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11 Videos (1h 28m)
    • Video 1 Understanding the Importance Of JV Contests

    • Video 2 Selecting the Product Launches You Can Win

    • Video 3 Preparing Your Winning Bonuses

    • Video 4 Creating a Bonus Sales Page Part 1

    • Video 5 Creating a Bonus Sales Page Part 2

    • Video 6 Creating a Bonus Sales Page Part 3

    • Video 7 Crating Your Email List and Integration

    • Video 8 Manual Email List Creation

    • Video 9 Building The Base For Driving Your Traffic

    • Video 10 Facebook Ads Creatives

    • Video 11 The Wrap Up


About This Class

This course will teach you the importance, and the benefits, of running JV contests during your launches. JV contests give your JVs an incentive to push your promotions HARDER -here is how to make them right..

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The Course is very Organised.. Usually Courses are very boring but this one was very interesting to finish it on the time.. its not wasting for time.. Thank You. Just a NOTE Video Number 7 Doesn't Work.. but overall I like it thanks again for your efforts.





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