JavaScript Course - JavaScript Behind The Scenes - PART 2 | George Lomidze | Skillshare

JavaScript Course - JavaScript Behind The Scenes - PART 2

George Lomidze, Web And Software Developer

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9 Videos (1h 5m)
    • Promo

    • Section Introduction

    • JavaScript Behind The Scenes Introduction

    • Global Execution Context And Global Object

    • Execution Context And Execution Stack

    • Scope And Scope Chain

    • Hoisting

    • Objects vs Primitives

    • The Special Keyword this


About This Class


***Brand New JavaScript Course on SKILLSHARE***

JavaScript Behind The Scenes: IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!

In this section you will be able to learn how JavaScript actually works behind the scenes. If you want to be a real JavaScript developer, than you definitely need to truly understand how the code actually works, how the JavaScript engine executes and runs the code. You will cover very important topics, such as global execution context and global object, what is execution stack, scope and scope chain, hoisting, the special variable 'this' and etc. At the end of the section you will check your knowledge using a quiz.





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George Lomidze

Web And Software Developer

Hi! I'm George!

I'm a full-stack web developer / designer and software engineer, but to be honest, my career has started in quite a different field. Business Administration / Finance, that's where I have started. But one day, when I came across to Programming, it has completely blown my mind.

Nowadays I'm a Co-Founder of 'CodeAndCreate' with my friend - Lasha. I'm specialized in the following technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Back-End Web Development and ...

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