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Java multithreading, deep dive

Dinu Catalin

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3 Videos (43m)
    • Concurrency desing principals

    • Threads

    • Thread class


About This Class

In this class we intend to give you more  than basic knowledge about java multithreading programming, and in order to do this we will explore in detail topics which will give to you  extensive knowledge  about multithreading programming.

Multithreading programming it is a complex topic, we will do our best to guide you in this  adventure.

First video is about the parallel and concurrency programming design and it will give you extensive knowledge about how a parallel and concurrency program is design, and it will help you to understand future concepts in java multithreading.  

I'm working at the next video where we will explore the java threads,   and as soon it will be ready  will publish :) 

After you will finish this class we hope that you will be a very good java multithreading developer .






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