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JavaScript - ES6 in Practice - Level 2 - Classes, Objects, Functions

Zsolt Nagy

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7 Videos (54m)
    • ES6 Classes

    • Objects in ES6

    • Functions in ES6, Tail Call Optimization

    • Bonus: How to run your JavaScript code

    • Course Project Solutions - Classes

    • Course Project Solutions - Objects

    • Course Project Solutions - Functions


About This Class

Learn valuable skills and boost your salary by upgrading your skills with the latest version of JavaScript.

In this level, you will learn about 

  • the ES6 class syntax
  • Objects in ES6
  • Functions in ES6 and tail call optimization

ES6 in Practice - Level 1 is recommended, but not mandatory for taking this course. If you get stuck with a concept in the exercises, chances are, you will find it in ES6 in Practice - Level 1.