Jane Austen's Rose (Rose Eliza). | Irina Podolyak | Skillshare

Jane Austen's Rose (Rose Eliza).

Irina Podolyak, Silk ribbon embroidery

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    • Rose buds

    • Rose petals

    • The stems

    • The leaves

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About This Class

Making this flower, we will use the unique French Ribbon technique.

This technique was created in the distant past, our grandmothers made miracles of wire edged ribbons. In all the novels of Jane Austen's society ladies adorned themselves with roses, created by great masters.

The Rose Eliza is made of wire edged ribbons. These ribbons allow you to create a beautiful flower that holds its shape very well and looks like a fresh rose. Flowers made of wired ribbons can be worn on any outfit, corsage, bag and use as a hair clip. You can make a wonderful gift to your girlfriends and mothers.

Now you have an opportunity to become great flower master!





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Irina Podolyak

Silk ribbon embroidery

Head of the embroidery studio Cvetpolana.

We develop our own silk ribbon embroidery sets.   My whole family helps in the production  process. More than 10 years I am teaching silk ribbon embroidery,

September 2012. published the book " Silk ribbon embroidery. Amazing projects".

Would you like to see more projects? Visit our web resources   https://www.etsy.com/ru/shop/SilkRibbonKits?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Good luck!

Silk ribbon embro...

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