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JavaScript Programming: Learn Basic JavaScript Code for Beginner Programmers

Matthew Dewey, Writer, Writing Tutor

JavaScript Programming: Learn Basic JavaScript Code for Beginner Programmers

Matthew Dewey, Writer, Writing Tutor

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21 Lessons (1h 35m)
    • 1. Introduction to JavaScript for Beginners

    • 2. What is JavaScript?

    • 3. Course Overview

    • 4. Software Download and Installation

    • 5. Creating HTML and JS Files

    • 6. First Line Of Code

    • 7. Output and Debugging

    • 8. Strings, Integers and Floats

    • 9. Mathematics with Float and Integers

    • 10. Retrieving User Input

    • 11. Inserting Working Hyperlinks

    • 12. The If Statement

    • 13. Nested If Statements and Additional Operators

    • 14. The Boolean Data Type

    • 15. Basic Text Methods

    • 16. Basic Mathematic Methods

    • 17. The While Loop

    • 18. The For Loop

    • 19. Project Discussion

    • 20. Project Answer

    • 21. Conclusion to JavaScript for Beginners

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About This Class

Welcome to Basic JavaScript Programming for Beginners!

My name is Matthew Dewey. I am an experienced programmer, having received several accommodations on programming in my formal education as well as taught several programming languages to thousands of students. My goal is to provide you, the budding programmer, the knowledge you need on programming in a fun and easy manner. In this course, I do just that and with the JavaScript programming language.


JavaScript, a wonderfully simple programming language that has encouraged many programmers to pursue careers involving JavaScript over any other language. Of course, it goes without saying that JavaScript is an excellent language, but do you know what is required of you to start programming JavaScript?

As with any programming language it is important you understand the fundamentals and that is exactly what I teach you in this course.

You will learn how to:

  • Install your software, Notepad++

  • Establish fundamental code

  • Create and use variables

  • Retrieve user input

  • Process simple data

  • as well as BONUS methods and code!

Go no further if you're looking for the course that will guide you into the world of programming! With my course, I can guarantee that the knowledge you learn will help you get a head-start in JavaScript programming. I hope you enjoy the course and it helps you on your way into the world of programming!

"Programming is a form of art. It is logical creativity!"

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Matthew Dewey

Writer, Writing Tutor


I have been writing and teaching for years, helping tens-of-thousands of students achieve their goals, be it completing their novel or publishing their work. Having written several novels, non-fiction books, hundreds of short stories and articles, I have studied and put into practice the best methods for writing effectively and efficiently.

In addition to writing, I am also a programmer and artist, teaching what I know on the subject and helping those interested get a headstart.

If you want to write a novel, a story that has been on your mind and not on paper for too long, my courses will not only help you start, but I will be there as well. Any work you submit, I will happily read, review. If you need professional advice or a friendly opinion, I will be there for both.See full profile

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1. Introduction to JavaScript for Beginners: Hello and welcome programmer. My name is Matthew Dewey, and I'm a program instructor at programming Tatham dot com. I've been programming close to nine years, and I've been teaching programming for over four years to date. From my experience, I could tell you that JavaScript is fantastic language to start your programming. Korea with Not only is JavaScript a vitally important language when it comes to honor programming, it is also one of the simplest programming languages you can learn. And it is, in fact, one of the major beginning languages that all students start off with when they learn programming in the schools. I teach you the very basics of JavaScript programming. From the beginning, we learned simple fundamentals that will aid us throughout the course to which we'll end off on great. In a simple program, we learn practically so. Every listen will be a hands on experience that you can follow along with, and I can guarantee that by the end of the course you'll have mastered the basics of JavaScript programming. Now, with that introduction of the way, let's move on to the first listen where we download and install our programming software 2. What is JavaScript?: Hello and welcome to your basic Java script course for beginners. In this lesson, we'll be discussing JavaScript. Java script is a wonderfully powerful programming language that is involved with most Web development to date. It first appeared in 1995 making it one of the oldest programming languages to retain such harsh standing in the programming world. This is especially remarkable since the two languages that inspired it became obsolete of a term, these languages being self and scheme. Of course, over time, JavaScript became more than a Web developing language and soon became used in many common software, such as word processes and PDF software. In this way, you could say that the ground that advanced software Web services are based on is made with JavaScript. Beyond that, speaking as a teacher, JavaScript is one of the most enjoyable programming languages. The only difficulty. I found it first learning JavaScript was realizing that it worked hand in hand at the languages such as HTML. So if this in month, I'll try to make the HTML, which will be using in this course, minimal Java script has remained one of the top programming languages for over two decades and even this year, 2018 it is number one, followed by swift being path on where development is, no doubt in demand. So it goes without saying that job script will be around for a few decades more, perhaps of a face lift here in the but nothing too drastic. What we can expect in the future is perhaps a gradual increase in the salary off most JavaScript developers, either, Currently is one of the most paid for programming languages. But of 70 developments, start ups and cleanups happening over the Internet, JavaScript is really gonna be more needed with these thoughts in mind. Taking a Java script is a fantastic idea for any beginner programmer, for there's not only one of the simplest languages to learn, but one of the most needed and enjoyable languages as well. That concludes this lesson in the next video. I'll give you an overview off this course 3. Course Overview: hello and welcome to your basic JAVASCRIPT course for beginnings in this. Listen, I'll be giving you an overview off. This course in this course will start off by download in the program, which will be using to the end of the course note pad plus plus. Once downloaded and installed, I'll show you how to Great two fouls, which you'll be working with an HTML foul, which will contain the code that runs our program throughout preferred browser. Once the curd is complete today, we will simply leave it for the remainder of this course. Once the curd is completed, they will simply leave it for the remainder of this course within. Create a Java script file. But we have done that. We shall learn output variables. They're different tops, methods, math functions, retrieving use, input, basic way functions, debugging loops and conditional operators. All of this may sound a little overwhelming, but once more I can assure you that they sound a lot more complicated than they are. You'll learn how riel program is code. The different tricks, as well as the important differences that separate bad program is from good. Programmers, of course, is focused on practical work and experimenting with code is encouraged. Taking what you learn and using it to develop something of your own creation. Whether it works or not, you're still learning and progressing further than most average programmers do upon learning path on in my early studies are used. What I learned to create a simple A are in my free time building up a list of responses that could be easily exploited. And I found Sermanni errors of the program at the end of the day. However, through this experimentation at practice became all fluent with Pathan than any of my colleagues and in enough to terrain some of them. So with this in mind, doing your own thing is not only helpful for the schools, but by the end of the course you would have mastered everything. In no time that concludes this. Listen. In the next video, we'll download and install no pad plus plus 4. Software Download and Installation: Hello and welcome to your basic Java script course for beginnings in this video, I'm gonna show you how to download and install Note pad plus plus. First go to prefer Baraza anchor to a search engine for me. I'll be using Google Chrome and the Google search engine once going to the search engine top in note, pad last plus and press enter. What should appear is the note pad plus plus start or website with the download you're then click on this link and be taken directly to the page. Once they your to choose, you prefer download option. You can download the installer like I recommend, or you can dollar package folders, which require extractions. As for what version you should download with its 32 bit or 64 bit, that requires chicken your computer to check your computer, you go to your start menu and rod. Click on your computer and click properties. Once doing that, you should represented with the following box that should tell you what you computer specs are. If you go to system top, you'll notice I am using the 64 bit operating system. So when I download my note pad. I should download the 64 bit alone instead of the 32 bit Argo straight year and click on the installer, and it should finish downloading soon. Once you have downloaded, you should be presented with this file the NPP installer 64 or 32 dot e x e. Dark click on this installer. You will then be asked to enter in your language. I'll be used in English. Click OK. Then the installation truly begins. You then click. Next. I agreed to the terms and conditions that no pay plus plus is requiring off me. Then here you could set the destination for your note pad plus plus are set mine here at programs. No Pappas Plus. Next, take note of the boxes that I have checked here. Then click next these two options. I don't recommend checking, however, if you want a shortcut and it is top like I do, and I recommend checking this box here and then pressing Install. The installation should be very quick once. Then you can click run no pet or just finished the installation, since I'll be showing you how to create HTML and JavaScript files in the next video. I won't be running open just yet. And frankly, this lesson that concludes this listen. In the next video, we'll learn how to create HTML files and JavaScript files. 5. Creating HTML and JS Files: hello and welcome to your basic JavaScript programming course for beginners in this Listen , we'll learn how to create HTML and JavaScript files. This is a basic set up for any JavaScript program when working with Web development, having an HTML file to work with and a JavaScript file which will contain all the code. To properly organize this, we are going to create a folder which will contain both files, making them easier to locate, especially when they have to work together. So right click, We then go to new fold it. Now that we've done that, let's name are full of something suitable. Oh, man, I'm just gonna call a JavaScript taste. Does it contain all my files before JST, not Java script? Now that we've done that, let's create the files which will contain the code and HTML We first opened no pad plus Plus, you should be presented with this very simple and quite stock looking I d. Before we create our files, let's make our no pair plus plus more easy on the others. To do this, we go to settings star configuration and we could change the top of style that will be working with by selecting theme brought nods at the default. But of course, you could change it, clicking on each option until you find one that's suitable or using a scroll wheel to choose as you go along, I will be using obsidian for the entirety of this course. This option harlots each Kurds specifically making it easy to see and therefore better for you as the learner watching through this video. Once you have chosen your ideal theme, click, save and Close, and this can be changed any tongue. Now that we've done that and customized are no pad plus plus, let's create our HTML file. First, let's just create control. Save having done this wielding, go to desktop within Go to file, which will be here JavaScript test and then we name our HTML. We could simply call this HTML, follow something like browser, and then we select the top regard to Harper Text Markup Language File, which is our village, which is our HTML file and we click save. Having done that, you'll notice a slight adjustment. Having chosen upper food extension when writing Kurds specific Oh, it'll be highlighted a certain color because the program now recognizes what extension will be using. If you go to your job script taste folder, you'll find it inside here. Once it is opened, you'll see that there's nothing to show for it. This is because there is no code with it inside. You might receive the debug file for the first time, or you might not. However, the ever is that I'm receiving currently are fairly mundane and therefore not necessary for correction. So don't feel that this debugged out lock takes foul means your program one Run. This is just a simple check to see if your code is in order. And as you can see, our program still starts. So our program will no doubt still work. Once we have done that in creating our HTM oh, fall, we go back to our program, we go to file and we click new. This will create a second tab next to the HTML. This is a perfect way to work with both our job script and HTML code. When are let's go to our new one again. Now that we're here, we're click save as we can call our JavaScript fall anything just as before. So it's just call it JavaScript, And we, of course, changed. The extension to Jay is, which is the average job script file, and we click Save again. You noticed the slight indentation because it now recognises this as a child descriptor file, and all suitable curd will be highlighted accordingly. And there you have it, how to create your HTML and job script files, as well as creating a folder for them or to work in. That concludes this lesson in the next video well intend HTML code, which will be using throughout this course as well as our first line of code in JavaScript . 6. First Line Of Code: hello and welcome to your basic JAVASCRIPT course for beginners in this. Listen, we're gonna create the HTML and write our first Java script code they cheer Melker will be using throughout. This course doesn't need to change, so feel free to copy as needed. But of course, since this is a JavaScript course will be focusing more on the JavaScript. So you don't need a worry if you plan to be working of software instead of whip development . This HTML is simply mundane to the purpose off this course. With that out of the way, let's create the HTML for this program. Type in the following What we have created year is the opening and closing off a t m o code . What we'll do next is top in a simple HTML statements such airs First body which will contain the body off our text in our website. Of course, close it the same way. Five forward slash and in closing off the shop brackets. Once we have done that, we can create simple headings and paragraphs about topping in H one for 18 1 Any simple statements such as this is my program enclosed in the same way in the same line. Of course, this is only the body. This has nothing to do with JavaScript at the moment. So let's create where we'll be writing our JavaScript most. JavaScript is written at the end off each HTML code. Two Great dissection. Three. First topping off opening of a shop brackets script This R C short for source. The source file Being the file we've created on the desktop containing the HTML document and the job script document equals open a set of double quotations, and we name our file, including the extension. What should be Java script, Not J. ISS Clothes are diplo quotations in close our shop records and of course, of HTML. You need to close this as well, so we'll just close it forward slash script in the same line. Of course, between these two lines, you can top in JavaScript and all work accordingly, however, when using JavaScript with HTML using an external file is recommended, this avoids confusion as well. A specifies and helped to fund code that it's causing errors you don't want to change. HTML occurred when you have a job script era, so it is better to have your job script stored in a separate file, as we have done here and that concludes our HTML code, most of it is unnecessary. We can simply have the HTML and closing of HTML and just have our script yet. However, I will keep these here so you could see what it may look like inside the browser. So we go back to our file and we open up up arousal dot html. So we go to our test file and we open up a browser dot html and you'll notice it now says This is my program which we have stated inside the code. Now that we have done this, we're going to start our child script skirting the first line of curd your art when learning any programming languages is known as the Hello World Line of code, the hello World line of code. It's a simple, a lot of hurt that Prince text saying Hello will this curd will go as follows Document what will write it to the bra za dot right with an open up a set of brackets and clothes and inside the city of double quotations and contained within these double quotations, full head Hello. Well, and as with all lines of Kurt, you needed close it with a semi column. Once you have done that, you save your program. So that way, when you open up your browser html, you could see the difference. So now that we have saved, we go to our browser one small, open it and you'll see this is more program and the lan Hello world. And just like that, we've written our first learn off JavaScript that concludes this lesson. In the next video, we'll learn more basic JavaScript output code. 7. Output and Debugging: Hello and welcome to your basic Java script course for beginners in this. Listen, we're gonna learn about three outputs through JavaScript. The first up, what you have seen already in the previous video when we wrote our first line of code document dot rot. If we returned to our folder and go onto our browser, you'll notice it has printed. Hello, world. This is a form off output returning. Tell program. I'm gonna show you two more. The next one is called The alert are put what they load up. What does is great. A box that appears Continuing the message instead of printing something on the page itself . Gerada Look, But start a new lawn top in alert. A section off brackets inside the brackets double quotations. And I'm gonna write hello again. Close with Simic on on As all lines of code are closed with saving up program, we returned back toe html and when we open it again, you'll notice that a box appears. This page says hello again. Notice that no Could has run off to this. And let's take priority of all other code. So what? Appraise. Okay. The race to the south loads and it says hello, will. This is very important to note, especially since our curd runs from top to bottom. So, in essence, what should have been printed was document that rot. But since alerts take priority, the message box appeared first. Now that we've done that, let's learn The third are put. The third are put is mainly used by in depth JavaScript program developers. What we're gonna do is create a council look. The Consul lock is used by programmers to track the progress of the code. If they're broad sections of curd, they'll create a council log lan to help track to see if the curd is running correctly or if it isn't Jack's asses console is a specific monde inside the browser, however, let's write our council logline first before we check inside problems itself, starting another land bolo alert. We're gonna top in council dot log and let's give it something simple, meaningful like program complete closed double quotations are stated brackets and semi colon. Once we saved our program once more return, open up a browser, we get a lot occurred runs and now let's check our consul dot log on to do this you praise shift control. See, you'll be presented with this. What this is is the debugging counsel for the program. You'll notice that it has HTML coding. Yeah, And as hello world, which was printed from our JavaScript code and as our body HTML it is a well contained within here. Your son knows when I click on council, it's his program complete. This is no doubt from our code that we wrote in Sanaa JavaScript. Of course, you got to check this when you go back to elements a consul peers down here for your benefit. Is this a majestic way of debug incurred to find problems? So, for example, let's create a problem now so you could see it inside the console. We close our frozen were open up program and let's create something simple. Like we create a lot which is missing a double quotation click save. And if we return to our HTML browser, you're notice that certain code do not run. We don't have on alert box. We don't have the code that was written here. Separatist shift console. See you notice this appears another Kurd that we've written before has worked. This is because the era sort of took priority of everything else. When the browser noticed the era, the program, it didn't run anything from the Kurt because it could be damaging or harmful to what you're developing. In short, if everything is correct, your program will run. But if something is wrong, most likely it will not unless you learn how to specifically divide it. For now, though, let's go back to our council, and it seems to have highlighted an error. Let's open the full council we returned to our council. It does note where our code is and let's find a syntax era under court toe. Unexpected token. JavaScript Line three. Line three is this line, as you could see from looking at the top of the consulates discovered one era. And as we can see from reading here, here's the name of our file JavaScript O. J s. And then it has three. It Salon three contains our syntax era, which is when there's a spelling all a character out of place. So we go to Landry and we locate our syntax error. As you know, before we need to have a double quotation between this bracket and e which we do not returning back to our program. Let's add that in way save and we refresh our program and it is not working. Our consul sees program complete, showing a successful program. So there you have the three important outputs. One used to document lance like the Hello World Line one to catch the alert of the user. That being the alert up put and finally an up what that work specifically for the developer . That would be the council, not log. With 33 outputs in mind, you can help see what is happening inside your program, whether you are user or the developer itself. That concludes this lesson In the next video, we'll learn about variables. 8. Strings, Integers and Floats: Hello and welcome to your basic JavaScript programming course for beginners. In this video, we're gonna learn about variables before we begin. Let's open up our JavaScript test folder, which contains the HTML debug, and our job is from Kurt. Let's open up love pad. Plus, Now that we've done that, we're going to start learning about variables. First, let me erase the three lands. Yeah, the first thing that should be noted is that variables come in many tops. These are known as daughter tops. One top contains text. The other contains whole numbers, such as 1234 and L. A dollar top contains decimal point numbers, such as 5.67 point eight and 9.5 breanna. Learn about thes three specifically in this listen. What you should know now is a variable is a container for value. For example, let's create a variable now, which will contain a text full strength top in bar for variable space, and now you must name your variable. It is important to note that variables come off a specific naming term. For example, if your variable name contains two words, first word must be lower case, but the second and any words that follow uppercase When Amy New Variable. You cannot use numbers at the beginning that you can after it you cannot call. You're variable variable as a V A R, and it cannot use special characters in your variable name. Either thes are specific requirements, but if you just simply use letters, it works quite well, especially for developers as well as the user. Since we're gonna create something that's going to contain text, I'm just simply use one. Would would. That's the name off. My are the top and equals to give it a value to give it a text value way, add in double quotations and re top in the text. Hello, clothes are double quotations enclosing the semicolon. It's a simple is that we're creating a text variable to see if it works. Let's print it out. Using document dot right word, close with brackets and close to the semi colon. A simple way to, uh, put your variable. Once you have saved your program, go back to your folder and open up your browser. It Princella. So there we have it available containing text. Now let's create a variable containing a float. A float is a dismal point number to top a float in Let's Great Drawn Now float rack. Since we cannot name it, float on its own, we're just gonna name it flowed crack because it's a practice float number equals and there will be no double quotations because double quotations is reserved only for text. But let's give it a value such as far point far and close to the same vehicle. And again, if you were to write this out in a document dot rot, it would work the same way as pretty a word back and run a program. And there we have a fall 0.5. Of course, it doesn't work out too far. Point file. Follow hello so well at his face by adding the double quotations inside Document of rot with the space in between the double quotations plus float crack. This will print out the space between the two values. So not we've saved a program. We open up a browser, and we noticed that there is now a space between hello and 5.5. Was that in mind? Let's now move on to our certain Arthur Top whole numbers creates a whole number. Variable is no different from creating a normal float. It's called bar equals and give it a value far closer. The semi column. Frontin it once full document, don't right. Let's add the space, plus num flows of records close to the cynical We save our program. We have been a folder, open a browser and a way of hello thought by far and fast. So our program is working correctly. We have our 1st 3 very bought Topps printed neatly in our browser that concludes this. Listen. In the next video, we'll be working with math and variables. 9. Mathematics with Float and Integers: Hello and welcome to your basic JavaScript Programming goes for beginners. In this lesson, we're gonna learn how to do math with number variables. In the previous video, we learned how to create three different types of variables text, float and number variables. Having really learned how to great outputs with our text variables, we're going to start working off the number variables number and float. First, let me erase the following lands here and create a simple ness function inside a document rot document. Don't right. Close the semicolon five plus five. Now, you may be thinking, what this thing in print 55. Because in the previous video, we learned how to add a space by double quotation space, after which we plus and whatever value while that yes, would create a space. These are numbers. When using math functions of numbers, they perform normal math functions so far, thus far should indeed frontin we check out bras html you notice it does just that Antin is printed. This is one of the meth functions we're gonna be working with. Let's create another this time using variables and the different math functions that we're going to learn first Let's create a variable number equals. Let's give it the value off. Six. Close this in your colon. It's great. Another one. It's just going numb to or simply none, too. If you wish equals 15 closes Sammy Cahn, we can then use these instead off the numbers we have on the document Rugrat, Sanoh and number two. We save our program. We have been I html no, for us to is indeed 2116 plus 15. This is one math function that we're gonna be working with. Of course, we can also work with Deduction where we run our program when we save our program. Villepin are HTML, and indeed, five minus 16 is negative. Non. Let's look at another math function. The multiplication math function. We save our program. Refresh our sod. It is now 90 which indeed is true. 15 times six is not, and there's a division number one divide upon them to so it's open our SAT refresh and a principal point for it's a simple is that, of course, this can also work for float numbers as well. Such a 6.5 and let's have another multiplication safe refresh 97.5. So floats and normal numbers gonna work hand in hand, make a work of negatives. We can work with decimal points. Now let's take a look at another mass function brackets. Supposing we create Isett of records around numb here, plus five after that, now closed off the set of records. Another sick records around them to tell us about to those that set of brackets. What this should then do is complete thes brackets first before the multiplication. This follows normal meth order, so none plus far equals 11.5 15 jumps to history. So 30 tons 11.5. When we save our program and run it, it should print 745 which it does. Indeed, these are simple math functions and other work. Together with different variables. They they float or normal number that concludes this lesson. In the next video, we'll learn how to retrieve user input 10. Retrieving User Input: hello and welcome to your basic JavaScript programming course for beginners. In this video, we're gonna learn how to capture user input. Retrieving the user's input is important in any program. Having interaction between the user and the developer is vitally important when creating a product such as software or application. So what we're gonna do now is take daughter from a user and learn how to process it. Processing Datta creates information. Information is knowledge on a subject that has been processed to make use off. For example, we can have a collection of raw daughter, but information is organized and process ready to be used for function or purpose. So in essence, all this hangs are getting a user's input. To get to use import, we use a specific line of code. First, let us create a prompt that asks. We use input. A prompt is a lot of curd, which does just that, creating a box which asks the user to enter in something. So let us use this prompt A lot of Kurt Now we top in chrome, put up a set of brackets. We asked the user to incidents something such as a name. What is your name? Question Mark. Double gradations Close the brackets in Diversity column. Now that we've saved our program, let's go back to ah Baraza. And when we turned it on, it asks us to maintain our name. You notice we now have a box unlike the alert which allows us stay into the value such as Matthew when I click. OK, you're noticed. There is no result. Because if we returned to our JavaScript, you can see that here nothing happens below. And we're not story in the name anyway. Yes, it did. We have a name and I will have a value, but without occurred that runs it or prints it out. It is pointless. So let us create a variable which would contain it. Such as far first name equals prompt. What is your name? Was that too mind? Were Narcan store our value inside this variable said islands make use of it such as printed out document of right Said to break its first name close to the cynical. Let's just refresh our page. It asks us to enter in our name Matthew. Okay, ended Prince Matthew. So here we have the very basics off retrieving user input. Of course, there are many things you can ask the user to retreat for. One thing, you can ask them to retrieve their age. So let's change the Macy to quarterly as well as the variable name such as Far Age. We changed inside the brackets as well, But now let's taste to see if it's a number, so we add five age plus five. If it indeed stores it as a number, then it should print. If I were to enter, let's say five as well. Unfortunately, it does not. This is because we are story a string when a treating user input or daughter retrieved is a strength. What we need to do then is process it to make it into information. Howie processes daughter to suit our top, which is integer. We're going to have to convert it to an interview. To do so. We go back to our program and we top in the following pass in brackets here at a bracket close. At the very end, what pass in darkness is convert whatever is contained within the set of brackets into a integer, which is a whole number like five. What we can do with this is convert to use his age into a number and use it as information . Now that we've saved our program, it's refreshed, its internal age of far begin, And it now Prince 10. This is because we have not convicted the string to an integer, and there you have it. We now know how to retrieve use input and how to convert any darn it up into a whole number opinion. If the whole number is contained within that daughter and in this case, indeed it waas. When I entered my age, it was converted using passed into into hate interview variable called age, and we were able to use this information to get an answer to whatever question. Will people that concludes this lesson in the next video, I'll show you how to insert a link into your browser. 11. Inserting Working Hyperlinks: Hello and welcome to your basic JavaScript for beginners course in this. Listen, we're going to learn how to insert a link using JavaScript. First, let us take a look at our program so far, when we go to our html baraza, which had consigned the moment really printing this is my program. However, supposing we want to create a link inside our website to create a link is as follows. First, let us find a link we want to use. For example, I'll use my personal site if I were to copy the link and return to our JavaScript program first, we're gonna create Alon, which we're gonna use to cover our link. For example, we wanna have a simple word to use as a link instead of the full w w dot etcetera. To do this, we use what is known as hot text for just created such as var text equals and let's use double quotations since it is text and I'm going to use programming close double quotations closer the same you cuddle. I'm now going to create another variable which will contain the link var I'm gonna call it link name equals and this time I'll use single quotations to contain the link once they are closed, the single quotations and then close the semi colon Sam Alito have created these two lands were ready to insert a link into our website. We go to the next land document, doctor, right with the records and we're used a special method combining these two together to create a link first reached up and text referring to the top variable dot after dot The top in link a set of records link name close a set of brackets, close our document at rocks State of brackets close to the semi colon. And that should be everything we need to have saved our program. We go to our brother once more and wanna your notice printed programming tat which is our text from before returning to our program, we click on the link and it takes us straight to the website. So you have it. You now know how to insert a link into your website using Java script. Be sure to practice this because burying a man that you have to have a link name that is contained within single quotations and not double quotations. And at the same time, you can also have the www dot etcetera instead of having a link name simply pasted here, save your program was moved. Open up your browser and you can have your fool. You are L. Clicking on the link has the same effect, and 13 links is important when it comes to waive development because it makes reference not only for the user, but you can inserted using console log, creating a reference for your code. For example, if your website or software uses external code stored within a website, you can use these links to take advantage of that. However, you just need to know how to use the length. For now. In this basic course that concludes this lesson in the next video, we'll learn about the if else statement. 12. The If Statement: Hello and welcome to your basic Java script, Cause for beginners in this Listen, we're going to learn how to create an if statement first, let me pose a hypothetical towards you. Suppose you want to check to see if a number is below above a certain number. For example, if you're checking to see if someone's age is above 18 or below 80 what you were then use in programming is an s statement. It is the best option you can use to check daughter and write a section of code, depending if the if statement proves the statement to be true or false. I found that the best way to show you this is through examples. So I'm gonna create a variable clothes, a bar. None equals, and I'm gonna give it the value for 15 close with a semi colons. Now that we've done that, we're gonna credit if statement to see if the number value is below or above 20 now that you've created are numb very well. Let's create our if statement in its statement will look as follows if rejected to see if numb is below 20. If number is less than 20 close our brackets with an open up a section of curled brackets, which will look as follows, analys, pulls and analyzed this if statement, the statement is asking if numb is less than 20. If it is list in 20 the result of this operator will be true. If true, the code within these two cold brackets will run. If false, the code will not run. So let's test it out for Tarpinian document dot fright said Brackets Quotations Numb is below 20 close. Sammy, come on. Now that we've saved, let's go to our html Run it and you're seen, um, is below 20 is printed. If statement works but supposed numb is greater than 20 such as 25. We want to run the program. The cut is ignored, but suppose we want a message to be printed as well. Well, we cannot write a message below, such as Document Don't right, because if we were to run this document out right within, its statement will run as well as this. If proven false or true, this plan will still be printing. That's what we need to do is create. What is known isn't if else statement the If statement decides if something is true. But the Els decides If it is false, you simply press enter after the law school bracket top and else and then another set of girl brackets which will contain the Defoe. Could we call us the default code? Because this is always printed if values printed faults. Therefore it is the default. However, for this simple program, it's just to make sure there's an output. Either way, the num goes, so where you top So it's great. Document dot right number is above or equal to 20 clothes are double traditions close on record close with semi column Control is now to dietary returned back top program and rerun it numb is above or equal to 20 which it is indeed. Now let's take a look at other operators. Right now we have used the list, then, operator. Of course, we can also use the greater than operating. This will have the vase versus effect off our if statement. So we should probably change our puts. So none is above or it is cool to annual via Numb is Hello. A simple is that if we say that run a program, it should still work the same way, and it does indeed, but now we have to look at equals two and not equals two. If you want to check to see if now miss equal to specific number, we don't use a single equals we're use to two equals are used to compare two values for his one. Equals is used to asana Value, as you can see in the variable above, are numb equals 25 were giving none the value of 25. Now, since we don't give them the value of 20 we use double equals, which will then activate the code and compare these two. So if we wanted a taste, if something is equal to 20 it's just remove this line and we just This lunch is not equal . And let's run our program returning back to HTML pricing Refresh. Numb is not equal to 20 which is correct. It is 25. Of course, if we were to make it 20 and run the program one small, refreshing. The SAT number is equal to 20 a very useful operator and now finally, the not equals to you. If you want a test to see if something is not equals to something. Then you would use the knocking equals to operate it. They're not equals chopper. There looks is this exclamation point equals so supposing we don't want them to equal 20 and we're checking to see all numbers without it. Right now it is. So let's change. This statement is not equal to 20. It's changed. This one is equal to 20. Right now it is equal to 20. So what should run is the elves now miss equal to 20. We go back to our program. Refresh Nam is equal to 20 which is indeed correct. Very pretty is 15 save refresh now is not equal to 20 or 25 Fish num is still not equal to 20. It's a simple is that we now have learned some operators the equals two not equals to greater than or less than before. We in this video. Listen, there's two more operators. You can look at what your very basic and self explanatory greater than or equal to or less than and equal to, As you can imagine, this is then look for if Islam is compared to 20 if it's equal 20 or less than 20. So all numbers ranging from the negative infinite to 20 will prove the if statement true, any numbers above 20 foolproof faults. The vast bursar goes for greater than unequal. That concludes this. Listen. In the next video, we'll look at additional operators and nested if statements. 13. Nested If Statements and Additional Operators: hello and welcome to your basic Java script for beginners. Course in this. Listen, we're gonna look at additional operators and nested if statements before we discuss additional operators. Let's look at Mr If statements, What we're gonna do now is created. Nested if statement which checks to see if the number is between two numbers. First, let us erase the else for now and the line here. Suppose we have the number 25 we want to check to see if a numb is between 26 30. We first have a check to see if numb is greater than all equal to 26. Within. Create what is known as a nascent if statement, which is it s statement within if statement. That's if and this time we propose another chick numb. It's less than or equal to 30. Close creates another set off curled brackets, and we have a code in between yet, So let's say document dot Right, Open up. Our double quotations number is between or equal to 26 30 president quotations, brackets and semicolon to indulge, and we can now create a else which will be our default. Another sit Oh, Gold Records, Another document dot right section off quotations. Numb is not between or it's cool to 26 and 30. And then we have our program using an instant if statement, we cannot check to see if the number is between 26 equal to or 30 equal to. Let's test it out for running a program now. Now to save. To refresh Numb is not between o equal to 26 30 which is correct. It is 25 but suppose we used 26. NUM is between a week or 2 26 Entity. Let's try 50 Refresh. The result is the same. And finally, let's try and between at 28 again. Once refreshed, the result is the same. However, If we go higher than that and we go above City, you'll notice that nothing will be printed. So let's change 28 to City five. When we run our program, nothing is printed. This is because we passed the first stage of the if statement it was checking to see if numb was greater than 26 which it Wasit was steady. Far Certs. Now, within this if statement, that else is no longer necessary. However, this if statement within this if statement does not heaven else. Therefore they will be nothing printed as a result. What we can then do is copy this Lenya and paste it within Assad. This if statement, don't forget to indented to help you better organize your statements analogy of copy that else statement That's safe. Refresh. Our program now is not between or equal to 26 30. That will be this line running here, and they have the end off a nested if statement working to check to see if the numbers between two numbers or equal to those two numbers. However, this gun has to be done using what is known as an additional operator. An additional operator is used to add an additional question to you. Eight. Statement. Supposing you want to requirements, mate, you would use the and operator If this is true and this is true, then the if statement code will run. So let's create that now are then erased this line over here and this lot and I want to use the end symbols here you will use to and symbols lucky used to equal symbols as follows Now that we have done that, we top in numb less than when you go to city. If both requirements are met in, this code will run. So let's save go back job program. Run it. Let's free Fresh As you could see, the result hasn't changed because on numbers at very far. But if we put it between 28 31 small, it will print a different result. Numb is between RICO to 26 30. Just like that, we saved ourselves with space of creating a nested a statement by just adding an additional operator. Now let's suppose that we really want one operator to be met supposedly wanted to either equal that all that. So let's change the if statement to suit that. Let's say numb equals equals 26 numb equals equals 30. Of course, we cannot have a number that equals two numbers at once. So the result of this will also be the else we return to our chrome. Run it and it's is is not between 26th. Of course, our statements belong to make sense because we cannot meet two numbers requirements. So how do we fix this we use or instead of end or is represented by two vertical lines or shift back slash, which is above your enter key and with these two lands, your then creating the all symbol, which then chooses between if operators correct or false. So let's change our number tally to 26 if our all is working correctly than inside of the if statement should run because numb is equal to 26 even though it is not equal to 30. But we are using all symbols. Only one needs to be fulfilled now before we run out occurred. Let's change the results. Numb is equal to 26 or city number is not equal to 26 or 30 save. And now let's run our program refreshing. It says number is equal to 26 or 30 which it is. Indeed, if we change to 30 and refresh, the result is the same. But if we change it to any other number such as 28 safe way, we run our program to see number is not equal to 26 or 30. So there we have it working additional operator. If statement a fantastic substitute to most nested if statements, however, birth, nested if statements and additional operators have their pros and cons, and both have their own suited ideas when it comes to programming that concludes this lesson in the next video, we'll take a look at the Buell invariable. 14. The Boolean Data Type: Hello and welcome to your basic JavaScript programming cause for beginners and this. Listen, we're gonna learn about the building variable. The building variable is a special variable which can contain up to three values. Two false all know no being a lack of value. But true. Enforce being the main values which you'll be working with. As you can imagine. A boolean variable. Be very useful for if statement, for example, let's create 1,000,000,000 variable below the very bull about here. Bullet bar cool equals truth close with semi colon. Now I'm going to copy this operator section over here and replace it with full for now. But we now have is a statement that has a true value in its operator. So if true numb is equal to 26 or 30 should be the result. If I refresh it, it is indeed still the result. But suppose I make billing false so we can see if it works so false what it should then print number is not equal to 26 or 30. I run the program again. Nam is not a 26 or 30 a very useful variable for checking to see if daughter tops long before you get to the if. Statement. So let's take this. I copied operates. A system that I did before num equals equals 26 or numb equals equals study for neatness sake you can encapsulate numb equals equals 26 to NAMI quizzical study. In their own set of brackets, however, it is still an operator that follows an equal symbol, so it won't make a difference if you do or do not Rod. Now Numb is not equal to 26 or 30. So when we run a program, the Valley shouldn't change and it does not. However, let's make our number Lee, now 26 save and refresh Our program number is equal to 26 or 30. A very useful daughter top when it comes to. If statements and any other operator based statements 1,000,000,000 variables mainly used for if statements or any operator based statements, however, you can also use that as an output and simply upward building. As a result, let's replace outputs in both of these upward statements. With Bill Ravenal, it should imprint true, which it does indeed, of course, of all to change the value back to 28 ever saved save and refinished program. It'll print false for any programs that require this of you to print the results. It is simple is printing out any other variable. However, this building is really year to shun in place off any other operators. Supposing you have to have several if statements, and some contain the same sort of results in the operators, but you don't have to use the same code. You could just use the same variable. It's a simple as using the billing, which I have now created in this lesson, and there you have it a very useful daughter top would you can use in future when working of any operated based statements that concludes this lesson in the next video, we're going to be looking at some text methods. 15. Basic Text Methods: hello and welcome to your basic Java script course for beginners. In this video, we're gonna be looking at to text methods. The two ticks methods will be looking at are the to upper case and to lower case methods. These methods are used to change the text off string. For example, you prompt the user to intend their name. But supposing you want to have the name compared to a name that you have selected probably is with using import, you don't know what case they'll be entering, so it is better to create a simple program that makes the case universe. It'll whether it be upper case or lower case for this hypothetical situation. Let's create a variable cord name where we prompt the user to enter in the first name. Enter your first name. Now that we've done that, we're going to compare to the if statement to let's say, John, if name equals, equals John in full caps, we close our records and we open up a section of cool brackets, which will be writing code. That's great. A simple document, Dr Right, Your name is jump. The reason we're doing this is to fund any users whose name is John. Otherwise, nothing will be printed, of course, when the user enters in the name, you don't know if they get into in capital. J o H n All the case J O H n once bigger, backed our browser. We refresh and asks us to enter in our first name. So let's say, John Capital, J O H n. Nothing happens. Let's re fish again. It's top in J O h n. Nothing happens. Of course, this means we have to results that we need to predict with our if statement. But if a top in J O age in in full caps, you notice that our if statement runs. So let's use our method to make sure that the answer they enter is always gonna be a full caps. John. It's simple, is changing the value. Name equals name, and we use the maze adult to upper case. They say two brackets close to this couple. What this missile will do is take any lower case letters and converted to uppercase and leave in all uppercase letters in their own uppercase. Now that I've made that change, let's return back to our program and Let's just hoppin John in full. Lower case program still runs. That's right. And J Capital H Lower case in and we've pressed. Okay, the result is still the same. Your name is John. So with this in mind, we can now unify all use input to make sure we can avoid Giger. Of course, this mated Osa as a counterpart which can be used in similar circumstances. The counter to to upper case is to lower case which again you can discover. In many ways this will be useful if we run our program now and we intend full caps J O H n as asked and click OK, The program does not run because our to lower case make it has converted it to J o h n. In the lower case, these are two basic text methods, but you can use to alter takes Doctor, that concludes this. Listen. In the next video, we'll learn about three mass methods floor ceiling and random 16. Basic Mathematic Methods: Hello and welcome to your basic Java script course for beginners in this Listen, we're gonna be looking at some mess object methods report again. Let me discuss the three methods will be using. We'll be using the random flow and sealing methods like the to upper case into lower case. These are methods which could be used to alter doctor or create new daughters in itself. However, Thies to make use of an object unlike the previous to that we learn. However, these methods make use of an object unlocked to upper case and to lower case. Okay, this object is known as the math object seen as thes are mass methods. First, let me show you the most basic one will work with. Let's first create available numb equals mass capital in random, sit with brackets and this will create a random number ranging from 0 to 1. Of course, this isn't so much of a random number, seeing as you can have no 0.1 no 0.2 and so on. But suppose you want to have Iran, the number ranging from 0 to 10 year, then multiple master random Martine closes the cynical to give you the full effect of this . Let's great a document. Right? And prince numb close to the same. You cut on. Once you have saved your program, go back to your website and refresh. You're noticed that afloat is being printed. This foot is ranging from one to 10. Unfortunately, it never fully reaches 10. As you can see, our reached nine. And no matter how many times a refresher reaching tin is almost impossible. Seeing as all the random numbers I'm between here. What religion do is make use off another method. So we make use of another mass message, the mess dot Seeley missing man start sealing method rounds of any flood numbers, too. It's nearest decimal, so let's make use off the mayor ceiling. Miss it now retyping meth as before, Top seal a ce l encapsulate following in bracket mastered random Tom's team a natural Rhonda all values. So let's open up always browsing up and Alison opens 365 and so on, and we are reaching 10 now. As you know, this program will then run continuously printing up numbers ranging from 1 to 10. But let's suppose we want to print out numbers ranging from 0 to 10. How would we do that with the makers we have at hand? Well, Brittany top program. But we're gonna have to do is Tom's our master random by 11 in a normal mestre random that should then vary it to 10 point something at least but never reaching a living unless mass ceiling does push it to 11. Of course, this always so ranged from 0 to 10 point something, so we simply change our meth dot seal, too. Messed up floor, which runs down what they should then do, is run down from 0.20 and from the 10 point something points to 10 therefore creating a special random, which runs from 0 to 10. Let's test it out now safe, and we ran a program notice. We're full. We have zero keep running our program, and we do have a 10 as we've seen several times. But we don't get higher than that We have now created are perfect random running from 0 to 10 and they have the math methods, floor ceiling and random, very useful mass functions for generating and pro Sissi numbers that concludes this lesson . In the next video, we'll learn about the wild 17. The While Loop: Hello and welcome to your basic Java script programming course for beginners and this. Listen, we're gonna learn about the wild. First, let me explain the concept of a wallet. A while. Loop is a section of curd with an operator watch, as long as the operator proves true will continue to run the code within its section. So in that way it is like an if statement that it will continue to run until the operator previous false. Let's create a while loop now. First, let's start off by creating a variable such as numb equally. Zero. It'll come in handy later, as we're gonna be using it as a counter variable while and open up your brackets. Numb is less than 10 close brackets. Open up your cool brackets like an if statement and the code often will be run. Let's write something simple. Such a document. Dr Right and inside number close the cynical. If we were to run this program now you're notice it will continue to print zero until we decided to stop it. As you can see, the computers now have your difficulty processing all the zeros that are constantly being printed. We've essentially created an infinite loop, which seems to have lagged out page. So let's exit the page and fixes infinitely, as these need to be avoided as much as possible. How we fix this in Flint Loop is by adding one to numb each time so that could be done as numb equals number plus one or none plus equals one. This will add one each. Tom None plus equals. One is run, which being as it is in the wild, it will happen several times. So let's run our program again and notice it, Prince zero to non taint Tom's So we haven't loop that runs Tain Tom's early way. The Lupo ever end is, if numb is 10 or greater. And as you can see from looking at the results, it did reach 10 and the loop ended before we could print out the next value. The while loop is infinitely useful for these matters. This'll is a while loop that relies on an operator. So as long as an operator proves true, when the loop ability to run, this doesn't necessarily have to apply to accounting interview available like numb that concludes this. Listen. In the next video, we'll learn about the fully 18. The For Loop: hello and welcome to your basic JavaScript program. Because for beginners in this video, we're gonna learn about the for loop in the previous video. As you can see here on the screen, we created a while loop that used account variable cord. Now what we're gonna do is create something similar, but have it all self contained within a wild lives operator. Of course, this would be a while if this will be a fully a full loop is divided into three sections inside its operator, which I'll be showing you now our first topping for up in a state of brackets. And now I'm going to create a variable cord. I equals zero inside the operator. I close off this section one off three with a semi colon. What are then do is create what looks like a traditional operator. I is less than 10 are then close off their section with another semicolon and then I plus plus clothes, a set of records open up a curl bracket section and they have the full of pausing for moment to take a look at this for lip, you see Abberton full and created three sections. The first section creates a variable. A interview available containing zero. The second section has a traditional operator such as I is less than 10 and in the third section has I plus plus. What are plus plus does is the same as I pass equals one at AD +12 as Valley each charm, the loop is run, so let's taste this out now. Document dot right open records. I close brackets cynical within. Run our program through the browser, and it prints zero to non, of course. Let's learn it out better by using documented rod land or rot. L in saving on program, Refreshing it and running at all you can see now it is now spaced evenly. 012345678 None Just like that. We've created a loop much shorter than that of a while loop with few lines of curd or because the count variable it's self contained with inside the follies. Now this is not just say, the four loop is a greater use than a while. The while Loop has its own specific design, its design allows to check to see if daughter proves true. But I just threw count fables, while a four loop is exclusively used for count variables such as I. So, for example, if you wanted to check to see if they used his name was the same as this uses name that you would use a while loop and will continue to check through names until it finds a common name. That is a good use of a wallet for full if you would have to create additional code just like you would when you have to create additional code for account variable when using a while. If these talks and mind, you should have no problem identifying when to use a forward or value that concludes this lesson in the next video. We re discussing the project for this course. 19. Project Discussion: Oh, and welcome to your basic Java script course for beginners in this. Listen, I'll be discussing the project for this course for this project your to create a program called Age Check that asks the user to enter in a name and age three times. Thes three injuries should have their age is checked through an if statement. If the ages 18 0 higher the name will be printed on the side. If the ages 17 or younger the name will not be printed, but rather an X symbol printed instead. Once these three have been printed, your inter print how many made it into the program results should look as follows. John X x one made it into the program. This is, of course, in case the eventuality that only one applicant makes it in. In this case, John, here's some tips to get you started. Use a for loop to count the three entries to check the age with an if statement and three. Here's a comfortable to keep track of how many allowed into the program. Bear in mind, this program should be created from scratch. That is html and all. So be prepared to create your HTML and JavaScript foul liquid in the beginning of this course as well as the HTML code and JavaScript from here on. Good luck that concludes this. Listen, in the next video, I'll be giving you one way in which you can answer this project. 20. Project Answer: Hello and welcome to your basic Java script course for beginners. In this video, I'm going to give you one of the ways which you can answer this Courses project to begin. First, let us create a folder which will contain our bras HTML and I'll jobs Groupon So right Click New folder and the programs Name is age check. So we'll call it just that once you have done there too up now. No pad plus Plus we create a new project. Well, but the HTML and JavaScript in this 1st 1 we're gonna rock the html So open up a shop said two brackets html close way, of course, ended or fear forward slash html at the top of our HTML occurred, we're going to create a tattle even that wasn't specified in the previous video. Open us it brackets, buddy way close it and we have ah hitting h one age check and we close it now that we virginal html Let's save it to our age chick folder and let's call it a browser and change it to the HTML full meant and save. Once that is done, we go to our Java script while we say that they so we can reference it in our HTML says file Save as religious Golden Age. Check lower case a upper Casey. And of course, we save it at the job. Script extension Jay is and say another tweet done. Let's return to our HTML and finish it off by adding script at the end. So Tab open are set. We top in script. It's our C equals age. Check dot j is clothes are double quotations, close our shop, said brackets. And of course we can add. And of course, we close our script says for his last script, and there we have it. And now let's go to our JavaScript Fall and rot a code. As you know, from the previous video, we're gonna be asking the user to maintain and name and age three towns if the ages 18 0 higher the name is printed. If it is 17 or younger and X is printed at the end of the program, we're gonna print how many made it into the program. So let's begin first by creating a variable which will help keep count of how many are gonna be in the program so far, count equals zero. Now that we've done that, we're going to create a four loop which will run three times full. R I equals zero. I I was listening. Three I plus plus close our brackets open. Our girl said brackets upon during this, we're going to create the variables in which the user will be intending the name and age. So let's create them above far name equals double quotations. So it will still have a value. Even though it isn't a very we can see, it isn't know either end of our age, which equals zero. First, let us cast the user to enter in a name surname equals prompt. Enter a Dave, close everything. And then we ask the user tainted an age age equals pass and trumped. Enter. He's slash her age close double quotations, brackets and university cuddle. Once we have done that, we're going to use an if statement to take the age if age is greater than or equal to 18. Well, then print using document don't, right. Ellen name Close brackets into pacific are on at the same time. Wheels. They're gonna add one to account variable. So account plus plus in the Koran. And then we close our If, of course, we need an else bushel print TX so document dot right x close, close and, of course, being Or else. And that is our entire fully. So now that we've done that, let's exit the bullet and great the final output land document that right Ellen, open a state of brackets and then we'll print count plus double quotation space made it into the program. Close, Close ended off cynical. And that is our working program. Latex minimus go into our age folder open. Our browser is TML. We all stay into in the name It started with John, and into an age that is 18. It's Inter inject and let's give him the age of 25. And finally, let's have an age that's below. We'll call this one next, and he's age will be 15. Press enter and age. Jake prints two names John Jack because they have an age of 18 or higher. But Max did not. So an ex was printed in State and afanah upward, which kept count of how many made it into the program Prince to made it into the program, which is correct from counting the names. Yeah, so there we have a successful age check program that concludes this lesson and the next video. I'll give you conclusion to what you have learned in this course. 21. Conclusion to JavaScript for Beginners: Hello and congratulations. You have completed your basic course on JavaScript. And if you completed your project, you have just about mastered the basics as lead instructor at programming tucked our fund of more practice students complete the better, but so does good to work on something larger than examples of single code concepts. The project was enjoyable and didn't prove too much of a challenge. With that in mind, you've made it to the end of the course, and I can say with confidence that you now have a head start as a drop of script programmer and already from more advanced studies, be it wait for software development. Thes basics will help you get started and in term, progress further than you initially would have. Congratulations on your keen energy to learn and good luck.