I'm going toe this pallet over here and on the Nofal, I'm going to right click. So right click is for outline and left click ISF are filling in the color. Make sure that your object is closed If you want to have the colorful inside it. However, for outlines, it could be an open golf, but for filling, it should be a close girl. So, Leslie, select color right click, Select a color for the coupling. So now what if I want to change the with they with off the all the style off the outline. So what I'm going to do is I'm going toe this in this dole. But I'm going to select this outline to and you see, a dialogue box appears. And here we have a lot of options to change the color, divert style, everything. So we're just going to select whatever we want. So for C, I have learned a rounded corners. So see, now I have the wrong or if so, if it's like that, you also see a little too well here, so you can just change the a bit off the out length from here as well. It's now Yes, switched off quick. And now we have this over here, I suppose. I just want to rotate it. So I'm just going to double click. And you see, there are arrows around curved arrows. These are the ones double sided arose that you can click to just rotate. And now you have this little arrow in the middle's these kind off. Transform it like district. Pringle is converted. Now, if I want to rotate it, I all also have an option over here. So when I type nine dates averted 90 degrees. When I read some to do, it's rotated to 72 degrees. So now you see here is a circle. This is the center off rotation center off the object. So now if I drag it over here and now, I rotated to 95 years and to critically you see how would sort of thing. So wherever I placed the center, it becomes the center of the object, and then the rotation occurs in respect to this center. So now here are the middle tools. If you want reflection, vertical or horizontal, you can just select the stool over here. So you just need to select the object with left leg, and then you can just click on these reflections. So you see, this is how you can do it. Okay, So if we want to zoom in and out, you see, you can either use grown up and down, and if you scroll up, it zooms in. If you scroll down, it zooms out. Additionally, you can use the zoom tool from the menu, and it also appears if you pressed C on your keyboard. So if you still Exume toe and you left, click on it, then it zooms in. But if you right click, it zooms out. Also, there's a handle. So when you used the handle, you sort off, you can move t canvas on the frame around. We can zoom in and then you can move around to see everything. So now if you you can change the colors of the objects were left. Click rightly have told you. But what if you don't see a pellet in your cold room? What you can do is you can head onto the window menu in the menu bar and unload even window menu. You can select color palettes and under the color color palettes, you can see that there are a lot off pellets ordeal, so don't know we go with this default. We have this default seem when you prayed over here, but suppose you want uniform color so we can just click on it and see now we have to palette. You see, there are so many options color options in the spell it you just move it and then you can. If you want toe, remove it. You can just close it if I want Oh, rotated and copy the object at the same time. I can just move the center of the object and then I can go toe effects, arrange transformations and wrote it. I can also press alternate plus F eight to get this object properties now weakens. Let the angle and then we impress applies to it rotates. But if you want to duplicate begins, select apply to duplicate. You will see how we use it in the later process. 4. Chapter 3 The Basic Tools Part 1: Chapter three The basic tools in the sceptre. We are going to look at the different tools that are present in our toolbar. I'm going to talk about the tools that I mostly used. I'm not going to talk about any tune that is that I find is relevant or I just don't lose that often. So, yeah, let's focus on the 20% tools. So first, is this electoral This sort of works to select any object that you have created and toe resize. So select tool is basically what we cannot work without. You can change the size positions Now. This second tool we have is the shape. So now if you select any object and then you head on toe this shape tool. So what you need to do is you just need to select the object again with shape toe and then you will get these notes. Okay, These black squares on all the other two these are corn notes, and basically you can also create notes with the shaped. So there are a lot off tools that are used for shaping in coral drawer like the shape toe, the busier toe depend toe. These are kind off. These are not hard, basically. OK, but they do require a force in time to master them. Okay, this would take you some time. And if you already used photo shop illustrator, you are just going to do fine with the dude. You're just going to get the basics offered. But if you are a newbie, if you don't know how to use it, it is going to say to see what I'm doing. We're going to take some time to figure it out. But the end This is something that is really required If you want to design honored uncool ago. So basically did. If you this is what happens with the rectangle if you go and it's like the notes. However, if you select, you can also press control. You control A After selecting the object, you can just press control Q control. So you get all the notes. So now you see, if I select one note and I move it around the shape of the object testing, that is why it's called shape, shape, toe. So you can just play with all the nodes. See, You see, you can also select two by dragging you can select over by clicking. You can press select two or more items by pressing shift and thence left clicking on the objects. But you can also select by dragging like this so left, click and drag and you just sort of select everything that comes in that frame. Okay, so if you select two or more notes and you just breast and move them, then you can easily play with them. Also, if you press controlled by moving and note it, sort something in the same direction. Okay, the direction isn't change. And now if you select a tool and press delete, so that is deleted. So now when I diligent it, you saw that I got a straight line. What if you want a cup? So what are you going to do? Is you need to select only notes that you want and then off here in the property bar, you just see that there are two options. Your selected Gove line. See what happens. Convert to curse. And now if you delete a point So now we have a girl. Okay, so now if you select again and the new click on convert golf to light you have a street light, it is also used. Just try it and you'll get it. So now let's draw a rectangle. By the way, I got this square over here. So when you just select an drag, you get rectangle. But if you press control while dragging, you get fixed. Proportion that there's a square or a circle else you get a rectangle or ellipse. So now see, this is how it works in a square, deserting nodes controlled you control a and then I press convert. What was a square turning in? Tow circle has now totally transformed into a square heaven. Did you see that? Basically what I did, I select all the notes and then I clicked on convert two lines and now I have a very nice off. So next up we have the knife tool. So this hour knife tool works. You basically just click on. You just need one point and then you need another point and boom, you're object. It's got into two pieces. The Saudi knife to looks see if you press control and then I have straight line. So I have rectangles. Now again, we have an eraser to so far, it is their tool toe work. You need to select an object for any tool to work any shaping tool to work. You need to select the object first. So now I have two rectangles over here, red and green. So now if I want to raise green, I need to slip the green upped the green rectangle. But now, if I won't release it, read a single. I need to select the right angle and just it. Raise it. Just dragging Erie's thes All the tools that I have never used, they're never quite again. We have resumed. Will we have discussed it? Now we have this pencil do. It's very easy. Just drop whatever you want. Now we have a tricky tool. It's the hazier toe. It's something you need time to master, but once you don't know how to work with it, it's the best. So now we have your imported one off my designs. This is a butterfly inspired ruby earrings in 18 carat gold. So now what I'm going to do is decrease the transparency. We're going to go get to the transference it later, but just I'm just just could decrease the transparency off the stool and I've locked it so it doesn't move. I'm designing. So now I just need to click like Leslie and then another click and I don't have to leave it , OK, just right. Click one then right click toe another point and don't leave it. Just track. If you live it over there, you're going to get a line. But if you don't leave it you you hold the left, click and then you drag. So you will see. This is something that you will only get when you practice You see a dotted line. These are the notes that control tickle toe. Now you see, I have this now oppress another. I click again and now I have another line. But you see, I cannot control the notes. This is when this advantage off scored one for the shop in letters worsens dough. I've seen people controlling the notes, but an older version that is my quarrel 1,000,000,000. I do not have the option to control the notes taken to control the curse. So I have to first draw the rough rough object. And then I have to control the curve with this shape too. And design it accordingly. Now I'm going to just like the shape tool and I'm I'm going to add some additional Lord. So if you're double click, you get an additional note you just selected and then you just need to drag it. So now you see, if I select this and if I goto this particular note and I So I have one control one curve control, but another one, it's misplaced, not defiant. Add another note and then I control it. Both my cars control. We just need to see where you need to add the had more notes to shape it. Just try it and you will get it. You just need 15 20 minutes off practicing and you're good to go. Okay, So see, now I have a smoother cough. I just I just placed So just place notes wherever you feel the need. And then once you have the desired girl, just delete those extra notes for more smoothness. Additionally, you can just presque control que eso You will see, uh, small tool in the property bottle. It says zero. You can just type in whatever number off notes you want and you will get so No, this is something that I cannot explain by words. There's something you can just see how I'm doing it harm shaping it. So I'm basically just adding notes, just controlling ghosts. Sometimes we'll see that occurred. Ghost is misplaced, but I just add new notes and I kind off. It's a shape it it requires some time, but we get the shape idea, and so it doesn't matter. It's worth it. So, yeah, you can see I'm going to the tiniest off parts to shape it accordingly. See, you see what I have here. What I wanted so you see, is the outcome off that we got after using the basic to. So now, if I just click, click, click, I've got straight lines. So you saw both the things for curves. You just need to click and drag for certain lines. You just need to click, click, click, click, click wherever you want. There's no way to control these notes without the ship. In my version, if you do have the way you're lucky. So now this is artistic media toe. It's something that I don't really use, but I'm just showing you so there are different sort off. Kind of like small. I just feel these are likely parts. Okay. So just you can use selective It decides off these, and then you're good to go. So now we have dependent. Now, this works like the photo shop in Illustrator Pendulum. But yeah, again, in my vision, no way to control the note. I'm going to show you something else. Okay, so I have got this problem like I cannot. And it is not against the I'm pressing can't rule all shift, whatever I want. What? I have seen people using it. But nothing is happening. My version just hold. But yeah, you can just go over here and then present. You can control the notes if you have a lotus worsen. So now what I'm going to show you is that there's another way to work around ghosts. So you just go over here, okay? And then just click here. So now you see again that this is the same problem that we face. Okay, Now what I'm going to do, I'm just going toe, make some straight lines. Okay? I'm just not going toe. Focus on cursed. I'm just going toe, make some certainly and this is what you can do. And now I'll just go and I notes get C so it's sort of easier. You just don't have to do the work again and again. So just drop kind all the straight lines everywhere, and then just add notes. It's kind off something away which will help you make help. You trees, objects. We grow your sketches in a much cookery. So see, I'm just going to add new notes just going to work with this notes. Okay, by the way again, if you want to delete it, just select and press delete. If you want to add new, just double click. So now you see, I don't want a straight line. What do I do? I just slept, convert to curves and now I have a cough. Okay, so yes. See, this is this is actually this way is quicker than what we use in the busier tool, as you can see. Okay, so now okay, this is selecting This kind of happens sometimes, especially when you're designing something which is very small scale. I'll show you how you can send any object to back off and how you can control their order to avoid this. But see, you're very close to getting this butterfly shaped, so I butterflies. Then we depend. Do Now, you see, there's a little bit off practice required, but once you do know how to use it, it's the best. So now we have the poly line door. So if you just click, click, click, you have straight line. But if you just it's basically kind off a mix between the beige, her toe and the pencil toe See over here. So I'm just going toe make a rough sketch with this for the line. I can also do this with a pencil toe, but yeah, so you see, I have the basic model ready. And now I can just control the course to get this. Soc even also made different course using this, uh, three point golf. So what you need to do is you just need to place two points by select by last week and left Click and then you drab upwards so you could be go Now, this is the dimension tool. Okay, I know what you can do is we have different different options for horizontal, vertical or auto dimensions entered the dimension. So I'm just clicking on Auto Dimension. And so I need to left click, and then I need to left click again, and I kind of get dimension That is the distance between the two points that I just created . So you see, I have got to dimension and these dimensions occur in the units that were working with, So I have got this in. 5. Chapter 4 The Basic Tools Part 2: chapter for the basic tools. So now we're going toe know how to work with rectangle. So for that first electric tingle do so. Now if you double click on in rectangle, you see that we have got this sort of frame outside our page. This is very good. If you want to change the background off a particular page if you selected rectangle tool and then you just left, click and drag, you get there a tangle. So now you see, there are certain notes on Now, if you kind of click them, you get tickers. So you see now for Philip Stool again, I just need to left, click and drag to get dealers. And if you press control, you get this a sort off circle and square. But if you don't press control, you don't have fixed proportions, and then you get rectangles and ellipses. So now if you I select both the objects by just on bragging to select both of them or just clicking, impressing shift and then clicking on both the object. So if I select both the objects over here, I have a lot off tools for combining for welding, for subtracting so just select both of them. And then if you click on combine than they both are combined, you can just press control G to group objects and you can then press two un group them. You can just right click and then select and group or control you. So now if I select both off them and then goto combine so both of them are combined. But now I can just click on right click, break cover But and then both off them all three again Individual object now thick, slick Dominican convent. You see, both of them have joined together. Now they have one single girl. But now if I against let them and I click on grim So you see what happened over here? The below object got so if I know, I now select on intercept. So I have got this area that was shared by both the objects that is the intersection area. Now if I select both the objects and I press on simplify so again we have got something similar to him. These kind of varies the action off trim the action off. Simplify varies according to the objects your selected suppose have a tangle and line. And then I press trim. So the line kind of divides the rectangle into two parts. So now we have to subtraction your friend minus back, back minus from this is kind off. This depends upon the, uh, order of the objects. Now, this is disparity toe left click drag you get despite will. Now, over here, you can just select how many spirals you want. And now we have the polygons dude, and this stool is very good for Julie. So now over here, you can see the data options for Star or just Mulligan. So yeah, you can click on Parlamento better polling and you can click on start to get a start and then you can kind off. You can change the sides number of sites you want. So if you pressed, then you get the Decca going. If you press eight, you get an octagon. If now you have the table, do so you can just insert the numbers over here. And you can just specify the number off rows and columns you want. And then you can just left, click and drag and you get the table. So once you get to table you couldn't right? Click on the table and then you can just click on one brick wall so you kind of get all the cells on group. So now I'm going toe one group, all of them. So right, click on group all. And now I've got different sets from the stable individual. Okay? See, now their individual. Now let me show you support. This is an object I want to place. Maybe it could be text would be an image or a design I won't do. Just place it now Ice like both the objects in the night. Press C or e To align these objects, select all the objects that you want to align so you can just select them by dragging or again shift for slept. And then you can just Presti for top line armful bridling l for left the main be for bottom line. Be on So bottom right online the l for top left line. So this is how it works, ok? Additionally, if you can. If you just click on any object in the new press, be your object tends to go to the center of the page. So we have three rectangles over here and we won't do kind off aligned them together. I selected all of them and I pressed Be. So now they bottom sidelined are right. The line left lane the top. Elaine. So you see what I'm going to tell you. Then again, e c. Snow if I want to align them. So if you want to align a lot off objects so portable objects just let all the objects and then select the one that you want all there just to be aligned with the last and then press whatever you want. So I press b and now all of them are bottom line. So now again, I'm selecting them. So now I pressed be bottom line. And now, and to select them, see the top of the last stop. Okay, so now, But this is the text tool. You can just select and drag and right. And so over here you can select deformed, and then you can select the phone tights four sides. And here is additional added text tool. I don't use it, but you can if you want Oh, right individually. And then also insert special characters from the text menu inside character. And then if you want toe kind off fit did text toe cough close? You can just select the text tool and then you can go to the close call. Now if I write something Okay. So I did it Scripture. Now, if I press b Okay, so now if I press be it goes to the center of the page. But it's still not in the center because I have extra space on the frame. So now if I right click and then I converted toe artistic artistic text. I don't have that frame. Okay, now I can just press p and now it's in the sender. And also I can just change the text. Now we have the condor toe, so let me explain you how it works. So now I have a rectangle. But now I have I want smaller rectangle in or out off this particular angle and at a specified distance of what I'm going to do is an click left clicking on the stool. And then I just specify the number off steps I've on select. And then I just typed in the first. I just want one step and I want to specify the distance at a three m. Um, I just wanted at the three mm Skilling oppress inside condo. And now I've got another tangle secretary Mm Distance from the I believe it's the single. So I especially I just typed Any moment now I have a minimum inside now. Always have, like, just keep the condor to the center of the object. So I have so many steps and the ladies dissenter, you know it at five AM and then I click. See, the number of steps have increased. Now, I just taped an Emam and so I have this know what if I moved? I want to move these rectangles. I don't want to move them together. I want them separated. So I just going I'm going just going to select it and then see, now it's moving together. I'm just going to right click on it on the inside. You know the inside I need toe If it's an outside condo unit to save the outside carpets and if it's an inside condo, you need to slip the inside condo and union to select break Contour group apart. So now when you click on it, so you kind of get this. You get pulled the rectangle street get now here above There are other tools to kind of change their color The outline in the color See? But if you break them then you can individually change circular. I don't have to use this to I'm just going to select the inside rectangle and then this outsider tingle and click on this subjection option do. And now I have got a strict angle kind of full frame without dinner. No, Never used this to extrude will never use it But you can for truly kind off effect, So just select and then drag So you kind of get this prospective You are the tree leave. You often object so you can also set up the type off extrude you on Now we have the we have the drop several This is actually good to get to add be shadows to whatever you have created Even if it's a to be trying that you have created Did this drop shadow We just kind of gives it a feel off me treaty So it's really nice I I destroyed jewelry and then I used adoption rules and then it suddenly appears more truly so now it also works on text. Okay, it's now after hello. And now I'm just going to use the drop shadow. Do we see? So it kind off works this licked and then grab and you can just just the you can just just the darkness off this. So now this is the transparency tools. So what do you need to do is just select the object and then slightly transparency, tool and just kind of drag. So about over here, you can see there's a linear this a uniformed, a lot off options side here. You can just select them now. I want uniform. And now here I changed the level of transparency or opacity, whatever you can. So now again, eso Now we have the filter. This is interesting. Sometimes we do work with an image and we want a specific color from that image itself. We have the Pickler tool and we have the fill color toe. So now the typical ertl I'm just going to select the color and the difficult color toe. I'm just going toe still the same color in another object. So you see, these are kind of the same colors. So now have the Oakland toe already showed you previously how this continues. But again, this is how you can just change the ripped off the outline in the style of the outline from away here. So they're just so many options right here. Now we have the filter works. If you want toe, have a custom color you can just selected and then grab. And then we have the Grady in tool color so you can just go over here and then you have a lot off options over here so you can slip radio. We near whatever you want. It kind of works with. Two colors are in the custom. Would you can just have as many color you want and custom you can actually fill in your own colors that you want. I'm going to show you how I use this tool to create model if it's in another video. So in the upcoming year, it just going to slick. See now absolute gold braided, You see? Looks like yellow would. Okay, so this is what I was telling you. So now we have dependents will do it, something I don't really use, but Yeah. If you want to use it, you can. And I am sure in the latest, Gordo, you might have better options in the button. Now, this is the textual dual, and this this is actually useful when we are giving surface textures, the metal surface textures. I'm going to show you the same in an upcoming video coming chapter. So yeah, there are a lot of options. You can just select whatever you want, and that's it. Suppose I have a lot off objects, okay? And I want to distribute them equally. Haven't to distribute the space between them equally. What I'm going to do is I'm going to select them all. And if I want a horizon, the equal spacing between the objects I'm going toe select all of them, and then I'm going to press shift A. But if I want a vertical spacing, I'm going to press shift. Be additionally if you Sometimes it happens that the space is not equally distributed with the shot. Good. So you can just head onto the arrange menu from the menu bar in the menu, and then you can go toe a line and distribute and under the align and distribute. You have an option, a line and distribute again, and then you can just go over here and in distribute. You can just go toe spacing, so see horizontal spacing. But it was spacing and apply whatever works for you, you see, so symbol. Now what if I want to change the order off them? What I'm going to do is I'm going toe head on to arrange order to back the friend. Whatever you want, Soto back means it's going at the very end. Different means it's going to be a development, but backward one and forward. One means it's going to be behind or in front walls, just the one object that's in behind often. So, yeah, it's now ever dangle. We're here for a gypsy. Sometimes we do on broken World it and do a bit map, so it's easier to work, and it's you can also exported to get any Egypt toe, get an image. So what you can do is you can have on two bit maps menu in the menu bar. You can just you can just let convert a bit more. So now you have the options to have resolution set according to your need because according to color, but it according to your needs, So you can just do that. So now of young Rhianna Specimen Johnson background. So you see, you have this sort of white space all around, but now it's like convert them to bit map and I select transplant background. Now, when I converted, I do not have that space. You see, it's our transparent. So this is how it 6. Chapter 5 Metal Tone and Surfaces: Chapter five Metal tone and surfaces. So when it comes to jewelry, there are three major matter tones and six major surfaces. So I'm just drawing three squares right here and then we're going to name it. So the 1st 1 re presents the yellow doing medals. These could be gold or brass, and the 2nd 1 is right on medals or Silvertone. Metal thieves could repress and silver are platinum, and the 3rd 1 would be roast own metals. These are copper and rose school. So what do you need to do is you need to select the object, this any object that you want to fill in the gold colors, and you can just breast s 11 on your keyboard. So what it's gonna do is the dialogue box for the founding Will will appear from 10 feel will appear. So what you can do is you can just select whatever gold don't you want. So as we can see here, we have an, uh, approximately nine gold types, and then you also have one additional that is for gold plated. So I'm just going to quickly show you the different types off gold ones that we have in the software. So we're just going to go with the gold plated, see no different different types off. So it appears like gold. But this is just kind of too much for me. So I'll just go ahead with gold plated no for silver. So v again have graze right here. So just quickly and now I think maybe it's too dark on the bottom right corner, so I just go ahead and just select like degree. So now we have the Silverdome matters now for Rose Gold. See, we have been we have read, but nothing is as close as the tone, the reborn. So we're just going to go ahead with a little but off, you know, in blue, pink. And now we're just going to change the tone. So basically, we want a little off green green color, a little brownish or little greenish shade like this is to forage for a rose garden. We just want a little bit off, you know, brown and cream color. So what we're going to do is we're going to others and then selected desired ship dessert color. So now for Lena, I still feel it's too dark, so We're just going to again. You have little lighter shades. See? Now you see, it's kind off. What do you are looking for? So now we have divorced. Oh, So these three rd metal surfaces the metal tones thesis party? These are the metal ions used Injury? No. When it comes to surfaces, we have six major metal surfaces that are used when this flat surface seconds flat. Ghostface. Then we have the knife at surface domes, office, concave surface and conical surfaced. Now I'll just ask you to just pass the video for a few seconds and just look around yourself. This look at different objects and you'll see that every object is a result off all these surfaces combined together. When it comes to rendering, we always have this one writes light source so readily filling regulars based on the light source. It kind of gifts that object a truly feel. So like right now I'm considering that my light source is a D top left corner. So far, the flat surface you you can already see we already have deflects it for 30. But still, we are going to push the light part a little bit. I only talk to a state. Oh, so now we have a flat surface, so it appears flat. This is how light would fall in the surface. Would appear so for the flat girl were against electing the gold room. But you're going to have to, you know, You see, it's kind off a flat surface, but it's also called from the middle. Now, if I have to draw the side view, see this line represents. Decide you so you can see that it's flat, but it still hurts, so it's a flat go surfaced oven light would fall. There would be reflections on the part that this curved. Now the 3rd 1 is a knife at surface. So this is how the life its surface, it's not necessarily 90 degree, basically reprints represents any surface that has been folded, kind of folded, or that has a very sharp edge. Not basically very sharp, but yeah, and it's so you get the picture, right? So one thing I want to tell you is that if you want to repeat connection, suppose the flat Gove has t seem Google it. And now I just have been something. And now this other square that is the knife. It surfaces Square has the same goal again. So what did I do? I just selected the object and the nightdress control on. So when new press control are it kind off repeats the seams. Same step. Okay, So what happens is if you move an object and the new Chris Control are. Then again, the object will. If you change any action that you do, you can You can change the color. You can move an object. You can jeans the proportion proportion off any object you can scale it. So when you press control, are that that seem action is going to be repeated. So, no, As you can see, I cannot explain it with words, but you can sort of see what I'm doing. I'm just having a little white color on the surface where I suppose that this surface is bent or has a sharp pitch. Okay, so I'm gonna just go with 90 degree angle and see. So now you see, this is the This is the same square by the these three are seems squares. But when you look at them the way they have colored food ingredients, it kind of abused to you that an object is flat or if it's girl, or if if it's having a sharp edge. So the fault when is a dome surface? So for dome What? We're going to have it. We're going to have one light point at the topless corner and then all around it would be dark to light, some outside to inside. So, see, we're going to take this point and shifted up snow, you see? But I want a little darker version toe showcase some that. Now you see it kind of flippers like a door surface opposite off doom is concave, several surface. So what we're going to do is in the inside, we're just going to do the opposite off. What we didn't don't. So just wait for a few seconds and then see you will realize, See, doesn't it appear like, Oh, you know, a bowl like surface? So what you're going to do is because it's a concave surface, you can start off C inside it so metal has a certainty Penis. So the outer circle represents a flat surface like a dome has been cut off a metal, and then this shows the outpost of the shows. Um, metal with and the inner circle shows how it's been. Don't from inside. So it's gonna give surface now, six when we have a conical surface. So for cortical surface, I tied the night with service because it's not working, as you can see, because we need to go from center toe outside. Even the linear is not working. So what are we going to do? We're just going to create more try angers. Okay. And by the way, if you left click if you click on an object you dragged or you shape it and then you and the new Chris right click that object is copied. Okay, so a copy appears so you can go controls you control me for copier basting. You can go to the edit menu for copy piece, but you can also press space while all right, click to copy an object also. No, we have a lot off triangle. So we're going toe. Just pick up the shades that we want and then color different wrangles. Okay. But at the end, you will. When you see it. When you zoom out a little bit, you will think you're looking at the conical object. So now what we're going to do, we're going toe. Just make a little defense on the left hand side. For that, I'm dividing one off the triangle into two parts. So now I'm just going to give a little bit off added reflection. So vile rendering surface. If you add a little bit off white or black, it kind of gifts really like metal like feel toe object, because when you look at any metal surface, you'll see a lot of white and black on it, no matter what the tone. That does happen with metals a lot that from some places they appear dark from some peace places. They appear right, so some people think it's very hard to render a metal surface. But actually it's really easy because metal comes with a lot off solid shades insider. So there are solid colors when you look at a metal surface, but we also have an option. If I have to show a conical surface from and we do have the option in the phone can feel like now this appears like a conical object. If we try the same thing with a circle see now it appears like going from top. So these are the six surfaces used in jewellery. So now let's select a Silvertone in the strike, giving the same effect. OK, now we have the flat go for silver. 7. Chapter 6 Surface Finishes: Chapter six surface finishes. So when it comes to jewelry, we have four major surfaces sandblasted, second brushed and hammer. This kind of looks a little bit difficult, but trust me, it's the easiest thing. So what do you need to do? Is you first need to select your surface. So we're going to work with flat golf surface here. So now I have to rectangle issues, even has this flat golf silvertone it. And the 2nd 1 is empty, but both of them are off same size. So you know, you need to do that. You need to have do so faces and to objects. Okay, So if you see, there is no phone Greenfield because we haven't used the phone tension, we have used the texture ful option. Okay, So when I select when I slept with the sandblaster, it shows me that I have selected something from simple eight or nine. So I select this object right here, and then I go to Texas feel and I goto simple a simple slip list, so you can see there are a lot of samples. Okay, so if you go to example eight, you click on neon then and Now you have this option that you can change, Dick Alors, first fiber, second fiber. So when you go to the object and then you click on symbol Simple eight Union. See these adoption that I was talking about So you can select the background, the people, the fibers. Okay, so now we have selected it in Silvertone. So now you see, this doesn't look as closest the above sandblasted opted. So what we're going to do is we're going to place it and then we're going to use to transparency, and we're going to have a uniformed transparency. So when I decrease the opacity, you can kind of see that this surface, this gulf surface, now has a texture on it. And this is this looks similar to the sand blasted picture. So our first picture is done? No, before, if we want a set in surface, Okay, What we're going to do is we're going to click on setting and then see what we have used. So we have used interference from some assemble light nine from simple nine. We're going to select the interference, and then again, we're going to change the colors so you can see which one you want in bottom or in the surfacing kind of have to cry So now when I overlap both of them. So when I overlap boat off them I kind of get this second field. But you see, above there it's stalker. But when we see at the bottom, it kind off obvious lighter. This needs to be changed. So we're going to interchange stickers. We're going to have white at the bottom and for the surface for going to use black. So now we have more doctor than like her. So this is what I was talking about. You need to see the color works for your surface, which gives the most the which appears three closest to the actual finish. So the certain Liston now we're going to go with the brushed the surface. So for breast surface, we're going to see Okay, so we have the bacteria from samples five So again, going to the ex youthful and we're going to select bacteria for simple fact. So now we're going to change the hello the feed. Okay. And now we can select and see. So now we have a brushed effect on the surface. You can look at other samples in the library to see if there is something more. Closure at appears more realistic to the eye. So hammered effect. We're going to select air bubbles from sample nine and you're going to select the shades and the number of pupils. So right now it obvious lift a little bit darker and with more bubbles. Cameron, If it's because I have said 400 you can select 302 100 if you want less effect in also so, uh, select a lighter gray color. Do have a lighter hammers what we're going to do. We're going toe change it a little bit. Okay, so let's Okay, so I'm confused here. The indifferent school. I can't see. There's so many temples. So that's See locates and simple lines were going to change it. Simple night interference. Then we have this. So you see Now we have ah set in effect over here. We're going to change the colors a little bit more if you want. So the ever sent until now. 8. Chapter 7 Surface Techniques: Chapter seven surface techniques. So there are difference of his techniques that are used in jewellery. The 1st 1 is engraving, so to show and engrave effect. What we're going to do is we're going to first selectee outdoor surface. We're just going to render it So, for example, now I have fled Sophia's rendered in the local goon. So inside What I'm going to do is I'm going to do the opposite off this from darker to light. So now it appears that never stop learning is engraved in the surface. No second is imposing, so we need to show that the matter is imposed for that. What we're going to do is we're going to Sylar using the F 11 keys, and now you're just going to give it a dorm. Okay, so now it is going toe, give a little more depth, do well, it and most heart. So now it looks like this has been imposed. So could the 3rd 1 is good work. And for good work, what we're going to do is we just need to select the surface, okay? Lets everything is cut from the surface, so we just need to select and render it. So now I'm for flat government in this, But now I want O make the heart appear like it has been folded from the centers and I'm using the knife rendering Britney and that other one is a gambling. Were glass pieces melted. So to depict that, what we're going to do is we're first going to color this surrender the surface and the inside heart. We're just going do so Suppose this has a blue enamel inside it. So this is how this would appear. We just need toe colored with a solid color. Now, another technique is in liver pieces of stones off by our foot inside the metal cavities for groups so began, this appears like a family. But both the techniques are a little different, it appears, see similar when recovered, or render it. But in really even you see the product, it appears different. So you can just google enamel in Julia individually and you will see the difference. The other one is filigree. So in filigree we have a twisted metal wire. So suppose we have stone hardship cabbage, cabbage, stone stone that this paulist so far swivel Draw this stone. We're going to see in the in the coming chapter How we can I draw these gemstone? So just focus right now. Don't panic If you don't understand how achieved this gemstone, I just explain it in a in the upcoming radio. So we're just drawing a translucent and noticed stone so far. Dad. What? We're going to do this he's going to do under these hearts Copy Hard than condole. Okay, we're going to read this black thing and then the crease fits capacity using your transparency. So now it's a two uniformed. You're just screen do degrees opacity a little more. So now we get us some sort of depth to us to him. And now we're just screen too. Give this stone in the right space. You really dislike no claim. No, this is a hard chips stone traumatised. So for this wire again, we're just going toe Use the gold plated radios rendering it Does not working, actually, quite it the work. So we're just going to go with linear soc now Tesco color Now replace represent metal Cilic re. So if you're wondering how I achieved this filigree to survive, but you just need toe draw one curve and then repeated overall. So it kind of takes time to show this effect. So basically, I don't do it on girl grow much. I prefer to do it by hand. So I just draw the older on a plane and with hands. Once I get my drawing printed on paper, I just went with a pencil. So this is Filic re now a plex. We have regulation in grand elation. We they have small metal balls that are joined together. They're placed our surface. So we're just going to placed are sold. It was office just going toe slick different from pencil tool and we're going toe select gold plated. We go radio setting. And now we're just going to select all the balls. And Driscoll, goal for the action to repeat now another. If you don't know, Stone setting is also sophisticate me. So right here we have a balmy stone setting going on so far, probably still sitting. We have the wrong study. These forms would with anybody just as it under the surface radial surfaces back then. Or the dome surfaces? Yes, in a real sitting. So now what I'm going to do, I'm just soak it showcasing. I'm just showcasing Rubies and sapphires in this. This is not how you understand this. Just a depiction. Easy depiction. Gemstones. I'm going to talk about gemstones and gemstones sitting in the upcoming video. So I'm destroying what surface techniques are used in jewellery and how you can depict them quicker in cool. So we're just going to slept all the Bronx just going to rent the random, render them like a dome surface with radio, certainly for 9. Chapter 8 Gemstones Shapes and Cut Part 1: Chapter eight Gemstones, ships and goods Right here. I have three gemstone strong two off the mark ambitions when it's diamond. But when you look at them I mean, these are good for quick representation off gemstones in jeweler design. But they don't look real and I'll show you why. So first, let me start off with deficits. So what happens is what you see over here is something I've seen a lot of people growing, and it just doesn't look realistic. I just don't like how it looks because it just looks like a drawing. It just doesn't give the diamond field to me somehow. So I'm just going to show you how real fizz it's in a diamond. Outrun. So for that, you need to draw a circle and within circle you need to draw two squares so one square and then copied it and rotated to 45 please. Okay. And they should be aligned ation. A center should be a line now select both the squares and click on Intersect. So now you get the area between both the square. Now, just look at the drawing. I just wanted to closely observe how I'm doing the face. It's so you have to draw a line than you need to take the center and drag it towards the center of the circle. And in the object transformation, you have to set the rotation to 45 degrees. When you just select 45 degrees in the rotation in the transformation tool and you click apply to duplicate. You see that it's been duplicated. So we have eight lines now. Okay, now, similarly, we have to draw this V shape. This looks like the face. It's that a diamond should have that a brilliant cut should have. This is the exact 1,000,000,000 cut they talked, but I'm not sure you'd important. But in this video, because if I do this, this video is going to be a lot longer than required. I just want to do separate videos for each cut. I'm rendering this using the phone painful doing now honestly, doesn t Which one looks more realistic to your eye? The 1st 1 all the 2nd 1 which one looks like a brilliant cut. See what happens is I'm showing you how to render these gemstones are surfaces on CorelDraw . However, I just don't do it often because I personally prefer mental rendering when will rendering Using pencil colors are watercolors is my favorites of what I do is I use I sketch everything on Golda but then I take a print out and render them by hands. But if you're someone who wants to submit designs digitally, who does not want to spend so much time rendering manually, this is gonna work very well for you. So you see, now we have the black Coupland's and you just see the 1st 1 looks I just don't want ascending. No, let's see what's wrong with a gap, Sean. So for this round, kabash on first, I'm going to have a control. So just copy the circle and then apply inside Condor off to mm to the carpet sickle. Then break the control, coughed and just subtracted inner circle from the outer circle. And now you have this serene just fill it with black color, decreased that transparency. So we're going to select uniforms, transparency and all the way to 90 or 85. You can just reduce it. So now you see this kind of gifts a little left to a stone, but we're not done yet. what we're going to do us. We're going to show a point off. Highlight with the busier too. So sometimes if you are not able to draw something with busy a tool in one car, what you can do is you can draw multiple curse, and then you can select those girls and you can click on well, So when you went this, girls and you sort off place when not over another. These cuffs are very These are joined together and they form one closed. So as you can see, I have one note. I just overlapped it on another load, and now it's connected. I will do a busier to class individually, so don't worry. That would be just dedicated to busy. So no, Well, again, going to me some right sports. So this is, by the way, a translucent gabby. Sure, it's not opaque for a pick. I'll show you something else again. You're doing some curves, and we're going with the transparency, too. So, you see, you can already see the difference which one looks more realistic to you If we are talking about a stone. I'm Sean Stone. Which one looks more appealing to your eye, obviously the 2nd 1 And this is why this is going to take you sometime. But it's worth totally working. If we're going to submit your jewelry, descends to someone at least something they can visualize in a better way. So now just just the right spot. Now, you see, it looks so good now, supposedly, this is transferring. Now we won't. And big student so big we will have the highlight area on the top, not on the bottom. I thought we were going to do this. You're going to have a not the like life so knows going to decrease the transparency a little bit and just two colors. So now you see, it appears like a dome surface. But we're not done yet. Let's let's make a call or get a cool stone. A camp Gavroche on a Metis and a cool cabbage. From now it appears great, but we want more courses. So little but us black. No, sir. Which one looks more realistic to know we're going to delete all the bad drinks and now we're only going to get the good drink. So now when I stretch destroying, we're getting over. She similarly If we start to discover Sean, we get the old ships old and round go hand in hand. It's just best to prepare a long stone first and registered. Now let's try. Oh, markets she This is this shape appears like an eye. So to get this shape, you need to draw two circles. Then you need to intercept to get this I sheep. So again, you're going to set contour inside condo, and then we're going to break it. So what do you need to do? Is using the Basia or for the line tool orphan do you can just create a Quadra little like this and then control C control we and Horace horizontal mirror reflection. Now we are going to sleep both off them, align them through the center off this marquees, and then we're going to hit an intercept. So we have the insight. Now again, we're going to draw the face. It's so just see how I'm doing it, how I'm gonna ping the lines. It is something I cannot explain by words to something you can just see visually again. Just this is how the brilliant cuts work. OK, so it's made off ID like visit, strangle fizz it's and this it's going off like you just keep drawing and extending lines. So now once we're done with this, all our points and notes are it recognises we're going toe group it, copy paste, and then align it to the next. So now we have the market stone ready? No, we can quickly rendered. You can select a color. You can select any color that you won't rendered. We're just going blue kind of likes a fire, okay? And no inside. So what happens when you render a student is you go on the outside part you go from light to dark, but from the inside. But you go from doctor light. So this is kind of what gives an actual field to the gemstone. So right now I'm kind of showing the d table off. The gemstone is reflected. It has a lot off white light on it. So, like this falling, running. But if you want to have more realistic field, I'll suggest you follow me on skill shit and just read for me new classes which would be dedicated to every expect off gemstone growing. So now again, how we'd sketch the round kabash on you again have to copy paste this monkeys and you have to set contour So the desired thickness you want and then you just need to fill it with black and kind of decrease its capacity. Now we have kabash on Now we have these way Have the Marquis Skipper Sean. Great. So now we have the hardship you can write using the basic ships tool in the toolbar, and we're again going to draw, acquired a little, and we're going toe copy the card, a little mirror reflected. And then it's like both of them to get the intersected area. And again we are going to draw the face. It's as I'm going them now. Just need to connect, Do the points you can use any tool base your toe bento Bali line doing to create these lines, create deficits And again we're going toe copy paste all the lines that we have just created and maybe reflect them duty list. So now we have the heart Brilliant, Hard, good. Ready Now we're going toe fill it with the grading tool and I want to have a blue to pass hard stools So you see of course. Deep blue. The best stone right here. No, Similarly, we want a beautiful best kabash on but in the shape heart again Copy. Pasty hard shape contour applied transpiring See And then have the highlighted light. So spots, no reflections destroyed the light reflecting areas and you're good to go. So now we have a hardship and you can also play with the ah reflected areas according to the ship off this stone. So we have a very beautiful heart. Capitan, Right here. Now we have a big hardship in the stone coral. Next up, we have the pier ship. So to achieve the pier ship, you need to draw two hearts and then overlap them and select intercept. Don't don't selected to your drop ship. It's appear ship that we want. Okay, Now again, contour it. This inside condor pure would give us an idea of where we need to place our quarterly little for right visits okay and no copy. Paste mirror, Reflect intersect And now draw deficits again in the same way. Similarly, we have grown physics for Marqise heart round. It's very easy because you can just use d rotate to. But when it comes to other shapes. You kind of have to draw them mentally. Must they? Don't take that much time. Select copy base Miller reflect and then group everything. Now we're just going to apply Tick Radian shared. So we're just going to go with the diamond sheets. So it's like them funding field control are to repeat the action in the beer. And yeah, we have to stone ready now for the gabby Sean again. We'll just go with these. Reflect. So this is the cushion cut began. You need to draw 1/4 little. So don't get that shape I have already told you in previous with you, you just need toe, draw a rectangle, and you need to bring the outer corners inside. And when you get Dickov's just need to press control, control, Q control and then press. Then click on Conforto. Convert two lines. So you get this ship. So now we're just going to draw the faces like this. Copy. We're just going to copy and paste. Now, if you want to see how this question cuts Look, if it were to be a kabash on this is how this ship looks in three D right when it is a kabash on Soto. Achieve that. We're just going to take this outer outline and I'm just going to show you how it was supposed to be if we could have Capri. Sure. Not going to run the read. I don't see that later, but this is how it's going to appear now. We come to trillion. It's a triangle shape. For that, you need to go to the Polident Doolan, draw a triangle first. And now we are going to push these notes out the words and where which is going to be deleted. So we get this shape now we're going to take a triangle and place it inside, and then we're just going to copy, paste and mirror. Then we're going to select them and get the inside intersection area. Now we're going to select everything in Central and to the Trillion Ship. And like others who are just going to draw the face, it's now no copy paste mirror flick and then just place it to its desired condition. No, again, we're going to render it like a diamond. So this is a diamond in the brilliant good again for kabash on though you do not have those sharp. Just it's that this is a kabash on. We're going to copy Contour the lead silver, black, the crease transparency And yet we have a moon stone capital. 10. Chapter 9 Gemstones Shapes and Cut Part 2: Chapter nine Gemstones shapes and could spark toe So now we're going toe Broady Radiant Cut for that we need a square octagon and you know how to achieve it using direct angle tool and convert the rounded corners into convert lines And then we are going to control it and draw this girl that you see right here and then we're going to just copy paste and well reflected. Or we can just like the tradition to 90 degree and applied to duplicates toe created in Look, it's very easy to create this radiant look and yeah, so a radiant diamond stone is ready. Know Now what we're going to do is we're just going to create a campus Sean for it now. Actually, a kabash on stone would not have such sharp corners. So what you can do is you can select this stone and click on convert. Ah, you select control Q A. And then you can select the corners, place small notes and delete the attic honors to get so sort of rounded edges. So I will show you how to do that, that in the goingto that we're about to do so see this we have right here. What we're going to do is just going toe, take this girl and break it. I do the desired everyone just break apart. The lady notes that you don't want. And then you have this sort off golf. But it's too edgy. So we're going to play small notes on it and just delete deep other notes to sort of get a little longer. That's now you get. So now anybody who looks at it would get okay. The stone is not visited. It's actually cold and polished. So no, let's draw the princess Good. So for princess cut, you need to draw square and another square. Then you just sort of from the corners and convert those corners and do lines to get this square and then you believe the just. Okay, so now we have four lines. Now you're going to connect. You're going to use the basic tool upon you do sort of broad this go. So now we have this guy already, and now we're just going toe copy paste and mirror reflected. And then we're going to drive it center and apply it replicate with 90 degree angle. Now we're just going to apply Grady int Phil toe this stone. And this is how it would look if it were to re present. Princess Princess could damage. If you think this diamond radiation is a little $2 you can always change the sheets in the phone doing field. Do you know if it would be? You know, Gabby, Sean, we have two types of kabash on when it's like this one appears like this. It's published, but since still has got a little knife edge surface going on and then another is the storm like surface that you can see right here. You can just place effective corners, but it just doesn't look that realistic. Somehow it doesn't work with this ship. So no and number Devon show you what could work for a square shape the best. Because we have seen things that are not working so again for baggage shape. You just need to draw a rectangle, and then you have to control it toe to steps and then just roll lines to join the corners and your bag system. I'm groups silk radiant, too good in color. And yeah, your diamond is ready. This is the back of shape. So now to grow its kabash on. Let's school with on a Metis too. You can see I have wronged two D corners because the kabash on doesn't have such pointy corners. This is when we were doesn't look realistic. So let's change it. So what? We're going to do this again, taking this here, So But now we're going to give it a different sort off of surface. So now you see, I think this technique is going to make more sense to you. It is going to look much more realistic as compared to the previous square. Gabby Sean stepped with me. So to make the emerald cut, you again need to make make an octagon shape and you need to conduit to trees. Spooky. No. Just need to join all the corners. Copy based literal flip. And then place them. No, similarly, to draw the Octagon ship. No, this is another ship. What you need to do is you just need toe believed one off the doctor, then from the picture. And then you got this. Keep the Both of them are similares. But the step that has small steps than the doctor than good. It's a No. You just need to do fill color in them. See, It's not a book. Are diamonds Diamond cuts already and rendered. So now for its gabby Sean, I suppose you want to give it doing Coral Sea. So again, we're just going to do this again. We want a little rounded edges. Okay? Just going to slept all covered Tokars and delete. Now you see so full black reduced capacity again for this. We're also going to decrease the transparency. Now you see, don't lose much more realistic body Asher. Good. It's similar to the radiant cut, but now it doesn't have any strangler fizz. It's going on is it has three step visits. So know your green going to need three condo steps, But what we're going to do, we're going to make to Contra steps And then when then make another condo between the first two condos. Now we have actually three steps going on and you just need to join the corners And now are a sugar dis already. This is very simple. Good. It's it's square. It's a square Akdogan. Similarly, now to draw the kabash on it, similar to the tabs on that we that we have grown with these gambrel. So now we have the rose cut. So many people get confused between the low skirt and the checkerboard could. So Rose could have strangler physics and check a good God has the square visits. So now we're just going to have, uh yeah, we're just going to use the polygon tool and select insights. They're just going to delete all the extra notes, and then we just need to draw these lines, okay? And then and just see how I have grown the lines so kind of straight lines, we just need to make triangles. Okay, so it kind of forms a pizza like triangle face. It's I mean, I feel like I'm looking at a beat. Circled when I look at the center of Fruska when I'm just a foodie. I guess so. No, I'm just going to render it. Okay. I was trying something that is not required. So we have a new school training nose like linear. Okay, so this is a postcard. We don't have compassion for this. And then we have the checkerboard. It's the easiest could trust me. So you're just going toe, make a square inside a circle, and then we're going to draw a rectangle. Started when to select it. The rectangle in the circle intersect and then just noted it to 90 degrees and a checkerboard Curtis done. Next up, we have the broil it good. It's kindof not easy, So, yeah, just to appear stretches downwards and you just need to convert some girls into line. So let's do this. Okay? And now we have the out outline if you're just styled of drawing these gemstones, right? No, like, this is not me promoting any service because I don't have my files out for selling yet. And so this in any form or shape, it's not an advertisement, but yeah, you can contact me and ask me whenever defined this ready if you would like to used them. But again, if you practice thes goats if you practice during these cuts on your own, I don't think you need that fight at all. I mean, it's easy stuff, so we have just drawn, like, seven lines in this 700 on the lines in this outline, and then we're just going to draw kind off like em. Okay, so half ems I see. This is John. You'll just feel that you're looking at him. And so far we need to go face. It's like this. Just simple stuff. You just need to see where I'm placing the points to achieve this. Okay, so at the end of the day, we need to get guide like visits on the spot. Good again. When What if I want to share with you is because I'm making these stones in already big skin. Actually, the stones are not going to be that big. So when you're doing them, make sure that you have set the of it off the line to 0.1 That is what I use because if you're going to use the hairline with for any curve or any drawing when you print it, it's gonna be too dark. If you are planning to print it to render manually, just go with 0.1 ever thickness for your lines. Because hairline is too took just gonna look like you are. It's not gonna look like you have rendered something. It just gonna look like you have colored full something in that just looks like doing and not like something realistic. So now, uh, way had made when? Oh, big ballot. Good. But now we're also going to make a translucent brown. Kristen kind off is a crystal. It's mostly used in drops like in earings, Independence in necklace. I really see them used in, um, rings. And they basically go with gap setting. I think you do know where you have seen this gemstone. We mostly see them being used in necklaces or earrings, major. So we're better the highlight parts in this system. So again to make a kabash on for this. But we need to smoothing out the sharp prostrate just because this is Polish straight, it's not physical. So now we are going to make a coral a girl drop here. So just going to press, we're just going to sleep together from the quarrel about and then we're going to hit control are so right here. We have a coral. It is going to add some reflection points to this. We're going toe shape according to the store. Then you're going to play with the transparency a little bit to make it kind off like the part off this too. Again, we're going place another? No, we have a grouping. Good. Go. Ready. So you see, men reconvert this in do? When we changed a bit off the lines, it looks much more realistic. Now let me show you how to draw the side he was office to Because I know we just saw different views. Now I'm going to teach you how to draw D side before and Cabbage Johnstone so I don't need to do is to straw the kabash on top you first and then just decreased the wit off the kabash on and then all the height off the kabash on and then just ah, subject it with the help of a rectangle destroyed a tingle in separate it from beneath, like I have done it right here. And then you sort of get this side view off how a sheep commission would occur from side. So for Octagon, suppose you need to see how it looks. So when you do just decreased the height just going toe, You have half off pick ever shown with this. And now we're going to add more notes converted to curse and the lady sharp notes to get that sounded from So this is how the kabash on side you're strong. But if you want to draw these ideal for diamond or for office it stone because residents stones have a table or girdle and acute. So for that we need to draw a triangle and on top off the triangle, we need to place a rectangle. This would form the girdle and then we will have to table for the table. We're going to draw a trapeze. Um, you need toe adjusted trapeze ums hide. And yes, we are done. So all lit up, all the tree of just should have the same meant. So what we're going to do is, you know, going to draw deficits by using the busier toe. So just look at it, how I'm doing defecit. If you get confused, it's okay, we're going toe, see this in depth in another class. But right now I'm just showing you how to draw a visited stone side view, and this is gonna change for all the cuts. But if you do want to re present, decide to you for a quick drawing, you can use this particular cut, okay? Just to show the side view and just to show the world that you have shown off recently Cut . And this is how decided he was going to look so yeah, side we'll stand now. We're just going to render it. Also don't forget took up your objects at the end because you don't want them. Do move like differently. So this is I side view for the face it it's still 11. Chapter 10 Stone Settings in Jewelry: Chapter 10 stone settings in jewelry. When it comes to stone settings, there are major stone settings that are used in jewellery like the basil setting, the wrong setting, the illusion setting, flush shipping resetting. So the most common second start the diesel settings and the wrong setting. So for Bronx settings, we need to draw small squares and circles, and then we can let the render them into spheres. So we need to place them around this stone so far holding around them. And we need four stools. So it depends like for markets. Unit six prongs for a triangle stone, you need three prongs. It totally depends. So now the top U is real easy. We just need to place the are around the circles. But for the side Do you need to have these? I scream stick like objects, so you just need to align them with the circles above. And then you have to draw a basket, something that holds the stone. So just see how I'm doing it. How welding in how I'm placing it and good to know how a prawn setting istan. So show you have me. We have made a copy because There are two types to depict up wrong setting. So this is the most easiest read that a prone setting in with John and I used this Austin, is it not only works in, it's not only quick, but it's also kind off easy to make. Okay, so for a beginner, it would work very well. And then you can just, you know, are rendered using the flat golf method. So now your intended I'm and now it's a basic stone setting. Okay, so you can either will the setting the basket. You can just let it be like this. Another way is if you just kind off rotate them, he works. This is gonna look more realistic as compared to the earlier basket. But both the basket exists, so it really depends upon what you want for the particular jeweler design. And we're going to go in settings and Bronx in upcoming classes. So don't worry. You know this class is more off something that focuses on the quicker way to gradually do in a state jewelry. But if you really want to go in depth, I can do that. Just tell me in the comments, and I can show you all the realistic way you can draw jewelry on correct. So now some of you might be wondering when we have rhinoceros when we have a different, different good modeling software's. Why am I teaching you how to steal a straight jewelry on coral? Those sudden symbol thing is not everyone have the purchased Softwares, and those Softwares are really costly. Okay? And no sheet, but they are costly. Not everyone can afford him afford them. And secondly, design process is something which requires a lot of times, so it's not necessary that what if you are making 100 designs? All the 100 designs are going toe. Make it to the final product. There are a lot off reasons. Practical reason, costly based on the cost, our theme market that certain designs are just not approved. So imagine if you are using the treaty software. You are spending ours just making model off one design, and then when design is just rejected, your all the hard work goes to waste because at the end of the day, you want maximum designs to be accepted, so it's it's much wiser to draw to illustrate onto the level first and so with colored, or you can get neater sketches. And also, when something is approved, you can just make the ah final model for the for that approved designed. Okay, especially if you're going with the catalog based service. And you just don't you where you want, Oh, Summit quantity. Then it's better. Do go with something which takes less time and gives you more options to play it. Also, some office find modeling software is really hard. Some off us just think that, you know some off ours machines is Don't support those Softwares we don't have in a friend . We don't have a graphic God on just there are so many reasons for us Do not work on those Softwares. Cool just gives us that flexibility Come as close as we could get toe illustrating jewelry in lesser time and in the need away. So that is something that I would always give the credit to. Cold War. Just very good software to just work with do the sketches. No matter what your design areas, it could be proud Accessory, Georgie. Anything. So I was talking a lot and so you can see, when I was talking, I create a different type of baskets. Okay, so this is how you can create baskets. There's nothing, really when it comes to software or designing, most of the things that you can learn is by observing rather than listening. So sometimes I don't have words. Sometimes you'll see me having Basel just rambling. It's because there really isn't a way to explain certain things. It just something that you need to observe what I'm doing. So yeah, that's why you need to focus more on how am controlling Knows how I'm going Second things. If you grasp that we're observing, you're just going to go really five with this software. So now we have different, like Strong's. So this is what wrong setting looks like. So I'm just going to delete the extra strong sitting snow. Let's focus on illusion setting, So illusion setting is something that is especially used with diamonds, so we have a diamond, and then we have a highly polished surface around it, and sometimes you have a highly polished surface, and sometimes we have small stones, small solar diamonds because if you don't know, a smaller diamond is much cheaper than a large diamond because off the carrot. Read on. When it comes to Dr Diamond pricing, the forces play a very major rule. I'll just suggest you go and read about the foresees, but yeah. So what we have been here is we have prepared a Khan gave born like service in which are gemstone is set with wrong setting. So you will see that the upper surface has a gold tone, but the inner surface has a silver toe. And this is what happens when you when it comes to diamond settings. Because I've worked in n diamond industry for six months. So that was a part of point project. They sort off used white gold tones because you know what? Gold brands easily with diamond. Okay, so what do you see here is I have copied do diamond and have decreased its capacity. So now it appears the diamond appear speaker. But actually our original damages off the side that displaced in the center and not the whole. So I have a polished surface which is reflecting the diamond. And so my diamond looks big and it gives the illusion off a bigger diamond being set. So if we look at decide you. So there is a diamond that displaced in the basket. But then we have born something that this use to make a reflector for the diamond, because this is how the setting is going to look from the outside from the side. You can't 100 up. It's going to look like this. Now we come to were coming to the basil setting, so basil setting isn't also used widely, and it is mostly used with cabbage. Shawn's Benzel setting is by far the most secure setting, even wrong setting. Sometimes see babysitting. See that the stone has just fallen off, even flush setting. It does happen that this stone comes on, but diesel, because it's like the metal, is just covering this stone. It's holding the stone from Allstate. It's just very secure setting. And personally, my most favorite set in jewellery just looks so elegant, especially if you're stone is a capital. Okay, so and this is how we begin. So the business something is very easy to make, just need to draw the PCM for a side view and for top you you just need to draw two circles and then subtracted inner circle from the outer circle? No. When it goes, one thing that you might be wondering is what should be deep wrong? Thickness? What should be the bees? Um, Thickness, What should be the mental fitness Overall, I think it's safe to say that you can go with venom when mm works really fine. And when I was working in the industry have seen them going as in as 0.6. And, um so, yeah, for Basil, that is the top. You just And we just made a circle and then subtracted inner circle and for the side, you were just through a trapeze. You know, we also have have be so setting. So what we're going to do is we're just going to subtract, uh, using a rectangle and again with the help of the angle, we're just going to subtract and aside will be sent to, and so we have to have people setting ready. So these are the most common certain things that I used thick chrome and the busy illusion setting is still. There are two types of illusions that England that is used with the reflector surface. Another one that combines on different shapes off stone, small size stones toe make a bigger stone. So if you talk about Gabby Sean right now, I have a number and, uh, an ember Kabash on. And I have problems. So this is how it's gonna look. So for the side view, however, we're going to create peace side view off off the gabby shot. So now we have the have you shown? Ready? Now, let me show you. So kabash on cuts don't have a tool it OK, And if we talk about the belt Kabash owns, those are rounded from top on bottom. Still, we don't have accumulate, so you can just go with flat surface with a flat basket. You don't need to have dept for it, unlike the physical stones. So this is how you can just depict a Beatles thing for half of the show. For full kabash on, you can go with the similar settings stone setting, better use and visited stones. Similarly, for 1/2 Gabby Sean Diesel said you you can use a prank. You can use a trapeze iam, but then still top easy. Um, it's not required at all. You can just use a rectangle. So it is how it's gonna look have changed toe golden again. I just like the school that which I don't know why. Okay. I love your local. I loves server. Don't I just don't like throw school, which I think I'm not a person who likes and taking much. And Rose and Ramiro school looks like something and the sort of So now, up ahead we have flushed setting influence shedding Our stone is set inside Imetal. So what we're going to do ISS you're going toe Just sort off, make a flash shutting ring. Doctor, you So we have a diamond off three m Um Ah, we just We're going to align it to the center and no, we're just going to render it like a diamond. So now our diamond is ready. Now what we're going to do is we're going to draw a circle. It should be a little smaller than our stone. So you have before album Still now Ingredient three m circles. Now we're going to cut this circle from the surface metal surfaces. So you see that our diamond is kind off peeping from inside and this happens in frustrating . The stone is set inside the metal and then you just see this girl? It's also a safe setting, but not are safe. A special setting. Now, up ahead, we have general settings. So in general, setting what happens is a lot off. Stones are placed together and general and bar setting are similar. But in bar setting, we have one stone on in general setting. We have multiple stones and then they are set in battle together like this. I'm sure you must have seen a bugle General sitting is done with Princess Kurtz, Bag Kurtz and round brilliant guts. These are the three major stones that are used for general setting, and the major preferences are bagged and princess codes. Since there is no space left between the between the stones and it appears much needed and there are a lot off their settings like we have mystery setting, we have invisible setting. Um, we have tension setting, so there are a lot of stone settings. I'm just showing you the major ones that we use and once that are widely of level, because not every industry has the equipments to have invisible setting like invisible setting and Mr Setting are been really in an industry very few industries through those sittings. So then, for the baggers were going to copy paste brackets around and which is going to place two metal strips on it? - So you see, this appears like about setting, but then bar setting. I just one stone. I mean, babysitting does have multiple stones, but gentlemen bar us like different. They look similar, but to depict them in growing, it's similar. Just happen. Draw this. So now let's talk about four. How do we set up all or B? Student police said, with wrong and bezel setting measles setting, we we can see being set in the reason most often, but there is a setting that is specifically designed for polls and that this kept sitting not just pose other beauty also, so in gap setting, what happens is there is a ball like, uh, metal surface beneath E or whatever we want. And it hasn't been inside, so that been goes inside the indeed or whatever you call it, and then the police placed on them on this been the baby's first half drill, and then it is set on the bin and blue toe the cap so glue is applied, then the stone is set on depend, and then it's left to dry and then make it the capsule. So this is how they be sits on it. And this is how it looks because this so you said. But again, as we have discussed about gemstones, cabbage, Shawn's infested. We forgot about being so beats us similar Lukamba Shawn's and visited Christos because we do have crystal beads. But what is the difference is they have a drill inside them? Did they have? They have a tunnel inside of them and from there Detroit passes. So they are beating together. But really jewelry different. I do craft pretty jewelry pieces. You can see them on my website if you do want to go. But yeah, it's something that I want to teach you. You can make your own beaded designs if you want to know how it looks, because I I'm not going with pictures. I'm going with videos because my videos are already too long. You can just go to my website or on any other website or just Google. Do know how baby jewelry looks? I think you might know it by five. It's widely of label 12. Chapter 11 Chains in Jewelry: Chapter 11 chains in jewelry. Jails are an important part of jewelry because they're used in bracelets and necklace and also in Lincoln Jewelry. So in this video, I'm going toe show you how to draw jeans. Comegys. So first we're going to draw the Belcher chain or the roller chain that this rightly used in jury. For that, we need to create a circle. We need to draw a circle, and then we need to control and then subtract the inner circle from the upper circle. It's basically how we have drawn Beazer and, um, a lot of things previously, so we just need to give it a radial greedy in full. So now I'm drawing the jumping. Now we need to rendered this jumping, and then we need to make the site be off this jumping for the side. We're just directing with gold edges with curved corners. So now if you place two rings and then we have one rectangle between them. So it kind of appears like there's a chain going on that it appears like the doctor you off a gene. So now we just need to repeat this process again and again to make a change. Now, suppose if you want to have come gym, if you want a strange to be slightly go from somewhere everyone to show that it's flowing. We want to show you that it's a necklace, teen. We can just move the center off the selected chain and then we can rotate it so it kind off rotates around the center that we have placed. Okay, so this is how we draw a chain. Now there's another way to drop chain like this. One thing to change. So what we're going to do, we're going to drop which brings, and then we're going to hit intersect. Now we're going to break both Intersect parts, and we're going to just slightly increase good. Okay, so now when we are going to select one guide shape from one off the jump rings, now we have and we ability the other guide ship know what you see is now this has a potentate. Okay? Now, when you repeat and when you are a drag and right click this sort off copies, you can you can see. So this is a link, Gino. Now we're going to draw another teen. So this is going off. Go, Jane. So, yeah, this is one element off our team. So now again, we're just going toe, render it really? And just going to copy. Ate, slept both of them hadn't insect and then take one off the guide ship and deleted. So now can we have this sort off element that we can place copy in place and became itchy? Now, there are a lot of different genes that are used. We have the largest Jane, then the genes that are used in bracelets. So just see, once I'm done with this gene just playing with rectangles, we're just placing rectangles with gold corners and you'll see that this kind of looks like the chain that is used in bracelets, lot bracelets and watches. Sometimes in Joeckel. Also the least literally nothing to explain. Here. I'm just playing this ice and with off these elements. So Jane is made off just one element that distributed again and again. Okay. Or maybe more than one or two elements. But you're a genius form with linkages. So I'm going to discuss about the linkages and jewelry, clasps and closures in separate class. And I know you might retired off this thing that I'm gonna do discuss this thing in this class in upcoming glass. But the thing is, there is a lot in jewelry. There's a lot of things, and I just cannot teach everything in just one week. 13. Chapter 12 Designing a Classic Pearl Necklace Set: Chapter 12 designing a classic necklace in this class. In this video, we're going to design a necklace said, which comprises off a chain, a pendant covering and appear off hearings. So for that we have already and no, I'm going to sleep. The background do black because I want you to be properly able to see what we're designing it. So this is going to be a classic set, something that a person can wear on every day basis. So here, as you can see, I have drawn jumping. And now I'm drink. I'm drawing a trapeze iam to showcase depending. So what we're going to do is we're going to give it a little rounded that because, you know, jewelry cannot be this shop, something that is going to be close to your neck or your body just cannot have this much sharpness. Inducting Julie needs to be a little smoother at the edges, so it doesn't hurt. At the end of the day, it's metal, and it's not good to get a medal on your port. So you were just going to render it like a flat Goff's office? Yes and no. You can get what we have. Because you have you must have seen pendants. And this is what is used to hang a pendant. Okay, so now we're going to depict Jane off the spending. Right now, you'll be thinking about this kind off, Jane, my shivering ellipse here, but you will get the picture. Okay, so now we have an ellipse, and we're just going do control this illness to give a little bit off with. And so now we have different set to I guess we're not Well, um, yeah. So we're going to delete the inner circle from the outer circle, and then we are going to delete Dean Extra. So now we're going to place our necklace here, and we're going to move our pendant different by simply dependent and clicking on Shift Beach. So, no, we're just going to show how are what is the type off Jane that would be used in a pond? And we we just want the regular chain because regular jeans work really well for regular where they don't hinder with your hair and I kind off prefer simple stuff in jewelry. The more simple it gets, the more make it this fall deliver. So Yes. Now we're going to Slick Gene, so I'm not going toe draw the Jane overall in this necklace. OK, I'm going to show you. Why? Because if I am, if I have to draw the strain, it's gonna take me ages. And secondly, it just doesn't make sense. The point is to create jewelry quicker, right? So instead, what we're going to do is we're going toe show what? It's the chain that we are going to be using. We're going toe use, uh, necklace. So we have just used this car load to just kind of show the type off the chain that would be used in the necklace. And this is a really good way to show anything. You can use it to show the Claire's the linkages jeans, the kind off techniques office, the technique you want. This is this works. This is the best way to just depict different sort off things. Okay, so now if I want to depict what would be decided if I want to show that this ball would be set in a cap setting and not in a polar business helping. So what? I want to do this? I need to show it now. Why do we need to show the side views? Why do we need so many amused? It is because the person who would be fabricating the piece it's very important from for that person don't know how jewelry is supposed to look. You know what we have planned for Julie? What we have visualized at the end of the day you want. They're designed to be chapter in the final product, so it's very important. What if I don't draw the side view and the person just gives me a full set in basil setting ? I don't want that. I want to the cap sitting right. So I just need to showcase that in my drawing. Now we have contoured the same to appease him, to show that it's kind off Luke from Wilder. Jane would bus No, you're going going toe bit more of it for addition to this spending. Okay, now our side view for dependent is ready. As you can see, it's clearly visible how we are visualizing the simple classic. Now we're going to draw the earrings, the pair off hearings, and so for that we have the same side view. Yes, we want the same cap setting. But now we have opposed off 13 Emam or so and we're going to place a screw. So we're going to show that we need a simple stud closure for our earrings. Simple screw closer for our hearing. So what we're going to do is we're going to draw a rectangle and then do jump brings and then we're going to tell them and filled with flat goof. Good Indian. So then we're doing jumping. Were going toe to jump. Rings is going toe well, them together. So what happens is when you do see what I have achieved just by using shapes just by welling, subjecting shapes are shaping them. You can see that Do this kitchen is made out off booties. It's geometric shapes or organic ship. There are just two types of ships, right? So, no, I have the side view off my earing says Well and how much time that you're taking Obviously there designers. Really simple. If I were to design something really designer, really exclusive with a lot of design element that will take time, but it's still very quick if we compare it to modern suffers. I mean, it just took us five minutes to design it. At the end of the day, I know that we cannot export it and do it still fine. But we against them can. We are ideas. And somehow that is what we really want as a designer. Right now, we're doing a ring, and we just want basically with 17.2. Mm. Damn it. Don't. That is the Everest diameter. That is the average ring size in India. So we're going to give it a flat cough ingredient, so it looks like it's going downwards like a ring. So now we have the top you off during. Ready. Right now we want to have the friend view. First of all, you're just going to play with cornice. Now, let's work on different. So for that, I'm going to draw or 17 21 Amum circle, and then I'm going to draw a 17 point women circle. So the total with IHS Um um, for this spring and now I'm just going to give it flat golf. Angry normal place. This similar decide for this side view and different you when you use the same cap sitting doing that have used earlier independent engineering. And now I'm decreasing the hearing size and you'll be like, Why are you raising it? But the thing is, your earrings should be 70% smaller, even more smaller than dependent. You just don't have the same size for everything, because then nothing stands out. Like if you want to focus independent, have smaller hearings. If you want to focus on the hearings, have smaller pendant or just skip dependent, or where a brooch with it. So that's the key. Just don't overdo anything if you're going to play with same stone size on the neck and on the hearings and just gonna look it is not gonna look okay or good. Okay, it's just gonna look like it's too much or too heavy ritually So now we have a hearing study. We have a pen already, but we now also want to show the side view for this spring. So what we're going to do is we are going to make a quick side, you faltering. It's a classic thing, so there's nothing which doing this, but because this is something that I haven't normally design, there is no design process in the world in it as such are not taken any inspiration for me . Thousands of sketches to reach one sketch. So, yeah, uh, what I'm going to do is I'm going to create a different class to show you how I big design logics how and designed something that was based on a team or on an object or a feeling. So, yeah, now I'm going to give the dimension. So given dimensions for a particular design is really important because whatever I have to bring the same design on smaller or bigger people size what would happen? It's gonna look. It's gonna be a bigger or smaller. It's really important to just mentioned the dimensions because it's easier for the car designer to trace it and even for a manual partition. Dude, your reason to get the sizes off working is to fabricate. So I have mentioned the dimensions that I won't participate. Similarly, everything dimensions for dependent in the hearings. No, When it comes to conceptual drawings, it's really important to mention what you're using because maybe somebody doesn't know what kind off. I think you are using what kind off closure you are using. What kind of linkage you're using, So it's better to just mention it for better understanding. So now we have all the Dimension City. No, after you're done in the designs, it's always good to just mention on a little bit info about the designer deals. So what we're going to do is which is going to write the name off ourselves that we have given on what all it includes. What is theist? Water distorts, used what would be metal based but five billion base mental. And what would be the tone of the metal? Because, you know, it might be that your design is fabricated in brass and then it is being gold plated or silver plated are rhodium plated. So the dawn off the base metal and don't off the plating is changed. You need to mention it. So, as you see, I kind of visualized this sick being fabricated in Sterling Silver 95. So now once we're done with everything, we need to export it. Okay, so for exporting, we need to create a frame. We need toe, remove everything outside the frame, and now we need to select the frame and then click on export and just name what do we want to name? Just select whatever options you won't besides there a solution and click. OK, and then you will see that you're in your design has been exporting. Now, if you assume you can see that the picture is really clear if you have to print it at all so it will be in good resolution And it's also good for e books e catalogs. We're This is the end. Our idea behind why you should draw on gold or what? You should illustrate jewelry or any product on cool ago. 14. Outro: Hey, everyone, thank you for sticking by to the end of this class. I hope you enjoyed it and feel motivated enough to illustrate your own jewelry design. I'm very excited to see what to design, so don't let me see over. You can mail me or designs a trusted guide original dot com. Or you can drag mean your insta stories at the red swastika under school find under school jewelry. Also, software's require time and efforts to master the commands. There's a lot that I want to teach you about Julie, but it is not possible to capture everything in one class. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate a particular class to defend topics for more in that understanding. Apart from jewelry design, I do jewelry photography, digital portrait's caricature, design, document design and website design. So if you're interested, please follow me on sculpture and provide me with your valuable feedback. I would love to know what you feel about my first constraint class. Thank you so much for watching it's what's the guy? And I'll see you in my next one by