Jason Teteak's 1-Hour Public Speaking Skills and Presentation Skills Class: The Instant Wow Factor! | Jason Teteak | Skillshare

Jason Teteak's 1-Hour Public Speaking Skills and Presentation Skills Class: The Instant Wow Factor!

Jason Teteak

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8 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Welcome to Presto: Let's Get Started!

    • 3. Prepare Well

    • 4. Open Convincingly

    • 5. Speak Effectively

    • 6. Make it Enjoyable

    • 7. Present With Your Body

    • 8. Close to Applause


About This Class

What Is "The Presentation Wow Factor"?

A Simple 21-Step Plan To Create and Deliver Any Presentation

Creating and delivering a presentation can be overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be. This step-by-step system will show you how to make sure the audience walks away from your presentation saying, ‘Wow, That Was An Amazing Presentation! Thank You!’  - and you don’t need any special talent to do it.

Step-By-Step Walkthroughs of Everything

We’ll never tell you to “go create a PowerPoint” or “go speak effectively.” Instead, we walk you through the entire process so you know exactly what to do and you feel confident implementing every step of this highly effective process.

Model Presentation of Everything We Suggest You Do

You’ll get to see us model for you (with our very own presentation) exactly how to create standing-ovation presentations and slideshows…and then stand up in front of any number of people and gain credibility, respect and hold their attention if you’re not an expert speaker!

Includes Tons Of Valuable Resources, Tools, & Bonuses

When you sign up for the 21-Step Presentation Plan, you’ll also get a FREE copy of our 38-page Presto eBook (our custom-made presentation eBook tool) and 23 valuable PowerPoint slides, to help guide you through the presentation creation process.

Why should you enroll in this Public Speaking Course?

  • Taught by Jason Teteak: International Public Speaking Coach, TEDx Speaker and Best Selling Author

  • #1 Best Selling Coach on Public Speaking (2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017)

  • Join more than 100,000 online students around the world

  • Perfect for beginners. Whether you’re new to presenting or have been doing it a while but find it hard, you’ll find tips and tricks you’ve never heard before that are sure to up your public speaking game!

  • No extra fluff! You don’t have to sift through hours of repetitive or redundant videos to learn all the skills you need to become an expert public speaker.

  • This is a comprehensive learning experience. You will get a 35+ page public speaking eBook on "How to Give an Effective Presentation" included with the video  for you to follow along with every word.

Public Speaking and Presentations 101 Course Details

Here's how to overcome your fear and deliver a presentation that will wow your audience every time! 

This is our most popular entry level presentation skills training program  for good reason...

If you want a quick primer on what it takes to nail your next big presentation, look no further.

In this one hour program you'll see the master - Jason Teteak from Rule the Room - model for you in one hour exactly how to eliminate your fear and get the instant wow factor for YOUR presentation -  and you don't need any special talent to do it. 

Here's the breakdown:

  • How to make absolutely certain that “NO ONE” will want to leave your presentation before you are finished and especially in the first 5 minutes!

  • How to Practice for “90/10” after your notes are ready so that you always look like you know what you’re talking about and your audience trusts you.

  • The “Classic Rule of Presenting” that feeds your wow and gets the audience to love your presentation.

  • The masterful topic hook formula that builds credibility and rapport when you need it the most through every topic.

  • The three types of key language objectives to always give to people when you present.

  • Two things that sadden and offend that you have to avoid throughout every aspect of your presentation.

  • How to master your tone by talking with a deep and resonating tone from the diaphragm to project confidence, knowledge, and credibility.

  • The easiest way to use humor to get people to laugh with you, and stay engaged, follow along and understand what you’re saying

  • Our “4-archetype system” for telling a story that lets you be genuine and authentic to your natural presentation personality style

  • When (and how) to answer questions, so that you always look like an expert (including questions that you do -and DON’T- know the answer to

  • Learn how to keep the focus on them (your audience) rather than making it all about you (Almost EVERY presenter doesn’t know this)

  • Access to our best-performing Slideshow Handout (And what NEVER to put on your slides that makes audiences cringe)

  • How to “demo effectively” by solving their pain, showing how easy it is and getting real with your audience (Hint: Demo is not what you think)

  • How to “find your sweet spot” that feels good to your audience and shows confidence and credibility

  • Why facial expressions are so important, and our top recommendations on how to use your eyes, mouth and face to maximize engagement

  • What “targeted movements” are and how you can use your hands, body and eye contact (while presenting your content at the same time)

  • Learn how to manage pace and be sensitive to time, without checking your watch or leaving a bad impression

  • How to show you delivered a presentation that they loved to attend and still summarize your major points and thank them for coming

  • The best way to handle questions at the end (and throughout) the presentation and how long to wait (you won’t expect this one)

 This isn't just theoretical fluff.

These are real, practical techniques and presentation skills you can start using immediately.

And best of all, you'll see Jason actually using these presentation skills and techniques in front of a real audience...

You’ll get to see the meta in the meta of Jason modeling everything he suggests you do.

It drives audiences crazy when people tell you to do something in Public Speaking and they don’t do it themselves.  

If you want that then this program isn’t for you...

Public Speaking and Presentations 101 Course Reviews (From actual program attendees)

 “I just wanted to say again how amazing your presentation was, both in delivery and content. I have taken several classes through college based on presenting, have read Presentation Zen, and have studied people such as Guy Kawasaki, and there is nothing nicer than being able to see it all flawlessly come together in a presentation such as yours. For me, your statement that “audiences don't laugh when things are funny; they laugh when they're comfortable" simply floored me; it is such a simple truth, but so easily overlooked.”

Steve Nowicki -- Student Ambassador

“Your presentation was extremely helpful. I had thought my presentation was all but finished. Then I attended this program and learned that I had committed most of the sins of PowerPoint and was preparing to lead my attendees to a slow and painful death by PowerPoint. Yikes! I had always thought the PowerPoint was the presentation and needed to stand alone on its own. Probably because I see so many like that.”

Gregory Hopson -- University of Iowa Instructor

“The presentation was great and changed the way we will present our topic. Thank you for providing this program and I am sure it will go a long way to improve the quality of the presentations.”

Katherine (Kit) Schuman -- Nursing System Analyst University of Florida

Meet Your Instructor

International Public Speaking Coach, TEDx Speaker and Best Selling author Jason Teteak has taught more than one million people how to flawlessly command attention and connect with audiences in their unique style.

He’s won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring communications skills via practical, simple, universal and immediately actionable techniques.

Or as he puts it “No theoretical fluff”.

Jason gained recognition at EPIC Systems in the medical software industry, where he was known as “trainer of trainers of trainers.”

He has developed more than fifty presentation and communication training programs ranging in length from one hour to three days that serve as the basis for The Rule the Room Method.

In 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 he was named #1 Best Selling coach on Public Speaking for his on-demand video teaching tools that quickly took off for over 100,000 online students around the world.

Teteak has flipped the model and changed the approach to great Public Speaking for even the most seasoned veterans.