Jazz up your Illustrations with a Parallax Animation in After Effects

Vera Rehaag, Freelance Artist

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7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Choosing your Artwork

    • 3. Separating Elements using Photoshop

    • 4. Filling in the blanks

    • 5. After Effects 101

    • 6. Adding Magic in After Effects

    • 7. Last Words

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About This Class


Hello and welcome to my Skillshare class!
My name is Vera and I am a freelance illustrator and animator from Hamburg, Germany.

In this class, I will teach you how to animate your illustration with a simple
Parallax Effect using Photoshop and After Effects.


You should have a basic understanding of digital painting and working in the respective programs. Even though I do my best to explain everything I'm doing, this class is better suited for intermediate students. 

I will show you a few examples of how this effect can look like, and explain a general approach to creating an animated illustration.

You can tag along in my process step by step, and either follow the assignment by using the provided templates (see class project), or do the assignment from scratch.

  • Choosing an Illustration
  • Preparing your Illustration
  • After Effects setup for a Parallax Animation
  • Additional Magic

I recommend this class for a bit more experienced students. But as long as you are feeling confident and are up for a challenge, I encourage every artist to join in!

The Parallax Effect will add depth and dynamic to your artwork, support your storytelling and just look awesome with comparably little effort.

Have fun!