Japanese Black Ink Painting: Beginner's Orchids

Michelle Wasabi, Trusting the Process

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. The Start: Beginner's Orchids

    • 2. The Materials

    • 3. The Leaves

    • 4. The Flowers

    • 5. The Composition

    • 6. The Whole Orchid

    • 7. The Final Challenge

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Project Description

Once you’ve learned all the elements of creating an orchid you’re going to combine your skills to create a classic Sumie piece.

Orchids are incredibly beautiful and in Sumie form are created in a minimalism aesthetic. At first it may be difficult to create dimension and interests by varying your leaf brushstroke but once you get in the practice your leaves will look like they are gently swaying in the winds. Try to relax while painting by engaging in meditation or Mindfulness which is fitting for this style of art. 

  1. Start by painting your primary leaves in the pattern provided in the video.
  2. Followed by painting 5 petals to create your flower.
  3. Gently draw in your stem.
  4. And finally use the kanji Yama to paint in your stamens.
  5. Optionally: You can use a red stamp or sign your piece to make it personal.

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