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JOURNAL IDEAS: Get Inspired To Write More.

teacher avatar Sage Skills, Teaching Fun Creative Performing Skills!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Journal Ideas 1 PROMO

    • 2. Journal Ideas 2 INTRO

    • 3. Journal Ideas For Beginners

    • 4. Journal Ideas For Specific Goals

    • 5. Journal Ideas For Business

    • 6. Journal Ideas For Content Creators

    • 7. More Journal Ideas For Content Creators

    • 8. Journal Ideas For Creativity

    • 9. Journal Ideas For Your Spirit

    • 10. More Journal Ideas For Your Spirit

    • 11. Additional Journal Ideas To Try/

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About This Class

One of the best ways to learn more about yourself is through journaling.

But Journaling can be SO MUCH MORE then just keeping a diary.

Over the years, I have kept many different types of journals for many different purposes.

I created this course to help inspire beginners to try Journaling and get an Idea of the Wide Variety of types of Journaling they can explore.

Just like Meditation there are various types and you get out of it what you put into it. 

So grab a paper and pen, and let's try a new type of Journal together.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sage Skills

Teaching Fun Creative Performing Skills!



Welcome To Sage Skills! My name is Sage, I wanted to begin sharing some of the unique skills I have learned, both an Entrepreneur and Pro Performer.

I have worked for many years as a Pro Musician & Children's Entertainer. To market myself, I had to learn many business skills related to internet marketing as well.

I also want to create some classes teaching some of my fun hobbies. Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy these courses and feel free to follow me here on Skillshare for more to come! :)

To find My more Spiritual Classes on Skillshare simply search PALM READING On Skillshare/ 

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1. Journal Ideas 1 PROMO: this course is about journal ideas. My name is Sage. I've kept journals from many years. There are so many types of journals. Since I've kept so many, I felt I should share the many types for people to learn. So if you're looking for ideas, what to journal about, then this is the courts for you. So enroll today and let's get started. 2. Journal Ideas 2 INTRO: welcome to the course. They're 10 quick lessons in this course. The 1st 4 are for everyone. The 1st 4 are practical and useful. Journal types. Lessons 5 to 8 are the more creative journal types. In the last two lessons are additional ideas. They're actually 50 journal ideas in this course. I've kept all these types of journals at different times, but not all at once. The main intention of this course is really just a spark ideas and help people see some journaling options they simply never considered before. Each of the 10 lessons shares just about 5 to 6 options per lesson to make them go pretty quickly. So now let's cover the practical journals. 3. Journal Ideas For Beginners: journal type Number one is an idea book. I have two types of idea books. Type one is just for random ideas, really quick, short something that I just want to jot down so that I don't lose it. And I keep that one usually nearby the bed because those ideas often come to me at night in the random idea book. They're just short ideas that I may not use right away, but I do want to keep track of them. Type two is the big idea book. That's where I keep the ideas for long term projects for things that I want to accomplish. Courses, books, things like that. This court's itself was at one point in the big idea. Book General number two General Number two is a progress journal. Keeping track of where you actually are in the process of your goals is essential. Many people set a goal, and some will create a plan to reach that goal. But sadly, few people track the progress off the plan that they made. Where are they? In the stages? A Progress journal can help you to hold yourself accountable. What did you do today to head towards that goal. Journal Number three Journal Number three is a gold book or a long term goal journal. These type of journals are great for keeping your long term goals in perspective. Give me your one year goal, five year goals and your 10 year goals in all one place that you could take a look at them . Journal Number four Journal Number four is the to do list. You can get the most benefit from a to do list journal by using it at night. So this way, before your day begins, you already know what you have to do. Journal Number five This is your basic daily journal. What people think of essentially is a diary also used the night, but it's recording the story of your day. How did your day go? What are the different things that happened? It has been proven definitively that this type of journaling actually improves our memory. Plus, it's just great to have a record of our day to look back on. Journal number six. This is a wish list, the things that you want to get, the things you want to buy those type of things. For me, it feels great every time I get something new from my wish list. Journal number seven Journal Number seven is a schedule or planner. This type of journal can give you a look at the month at a glance or the weak in a glance in our election lesson will cover some or useful journal types. 4. Journal Ideas For Specific Goals: in this lesson will cover journals for specific types of goals. Journal number eight General Number eight is a food diary with a food diary. You simply write down the meals you had throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and the various snacks. A food diary can be wonderful for tracking weight loss and seeing what we're actually eating, as opposed to what we think we are at the bottom of the page. You can also add an exercise log, noting what particular exercises you did for that day. A food diary can also help to become aware of subtle food allergies. When you start to notice that you have a certain reaction every time you eat a certain food , the diary can help you to spot that pattern. Journal Number nine Journal Number nine is a love life journal. There are actually three types of love life journals. The first type is a Love Goals journal. This could be done whether you're single or in a relationship already writing down the type of dates that you'd like to go on or ways that you'd like to work on your love life. The second type is called a romance Journal. Some people keep a journal dedicated just to their relationship, writing down the sweetest times they've had with their partner. The third type is a couple's journal. Some couples actually keep one book where they write back and forth letters to each other. Once a week of sweet, loving thoughts about the relationship journal Number 10 General number 10 would be a Home and Family journal. Some people keep a journal of activities that like to plan for their family. Others have a Journal of Home Improvement goals listing various upgrades they'd like to make and things that like the fix within their home. Journal. Number 11 General Number 11 is a financial journal within a financial journal. People record ways to eliminate their debt, reduced their spending, increase their earnings after their savings and improve their credit. Some people also chart a plan for their business Is growth within a Financial journal Journal Number 12 the 12th Journalism Goals for learning. This is where you would list classes you would like to take or classes you've taken and keep track of skills that you'd like to acquire. Journal Number 13 journal Number 13 is a hobby journal. I've often kept hobby journals, and they're great tell plan your goals within your hobby. Another version of this is a collector's journal. Some people keep a journal of the ways they'd like to add to their collections. In the next lesson, we'll cover some journals for business. 5. Journal Ideas For Business: this section will cover some basic business journals. Journal Number 14 Journal Number 14 is a client book in a small business or client based consulting firm Sometimes is important to keep track of client details. A client book allows you to keep track of the plans for each client, the deadlines for each client and where you are in the process for each individual. One journal number 15 journal Number 15 is an income book. While, of course, you should always have your income in the computer and in the cloud. Having a physical copy to back that up is also a great idea. Journal Number 16 This is an expense journal. You can keep track of your receipts and your expenses in one journal. It's very useful to do especially attacks. Time Journal Number 17 Journal Number 17 is a product development journal. Product development journals are basically a way to hold yourself accountable like a Progress journal. But for the products that you're developing, it's also great to track the process because as you write that process down, you start to see ways to streamline it and make it even faster to create products. Journal number 18 Journal Number 18 is a marketing notebook. There's an acronym in business called A B M, which stands for Always Be marketing. Learning. Marketing is a lifelong process, even expert marketers like Seth Godin, Tim Farriss and Gary Vaynerchuk. No, you could always learn more. Having one notebook with all the marketing strategies you've learned so far is priceless. It also allows you to see how your viewpoint changes over time and what works changes as well. In the next lesson, we'll cover some content journals. 6. Journal Ideas For Content Creators : we live in the age of content marketing. One of the ways to stay ahead of the game is to use an editorial calendar. Journal number 19 Journal Number 19 is a blogging journal. Imagine if you had a notebook with 104 ideas of what to write in your blawg. You would have enough ideas for a different post every week for two whole years. The best bloggers usually do have an editorial calendar. They could tell you what they're going to post to their block even six months from today. That's the value of having a journal specifically dedicated to the ideas of what to post on your blogged. Journal number 20 journal Number 20 is a podcasting journal. The best podcasters create segments within their podcast to make it more interesting for the listener. For instance, in some podcast, you might have a segment called Gadget Corner, where you discuss new gadgets within your topic. Having months worth of segments written out in advance again is very helpful in producing more content. Journal Number 21 journal Number 21 is a YouTube journal in my personal YouTube journal. I keep a record of the best strategies. I also record great video titles that I've seen that are working for other you tubers that I could bring it to. My own niche was part of my YouTube journal is an editorial calendar listing what I wanted post on various days. Plus, part of my YouTube journal is also a progress general listing what videos I posted and the results they received. Journal Number 22 Number 22 is a daily content journal. Producing new content daily can be challenging daily content really performs very well on some platforms. The key is really creating a theme for the day. For instance, you could do musical Mondays on Mondays, your audience sings and you sing to them and tutorial Tuesday's where you teach your audience something new. You would also do Wild Wednesdays Throwback Thursdays. Follow Friday's Storytime Saturdays and Sunday. Fun Day. Will you do something fun? It helps to have one daily journal where all your content is written out and already ready to go. Journal Number 23. This is a social media journal. How many times did you promote your podcast of Facebook this week? Did you already posted this Facebook group once already this week, a social media journal can really help you sort those type of things out. Many content creators used the Trillo App, or Evernote, to keep track of what content they created in various social media. Many content creators also use who'd Sweet Buffer or meet Edgar to schedule their content in advance as well. But having a dedicated Social Media notebook is also very useful in the next lesson. To learn about some more journals for content creators. 7. More Journal Ideas For Content Creators: as a content creator. Sometimes you're also in the role of leadership. Journal Number 24 Journal Number 24 is a Web master notebook in a Web master notebook. You can keep track of improvements. You want to make your website plug ins you want to add and other design features you want to incorporate. You can also list new pages. You want to add your website and new content you want to add as well. Journal Number 25 General Number 25 is a group journal. As a content creator, you might have your own Patri on or Facebook group or forum that you moderated. Exclusive content can be a key to running a great patriotic with patri on. Your patrons need to know why they should pay to be patrons. Exclusive content is usually the answer. Journal Number 26 journal Number 26 is a meet up or event journal. I promoted workshops and live in person events for many years. It's important to promote live events at least three months ahead. It's also good to keep track of where you already listed your event for promotion. You also need to keep track of when do you have to have your flyers ready so that you're always promoting the next event? That's the value of an event. Journal Journal Number 27 Journal Number 27 is a lesson Outline notebook. I keep a notebook to list the outlines of my live workshops and my online courses as well. Journal Number 28 General Number 28 is a communication journal. These air great, especially for small businesses. Years ago, I was a restaurant manager, one of the restaurants I worked at used communication generals. They had two types of communication journals. The first type was a manager's journal in the Manager's journal. The owners would write to the managers various things that they wanted us to know. The general manager could also write to the assistant managers in that journal, and vice versa. Each manager would read the managers journal at the start of your shift. This kept those of us on the management team on the same page, literally and keeping us aware of the newest developments of what was going on in the store . The restaurant also had an employee's journal. Each employee would arrive and read the Employees Journal before the beginning of their shift. They could also request days off in their schedule that they need to the managers to know about. They could also offer a shift to other employees and listed in the notebook. If another employee wanted to taken available shift that would simply sign their initials in the presence of a manager in the next lesson will cover creative journals. 8. Journal Ideas For Creativity: in this section will cover some creative journals. Journal Number 29. When I was taking creative writing in high school and in college, the teacher required us to keep a story Journal. The story Journal was for writing fiction. Our homework every week was to write one page of fiction every single day. The teacher would also mention that writers need to write. She wanted to instill it. Us. The idea that writing is a habit. Journal Number 30 General Number 30 is a poetry journal within a poetry journal. You could write a new poem every day. You can also use a poetry journal to write some free verse. Free verse is basically improvisation with words. The free verse You right? Just a stream of consciousness. Whatever words are coming to your mind. Journal. Number 31 General Number 31 is a song writing journal in a song writing journal. It helps you to keep track of songs you've written and the lyrics. You could also list the cords of the song and even some basic notation. Journal Number 32 journal Number 32 is a sketchbook. Journaling could be so much more than just writing near your phone. You can keep a book just for doodling. If you keep a sketchbook for drawing, nature still lives and the world around you. Journal Number 33 journal Number 33 is an inspiration notebook. You can keep a record of visual designs that inspire you typography that you admire and things you want to make. In the next lesson, you'll learn about different spiritual journals. 9. Journal Ideas For Your Spirit: in this lesson, we'll talk about some spiritual journals. Journal Number 34 I learned about this type of journal years ago from Tony Robbins. In one of his lessons, he asked, You come up with five questions. You would ask yourself the same five every day. Each person's five questions are different. They're based on your individual goals. For instance, examples are what am I happy about today? What am I excited about when my proud of one of my grateful for what am I enjoying? What can I improve today? How can I show my love ones more love? The purpose of these type of questions is toe open your eyes to new possibilities of the day, Develop your own five questions and keep this type of journal for a little while. You'll be surprised at the results. Journal Number 35 General Number 35 is a gratitude journal. Take time each day to write what you're grateful for. You can do it in the beginning of the day, and at the end of the day, the key is to find something unique to be grateful for each day, there have been many studies that have found that keeping a gratitude journal could be as effective as medication for people with depression, it really is a beautiful experience to keep a gratitude journal. It helps you to see the brighter side of life. Journal Number 36. For many years, I attended spiritually workshops every single month. Eventually, I learned that it was more effective to keep one notebook with all the notes from the spiritual workshops I had taken from that particular here and now. I actually have six of these workshop notebooks filled with notes from all the workshops have taken that I can Go Back and reference Journal Number 37 General Number 37 is a meditation journal. Daily meditation is awesome. Many people think there's only one type of meditation. Often people have only heard. Avoid meditation. In other words, clearing your mind thinking nothing. But there are least 30 types of meditation, and I may make a course on it someday. Having a journal to record your experiences with meditation can be priceless. Journal Number 38 General Number 38 is a dream journal In many native and tribal cultures, dreaming is a very important part of life, the native teachers I've studied with teach that we all live in two worlds. The first world is the outer or physical world where I see a blue sky and you see a blue sky. The second World is the inner world. The world of dreams and visions, strangely in modern life, were taught to ignore the inner world. Our modern viewpoint on reality is very much skewed with what we can measure and what we can quantify. Many native cultures had a much broader view that what was really was what could touch our heart, what could move us. At least 1/3 of all of our lives is spent within the world of dreams. And in the native you, the people we meet in dreams are not figments of our imagination. Those people we meet in dreams are the spirits that native people reference. So it's great to take time to record your dreams and see what they mean. In my intuition class on skill share, I share a little bit more about the different types of dreams and the power of dreams. You could find the intuition class by searching my other profile on skill share under Sage Logan. In the next lesson, we'll cover some or spiritual journals 10. More Journal Ideas For Your Spirit : in this lesson will discuss some more spiritually. Journals Journal Number 39 General Number 39 is a prayer journal. When it comes to praying, some people prefer formal, pre written prayers. Other people prefer impromptu prayer. But speaking from the heart and there are many types of prayers you can pray for. Thanks, forgiveness, blessing and many more. With a prayer journal, you can keep a record of the prayers you've done, the types of prayers that you've done and whether it was formal prayer or impromptu prayer , things like that. Journal Number 40 our 40th type of journal, is an affirmation journal. Affirmations are positive statements that are used to reinforce and help us change our existing beliefs. Affirmations can help change our beliefs through the substitution principle. All our beliefs, whether negative or positive, are basically formed through repetition. So if people keep telling you, wow, you play piano great. Eventually, you begin to believe that your piano playing is great. Having a believe that your piano playing is great will encourage you to practice even more and improve. Since repetition is the rial ki toe affirmations, an affirmation journal can help you to keep track of how many repetitions you actually did each day. Journal Number 41 General Number 41 is a mantra journal mantra. Czar. Using the Power of sacred sounds, these sacred sounds are used in many Eastern religions like Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. For instance, within the Buddhist religion, there is a very famous mantra for compassion. The mantra is home money, pot may whom in eastern religions, believe them? Or that you say this, the deeper your compassion would grow. Many Buddhists and Hindus use a Moloch, which are special counting beads that go up to 108 a sacred number. It's believed that something magical happens when you recite a mantra 125,000 times. Since every Moloch is 108 beads or 108 recitations, you would have to do 10 miles a day for 116 consecutive days to reach 125,000 recitations. Personally, I've done this with various mantra is, and that's what a mantra journalist for to keep track of how many Moloch you're saying each day and make sure that you're on track, saying as many mantra recitations as you can. Journal Number 42 General Number 42 is a tarot journal. Contrary to popular belief, tarot cards are not about seeing the future. They're about helping us to see patterns within our lives. Often with a tarot journal, you recorded daily spread laying out five cards or three cards for yourself in the morning and then writing down what you think they mean. The real value is after your day is unfolded and you know how with the actual events that happened, you could go back and look at your prediction and compare what you saw from the spread and how it actually unfolded in your day. By doing this comparison over time, your predictions will start to become closer to the way your day actually unfolds. Journal Number 42 General Number 42 is a magical journal. Magical Journal is a good place to keep track of matchable workings where people would call spells. It could be simple natural magic or complex magic. This could be a simple is using it as a hobby journal listing books that you want to read of a magical nature. But it's also great to keep track of magical workings that you've tried and what the results were in the next lesson will cover some additional journals to try. 11. Additional Journal Ideas To Try/: so this will be the last lesson in this course, covering a few other journaling ideas. Journal Number 44 Journal Number 44 is a friendship journal with this type of journal. When you go out with friends and you have a really great time, not a regular time, a really great time, come home. Write it down in your friendship journal. Then you'll have a fun record that you can go through and remember those fun adventures you had made. Friends Journal Number 45 Journal Number 45 is a habit journal. Maybe you're trying to quit smoking or eliminate other, write it down and have a journal Journal Number 46 General Number 46 is a reading journal. This is not one that I use personally, but some people like to keep track of the novels they read and how they felt about each story. Journal. Number 47 General Number 47 is a travelogue. If you travel a lot, it's great to have a record of what you did on your first day in Venice your last day in Barcelona. Having a travelogue can really complement your photos to enhance your memory of the Experience Journal Number 48 General Number 48 is a Quote journal. It's great to have one journal where you can write down all the great quote. You here saying that you like or even taping your fortune cookie fortunes Journal Number 49 So it's a rough walks into a policy, so a number of 49 is a joke journal. Write down those jokes that you find particularly funny. I used to do this a lot when I was a kid. Journal Number 50 Journal Number 50 is a garden journal in a gardening journal. You could keep track of the plants that you planted, what you want to plant next time. Plants that are safe for animals or for Children, all those type of things. And our very last one journal Number 51 General Number 51 is a recipe journal. Having your own hand written recipe journal is great for preserving family recipes. Most of us have had a family member that made some amazing food but never wrote it down. And unfortunately, that taste is lost and gone forever. So I hope you enjoy this brief overview of journaling ideas. I would be honored if you gave the course a quick review because it really does help other people to find it. Also, feel free to follow me here on skill share. So thanks for watching. I hope to see you in the next course here on skill share.