Jane Austen's Rose (Rose Eliza). | Irina Podolyak | Skillshare

Jane Austen's Rose (Rose Eliza).

Irina Podolyak, Silk ribbon embroidery

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6 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Rose buds

    • 3. Rose petals

    • 4. The stems

    • 5. The leaves

    • 6. Finished


About This Class

Making this flower, we will use the unique French Ribbon technique.

This technique was created in the distant past, our grandmothers made miracles of wire edged ribbons. In all the novels of Jane Austen's society ladies adorned themselves with roses, created by great masters.

The Rose Eliza is made of wire edged ribbons. These ribbons allow you to create a beautiful flower that holds its shape very well and looks like a fresh rose. Flowers made of wired ribbons can be worn on any outfit, corsage, bag and use as a hair clip. You can make a wonderful gift to your girlfriends and mothers.

Now you have an opportunity to become great flower master!


1. Welcome: Every woman wants to be beautiful and unique. I will help you. I won't teach you how to make a beautiful rules. These broach will they create your costume and you can use it as a hair clip Making this flower, we will use the unique French ribbon technique. This technique was created in the distant past. Our grandmothers made miracles off. Why edge ribbons in all of the nobles off Jane Austen's society? Ladies don't themselves with the roses created by great masters. Now you have an about unity to become such a great master. Flowers made of why H ribbons are were convenient. They always maintain a beautiful shape, and even if they are crushed, they are easy to spread. So we start to create the image off a beautiful woman. 2. Rose buds: rolls, but take the jeweler and pull it into a small cut. Three pieces off 10 centimeters. H two Is this each piece fixing each turn the threat so you want you to the central favorite. 3. Rose petals: rose petals got five pieces each of seven centimeters. And together, toe do and half centimeters make the same way. All five petals. Stool these tribbles around the tube. It will be the first drove off petals se control, got five pieces each of 10 centimeters and make petals all pieces together to five centimeters. You these petals around the first row. 4. The stems: this Jim's take five centimeters of green ribbon cut diagonally. It will be the two bots lease, then make the stems take two times eight centimeters and departing two centimeters, caught on the bars lines and huge around the rose but making rules, but you together in the lower part off those. 5. The leaves: the leaves make three pieces off grill Rieber, each off eight centimeters, holding half and stitch running. Stitch the two liars together and together and little you'll this relieves under the rules and the ditch the leaves great. 6. Finished: finished The rose got all excess fabric and good toe. The fact you're wonderful generally is ready. You can show the flower to her friends, let them And why? You know how to create beauty.