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4 Videos (19m)
    • Jquery promo

    • Linking and Applying JQuery

    • CDN

    • Working with JQuery and jQuery UI


About This Class

JQuery is very famous Library of JavaScript. using it can add dynamic content in your website in no time.

its very easy and powerful that's why i designed this class in which i devided this class into four  sections as fellow

  1. Linking and Applying JQuery
  2. CDN (Importance/Working/Usage)
  3. JQuery UI

This course is for Absolute Beginners OR Web Designers ( who dont know anything about JQuery) or Students who never worked with JQuery.

  1. We will start from ground level, and we will move towards tip of The Mount Everest i mean some real time Projects. In this course we will look at everything from scratch

    What are the requirements?

    • Any computer will do . (Windows, Mac, PC or Linux)
    • Passion to learn exciting new skills
    • You don’t need to buy any software.
    • Student Should have basic knowledge of HTML CSS JS(just basic)

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Jazeb Akram

Freelancer, Web Developer


its Jazeb. let me tell you about myself . i am 24, living in Lahore, Pakistan. I've been working as a Freelancer since 2011. Recently i have joined world best learning platforms as an online instructor. Eventually People ask me why you are in online teaching business. The reason i came into teaching from my successful freelance experience because i always love to teach and get very passionate about development and assisting others to achieve success in the field of programming. when i was in my college, one thing that always made me wonder that why people are learning without skills? why students are paying enough but what they are gaining? Nothing. why? so i came into this solution that i have to jump in for all the stragglers who want to achieve skills for their career. that's why at the end of my courses students are finding unique skills that they can really use in their life and boost up their career.

i am a developer and web designer with the great passion for building beautiful new Desktop/Web Applications from scratch. I also have a University Degree in Computer Science (Hons). and a Research Paper in Software Quality Assurance.

i am helping many students online by teaching Online Courses on different Platforms

  • StackSkills
  • StackSocial
  • Udemy
  • SkillShare

in Computer sciences, web development.Contact me on my web or here, if you need any assistance online.


Jazeb Akram