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Jedi Mind Training Course - A Step-By-Step Mind Training Program in Using The Power Of Your Mind

Michellion N

Jedi Mind Training Course - A Step-By-Step Mind Training Program in Using The Power Of Your Mind

Michellion N

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11 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. Opening Lecture - Your Journey of Transformation Begins

    • 2. Change Your Perceptions For Perpetual Wins

    • 3. Exercise to Loosen Perceptual Rigidity

    • 4. Bend The World With Your Thoughts and Vibe, Part 1

    • 5. Bend the World With Your Thoughts and Vibe, Part 2

    • 6. Feel Good Anytime, Part 1

    • 7. Feel Good Anytime, Part 2

    • 8. Use the Power of Frame Control, Part 1

    • 9. Use the Power of Frame Control, Part 2

    • 10. The Ultimate Perception: Ground Your Reality In The ONLY Thing That Is Constant

    • 11. Final Tip - I Leave You With This

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About This Class


This course is for you who want to leverage the power of your consciousness.

You can look at this course as one deep, giant mind-hack.

This is a mind-hack made on a foundational level.

Because you’ll be able to affect changes at this foundational level, the little effort you put in creates exponential, massive results in your experience.

It’s akin to getting your template right and working effectively before mass producing it - you’ll quickly mass produce desirable results. Likewise, with a low quality template, you’ll quickly mass produce undesirable results.

Your mind is your template. How you perceive, the way in which you perceive, colors everything you experience, and affects your every decision and behavior.

The reality you experience now is your mass production. You’ve created it through the template of your mind, mass producing it over time, moment by moment.

This course is designed for you to get your “template,” ie. your mind, right and working effectively so you can mass produce your reality in the way you actually prefer.

In this course you’ll be focusing on the areas of your mind where the results are holographic. Meaning, you are affecting change within your mind on how you experience everything in the world and within yourself, from the only point where you have true, real power - that is your ABILITY TO CHOOSE PARADIGMS.

Yet, even though you’ve had many “AHA!” moments in the past, and you can see and understand new paradigms and insights, you may find you’re mostly still the same person, acting and behaving in the same way as before, with little results to show for, except for maybe the manifestation of a few parking spots here and there.

Why is that? Why can’t you just go from gaining the insight to then be able to embody it, live it, and experience its benefits?

It’s because you haven’t put in the time to deliberately integrate and make this new insight a habit, one that’s running constantly as the dominant program (or “template”).

You haven’t “practiced” enough in deliberately using your new insight and perceiving from your new point of view.

You haven’t built that muscle of CHOOSING your new paradigm, consistently, in all ways.

You’ve had decades of programming, running on repeat in your mind, that is ultimately not helpful for you, and tends to conflict with your new insights.

Most of the programming is self-sabotaging, in fact.

It’s like stepping on the gas pedal while also stepping on the brakes.

You know this is true if you’re not satisfied with the results in your life - in your relationships, your health, finances, your overall happiness and well-being.

With the momentum from decades of thinking and believing the same way, repeating it day after day (moment by moment, even), building physical, neurological pathway ruts in your brain, how likely are you to instantly stop and reverse that massive train of thoughts and beliefs?

Not likely, as I’m sure you’ve experienced.

This course is not only designed to help you gain new insights and wisdom (a better template), but, once you complete the course’s mind-training exercises, you’ll also have made habits of your new-found wisdom.

This course is made for you to build this muscle of choosing, from within your mind, the new insights you’ll be learning.

Once you’ve made them habits in your mind, once they become a consistently running pattern of beliefs and thoughts, once you’ve set your “template” right, you’ll experience profound effects in wherever you decide - be it in relationships, your health, money, your happiness and well-being, and overall experience of everything.


This is a step-by-step mind training program where I hand-hold you through the process of integrating and habituating these insights. When you complete this course you'll have these new, empowering mental habits already running in you.

At the same time, though you’ll receive maximum long-term benefits if you complete the exercises, this course is designed for you to NOT have to wait a while, to struggle and suffer before building this muscle and getting to experience the benefits of your new insights.

The lessons and exercises are made so that you experience benefits NOW.

The intention is for both long-term AND immediate results.


You must accept full and complete responsibility for your emotions, your experience, and your circumstances. This course will not work for you, otherwise.

In order to receive maximum benefit you must complete the entire course and exercises. The lessons and exercises work together in a synergistic way. While each lesson and exercise is helpful on their own, it is when all these insights are used together that creates a powerful mind and set of habits. The sum is greater than its parts. Maximum results will come AFTER you’ve completed the entire course and exercises.


  • Change your own perceptions for your benefit
  • Bend your world starting with your thoughts and vibe
  • Feel good anytime, even when you can't at the moment
  • Use the power of frame (aka paradigm) control to gain the experiences you want
  • Train your brain to eradicate negativity
  • Actually be able to integrate and use these new insights, instead of becoming just another piece of intellectual candy
  • Build your muscle in using your new insights consistently (this is why this is a TRAINING course)
  • Have lasting happiness and peace of mind in a changing world (and body)
  • Ground your reality in the ONLY thing that is constant (aka the ULTIMATE perception)
  • Create a deep, identity level change
  • Deeply understand what REAL emotional intelligence is and begin building it (this has to do with being SUPER HONEST with yourself)
  • Grow an unshakable core of calm, strength, and happiness
  • Accomplish goals with ease, flow, and fun, and without efforting and struggle
  • Leverage the power of your mind by changing paradigms
  • Create preferred experiences for yourself, moment by moment
  • Have peace with your grief
  • Energize yourself
  • Transform your psyche on the deepest levels
  • Create your art, your business, and your relationships with integrity, ease and flow
  • Change your mind for good (once you complete the course and exercises)
  • Unlock new parts of yourself you never knew existed
  • Be able to use Jedi-like skills
  • Finally get to be YOU, the bad-ass that you are!
  • Experience "Aha!" moments
  • Have your mind blown

"I already get a lot of good information and insights, but I JUST can't integrate them all. I'm STILL the same person!"

I know.

You've heard all the great wisdom and insights, yet you're still not changing, at least not changing as fast as you'd like.

This is because you rarely take the time to deliberately INTEGRATE and make HABIT of your new insight. Instead, these insights become mere intellectual stimulation, a nice fortune cooky saying that only affects you on a surface level, then forgotten about.

Musicians know in order to make a new insight or technique stick and a natural part of your playing you must APPLY and REPEAT it until it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit very little effort and attention is needed to perform that skill. Same goes for training your mind and making these insights a natural part of your being.

If you don't apply what you've learned you'll only understand your new insight on a shallow level, and you'll experience a minimum benefit. But if you apply and repeat it (aka "practice"), you'll understand it deeply, on an experiential level, and then you'll experience a profound level of benefits.

This course and the practice exercises are designed for you to apply these new insights right away so you can get immediate results. This helps you understand them through real experience. By finishing this course and going through the practice exercises you'll have these insights integrated and made habit. Your template will have been made right.


This course is for you who want Jedi-like skills so you can accomplish more in less time, and to be able to do so with ease, flow, and fun.

You tend to achieve goals using effort and struggle, and just want to be able to accomplish things easier and faster, with actual enjoyment. 

This course is for you who want to let go of the old paradigm of struggling and effort-ing in order to get what you want, by leveraging the power of your consciousness.

This course is also for you who have had lots of realizations and moments of insight, but are finding it ain’t always easy to apply them.

You find yourself still thinking and experiencing just about the same as before. You haven’t changed as fast as you’d like, even though you know so much now.

This course is for you who’s discovering how powerful your mind really is, and want a step-by-step training program in integrating and habituating these new insights.

You understand the importance of dedicating a small amount of focussed time in getting your mind, your template of all reality, right.

Lastly, this is for you who is looking for a deep identity-level change, and want to take your life and experiences to the next level.

You may be going through the most difficult time in your life right now, and are searching for another way of looking at and experiencing your grief.

Or, you may be at a point where you have a growing desire to “explode” into life - to create, to enjoy, to be free, to love, to experience, to inspire, to be YOU.

This course is for you who want to unlock new parts of yourself.

In this course we go deep into topics of consciousness and how you are creating your experience moment by moment.

When uncovering certain aspects of your mind, this unlocks new perceptual worlds and new potentials. Things you couldn’t do before now all of a sudden you can do. Things that used to be most upsetting to you now bounce off you like a fly.

Remember, it is the EXPERIENCE you're after. You want the actual benefit of your new-found wisdom, not just intellectual candy.

This course is a way for you to be able to apply what you will learn, and for you to experience the benefits of this transformation.

Because we dive deep into the subject of consciousness, reality, of your own thoughts, beliefs, and self-identity, this course may not be suitable for those who are timid about these subjects.


Opening Lecture:

  • Your Journey Of Transformation Begins

Lesson 1:

  • Lecture:
    • Change Your Own Perceptions For Your Benefit
  • Exercise:
    • Video Exercise: Loosen Your Perceptual Rigidity
    • Audio with PDF Exercise: Change Your Own Perceptions For Your Benefit

Lesson 2:

  • Lecture
    • Bend The World With Your Thoughts and Vibe, Part 1
    • Bend The World With Your Thoughts and Vibe, Part 2
  • Exercise:
    • Audio with PDF Exercise: Bend The World With Your Thoughts and Vibe

Lesson 3:

  • Lecture:
    • Use The Power of Frame Control, Part 1
    • Use The Power of Frame Control, Part 2
  • Exercise:
    • Audio with PDF Exercise: Using INNER Frame Control (Exercise 1)
    • Audio with PDF Exercise: Using EXTERNAL Frame Control (Exercise 2)

Lesson 4:

  • Lecture:
    • Feel Good Anytime, Part 1
    • Feel Good Anytime, Part 2
  • Exercise:
    • Audio with PDF Exercise: Feel Good Anytime

Lesson 5:

  • Lecture:
    • The Ultimate Perception: Ground Your Reality In The ONLY Thing That Is Constant
  • Exercise:
    • Audio with PDF Exercise: Ground Your Reality In The Constant (The Ultimate Perception)


  • I Leave You With This - Final Tip


“Mike. I want you to know that your message changed me in a positive way. I was in a bad place, dark and scared. Full of fear and no faith in sight. The idea of being at ease and having fun was nowhere close to my heart or mind which is why I spiraled deeper and deeper into unhappiness and depression. I work hard NOT smart because going thru the motions gave me this sense of doing something, anything but that didn't work, it can't. I wasn't enjoying, smiling or feeling good. The opposite in fact. I (re-watched) your message at least 5 times and each time I felt as if I got my power back. I started to shift my energy in happier ways. I had to because the ladder was not working. I was negative and with heavy energy and it sucked big time. I lived in this illusionary state and I believed everything I thought. Hustling was a word I didn't quite get, I'm still figuring it out. But now I'm applying the word fun to it no matter how small the amount of fun, I've gotta incorporate it. Even though I can cook with ease and produce with ease, maintaining and sustaining a living doing these, was something I couldn't do because I thought it was too much hustling/work and it's worn me down. I'm slowing it down and taking baby steps all over again. Thanks for helping shift my outlook and for allowing me to regain my positivity towards life."

⁃ Saga Elmotseb, Los Angeles

“Really Enjoyed this.... hoping to see more courses from Michellion Narksusook as I am sure there is still more to learn. would also like to see a course created on Dating as I know Michellion teaches this subject... I believe I would receive quality instruction as well as some inside Jedi tricks :) would not hesitate to by more courses if he choses to create them. In addiction I sent a personal question to Michellion I received a very good detailed personal reply to my question. probably A4 in text. Yea Michellion Narksusook is a Jedi Master :)”

⁃ Kenneth Cox

“El instructor de forma amena y sencilla nos recuerda simplemente quienes somos y qué capacidades tenemos. Otra cosa es conseguirlo a nivel práctico ya que hay muchas creencias limitantes que superar y que requerirían un curso específico. Buena labor realizada.”


“The instructor simply reminds us of who we are and what capabilities we have. Another thing is to achieve it on a practical level since there are many limiting beliefs to overcome and that would require a specific course. Good work done.”

⁃ Maria Elena Martin Berenguer

“Very engaging instrucor who helped change my beliefs, perceptions, & paradigms about what is possible to achieve in my life through the law of resonance. Confirmed my convictions about how your emotions or how you feel resonates out to the world and returns things, circumstances back into your life and that you can feel happiness anytime you want. Could have used more detailed explanations, more detailed exercises, and more real-life examples. Overall, great course!”

⁃ Duane Chin

“+ Valuable information

+ Clear explanations

+ Engaging delivery

+ Helpful practice activities

+ Accurate course description

+ Knowledgeable instructor”

⁃ Matt Andrews

“Well done.”

⁃ Nick Persion

“Enjoyable course”

⁃ Ken Everett

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Michellion N


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1. Opening Lecture - Your Journey of Transformation Begins: Hey, what's up? This is Michael, nor Susic. Man, you are in for one wild ride, but first a little bit. Of course, in this course you learn five powerful mind hacks and about the partner consciousness. You'll be able to apply these insights immediately and apply to every area of your life. With these inside, you'll be able to accomplish more in less time and do it with ease and fund. Without all the struggle and effort, you will become increasingly aware how you creating your whole world in your entire experience. And then you'll be able to take this awareness to deliberately to consciously create better , more preferred circumstances and experiences. Now it's one thing to have all these deep realizations and all this cool knowledge floating in your head. But it's another thing entirely to be able to take these insights and apply them and integrate him into your life. This is what this course is designed to do. I will take you by the hand and walk you through the process, step by step, so that you could integrate them and apply them into your life. Having all this knowledge without applying them, does you? No good. You could take any one of these five insights and apply them individually and get benefit. However, these five work together in synergy. The fight together is far greater than the sum of its parts. So you can consider this course is one giant mine hack. Do be prepared cause we are going deep down the rabbit hole here, probably a lot deeper than you're expecting. So if you're timid about these sorts of things, they pretended about the subject of consciousness. I would say this course is probably not for you, but because we're going deep down the rabbit hole here. This course is designed for you to continue revisiting it over and over again, each time getting out on a whole other levels. This program is for those realizing just how powerful their minds are and want a training program and using the part of their consciousness. The requirement for this course, other than a curiosity for more, is to take full responsibility for experiences, your emotions and your circumstances. Now I can show you things to help you come to these deep realizations, and I'll provide the exercises for you to be able to integrate and apply these insights, but you must do the work. If you do the work, you should receive immediate benefits in terms up having a better day today. Experience more flow, more ease, more grounded nous. And, of course, if you do the work, you should see your physical circumstances. Changes will many times very rapidly. Specifically, the five mind hacks you learn are to change your perceptions for your benefit to consciously and deliberately bent the world with your thoughts and vibe. How to feel good any time you learned the power of frame control or paradigm control, and then be able to use it to accomplish things faster and you'll learn to ground your reality in a constant. So you have a strong, solid foundation from which the fire offer mind power. These exercise activities help you to integrate these newfound insights, so you can actually experience the benefit of them. Think of them like training wheels for the mine. They're designed for you to first get a feel and firsthand experience so you can then take that experience in applied to whatever and wherever you'd like. So are you ready? Good. Let's begin 2. Change Your Perceptions For Perpetual Wins: Okay, First lesson changing your perception for your advantage. Realize your entire reality. Your entire perceptual reality is not really. It is a product of your imagination. You've made it up with stories with conclusions. You've put meeting on everything. You've defined things. You've labeled things all in your mind. You've separated things you call the names. All of that is all a construct of your imagination. Sure, we use these. We use these labels and these concepts in these labour symbols, we use these symbols as a means communicates and they're useful. In that sense, however, they're not really They're just models meeting. We can put a new definition, a different definition of different meaning onto everything, onto events, onto people, onto yourself on two things, onto situations you could put meeting a different meaning onto everything. It's malleable. Okay, that's a very important thing for you to understand how you perceive things, how you define things the way you do it. That is how the world and you yourself will react. The stories, the definitions that you put in your imagination, they all reflects in your out of world. You're out of world will shift and change, According to your perception, Okay? It causes physical responses. First, it causes emotional responses, energetic responses. Then it did. It causes physical responses, for instance. Okay, close your eyes and picture a lemon and nice, medium sized lemon. Can you see the skin that dimples in the skin? Can you feel the texture? Kind of waxy. Okay, Now cut a slice, a little wedge of lemon out and bring it to your nose and sniff it. Can you smell it? Okay. Now take that wedge of a limit and take a bite out of it. Notice what reactions you get. Okay. You can open your eyes now. What happened? What did you notice? What response? What reaction did you get? You probably salivated your mouth. Started watering. You probably pucker your lips because you remember the last time you bit into a lemon. That's what happened now. The lemon wasn't riel yet. It created a rial physiological response. A really physical response. Now I will show you how to use this awareness to your advantage, to deliberately use it to your advantage. But first I need to illustrate my point further as you heard, As in your experience, you can recall there are more than one way. There's more than one way of looking at things caters. They say there's always two ways, but really there's infinite ways because our minds are unlimited, there is boundless. Okay, so there's more more than one way of looking at things. For instance, let's take the symbol of an ocean. Okay, I call it a symbol. Because if you think about everything in the world is a simple everything in the in the realm of form is a simple what is a symbol. It is an object that we put a set of meaning to. And as we just discussed, everything we've given meaning everything is a symbol. So to take the symbol of a notion to a person who cannot swim it represents fear that represents danger. It represents death. But to a surfer, it represents bliss, euphoria, freedom, fun, same symbol, ocean, different responses, two different experiences so we can see how malleable we could see how how we could put different meaning onto symbols on everything. Everything I'm telling you, you know already, you know, deep down So all I'm doing is helping you to uncover all the B s all the illusions that are standing between you and the truth. The truth of what you are of the power that you have. Now, let me let me demonstrate something to you. Okay? What do you see here? Do you see a hexagon like the wing of a tie fighter and Star Wars? Thai fighter is the bad guy. Ships for those who don't have never seen Star Wars or the bad guys planes and fighter planes. So do you see a hexagon or do you see a transparent cube? Or do you see both at the same time? Can you focus in on one and then switch together? Can you see a hexagon and then switching to a transparent cube? Can you see both at the same time? Good. Yes. Your mind can do this now. This is a very simple and easy example to to practice on. But as you conceive, you'll be able to see if you can do with this. You can do with any with anything in a course in miracles. The first rule for the first who can say yeah, rule. The first rule in miracles is and by the way, it defines miracles as changes in perceptions. Okay? And you'll see why. Actually changes in perceptions do perform seemingly physical miracles sometimes. Just like the lemon experiment you just tried. Okay, It's the same concept. Now, the first rule of miracles is there are no order of difficulties in miracles there. No order of difficulties in perception in changing perception. Okay, Why? Because perception is that the level of mind, Okay, at the level of mind, every perception is equal. They just thought streaming across your head with no more importance than the other thought , except with the importance you give it. So there no order of difficulties in miracles. Meaning if you can easily change your perception from a hexagon to a transparent cube and if you could see him at the same time, you just demonstrated to yourself how easy it is to change perception. Okay, in principle, you're gonna event. You're gonna find that it's not always easy because you have a lot of internal resistance that you you're not recognizing currently or you just can't see yet, But it's part of the journey. It's part of the fun. Actually, it's like unwrapping a gift, and each time you unwrap it It's cool, and it gets cooler and cooler and your experience gets better and better. Okay, So the outcome from this lesson is you're gonna start to feel already at ease at peace. You're gonna feel empowered. You're going to have fun and, you know, practices for yourself and experience this for yourself. Because I'm gonna give you exercises for you to do. Okay? And they're designed specifically for you, too. Get this process working in your mind already. Okay. We want this to to be a habit in your mind. We want this to be an automatic pattern in your thought process is in the way. You see things so that you can then just just go on without thinking, without putting effort into trying to see it this way and trying to apply this. Okay, so we're gonna use this the power of your perception to one to make you feel better. Help you feel better to empower you. But also, you're going to start to see it in your physical world as well. And you will see it for yourself. Okay, Let's look at another demonstration. Which way's this train moving? Is it moving towards you or is it moving away from you? Same trade, same movement. But two people can see it differently. It just depends on which, in this sense, which direction you're more predisposed to. Or shall we say you're more habitual ized into and there's a lot more to that will carry out. We'll cover it later. But for now, just know that perception is highly malleable, and it's not really okay, this is huge. This is a huge insight for you to understand and to really get okay because this this goes really deep. It goes all the way to your self identity, as you think. You are a body living in this body. Okay, there's a lot of power in that. But for now, let's practice this now. There was a scene in Star Wars, the 1st 1 where Luke Skywalker was practicing his light savoring skills in the Millennium Falcon. And Obi Wan Kenobi was sitting there giving coaching him, giving him lessons. So he was doing Luke was doing a fairly good job, you know, protecting himself, defending himself against these tiny little lasers at this robot would shoot at him. Okay. And he was fairly proud of himself. then Obi Wan Kenobi said, OK, now try it again. But put these blinders on this blinder so you couldn't see. So look at Luke had to defend himself without using his eyes. And as he found out, he couldn't. He would. He was getting hit with his laser, and it would. It was shooting. And so he was quickly humbled. The lesson that Obi Wan Kenobi gave to him, he said, was something to the effect of Do not trust your eyes. They deceive. You do not trust your eyes. They deceive you. Okay, Look at this. Here. Do you see horizontal lines? Do you see them waving or curving? They're really straight. But it appears that there curving. Okay, we see it all the time. It appears that the world is flat, but we notes around it appears that a plane flying in the skies only getting smaller, but we know it's not We know is just flying further away from us. Okay, Our eyes. See, Here's another way. Eyes deceive us is You don't realize that in a split second, in a very split second, you are choosing what experience you want to have. Okay? You choose what experience you want to happen, and then you chew the perception that would fit that. All right. Meaning you want to feel like a victim. You want to feel angry, You make that choice, and then you will look out into the world and find the proof that would validate that experience that you want. So you find evidence in the world and use that as proof or justification as to why you should feel the way you want to feel. It's kind of like it's kind of like building a tapestry, building a picture. Okay, you take a piece of thread here, a piece of tape here, glued to this thing. Take a piece of button there, so it here and you come up with some picture and then you try toe show to your friends and to other people, and sometimes they see it. Most of the time they don't, Okay, But the more people who do see it, the better right the more real it becomes. But that's what we're doing. We're taking little bits of pieces from reality from the real reality, which is all everything that's really going on in the in the physical world inside yourselves. Okay? We're taking bits and pieces of reality, putting it together and coming up with their own picture and whatever picture that you wanted to look like. Okay. And for whatever experience you're trying to achieve experience meeting emotions and feelings and how you experience the world, All right. And this is what's going on in your mind at a very fast se nanosecond. Okay, that's not analysis. And that's you stuff too fast. My point. Is it happening really fast? You can catch it. You can see it for yourself, and you probably know what I'm talking about. So you are choosing what you want to see. You work, that that's how you are creating your entire experience because you're choosing it now. There's a lot of power in that once you can accept that once you can see that once you know that once you decide. Hey, you know what I Since I do choose it, I'm going to choose a reality that I prefer a reality that feels better. That's more fun. It's more adventurous. That's more abundance. That's more exciting. That's more loving. It's more peaceful. It's more kind that's more intelligent. That's more beautiful. It's more musical, more artistic, more safe. And that that happens. That happens with a lot of awareness. And this is a method to do it. Okay, Once you get good at it, you can easily create your world however you want, and you could do it fast. You can do that in an instant, not necessarily in the physical instant meaning. If you want a yacht, Bam, you have a right there. Although that can't happen. And in many cases that does happen. It just really depends upon the level of your awareness in the level of your willingness to accept responsibility for your entire experience. But that comes in time. You just do it. You just have fun. This is meant all. Have fun. Okay? And by having fun, you begin to awaken. More, more, more insight starts flooding in more power. More fun, more joy, more peace or love. More float, more ideas. Okay, but it all starts here. So let's let's practice. Here's an exercise. One last thing with perceptions. You're going to want to be very vigilant, very aware of how you're seeing things. You just pay attention. How how am I seeing this, okay? You want to be very aware that because you want to then be able to reframe it into a positive way into away that's believable to you. But you can easily say Oh, yeah, that's true. And therefore believe it easily. Okay, So you're gonna want to refrain perceptions in that way where it's believable and it's positive for you where it makes you feel better in any way more energetic, more excited, more eager mawr abundance, more peaceful. Okay, that's the trick. Now here the exercises. 3. Exercise to Loosen Perceptual Rigidity: This is the first of two parts of these exercises on bending perceptions. I will walk you through both. Um, we want to lose in your perceptual rigidity who want you to be able to switch paradigms on a drop of a hat. In many ways, you're holding tight to your perceptions. Is a part of you that doesn't want to let go that doesn't want to be challenged? This is the part that we need to loosen up. We need to train your minds elusive. It's virginity. It's perceptual rigidity, so you can easily switch paradigms from one to the other. If you can apply in this one small thing, you can then apply to all life larger things, all things that are important to you. Here you see a spinning dancer. Which way do you see her spinning? Is she spinning clockwise or she's spinning counterclockwise? You really can see her. Either way, can you switch it? Can you make her spend the opposite direction? Having a hard time? Now try this. The trick is to first choose the direction you'd like to see her spin, So first close your eyes, decide which direction you want her to spin. So if you want her to spend clockwise, then see her spin clockwise, which means that she'd be spinning on her left leg and her right leg is twirling around. If you want her to spin counterclockwise, then see her spinning on her right leg with her left leg spinning around. Okay, keep your eyes closed. See? You're spinning your mind, and when you're ready, open your eyes and see. Did it work? You should. If not now, eventually be able to switch directions in an instant. The morning practices the easier and faster it will be to change your perceptions that change your paradigms. Do you see how, if you first deliberately choose what you want to see? Didn't you will see that in the physical world, the only reason it seemed to spin in one direction upon first seeing it in a default direction is because that is the way you are used to seeing things in whatever way you saw . That is your habitual eyes way of seeing things, your unquestioned mind patterns. There's many of those that's just one example one demonstration of how that is their defaults to you. To you, they're unconscious and that you're making these decisions by default without your awareness. Now that you are or where we're changing this pattern, remember, physical reality will appear. How you want to see it Upon hearing this Upon seeing this for yourself, this should be a shocker because then you realize all the ways you're seeing things and then you start to see it is all you. It is all the way you are seeing it all your experiences you're bringing upon yourself through your perceptions theory choices. 4. Bend The World With Your Thoughts and Vibe, Part 1: consciously been the world with your vibe. What I mean by vibe. What I mean by this well, first of all, vibe is your feeling how you feel about yourself, how you feel about the world. It's about the moment by moment, choices you make in your mind, how you want to feel. It is how people feel about you. Largely. It's their own perception in their own own willingness to see you in a certain way. But you have a lot of effect on that. He revived its your frequency. It's your moods. It's your contraction or expansion. We can all feel that we could all feel that now I'm gonna call that vibe because it's short for vibration. And as we'll soon see soon, we'll see. Everything is vibration. Now I want to say this. You, my friend, are very powerful. You just don't know it yet, but you are. You are starting to obviously or else you wouldn't be here. This wouldn't resonate with you, so you're starting to see you started to see it within yourself, how this all works. It's all about your perceptions. It's all about your vibe. It's all about the energy you put out the mood that you have the feeling that you have the feeling that you have of other people in the world. This is really beautiful stuff, actually, because you start to see that it's all your choice and because it's all your choice, it's all within your power. And then the world becomes so fun because you can choose. You realize you're the chooser of all that you experience, okay, And it's your vibe. It's the feelings that you have your perceptions. It's your the energy that moves the the vibe. We'll call it a vibe that resonates out into the world. And then you start to see harmonies. You start to see the like experiences across the screen of your mind. The thoughts that catch your attention are in harmony would be in harmony with your vibe with what you want to feel now. Quantum physics says that is now finding is now showing that everything is consciousness. Everything is affected by consciousness that something doesn't exist until you actually look at it. It doesn't materialize, in a sense, until you look at until you observe it until you expect it to be there. And so you've seen in your own experience how powerful expectations are, how easy it is accomplished, what you expect and how impossible it is to accomplish what you don't expect to happen. Okay, that's all perception. And now your vibe. Your perception creates your vibe, but you choose it all. You choose your perceptions. You choose your vibe. You choose the feeling you want. You choose the experience that you want to have. You know this. Okay, so check this out. A Japanese scientist by the name of Dr Emoto demonstrates the power of vibration, the power of our minds. What he did was and many of you have already seen this already. This is fairly well known, but I want to illustrate a point. What he did was wrote various words on bottles of water and after a while took the water and took pictures of the water crystals. And what he found was the water crystals responded to the words. It responded to the intentions. Okay, for instance, this one is love. And this one is I will kill you. This one's thank you. And here's an interesting one. He took water from a dam and Fujiwara, Japan, where the water was was super polluted. In fact, they found like a dead body up the stream Later on. This I guess this is how they found out. And it looked like this. But then he brought a Buddhist monk over to pray and meditate over this damn. And then when he took water and took pictures of the water crystals, this is what he saw. Pretty cool. And here's someone who's tried it on rice and you could see the rice with hate on it. It turned mouldy, while the one with loves they'd find. So at the quantum level, everything is vibration, your vibration, your feelings. I right, vibration. Your thoughts are vibration. Everything is vibration. Everything has a vibe. Everything has a feeling. And you can start to experience this on subtler and subtler levels. But first you got to start here. So why is this important? Because you control your vibe. You control your thoughts, you control the perceptions and you take on you control your vibe and provide, as we see, resonates out into the world and brings like experiences not only in the outside world, but within your mind. What I mean by within your mind is you have one thought and you'll build upon that thought . For instance, you could have a thought. I'm not good enough. Then the next thought is gonna be I'm not good enough because I'm not good enough because I'm not tall enough. And then what happened is you'll look out into the world and find other people who are tall , who are who seem to be happy, who seem to have everything go well for them. And then you're gonna find people who are short and you're going to say, See, now you're gonna say, See you look at that short person over there. He's short hotted up, but you're gonna make up whatever story you you want to make it so you have control and this is awesome. Again, this is really awesome. Okay, Why? Because now you have the power and that you have the power to have to make your experience whatever you want. And you know, if you have no negative experiences, that somewhere in you is choosing that it's just subconscious a lot, most of its subconscious. But the process is bringing bringing this a consciousness. So why again? Wise is important because It's all about your vibe. It's all about how you feel. In fact, you don't need to know any of that shit that I just said. All you really need to know is how do you feel? How do you make people feel? Okay. And the rest takes care of itself. But what I'm doing is I'm giving you tools to be able to use this information, use this new awareness as a process to bring you to the feeling and experience that you want. And from that, it resonates out. Everything harmonizes and you start to see it reflect. In the world, everything becomes easier. Synchronicity is happen more. It means, actually, synchronicity ease are always happening. Okay, Largely there. They're unconscious. They're they're done on an unconscious level. Okay, but as we wake and you start to you start to see how you start to make it conscious as you awaken. You know, a lot of guys experience this that as soon as they have a girlfriend, they noticed girls are checking of al more. Isn't that weird? Isn't that interesting? Right? Because there's a vibe, you know, when in many cases when the guy has a girlfriend he's content. He's not needy. He's not seeking. He's not grabbing right. That's that's the vibe. Says vibes. Chill Now he's gotta go over and right getting late. So then girls, check him out. Or how about the times when you know, uh, you're waiting for someone's call and they don't call, But the moment you let it go, then they call. Okay, this is what I'm talking about, OK? And the more where you become, the more you're gonna see outworks and you're gonna see it's working all the time. And when you see it working, the more you see it the morning except the power of this, the more you're gonna do it more awesome. Life becomes because you created you. Choose it. All right. Okay. Let me demonstrate this to you so you can see it with your own eyes and ears. Check this out. Hi there. Let me explain to you and then I will demonstrate to you this principle This principle is called the law of Resonance. What I mean by this every thought that you have in every feeling you feel is resonating and the law residence state that whatever you think and feel has to vibrate and resonate or call forth other similar thoughts and feelings and thereby your experiences. The circumstances all the circumstances in your life are just reflections of what's going on in your thoughts and your feelings. Have you ever had one of those days when you're walking about your day and you're just happy and you're feeling good? And all of a sudden he knows people looking at you and this smiling, actually, or they're coming up to you saying hello or giving you compliments or telling you stuff that you've never heard your life and your life before. That is the law of Residence. Header had times when you thought of someone, and then two or three seconds later they call you or when you thought of something happening, and then a few seconds later it happens. Certainly that's happened to me many times in my life. That's how I got the scar, my head. So let me demonstrate to you this this law in action in the physical realm again, the law resident states that whatever vibration is held, it could be thoughts or feelings or in this case, is gonna be a piano. Notes will resonates, other like or symbol our frequencies. In this case, I will resonate. I will strike the C notes on the piano, and what you'll see is that the law residents will make the other notes that are similar to the C note. Vibrate and ring me show you. I struck the see. No what? I'm going to nuke the C note. So it's no longer rigging. And what you can hear is that there other notes. Still, really, I did not strike the other notes. I just struck this one scene. However, all the other notes are still ringing. That is the law residence. Let me demonstrate again. Here's a C note. I'll strike it. But you know, muted and you can hear how it has vibrated has resonated all the other notes. They're similar. There's a resident on the other c notes, because that's what the notice. It also residents the fifth with G. And so it resonates all the other like frequencies. Same thing with our minds. Same thing with ourselves in our feelings. Whatever we feel, whatever we think vibrates. And that vibration calls forth other similar feelings and bucks and experiences. That's how our whole world is built that tall stories in your mind is built. If built through this this law of residents, you call up one little thing in your mind. That little one belief for one story calls up other, like feeling stories and thoughts. Beliefs. Okay, now we're gonna drop this course. We're going to play around with this with this force and you'll be able to use it to your advantage with consciousness with awareness. Okay, Thanks. Moving on. 5. Bend the World With Your Thoughts and Vibe, Part 2: pretty cool. That's pretty cool. Now I call this a lot of residents the law of residences. Essentially, whatever you think and feel will resonate out into the world, it will harmonize. It will make things harmonize with your being with your perceptions with your feelings. Okay. And you're going to see this for yourself. We're gonna do an exercise later. You're going to practice. It's actually really fun. When I in this exercise, when I I found out about this when I realized that, you know, it's always happening. We just now realize it when I realized Oh, so I became so much more fun because you control your vibe because you control your vibe. He also control the world around you. Okay, so let me give you some tools and how to do this. You don't really need my tools. There's many tools out there already, but since you're here, I created tools that are simple to follow, where you can immediately get the experience where you can immediately get the benefit. Because this bullshit about waiting for you know, some time before you get the benefit of your effort, it's it's bullshit. It's an old paradigm. What I'm showing you is immediate benefit and long term benefit. Okay? And it's cool because get both. Yet best of those both worlds. This is why it's important to face your feelings. Okay, you want to be very diligent with your feelings, your thoughts, because they're always sitting out there, always vibrating. They're always calling forth experiences that are that are similar, and it becomes a matter of you choosing. Which one do you want you want? You know? Do you want a cool experience or do you want a shitty experience? They're both cool. Nothing is bad. It's just what you prefer. So that's why it's important to really face it. Feelings a supposed to squash it or or rationalize it away. Go and feel them. It's critical, actually. If you could just let let your feelings come, you know, and, uh, not judge it. Okay, not not Judge. You just let it come. It's actually pretty cool because you realize you're invulnerable. You could let them come. It's no big deal. It's just another scene in the movie, and it makes interest. Makes makes it interesting. Imagine a movie that's just all the same, and nothing happens and That's the end. Yeah, we get pretty bored. Okay, But in this room, it's not always like that. We we get, we get the whole movie. Now it's for you to enjoy and you enjoyed by your perceptions of it, of what happens. What comes across the screen of our awareness both in the physical, in the physical dimension, in the physical realm, in the physical level, I don't like to use those big words. It's just it seems appropriate to use these words, but in the physical level, what you see with your eyes and hear with the years, okay, Now your feelings, the reason is that your feelings are the first manifestation of the beliefs that you have of the thoughts that you're holding. Okay, you're feeling is the first manifestation of that. The first indicator of how you're thinking how you're seeing how you believing the physical level physical manifestation is a secondary, if you will. It's a secondary manifestation. Okay, so this is awesome to know, because from here on out, you start to see that your feelings arm or of ah, blessing, they're a benefit than a curse. No longer do we have to shy away from him. It's cool to let them come. Let them pass through you because they tell you valuable information. And again, the information is the paradigms that you hold, the beliefs that you hold there causing how you feel. If you're feeling negative. You know that your beliefs and your perceptions are not in alignment with what you are with what you want, which is you want to be happy. You want to feel better. He wants abundance. You want love, You want peace, You want happiness. You enjoy excitement. You want all that when you're feeling negative. It's showing you where your consciousness, where your paradigms in your beliefs that you're holding that's causing this negative feeling. OK, this is important. This is important, important because you can't escape from it, so you might as well accept it. And actually, it's a blessing. You realize why? Why did I ever hide from my feelings is just there's no reason to You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna step away from the camera, but I really want you to to tell yourself to basically program yourself and remind herself that from hero outs you will. You will never shun away feelings that you always look at them as a blessing that you always look at them as an indicator of how you are thinking and how you are choosing. Okay, this is because if you can, when you do this, imagine, imagine the rest that comes all the all the all the power that you that belongs to you for your for your choosing. All right. So I'm gonna step away. I want you to use now if you want. You don't have to, but it's be It's cool. Ah, Subway for 30 seconds. Make the conscious decision. Now, just tell yourself, Take this time. I want you to milk this. I don't want this just passing. It sounds cool, but do it all right. I'll be back. Cool. How is it good? You are powerful, my friend. Like I said, continuing on So there's Law Residence is actually something that teaches a dating coach in that I teach students. It's all about how you feel. It's all about how you really feel inside, because that will translate out. People will feel that and women, I believe they seem to be a lot more in tune with that they can see a lot more subtle things that maybe men aren't accustomed to or that men see in different ways. But it's all about the vibe, so I teach them. It's all about your vibe and watch. And so, for the for the times that they go up there with an agenda a c, a hidden agenda on unexpressed agenda. You can have agendas. It's just the being it being unexpressed, which creates a negative vibe, creates of some sort of you gotta hide. It's a little subtle energy, but people feel it. We feel it, you know, causes us not to float. So this law residents, is something that the half students practice. And actually you will practice to in your own way. Now understand that this process of your feeling, your vibe and then it resonates into the world and it the world reflects back. It actually reflects back immediately. If you become more aware you become, you can have immediate, immediate reflections, and that's what I'm showing you now, which is your feelings. So this process is always working. The only thing is, you were unaware of it working before, and so you were unconsciously making choices that you really don't prefer. You're just making them up, default, out of habit, out of ignorance because everybody else is doing the same. So it seems normal. So you don't question it. There's a lot of those, and they fall away very easily because they're not true. They don't support you. Anything that doesn't support your mind and support you just falls away. And he believes any paradigms will fall away. Guarantee. Okay, so onto the experience. Here's an exercise where you get to experience it for yourself, but you have to practice again. I can only show you the way or show you a way. This is not the only way. There's many ways you're the way. Actually, I can point. I can point the way I could give you a process. But you have to do the work. Okay, I designed this to be a fun process, because these are some of the ways that I I came to these realizations into these insights . Okay, I did it in a fun way, and that's the way. Actually it is that's that's the most effective way of doing. It is a fun way that this all happens either way in pain or and fun again. Your choice. Your choice. All right. But, uh, yeah, the more the more you go at it, the more you're just gonna want to do with the fun way. And why the fun way? Because our minds are unlimited. We can choose any way he wants. We just had this wacky concept that in order to achieve things, we must struggle. We must effort. We must wait a while, and then we get to experience his benefit. That's bullshit. Yeah, it's time. It's time to stop that. So anyone, my friends, thank you very much. I love you. 6. Feel Good Anytime, Part 1: Well, hello there again. I hope your last exercise was enjoyable and that you got a lot out of it. Like I said, these is. These exercises are designed for you to have an experience so you can experience these processes for yourself. Because in the end, what I want you to do is be able to take these processes to to be able to take these thes insights with you and be able to apply to everything in your life and ideally, in every moment of your life, moment by moment, by moment, choice. So let's continue making yourself feel better any time, making yourself feel good at any time. No, it's important for you to know this, but whenever you're feeling a negative emotion that the thoughts and the beliefs and perceptions that are supporting that emotion are not true, they're illusions. They're not true. They're not in alignment with what you really are, who you really are, what you prefer to be, how you prefer to feel. Okay, so these negative emotions are indicators of illusionary thoughts, perceptions and paradigms that are running through your mind. And why would you take feelings and emotions as indicators of truth. Well, because you prefer feel better than to feel worse. Isn't that true? So these emotions again, you want to honor them? They're indicators of what you're thinking. Now, this lesson I'm going to show you how to feel good any time I'm going to give you the tools and processes for you to practice and to use eventually, you won't need these processes. You won't need these tools. You'll have a feeling in your own in your own self in your own mind and how to do it. How to do it for yourself. This is just to get the ballroom, and it's considered like training wills. After a while, you don't need a trading rules anymore, and you could just go off on your own. You'll be able to create on your own. You won't need someone like me to tell you this stuff. So as you've seen by now, the thoughts and the feelings that you're feeling, the thoughts that you're thinking, the feelings that you're feeling they emanate out into the world, then the world reflects that back to you so that that is how you're creating your experience, your first creating it through the emotions and feelings that you're choosing to field, and through that it resonates out into the world. The world reflects it back to you in your circumstances and physical manifestations, in the way people react to you in the way the world reacts back to you. That's how you that's how you affect the world by affecting yourself. So with that in mind, it is important to feel good not only because you prefer to feel better, but because it also affects your circumstances and you prefer toe have positive circumstances. The negative circumstances you prefer toe have more resource is and money than no resources and no money. You prefer Teoh. Feel happier than feel city when you know how to make yourself feel good. Any time there's a quiet confidence that grows in you a security sense of security. You're not wavering back and forth because the world is during shoot at you. Your movies aren't going up and down with the circumstances that are coming your way. You have full control. You have full choice and this freedom Israel freedom. This is a freedom that no one can take away from you. This is a freedom that no one can fight for it for you and bring you home. Freedom. This isn't that type of freedom. This is real freedom, and that can't be taken away from you. It's only the only way it could be taken away from you is if you give it up. But you can always get it back at any time as well. So this is your freedom, my friend. Now, as a dating coach, I would first coach my students to feel good, to not seek out outside stimulation, to make them feel good, to not seek validation from women and other people to tell them if they're doing a good job in whatever okay, and again because people will respond to your consciousness. Now, this principle, as we've seen, not only works with people, but it works with the physical world. You've seen it with the piano demonstration. You've seen it. We've seen it in quantum physics already. And the reason I like to use other people as a as a means to experiment and practices because they give you pretty fast feedback. They are one of the first indicators of your physical world of how you think inside and how you feel inside. People are one of the first ones because they to our energy and they to react back. Now it's up to them how they want to react to you. But if we look, most of the world are living in a state of reaction. They're reacting to what what the world throws at them instead of being creators instead of being leaders. Creating in the sense of the world may throw negativity at me, but I will throw positivity out all for love and abundance outs with my energy with my moves with my perceptions and paradigms. Yeah, and we'll get to this later. It's called frame control from control is essentially when you can hold your frame, hold your paradigm, Hold the perception, hold your moods, hold your feelings and not be swayed by the outside will not be swayed by your own internal world. Of all the thoughts that are floating across your mind, the negative thoughts. Now it talks about switching your paradigms in a way that is to your advantage in a way that makes you feel good that makes you feel better that makes you feel more alive and eager and I talked about. The way to do that is a switch your focus into a new paradigm to new perception or new thoughts. Okay, Now I have to make a settle and clear distinction on what I'm talking about here because this will make it easier for you to be able to make yourself feel good whenever you want. Okay, I like to use this metaphor of a train, and I heard this metaphor from the speaker. Her name is Abraham Hicks. You should check her out. Really good stuff. If you like this stuff, you like her stuff as well, and she uses the metaphor of a train. So imagine a train. It's going 200 miles an hour. Four steel. Okay, And then all of a sudden, you want to turn it around and make it go into the opposite direction. How easy is that? How likely is is it for you to do to take a really big, heavy, trained, going at 200 miles an hour in one direction and then all of a sudden turned around to the other direction? It's not easy to do. It's not easy to get a train going one direction all of a sudden turn into the other direction. What first needs that happen? In order for you to change it into a different direction, it first needs to slow down. You first need to slow down the train eventually. You then need to get it to stop, and then you could turn it around. It is the same with your thoughts and your beliefs. If you have so much energy, so much, so many thoughts. So Maney believes that air going in one direction, it is really difficult for you to change direction all of a sudden. Okay. How does this look? Like most people do it this way? They have a negative thought. They have a negative belief. They feel shitty. They try to overlay positive thoughts over that came. This isn't really work, but let's look at it. You have a negative belief. You try to overlay a positive thought over it, and do you feel better? Does this work a lot? It doesn't work that well. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Okay, now let me even example of a person who wants to climb not Everest, for instance. And let's say he's never height before okay. He is not going to be able to climb Mount Everest from a place where he's never hiked before. Okay? He needs to have incremental steps, okay? And he won't even have a desire to climb to climb, not Everest. He won't even be possible in his mind. However, what he may have a desire is to hike that hill in the back of his yard. He can he may look at it and say, Yeah, I can climb this hill and he'll do it. He has confidence. You can do it because it's just a tiny hill. So he does it and he's like, Yeah, this is cool. Maybe I can climb that hill over there. It's a little bigger. So he has a confidence because he's done the small hill. Now he has the confidence. He realizes that if he could do this Hill, you can certainly do that that hill over there and he does it. And if he's finding more enjoyment out of it, he's gonna probably do it more and more and more. And before you know it, that small hill would turn into a small mountain. And after he builds up confidence in that and realizes that he can do it after he has belief that he could do it, that it's easy that he's safe all of a sudden, the desire to climb, not Everest, answers in. And he may not have the confidence because he's been able to climb this hill and that bigger hill in this mountain in this big, slightly bigger mountain. He can now see that, Oh, if I can climb these mountains here, I can certainly climb Mount Everest because, after all, in a new paradigm. After all, he sees that Mount Everest is just a collection of smaller mountains stacked on top of each other. He has a confidence. He has the belief to do it and remember with expectation with belief how easy it is to accomplish things and how difficult it is to accomplish things when you don't believe in it . Say, for instance, this person who want to climb Mount Everest, who's never climbed a hill before, Okay, Mount Everest is impossible. He has no confidence, and there's no desire at all to climb Mount Everest. So this example is a metaphor for building your beliefs in a way that makes you feel confidence that makes you feel good. That's essentially believable. Okay, you're not going to go from sitting still watching TV all day to climbing, not Everest. Like I said, you need to take the baby steps in between the believable baby steps in between so you can eventually get to where you want to be. So going back, we tend to overlay positive thoughts on top of negative thoughts. But that doesn't work as you've seen, because the negative thought is still active within your belief system, you still believe it and now overlaying a positive thought with a negative thought. There, two opposing thoughts. It just doesn't work. It's like a computer program that has two different programming. It won't know what instruction to follow, and what happened is it will stay in limbo. It'll freeze. And just like you've probably seen in your experience but times that you frozen that you you were stuck in indecision. You had opposing beliefs, opposing paradigms in your in your mind at that time. But when there's a certainty, you go forward and you go forward with confidence. So this certainty is what we're aiming for. Okay, Like I said, a quiet confidence will start growing in you a sense of security and unwavering this. Alright. And just like the man trying to climb Everest, you got to take the baby steps in between. Okay? You cannot get a trained all of a sudden change direction after it's been traveling full speed at another direction. Same thing with your beliefs and thoughts. So you need you need a stepping stone in between. You need a method to bring you closer to the places that you do want to be closer to the states of mind that you want to be alrighty. So instead of automatically overlaying positive thoughts on top of negative thoughts and instead of ignoring your negative thoughts again, they're indicators. What you want to do is bring yourself back to a state of calmness, of piece of neutrality. And there's several methods we can choose from. And remember, you could only create like things from the state that you're in. So if you're in a state of fear, if you have a belief system of lack, but you need to save every last penny, well, that's the world that you're gonna get. You're gonna get experiences where you need to save every last penny and where everything feels constricted and you're not free to be able to just get what you need in which you want. However, it works in the opposite direction. If you're in a state of love, if you're in a state of calmness in peace, if you're in a state of abundance, then that's what you get back. It's a lot of residence. You're starting to experience this and you've seen it in action with other people, all right, and you've seen it in action within your own mind. And what I'm talking about is another way of saying that you cannot solve a problem at the same level that created it. On sense of that, we cannot solve problems at the same level that created them. And so if we see a problem, it's safe to say it came from a state of fear and to react to that problem and try to solve a problem at the level of effects at the level of the problem of the seeming problem, you only get more of the same because you're trying to solve a problem at the same level that created it, which is fear in this case, However, if you come from a place of love and abundance, and if you can re translate the circumstances that you're witnessing if you can Malcolm eyes the meaning that you're giving onto everything. Then you are starting from a place of creation. You're starting from a different level. You are solving a problem at a different level than the problem was created. Why? Because now you're coming from a space of what problem. There is no problem. And if you come from that space that there is no problem that it's all good, then what else has to reflect into the world? This is how you do it. This is alchemy. This is Call it like magic. It's not magic, it's science. It's really experience. You see this for the you see this for yourself, so going back, you cannot stop a train that's going full speed and all of a sudden have it going in the other direction. You cannot stop your negative belief system or negative spiral, and all of a sudden turn it around the other way. So it's important that you come back to a state of calmness. A state of neutrality. A state of ease before you can have a train going in a different direction before you can start creating with new perspectives. All right. And you know how that feels. Like you just relaxed. You're not really worrying about anything. Okay? So I will give you tools in the exercise for you. Teoh, do this and be able to practice this on your own. All right? How to feel good any time. And like I said, it is nearly impossible to get a train to all of a sudden reverse directions. It is really difficult for you to be able to get yourself in a state of negativity in a downward spiral. And all of the sudden change directions into an upward spiral into a state of expect to see in bliss. You need to first take the baby step, which is getting yourself back into a state of calmness. 7. Feel Good Anytime, Part 2: so to come back to a state of calmness, what you need to do is re focus your attention on to other things other than the negativity . You re focus your attention on whatever it is that makes you feel better. It could be slightly better. It could be way better, just whatever may be. As long as it is a better feeling than your current states, you need to get yourself to a better feeling state. So the way to do that is to refocus. As we've seen. How you feel is determined by worry. Put your focus. So if your focus was on a negative feeling, if your focus was on negative thoughts or perceptions that are disempowering or anything like that, you need to re focus your attention on to other things. And it could be really whatever it could be something as simple as Washington Washington dishes playing. Use it, calling a friend, taking in that, taking a shower, cooking a meal, eating something It doesn't really matter as long as it makes you feel better. Okay, then, from that from a place of calmness, then you can then create. You're now in a position to take on higher levels of perception on perceptions that make you feel good and you'll be able to take it on authentically versus like the guy who wants to climb not Everest. But he's never hype before. Okay, you'll you'll now be in a position to accept new beliefs and new positive paradigms. And remember, really goes back down to feeling how you feel about these beliefs. Yeah, because you can take on you can try to take on a belief that so far out of reach that you just won't believe it. Okay, so what you need to do is find beliefs, find focus, find a paradigm, whatever. So you get yourself to feel better to get yourself to neutral. And then from that, you build on new paradigms. New perceptions. All right. It's a lot easier that way because you will then believe it versus the other way. You won't believe it. So whatever new paradigms, beliefs or faucet you take on needs to be believable to you or also won't work. Okay. And this takes on an element of you knowing yourself of new of you knowing how you feel. And that is why, in the last lesson I had. You really accept this for yourself and change your mind about your feelings and your emotions to accept them, to see them as your friend and your guidance versus something to shun away in to fix. Now there's a tendency to judge yourself when these negative feelings is negative. Beliefs thes thes horrible thoughts that are running through your head. You see them, you weigh, tend to judge ourselves when we come across these negative beliefs in these paradigms, and these thoughts that we have some of them could be pretty nasty. The point that the trick is to not judge yourself our tendencies to judge ourselves. That's why we don't want to look at them. That's why we don't want to feel these feelings, because really, we're judging ourselves for having them and judging ourselves. How does that make us feel? Does that make us feel better or worse? And like I said, what we want to do is always choose thoughts that feel better. So if you judge yourself, that makes you feel worse. And if you feel worse, what direction are you sending the train still? No. Let me give you a quick example of how not to judge yourself to how to just let these feelings pass through you without judging. Okay? I took a 10 day. I took several. I took a 10 day silence meditation retreat. It's called the pasta. Awesome to try it. It's by donation only. They feed you vegetarian meals on. They put you up in a place to stay, and you just meditate in silence for the next 10 days. Now the instructions instruction during the positive meditation is to simply watch to simply sit there and watch your motions. Watch the sensations, watch the feelings and watch the thoughts that pass through your awareness. You have a single on your finger. You just watch it. You don't judge it. He's supposed to just watch, meaning not judge not make conclusions. Now, in my experience at this 10 day meditation retreat, I was experiencing a lot of hunger or what we call hunger. I was feeling the sensations in the stomach, the what we call hunger pangs. Okay, However, in the pasta we're learning to just observe everything without judgments, and with that, I was able to see that what we call hunger, the sensations that we call Hunger there just sensations. Before, I used to be a very angry person. I would if I was hungry, I'd be angry. I'd be frustrated. I'd be nasty. Okay, I'd be moody. However, after seeing this, I could see that. Oh, this is just another sensation. And after that, I was I was no longer a hungry person. So after this experience of hunger, I was able to take that same experience and apply it to everything in life. And thats why this scar here that I told you about earlier? That's why I was able to translate that experience that would have normally been a horrific , anxiety ridden, fearful experience. I was able to turn that around into one of the best experiences of my life. The, uh, the nurses and the doctors were thanking me and saying it was a pleasure to serve me when I was in the hospital. Why? Because my attitude, my paradigms, were that of peace and fun and adventure. I saw This is an adventure I saw. This is power, power and that's I realize that nothing in this world nothing in the physical world or in my mind can affect me. can really affect me. And that may be extremely happy. Because when you know that when you can see that for yourself, this ease comes over you. A big weight is off her shoulder. You're powerful, you're invulnerable. And I would have been able to do that if I wasn't in a state of calmness. So what I'm about to show you is a video. Now, remember, you'll be safe. But when you watch this video, okay, I want you, Teoh, sit there watching it, trying not to turn away again. You'll be safe. I promise you won't be hurt. But what? You want to sit there and just just observe the sensations that are going through your body and through and thoughts that they're going through your mind just observed. Don't judge yourself. Don't think it should be there. I don't think it should not be there. Don't try Teoh change it or anything like that. Just just let it pass and don't judge is okay. I'm showing you how this how to come back to a state of calmness. This is one of the way I'm on everybody. - Okay ? How was that? Was that Was that fun? What was your experience like, did you notice your palms sweating? Did you notice your heart heartbeat racing? Did you notice your breath shallow? Do you want to look away? Did you want to turn off the video? That act of just watching it and let letting yourself go through those feelings? That's what it hands the shallow breath. Okay, that may be a little tension inside. It's all good. But you saw you're still safe, okay? And you saw you're able to do that. It's very much the same way. This is the same dynamic that it is, what negative thoughts go across your mind when negative circumstances are seeming to occur . It's the same way. Can you stay their presence? Letting your heart race, letting your palm sweats, letting the negative thoughts flow in without paying much attention to them. It's the same dynamic, so you can do this. You can then take this and carry it on to everything else in your life. So again, when negative feelings and thoughts come in, don't push them away. Don't judge them, just let them come. All right, then you're in a state of calmness. Now what? I'm gonna lead you through this lesson is how to get yourself in a state of calmness. It's a practice. You'll get yourself in a state of calmness whenever you're feeling negative or city. And then from there you be able to build new paradigms. Take on new perceptions. Remember how you perceive the world How you feel about the world is how the world will reflect back to you. Okay, so here we go. 8. Use the Power of Frame Control, Part 1: Okay. Next. Gen I mind, heck, frame control, frame control. Now this is one of my favorite topics to talk about because it's very powerful. Frame control. Remember that in the scene of Star Wars when Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker were driving into town. This is early on in the movie, and they had to Androids the two droids C three Po and R two d two with them and the bad guys, the entire We're looking for these Androids because they had some information or something . Now, as they drove into town, they came across the stormtroopers, the guards, the policeman and there who were looking for these droids. And when they searched the vehicle, Obi Wan Kenobi said, These aren't the joys you're looking for. And for those who don't know over when Kenobi is the wise sage in the movie, one of them Zen Master Buddha, Jesus Enlightened Person Master. Okay, so as a search for the vehicle, Obi Wan Kenobi says, These aren't the joys you're looking for. These find the droids you're looking for, and the storm trooper said These aren't the joys were looking for, and everyone could not be said. Move along, and Stormtrooper replied, Move along, move along, keep moving. All right. Now, when I first saw this long time ago, it resonated with me because I knew that this is what we do. In fact, we're actually doing it all the time. You see this dynamic played out with parents and Children, usually at the terrible age of two. Kids are now inserting there. Will they realize they have their own will? So now they're testing their parents and how far they can go on whose frame is stronger, the parents or for the kids. And you see this and the parents can fall into the frame by fighting back by trying to exert their will over their child. So this is another case of trying to solve a problem with the same level that created it. So frame control. That's what's going on frame. There's another word for perception, for paradigm, for a belief. Okay, you frame a picture, you frame a scenario. We see it on the news all the time. They're always framing fax into a certain story into a certain narrative to proven agenda. To prove a point, just like we have already witnessed with ourselves how we're peering out into the world looking for evidence to support what we already believe. So the news and really we're all doing OK. I'm doing it. The question is, Are you at what direction you want to use it for? OK, do you want? Do you want to use this dynamic of looking for a framing of looking for evidence to support a picture in your mind? Do you want that picture to be one of joy and abundance and love, or do you want it to give conflict of competition? Who's better than who of scarcity of lack of all that, So frame is a paradigm. It's a way of looking at things. Having a strong frame, Having frame control is basically the ability to maintain a paradigm in the face of opposing paradigms in the face of opposing beliefs, opposing energies, if you will. Okay, usually the stronger frame wins. For instance, in the example, with the child and the parents, there's that frame battle going on which frame is going going to win, which one of the more dominant one, which one is not going to waver? Okay, now it's like this all these dynamics going on in the world. There's there's many frame battles going on. It's largely unconscious for most people now. CAVEATS Okay, this frame holding a strong frame. It's very powerful and it could be using either direction. Okay, could be used for dark or could use for lights. And it's really your choice. Okay. However, as we've seen you've seen in your experience, whenever you're fighting for whenever you're trying to maintain something for darkness for something that doesn't feel good ultimately for you, then it just gets harder and harder. It gets harder and hard to maintain because you're building your because you're building your reality upon illusions about upon things that aren't really true. Now, most of the time we take on these frames unconsciously without our awareness. And so we fluctuate with the paradigms that are surrounding us. He would see it all the time and see it in advertisements on TV and our movies. They're influencing our frames without our awareness, OK, but we're becoming aware we're becoming conscious. So you have Dominion over your own mind instead of the world having Dominion over your mind . Okay? These frames, we can consider them as programming there's another way of saying their programming, their belief systems their thought patterns already. And like I said, the world wants to impose its belief system. It's frame upon you. It wants you to take it on as well. Meaning what? We could see it on themselves, how we want other people to believe what we believe. And likewise, you see other people doing what we do. So we tend to fluctuate with these paradigms that are coming at us with the moods that are that are around. Us, for instance, are significant. Other might be pissed off at us and so will be pissed off back. When the stock market goes up, so does my happiness. But when it goes down, so does my happiness. By the way, I used to be a financial advisor. It's the only financial services business, and as a financial advisor, we invest in the stock market, and one of the ways I would use frame control is I would give my clients of frame. I would give them a nem powering frame and the frame waas. I would tell him, Look, through these years you will lose money. I promise you, you keep your you keep invested long enough, you will lose money from time to time. If you look at one statement to the next, I promise you will at one point see it at least once your account's drop. Okay, that's the frame I gave them and why's empowering because it gives them. It gives them confidence, knowing that when it does drop to just wait it out. To not have to worry because we invested in long term planning is conservative, more conservative, style of approach of investing. It's a long term financial planning, so I gave them this frame to take on. It's really for the peace of mind and also for me, too, because I didn't want them to be calling me all the time. Here's another example of frame control. Let's say you're at home or at work, and there's chaos all around you. People are just in panic, yelling. Things are just organized. Okay, you can see that energy of anxiety spread amongst the family or the group of the co workers , but you stay centered. You stay anchored and grounded. You stay calm at peace. You maintain a frame of piece of calmness, of clarity that's frame control, and there's a lot of power in that. So maintaining that vibe, that centeredness that grounded nous, that's that's frame control in action. And when you can do that, how do you think the world around you will respond, and how does it feel to you? So if you hold a frame long enough, you stay centered with your frame holding that paradigm. If you hope If you hold it long enough, the world must bend to you and it really happens as little as 60 seconds, maybe even less. Why I say that is because you feel it. You the first. Like I said, the first manifestation of what you're thinking and feeling of what you're framing is your feelings. Okay, so you'll get a very fast response. And like and eventually you become so impeccable with their thoughts more and more and more that you get deeper and more refined, mawr tuned more efficient. And that is how Obi Wan Kenobi was able to just say, These aren't the joys you're looking for, because in many ways you'll be able to do that with the practice with the exercises. And in fact, actually, you're doing it all the time. You just don't know it like I said, but you're becoming aware. So you want to pay attention to the frame that you have and the frames that you're holding and maintaining for the frames that you're arguing for. And you can tell by the way you feel again. Now, let me point out a slight subtlety before we go on, all right, the frame is only as strong as you believe it to be, meaning you cannot hold a frame that you really don't believe. It's true, for instance. And I saw this all the time as a dating coach that that men will they want. They want the beautiful girl. They want to be able to talk to her and get with her. But in the back of their minds, I could see that there was a feeling of unworthiness. But what they would do was they just they would ignore that they would not face that that way, and they would try to overlay a positive thoughts. You know, I'm worthy that doesn't work. You can't just lie to yourself. You gotta be true to yourself. However, a frame that I did give them that they were able to use to their advantage was a frame of a buyer of a person going into a car dealer to buy a car, because when you go into a dealership to buy a car, you want to buy a car, but you don't know which car you want to buy for you. I mean, nowadays you probably do with the Internet, but you get my point. You go to a car dealership and you look around. You see what car? What car fits you best. So you test drop. So you test drive that car, you test drive that car, you sit in this car and you play with the radio here and you look around, kick the tires, okay and then eventually do through the process, which is also enjoyable. The process of finding what car is the right fit for you. So through that process, you find the right car for yourself and then you take it home. And that was the paradigm that with the frame that I would give the students to take on, and it's up to them to take it on. But it's very useful because now they would go in, demeanor changed. Their not so desperate they're not feeling so sells the sort of speak they weren't being the salesmen. They're being the buyer and that change their whole demeanor. That changed their energy, their vibe. They're able to have fun more. They able to play around more and be a little bit more natural. So that's how powerful these frames are. The frames that you take on, we can look out. The frames of the world have been imposed on us, for instance, the educational system, the whole idea that you must memorize a set of information and data to then write it down on a piece of paper so you could be graded by someone else's standards. And they call that intelligence. They call that progress other frames that that institutions have imposed upon the world. The idea of hell, like the religious institutions, have imposed the idea of hell that you're a sinner and all this other nonsense or politics in attempt of trying to categorize you into two parties. There's seven billion people in the world. There's certainly not to people two thought systems. It's preposterous, but we're moving on from all that, so These were some of the frames that were imposed upon us upon our psyche, and they've been drilled upon us and been maintained by society by the majority of people by advertisements by we're floating in it. And so you've seen because these frames air so strong they're supported by a lot of people and by a lot of money in advertisements and thinking in our educational system, it's it's everywhere. You see how you bought into it as well. I bought into that, you bond. So we all have. There's nothing wrong about it. We're just now awakening to that, but we've bought into it. We've We took on the idea that we must do things that we seem obligated to do, even though they don't feel good. They were to do this even though I really don't care, even though it's not enjoyable. Like a lot of people didn't like math. I personally like math, but a lot of people didn't like math and they're not really using it. You only need math up to a certain level, and then after that it's just you don't need it another way. We bent ourselves to the world's paradigms is we started tilting ourselves. We started. We started holding back and are expressions of what we are. We like who we are, so we bent ourselves. Now this is awesome to see because you see it work, how it worked in your own psyche in your own life, how these frames, how having strong frames work and how the world bends to it because we've been to it. But now that we're realizing that we're the controller of our minds, then there's no more betting to the world. We let the world bento us. Now the caveat. It's a lot more fun. It's easier when it's done with love. We see some of the world leaders who are doing it not with love, but with a lot of fear, and you see how much effort that requires. But again, it's nothing really to be worried about. Nothing to fret over because the truth in you is already working. It's already working to dissolve all the illusions in your mind. The very fact that you hear listening to it is proof. Already there was there was an interest in you to sign up for this course. There's an interest in you to continue listening to my rambling on about stuff. Perhaps Perhaps, you know, it's true. Perhaps it resonates with you. 9. Use the Power of Frame Control, Part 2: so frame control is the ability to maintain an energy of I've a perception of a paradigm, a belief in the face of opposing energies or unwanted energies. UN preferred energies. How about that? I'm preferred un preferred paradigms, unhelpful paradigms, un cool paradigms, unfunded paradigms is the ability to maintain in the frame that you desire and you desire, of course, everything on the side of love, abundance, peace, happiness, fun, adventure, joy, togetherness. Okay, unless you don't want it, there's no right or wrong here. And really, frame control is not necessarily and not really about holding a frame against the world. Because remember, everything that comes to us that we perceive in the world is a really projection. We're giving meaning to everything we're perceiving. So ultimately it's our minds. Frame control is having control over our minds over the frames that we're taking on. That's the true frame control. Then it will reflect in the world. There be. Sometimes in the World War, you'll feel inspired to maintain a frame with a group or whatever. Then there'll be other times when you don't care. It's just not part of your frame, or it doesn't feel good in that moment to maintain a certain frame, perhaps because the energy is already good. Perhaps because you see if you were to impose any bit of a new frame, if you were to interject any bit of a new frame into the environments that it would cause a big push back frame controls how the world's famous SAGES and healers operated, they were so aligned and so buried in truth, would not waver in truth and love that people healed around them in their presence. You can read all about this on Google is it's phenomenal stuff. It's everywhere now. And much of this knowledge is already seeping into a modern a culture like now, like what I'm doing and really much of this knowledge you already know because think about it. This wouldn't resonate with you if you didn't already know the truth. How could you know the truth? How can you say, Oh, yeah, that's true if you didn't already know the truth. Another powerful thing about frame control is that when one frame is bought into if one perception of one belief is is believed, then a host of other perceptions and beliefs must be bought into a swell at the same time. Okay, So, for instance, let's say you bought into the belief that in order to get what you want, you must struggle. You must sacrifice. You must effort. And you must wait a while before you get what you want. Okay? What you're gonna do is you're going to set yourself on a path of struggle of efforting, of waiting a while because that's what you expect. Because again you're peering out into the world and you're putting it. You're piecing it together to validate the reality that you want. And that's how that's why you'll set yourself on that path. You won't see any other options. They won't be available to you at the moment while you hold a certain paradigm. So by believing in that one paradigm of struggle efforting sacrifice waiting, that you're gonna send yourself on a path of that, then you're gonna look around and you're going to see other people who are also efforting and struggling. And you're gonna say, Wow, those are good, hardworking people. I like them. Then you're gonna look at other people who aren't seemingly working as hard as you, and yet they may be more successful, more seemingly happy. And you're going to then come up with another belief that there are lucky they inherited their wealth that there, maybe they're crooks. They stole it. Whatever. Whatever believe you're gonna come up with to support your current believe your current paradigm, whether it be true or not, it seems true to you. So you easily buy into it to. So then, okay, after you set yourself on a path of struggle and strife that lends itself to a host of other things that you're gonna have to buy into. Then when I spoke with my clients as a finance adviser, I deliberately took the paradigm of being a doctor. Now why people give authority to doctors. It's kind of funny. Doctors deserve it in one sense, but they're not gods. Okay, I see doctors as as partners as cabin Cabinet members who have who have extensive knowledge in one specific area. But they don't have knowledge in all areas. Okay, and then also you start to see the educational system that they went through. There is a lot of bias in a certain direction, but that's another topic. So I took on the paradigm of arm the doctor. Okay, Most people take on the paradigm as finance adviser of being a salesman. They're selling their investments. I didn't do that. I took on the paradigm of being a doctor. But because the current paradigm for doctors is the doctor tells you what to do. The clock that the patient says, Okay, I'm gonna do it. Done. Done. Deal. Financial advisors typically have to sell to clients. They recommend they recommend investments and insurance and planning based off of the client's needs and desires and current situation. And then they come up with a plan and this plan, you sell the investments within it insurance and all that. Okay, so a lot of financial advisors took on the paradigm as being a salesman instead of being a doctor. And what happens is whatever paradigm you take on, that's what comes through new communication, not in just the words you say, but in the words that you don't say and the things that you don't say in the in the paperwork that you send out in your office in the way you sits and the way you look at them in your body language and the way you dress and the way other people treat you or don't feed you. Okay, it's it's it's communication is actually really infinite that the channels of communication is really infinite. It's not limited to just the five senses Quick example. We have emotions. We typically say we have five senses. But no, that is not true. That's observable. Observable e not true because we have these have six. We have a motion. Emotion is an indicator of something. So taking on this Dr frame, it came across in the way communicated with him. So now instead of it being Mr Mrs Clients, these are the investments. You want it or not. It was Mr Mrs Klatt. These are the recommendations I have for you. These are the best I came up with. Sign here. Let's get started. So there's a lot of influence you have over the world with your paradigms and yourself. Okay. And again, this goes back to frame control frame control within. Really your mind. Ok, if our toe if I were the waiver of, for instance, taking on the frame of being a doctor, if I were to waver with my clients, they would have felt that they would have seen that somehow they would have known. Oh, he's a Charlotte's and he's pretending or he's a cellar. He's a salesman Now The degree that you waver is the degree to which you actually believe it, and a belief is just a bunch of thoughts repeated over and over again. It has a lot of momentum behind it. So, like I said, if one frame is bought into there must be other beliefs that are bought into to that support that frame, that's how powerful they are. They're like Trojan horses of beliefs, meaning you take a Trojan horse into your home into your castle, and there's a host of other things and problems that come out of it. There's deep shit, I know, but I love it. So controlling your frame, I will give you exercises where you can practice and you get a feel you can become aware and bring awareness to how you are controlling your frame and what frames you are trying to maintain. One will be internally and another will be externally now in these exercises, they're fairly simple, but I kept it that way because I want you to. I want you to get it. I wanted to sink in you. I want you to get used to it. Get feel. Because if you can practice these insights on little things, then you could take that same dynamic, that same process, and apply it to every else in your life. All right, again, baby. Steps so onto your mission. 10. The Ultimate Perception: Ground Your Reality In The ONLY Thing That Is Constant: Hey, guys. Is Mike Norris user coming to you from Los Angeles? Thank you for being here. We're down to your final lesson. Your final mind tack. Okay. And this is grounding your reality in the Constance grounding your reality in the constant and what that is is I am okay. It's a paradigm. It's a way of looking at things. It's actually a reality. And this up, and there's something I'll show you later on. Okay, Now, this is one of the biggest mine hacks there is. And if you practice this often, you'll find a quite sense of security. Come over you. A confidence, a calmness, a piece, an unwavering piece. Not this fluctuating kind that we experience in this realm. This to mention or this paradigm, this way of thinking the old way of thinking. If you practice this often, if he referred to this paradigm often, which will find his perceptual worlds begin to open up to you, you'll start to see more. See dynamics. You'll start to see 20 steps ahead, and you avoid things. You avoid problems, you'll go down roads that you could see. Oh, this is the road for me. Your decision making will get better. You have more fun, you'll have more freedom, personal freedom. Things get easier. And why? While this, because you'll be grounding your reality in the constant and something that's unchanging, we've heard the metaphor of not building your house upon the sand. You want to build it on rock, for obvious reasons. You build it on sad. It shifts and change the foundation. It moves around. It's not stable. Soon you're fine. Cracks in the beans or the floorboards splitting apart in separating you're constantly needs to maintain it. It's a lot of effort in that, as we could see in our own lives. So we want to build our reality. We want to ground our reality. We want to refer and peer out into the world through a reality that doesn't that doesn't shift. That doesn't change. And curious enough, you'll find the world bidding to you more often than the other way. Then you bending to the world. It's more like a dance. Actually, it's nothing. There's nothing is no force involved, no conquering, no overpowering. It's more of a flow and ease a way of being in this state. You'll find more and more often, things just work out for you. They seem to just work out. Struggles fall away, they disappear, conflicts, notes away or don't even begin So really cool stuff. Okay, This paradigm I am now. In order to implement this inside, I'm about to show you think of it like the final scene in Star Wars. The 1st 1 a new hope, were they were the rebel lines had to fly in. Their mission plan was a flying to the death star and blow it up. For those of you haven't seen Star Wars, the rebel alliance of the good guys and the death star is the battle station, the main battle station where the bad guys were and the mission was a flying and drop a torpedo into about a three three meter hole diameter that that was a shaft That led all the way down to the core of the death star to the very sensor and blowing up from within. That was the most effective, the most efficient way of doing it. Given this scenario, given that the bad guys had greatly overpowered them in terms of technology and resource is . But then you later on find out that there was a bigger resource, which was the force, which is what I'm showing you call it the force. Call it. I am. So this is the same with the mind. With their experience, we need to do. Let's get to the core of what you believe you are of your experience. We're getting to the very core the very Can you say the beginning of your experience? Not in time meeting, not your physical birth. I don't mean that. I mean the beginning. Right now, our experience, What is the core of this experience right now? Okay. And you're gonna find that the core of this is the Constance. Okay? And it's interesting, because if you if you see if you notice there's a desire to always want something that's constant, we're always looking for something that's stable. That's something we can really hold on to because we want that security. But we can never find it in the physical world. Anyway, in the changing and the things that disappear, they come and go. And so it becomes very upsetting when the things leave and the things that we care about leave die, go away somehow it could become very upsetting. And why? Because we put a reality in time in the temporary and things that change. Now I'm not saying that we cannot enjoy these things. In fact, realizing what we're about to see right now, we'll allow you to enjoy everything mawr in a in a deeper way. There's a depth to a quality, the wholeness clarity. What I am saying is that there is a consistent, unchanging part of your experience to root your reality on. Because in truth, that's the only thing you can do your reality on on things that don't change. Okay, so just like Star Wars, we're going deep down to the core of the death star and blowing it up from the inside. And what is this? What is this core that I'm talking about? It is our identities. It is what we think we are, who we think we are. Okay, let's look at that. What does that mean? Our identities? What does that mean? Well, I would say, for instance, I am Mike. I'm a man. I am the things I do like I'm an entrepreneur, a musician. I would give myself qualities. I'm lazy. I'm intelligent. I'm apathetic. I'm cool. At least I think so. However, all these things are temporary. They changed by definition. I cannot be anything that's temporary. I cannot be this body because I remember 30 years ago this body looked a lot different than it does now. It changed where that body go. I thought I was that body back then. But obviously I wasn't. Because I have a different body now. Yes, I'm still here. I as in this I am presence. We'll get to that. So, my friend, my reality, my perception, my paradigm has been rooted in things that change. And what happens is a creases, deep sense of insecurity and fear. Why? Because we intuitively know that the things that we value a lot, they would be taken away from us. They'll change. What I'm going to show you is something that cannot be taken away from you. And like I said, when you see this, the more you can more. You can see this, the more you can refer to this paradigm, which is a line with truth because it's constant, the more you'll be able to enjoy the things that are temporary and appreciate them. So you're not losing anything and you're gaining everything. Your paradigm provide the range a potential you have. It provides the limits. So when we see ourselves as things that change, if we root our identities and things that change, that's the limit that we have. We now got to protect these things, these temporary things. We got to try to keep it, hold it, hold it to ourselves. We fear the future. So we do all this stuff, too. Plan for and safe or not that bad. But I think you can overdo it. As a financial advisor, I haven't had one client that was really at ease and at peace being retired. After many years of saving and investing and planning, doing the right thing, you didn't really get what they wanted, which was that security? While do they save for retirement? They wanted. They wanted security. They wanted to know that they don't have to worry about it for the rest of their lives. But no, Even though the numbers said that they don't have to worry about it, there's still worried about it. They haven't gotten to the core of why they worry in the first place. So what we're going to do is route your reality in the constants. It's your choice. I'm just pointing the way you have to do the work you have to want. If you don't want it, that's cool, too. You know you're free. You don't to do anything you don't want to dio. You shouldn't fact only follow with what you feel is best for you, because that feeling will take you to where you need to be, which is happiness. He's piece, same thing. You cannot go wrong. You cannot do this wrong. You start to realize you cannot make mistakes. There is no mistake. There's a lot of comfort in that. A lot of peace, a lot less efforting and grasping. So we're going to root your reality in the constant in the unchanging. It's funny because when I was a finance adviser, the first rule as a finance adviser was to never invest in a guaranteed lost, never invest in something you are guaranteed to lose. Yeah, if we look out yet, if you look, that's what we do. We, uh we place our identities in the things that are guaranteed to lose what I mean by identity also is the temporary things that make you extremely happy when they're there and extremely depressed when they're gone. So what has changed this? What is Constance? What is in our experience, what is stable and solid? Certainly not. The realm of form even believes police are forms there. Thought forms and they always changed. And more. You throw you pick one up to throw another one away. What can we root our reality on our paradigms? What remains? If I am none of these things that are temporary, we're observable. The answer. I am no more After that now you're likely to ask. Well, I am What? And that's the old programming. The old program wants the label it wants to define and want to step separate, set apart from everything else and make it different. Anything that comes after I am is temporary is in the world of perception in the realm of perception of symbols. Okay, there's nothing wrong with that. You still way still use them. It's just that we now use it from the place of I am meaning I am. I would typically say I am Mike. I am this body I'm a man. I'm a musician. But the thing that remains is just I am this experience, this existence I am Stop. I exist. So let me show you. Close your eyes. I want you to experience this. All right? You notice thoughts are crossing. You can hear my voice. So you're witnessing that. That is you. The person witnessing the thing witnessing You're not a person. Can you see this awareness that I'm talking about? It's actually not a big deal. In fact, when you see it, you should be like, Oh, that. Well, I've been that my whole life. Exactly. You've been that your whole life. That's the point. It's the only constant. It's the only unchanging thing in your experience. Okay, You can open your eyes now at first. Some people, when they realize this when they see it, some people have this big Ah, wow. That's awesome. Okay, for most people. And this happens in my case when you realize it, your first reaction is Oh, that. Well, what about that then? If you go there often Meaning if you remember that paradigm more often that you are this I am presence. Nothing after I am just I am. If you remember that paradigm often and refer to that, you start to feel this calm sense come over you. Why? Because you refer to something that constant, unchanging. You notice problems disappear, conflicts not away. Because you because you've changed the source that created conflict and that created difficulty and struggle, you would have problems solved before they even began. Kind of like neo in the Matrix when he when he asked Morpheus, You mean I will dodge bullets and Morpheus said No. Neo, I will teach you so you don't have to dodge bullets. Something like that. This is the same thing. Then why does this occur? Why does why do more insights? And why does more openness and expanded perception come to you? Because you've taken the limits off of what you think you are, and again, with paradigms, you're not gonna have access to ideas and other paradigms outside of that 11. Final Tip - I Leave You With This: Congratulations, guys. I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly did. So let's review what you learn. You've seen the power of perceptions in how they make you act and how you make the world respond back to you. And you've learned to change your perceptions for your benefit. You learn how the vibe carry the moves that you're in, the thoughts that are running through your mind, you learn, and you've seen how they affect the world around you. You've learned the importance of feeling good as often as he can, because the vibe mood and the energy that you're putting out is coming right back at you and you learn how to immediately make yourself feel good whenever you want. You've learned the power of frame control and how to apply it so you can get the things that you want faster and you've learned to instead of grounding your reality in the shifting in the changing to instead grounded in the unchanging, the solid. Now you should already be experiencing the benefits of this practice. So keep practicing, keep doing it further and green it as a habit. It will become easier and easier for you and likewise your experience will get better and better. Okay, Last idea. Before you go, you are far better off. Things will far more likely work out for you in your favor. And things will be way easier if you first take the time to make your mind right before going in to accomplish anything. Meaning if you take the time to to in your mind and to get yourself feeling good enthusiastic before accomplishing anything before taking action before making decisions, Get yourself at least calm or any positive emotions. Then proceed. Watch how your life unfolds. Watch how things work out for you. Watch how things become easier. Watch how you have more fun Watch how you laugh more. It's awesome. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I love this stuff. I'm here. Thanks. Check it out.