Javascript Fundamentals: A Crash Course

Mark Lassoff, Technical Trainer and Author

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15 Lessons (1h 54m)
    • 1. Welcome to Javascript

    • 2. Writing Your First Lines of Code

    • 3. The Tools of the Trade

    • 4. Variables

    • 5. Mathematics with Javascript

    • 6. Obtaining User Input

    • 7. Making Decisions: Conditionals

    • 8. While Loops and For Loops

    • 9. Arrays in Javascript

    • 10. Javascript Objects

    • 11. Javascript Date Object

    • 12. Javascript String Object

    • 13. Audio and Video in Javascript

    • 14. The XMLHttpRequest() Object

    • 15. Activity Orientation


Project Description

Javascript Quiz Master!

Project Summary


Even before Jeopardy, quiz games were all the rage.  From a few locals getting together at the local pub for trivia night to nationwide televised quiz bowls, trivia has always been a popular passtime.  

In this project you'll marry your Javascript skills with the world of trivia to create a playable, five question trivia game.

We'll proivde the questions in a series of array objects.  Your job will be to:

  • Display the questions and answers
  • Let the user know if they are correct or wrong
  • Keep score (1 point per correct answer)
  • Reward the users for correct answer with a plesant sound (included)
  • Punish for wrong answers with a buzzer sound (included)

What's Included

To get you started we've included a data file with the questions and answers stored in Javascript arrays.  (You're welcome to replace these with your own questions and answers).  We've also included audio files for sound to play during the game.

If you need a hint, we've also included an entire solution set in the zip file.  You may modify it until your hear'ts content!  The first way developers usually understand a language is by modifying it from it's orignial form.  

Challenge Yourself

If you want to challenge yourself:

A) Display only one question and set of answers at a time.
B) Create a "splash screen" with music that plays when the game starts
C) Make the game a two player game.

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