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JavaScript Design Patterns 20 Patterns for Advancing Your JavaScript Skills

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26 Lessons (3h 16m)
    • 1. The Course Overview

    • 2. The Problem with the Global Scope

    • 3. Moving to One Object and Namespace

    • 4. The Module Design Pattern

    • 5. The Module Reveal Pattern

    • 6. Controlling the Global Access Completely

    • 7. The Singleton Design Pattern

    • 8. The Factory Design Pattern

    • 9. The Abstract Factory Design Pattern

    • 10. The Builder Design Pattern

    • 11. The Builder Design Pattern Continued

    • 12. The Prototype Design Pattern

    • 13. Abstracting Our Singleton

    • 14. The Adapter Design Pattern

    • 15. The Composite Design Pattern

    • 16. The Decorator Design Pattern

    • 17. The Fly Weight Design Pattern

    • 18. The Façade Design Pattern

    • 19. Getting Things Working Again

    • 20. The Bridge Design Pattern

    • 21. The Proxy Design Pattern

    • 22. The Chain of Responsibility – Part 1

    • 23. The Chain of Responsibility – Part 2

    • 24. The Observer Design Pattern – Adding and Dispatching Events

    • 25. The Observer Design Pattern – Removing Events

    • 26. The State Design Pattern


About This Class

Dive deep into JavaScript design patterns to write intelligent, pragmatic code for a wide array of real-world programming situations

About This Video
A deep exploration of 20 JavaScript design patterns
Understand how to adopt and apply design patterns to a wide range of real world development scenarios
Definitive coverage of the Creational, Structural, and Behavioral pattern types
Take your JavaScript programming to an advanced level by understanding design patterns in depth.

In Detail
Design patterns are intelligent, reusable strategies for solving common development problems faced by developers. For Web developers working with JavaScript, design patterns provide a tested, methodical plan of attack for tackling challenges that arise in real-world application development.
JavaScript Design Patterns 20 Patterns for Advancing Your JavaScript Skills will immerse you in the world of intelligent JavaScript programming, demonstrating to Web developers how to mobilize design patterns and presenting key programming concepts and common solutions to frequently occurring programming problems.
Exploring 20 different design patterns, this video course demonstrates the internal logic of each, while providing examples and real-world scenarios that developers can adopt and implement when programming in JavaScript.
The course opens by introducing the conceptual logic behind design patterns: what they are; what they are not; what makes a pattern; major pattern types; and what role they play in the bigger picture of Web development. We then dive straight into a real-world case study, building a mock application with in-built issues that design patterns can solve.
Following on from this introduction, the course quickly expands into exploring the core design patterns underlying the major pattern types: Creational, Structural, and Behavioral patterns. With the knowledge delivered throughout the course, developers will come away from JavaScript Design Patterns 20 Patterns for Advancing Your JavaScript Skills armed with a powerful arsenal for solving a wide array of different JavaScript programming problems.