JUST Eats: Easily Create a Delicious Batch of Pasta Freezer Meals with Endless Variety | Veronica Lamb | Skillshare

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JUST Eats: Easily Create a Delicious Batch of Pasta Freezer Meals with Endless Variety

teacher avatar Veronica Lamb, Making Real Food Fit Into Your Real Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Ingredients

    • 3. Creating Pasta Meals

    • 4. Closing

    • 5. Class Project

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About This Class

Are you frustrated with spending all your money on last minute take-out lunches that leave you wanting to take a nap rather than fueled up with energy? Are you tired of boxed frozen meals that just aren't satisfying your cravings? Are you looking to eat healthier but you don't have a lot of time? Take back control of your meals, your time, and your health with this easy class.

Veronica Lamb from Radiant Life Consulting will walk you through creating quick pasta freezer meals that will give you easy options for lunch or dinner. Healthy doesn't have to be bland or tasteless or take a lot of your time. In fact, you can gain back your time by meal prepping and batch cooking.

Learn some of her key techniques to ensuring your pasta holds up to both the freezer and the reheating process and how to get crisp veggies in your finished meal so it tastes fresh & satisfying. You will see some of her personal favorite recipes and protein/veggie combinations with marinara sauce, pesto, and a made from scratch olive oil sauce. You will be shocked how healthy can taste so good! The worksheet will help you discover your favorites and double as a shopping list for your trip to the store. 

The JUST Eats series focuses on simple habits, requiring simple tools, accessible to every budget, and easily customizable to your needs. These habits will naturally and easily allow you to move away from overly processed foods and refined sugar. Many of the videos include bath cooking techniques that easily translate to large family meals or community gatherings. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy free options are discussed in the videos equipping you to meet the needs of you or your loved ones.

Make healthy choices your easiest choice by joining this class and beginning your batch meals today.

For even more variety in healthy & quick recipes check out Sarah Moore's class http://skl.sh/1Vfx2tM.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Veronica Lamb

Making Real Food Fit Into Your Real Life


Hey, I’m Veronica Lamb. I’m a health coach, world changer, and a pretty kickass mom.

If you are a busy individual who wants to make real food fit into your real life then you will love my classes.  

I offer a non-overwhelming path to permanent health & lifestyle change by teaching you how to tune into your body signals, eat foods that help you thrive, & establish healthy habits that work for your busy schedule.

In short, you get recipes, meal plans, & strategies that empower your work, not put you further behind on your to-do list.

Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for inspiration.  Grab your free meal planning workbook. 

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Veronica Lamb. With radiant life consulting. I helped busy people create healthy habits in meals. And unlike so that they can get fueled up an outdoor busy being changed that they were created to be in this world. In this class, I'm gonna teach you how to create easy grab and go freezer meals made from pasta, your favorite vegetables and key proteins. These easy meals are gonna be super convenient for you to just grab and go when you're in a hurry or when you don't feel like cooking dinner or you need a quick homemade lunch to take with you to the office. So this is gonna be a really delicious class that's not only going to save you time, it's also gonna keep you filled up. So go ahead and click on the join button and I'll see you in the rest of these sessions. 2. Ingredients: you want to gather all of your ingredients together. First thing that we'll talk about is your pasta. You wanna have your pasta already cooked? The key to cooking the pasta is that you want to make sure that it's al dente, meaning that it's not completely soft. So let me take one of these real quick and sure you here so you can see I can pull on it without it coming apart. I can squeeze on it. It's not gonna easily come apart, so it's not mushy. It's still fairly firm, and it's gonna have a really good texture once we reheat it. And even after we froze it, it's still gonna be really good. Okay, so you want to make sure that you have a nice texture to your pasta. You can use traditional pasta that's enriched. You can use a holy pasta. You can use one of the blends of vegetable pastas, or you can do a gluten free pasta. You can pick any of those that you want. Just make sure that you keep an eye on it when you're cooking it, and you want to make sure that it's still firm when it's done, Okay, so that may mean cutting down the cooking time just a minute or two off of the recommended time so that you can make sure that your pasta is gonna hold up in the freezer for you. The next ingredient that you want to think about is your sauces, and you can do a variety of sauces for your pasta dishes. Off course, there's the classic red sauce, and you can use a store bought red Sox. Or you can do a homemade bread sauce, which is really delicious and good. You can also get something like a pesto sauce, and again, this can be homemade really easily with some basil. If you have some nice fresh basil, that would be really good, or you can pick some up from the store. If you're in a hurry, you can also make your own sauce. Using an olive oil, and some other key ingredients will actually be covering a couple of those in this class. And, of course, you could do a white sauce. If you would like a cheesy or a creamy sauce for your pasta, just pick your favorite sauce and make sure that you gather it together I suggest picking out maybe two or three different sauces when you go to make all your freezer meals. That way, you're gonna have some variety in there. But if you only have one kind, that's okay, too. You'll just grab it different times. When you're ready and you're craving that sauce, you'll have it. They're ready to go. The key to the vegetables is that you want to make sure that they are fairly uniform thickness, so that when you go to cook them or reheat them in your pasta jars, they're actually going to cook evenly. Now. One thing that you may notice here is that all of my vegetables are raw and you can work with cooked vegetables also. But I like using the raw vegetables because as my pasta gets reheated, they actually cook to the perfect done. That's so that their soap right? And Chris and really fresh looking with vibrant colors, and they have enough Crist and a little bit of crunch to them that they really taste good. And it doesn't make you feel like that. You're eating a freezer meal and makes you feel like that you're eating something that was freshly made. Another ingredient that you may want to think about is your protein protein is going to ensure that you have a nice filling meal that's gonna stick with you for a few hours throughout your day and so you can look at typical animal meat proteins. Here we have ground beef that's been drained in his lean ground beef. We also have some shrimp here that has already been cooked, and we also have some chicken here, so you could cook these at home yourself. Or you can buy them already cooked. It's up to you where you may even have some left over from a previous meal that you cooked the night before. But just make sure that you have some protein there. If you're doing only vegetable proteins, you can look at tofu, the key for using tofu and pasta. And yes, I have had tofu impossible. It's really good with the key to it is that you've got to make sure that you've dreamed out all the liquid, and this is best done in advance. So whether you've got an hour of prep time or whether you even have a full day, either way, you can do it. It's nice one more time that you have, but basically, you take your tofu out. You make sure that you put some pressure on it, and you leave that pressure on even overnight so that all of the liquid gets squeezed out and drink out. That's gonna help prevent your soft and your pasta from being too watery. It gets watered down when that water comes out of the tofu when you're reheating it, if you haven't dreamed it properly, but if you do during it properly, then it's going to be ready and trying to absorb up all of the goodness and flavors out of your sauce. So make sure you that you get the tofu and it's a extra firm tofu that you want to use. Usually you wanna make sure that you get that press down to the all the water streamed out of it, and then it's gonna be perfect for you. Use in your pasta dish 3. Creating Pasta Meals: When you've got all of your ingredients ready, it's really easy to throw together your jars for your freezer. So when you think about creating your jars here, first thing you want to put in is the sauce. And the main reason why you put the salsa first is one. Because it's what you want it to be at the bottom and then to you don't want it splattering all over the place if you go to heat these up in a microwave. So I'm gonna go ahead and add some bread sauce to a couple of these. I love using my wide mouth mason jars because the food slides out really easily. And then also, I don't have to worry about the plastic getting staying by the red cells. Thanks. Seeing plastic so Mason Jars is the way that I always go something. Go ahead and pour some of this in here. You could be as little relation want with your sauce. I'm gonna make to red cells ones. I'm also gonna create one pessoa one. Grab my put a generous worship of the past still at the bottom, and in the other two I'm going to create my own kind of olive oil sauce for those. So I'm gonna start out by putting a little bit of olive oil in each of these. But I'm also gonna add some more later. Once I get in the ingredients, let's start with our reds first. And as a general rule, if you are concerned about your meat getting a little dried out or tough during the reheating process, it's a good idea to go ahead and put that on top of the sauce because the moisture from the sauce is going to keep it nice and juicy and keep it from getting dried out. So or the red sauce. One of these I'm going to use some ground beef. Go ahead and add said that in here. Okay, that looks like a good amount for the other red sauce on the chicken. Go ahead and a few pieces of chicken goes in there. This is one chicken breast that I have here, so open about half of it in this one. How did your cost in there? You just want to squish it in so that you get a good amount of posse depending on the type that you're using. type of pasta that is meaning it could be spaghetti or angel hair or spiral ones. Curly cues. Whatever it is that you're using, you want to try and push them in there just so that you get enough to make sure that you're gonna be filled up and I'm gonna go ahead and add it for my chicken one off. So here. All right, that looks pretty good. So for beef, the vegetables that I want to add for my beef when are gonna be my bell peppers? Grab some of those and put those on. Now, if you're like me and you actually like your bell peppers to be brush as opposed to cooked Once you put your jar in the freezer, your peppers are gonna freeze up pretty well on their own. And so when you take it out of the freezer before you reheat it, it's really easy just to take a fork or something and scrape off your bell peppers off of the top, most of them, and you can keep them on the side while you reheat the rest of this and then you'll have a nice, fresh, crunchy bell peppers. The throw back on top. This jar is done now. Got my veggies on top my pot. Stop my meat in my red sauce at the bottom. I'm gonna go ahead and set that off too. Well, let's take a look at our chicken red sauce. Choice for this one. I'm actually gonna add broccoli and carrots. I really love broccoli and carrots. With my process. These add in a few of them. It can be kind of hard to them, so you can go ahead and squish him down. If you want a few of the baby carrots, I like smaller ones because they're gonna cut more evenly with the broccoli. And when you take him out and you let them seem in there, would you reheat this jar if that room I can get a few more pieces as you let them seem and reheat. When you heat up this jar off booth, there gonna be a really right green, a bright orange color, and they're gonna have a little bit of crunchiness still left in them. They're absolutely delicious. And it's going to make you feel like that. You're eating a nice fresh dish as opposed to something that came from a freezer meal. Okay, let's take a look at our Pessoa option now. So for my past, so option. I'm gonna create a chicken and tomato pesto. So what I will do first is I'll go ahead and add in my chicken so I don't have to worry about getting dry out. That is the other half of this chicken breasts. I'm gonna add my pasta, and I put my tomatoes on. Hey, my pasta in there and my chicken. And now I'm ready to go ahead and add a few of these babies. Does I love these little ones because then I don't have to mess with cutting them up. Okay, Now we've got our pest in one, all ready to go. Now we can talk about our olive oil sauces. So sometimes I like to make my own olive oil sauce because I don't want the acidity off the tomatoes. And maybe I just don't feel like having the pesto basil sauce. So this is really easy to dio with ingredients that typically have around the house. So what I like to do is I always like to add in some shock onions, please add in a little bit here. Now these are raw, They're not cooked yet. But the cool thing is is that when you reheat the sauce, it's going Teoh, actually. And then I'm also gonna add some garlic in here, each one of these. Now it's up to you. How much garlic you want to add? The reason that I put the onion and the garlic down at the bottom with the olive oil is because I wanted to cook in that olive oil and really get the flavor into the olive oil as it cooks and reheats. So what? All add next is actually my pasta because I'm gonna put shrimp in one of these. I'm not too concerned about those drying out. If you are, you can always put them on the bottom near the olive oil. But I'm actually gonna Sprinkle some more olive oil on here after the fact anyway, So I'm gonna go ahead and add the pasta now to both of these. And if you're curious about the amount of pasta that I cooks in order to make these five jars, it was about 1/2 package of regular spaghetti. We've got to olive oil jars here one of them. I'm gonna make all vegetable and the other one, I'm gonna do a shrimp Suki combinations. I'll go ahead and do the shrimp zucchini first and at and some of these shrimp. I got these already cooked from the store. They were already peeled, super easy. This is actually one of my daughters Favorite pasta dishes. She loves shrimp. She's a toddler can. She also loves me. So this has become a staple in our household. And because she's so young, sometimes what I'll do is I'll make smaller jars for her so that we can happen in the freezer, pull him out the night before, and then we can grab and go to pack them in her lunch really easily. So I put several shrimp in there because a lot, And then on top of that, I want to throw in some of my ruined my eyes. Is he here? It's important that your shrimp is already cooked. Least here, straight up, in down, because I want to pour some more olive oil here. We really like zucchini in our household, so I'm gonna put quite a bit in there. Okay, so that's good, Then I want a drizzle, some more olive oil on top of this, and when you're making your own sauce, it's really helpful. At least it takes better if you go ahead and add some salt. I'm here for these olive little sauces and make the flavors of the vegetables pot more. All right, so I added some salt, and this one is good to go. The last one is that all veggie version and what I'm gonna add to this one is gonna be my yellow squash here, my eggplants and maybe else leaves in a few broccoli. Yes, it's stick more in there. I really like to pack it full when I'm just soon. Veggies. You're not. Go ahead and drizzle some more olive oil over E. Always add the salt after you've cooked it after you've reheated them. But I like to have a sock so into the vegetables that's that one's all ready. Once you got jars all made, are you gonna do Just screw the tops on legal them if you want and thrown in the freezer and you're good to go Any time that you need a fast, really hearty meal, you've got your possibly cious all made super easy to reheat. Just throw them in the microwave or you consigned the contents out really easy with these wide mouth jars just into a pot or a pan on the SoBe and heat them up. 4. Closing: thanks for joining me in this class. I hope you loved it. And it's gonna be a real blessing on your life. These air really easy grab and go meals that are gonna make it totally convenient for you just to grab Whether it's your lunch, that you're taking the work or whether you're just getting home late, you need a quick dinner or you're looking for easy ways for your family to have grab and go meals. Um, he should really help you out. Hope you loved it. If you like this kind of classes, check out my other videos on skill share. For more helpful tips on how to create healthy habits in life and in meals, feel free to click on my bio and connect with me using any of those links in there. And then also, I want to see your project where this class. So please take a picture of your jars. One or two jars are all of your jars and post them up on the class project so that we can see them. You can also put in any comments or questions that you have in the discussions, and I'll be sure to answer Thank you again for joining this class. Peace, love and Aloha 5. Class Project: in this class, your project is going to be to create some easy grabbing go freezer meals using pasta. So what I want you to dio is take a picture of your jars that you create. It can just be one. Or it could be five or it could be even more. However many jars you create, Just take a picture of your finished job with your sauce, your pasta, your veggies, your protein. Make sure you've got them all in their load of that picture on our class project area because we would love to see what it is that you're creating. And I would love to know how you've enjoyed this class. So please give me a review and please put out one of your pictures of your project.