It's not the DIET'S fault! Coach : no diet -MARVELOUS the Mind @ YOUinsideOUT Academy. CLASS 6 OF 7 | Tamantha Williams | Skillshare

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It's not the DIET'S fault! Coach : no diet -MARVELOUS the Mind @ YOUinsideOUT Academy. CLASS 6 OF 7

teacher avatar Tamantha Williams, Coach & founder of YOUinsideOUT

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (2h 20m)
    • 1. Lecture 1: Welcome

    • 2. Lecture 2: Marvellous. YES you are!

    • 3. Lecture 3: 7 Breathes in

    • 4. Lecture 4: The SUBLIMINAL 7

    • 5. Lecture 5: Holistic approach & LOVE

    • 6. Lecture 6: Laws of the MIND

    • 7. Lecture 7: Levels of INFLUENCE

    • 8. Lecture 8: * | FORGIVENESS | *

    • 9. Lecture 9: | NO | and the impact thereof

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About This Class

Coach : no diet    |    CLASS 6 (OF 7): 'MARVELOUS'

WELCOME back!! 

There are 7 Classes to this course, this is the 6th CLASS, dealing with the MIND; how do we IMPLEMENT with SUCCESS, the chosen regulated diet?

*NOTE: There are numerous external links that have been placed in Class descriptions below for your reference as part of this Class.  There are 3 assignments in this Class based on introspection and research that you will need to do. 

If it is to be, it is up to me!  Clarity on the mind and the impact it has on success. Mastery of 7 steps, PMD and 7 laws of the mind.  Holism, love, and forgiveness.

Lecture 1: Introduction & Welcome

Lecture 2: Marvelous YES you are!
Clarity on HOW marvelous YOU ARE!  An introduction of what is to come in this class.

Lecture 3: 7 Breathes IN
are everything & MORE.  We start on the journey of being 'MARVELOUS', this is the MIND section of the Course.  The last M of the MMM System.  7 key factors in mind - let us understand these.
Assignment:  View the following link on VULNERABILITY on YOUtube, NOTE, the important part of this clip starts at 20min in.

Lecture 4:  The SUBLIMINAL 7
We discover how attitude does affect ALTITUDE.   Tools and Document available in resources to cast clarity and assist on your journey.
NOTE:  Be sure to download the forgiveness subliminal in preparation for what is to come.

Lecture 5: HOLISTIC approach and LOVE
Clarity on BODY, MIND & SOUL, how does energy flow?  What has LOVE got to do with it anyways?

Lecture 6:  LAWS of the mind
What are the laws of the MIND that influence your dietary success, health, and wellness?  A logical look at how to be successful using LAWS.

Lecture 7: Levels of INFLUENCE
Time to take YOUR power back.  Are we living back to front, outside in?  Let us look at the influences around us and what we CAN CONTROL.

Lecture 8: * | FORGIVENESS | *
Powerful intervention for removing NEGATIVE ENERGY blocks that hold you where you are and one of the reasons why we do get stuck IN our diets, our relationships and life in general.  Time to get vulnerable.
FYI:  Forgiveness decree to use daily if you wish to, has been added to the Project section as a PDF attachment.
Assignment: Forgiveness Meditation - See Project Section
External Link: Forgiveness subliminal
External Link: Dr. Len
External Link: Full documentary Dr. Emoto

Lecture 9:  |   NO    | and the impact thereof
What 'NO' has done for us and the application of PMD.
Assignment:  PMD - See Project Section and follow the instructions of this Lecture.
Subliminal link:  For your information herewith an external link, if you would like to work with subliminal with regards to  Positivity




The information presented in this CLASS is a result of years of practice and experience and research by the owner of YOUinsideOUT. The information by necessity is of a general nature and not a substitute for an evaluation or treatment by a competent medical specialist. If for any reason you do feel you are in need of medical interventions, do see a medical practitioner of choice as soon as possible. Always speak to your doctor first about changing any medications or adding a new medication to your existing protocol based on your health improvement and/or transformation.


I wish you well on your journey and feel free to contact me!
Love and light

Tamantha Williams


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tamantha Williams

Coach & founder of YOUinsideOUT




Hello, I'm Tamantha.


‘Life does not happen TO you, but FOR you’ 


I am PASSIONATELY driven to support and COACH individuals in health transformation, body, mind, and soul since 2011 and now online with YOUinsideOUT Academy. I have worked with clients on a one to one basis as a transformational coach removing over 8000kgs in excess FAT off planet earth.

My DESIRE and DRIVE come from my own personal experience in health and weight challenges for me and my family. I have been shedding light on the ‘truths’ of the health and wellness industry in the hope that the accepted protocols and understandings will forever be questioned, tried and tested.

... See full profile

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1. Lecture 1: Welcome: welcome to this close the coach. No diet course course set up by the U Inside Out Academy. Now off the bet. I'd like to say that this is of course, it's made up of seven classes, and if you are a cost six D or other classes as well, there goes all the way through to close seven. So it's a course which can be done as individual classes, each taking on a theme of health and wellness, or it can be done in its entirety. I have course, but advised. Do all seven off the classes said You have a complete understanding of what we take on in every single Kloss that we have in this course. Now my name is to mental Williams and I will be taking you on this journey every step of the way. And, yes, I have been involved in health and wellness industry. Since 2011 I've removed over 8000 kilograms of fed off this planet and soldered every single day. I not coach online and of course, one on one, and I'm looking forward and taking this journey on with you two better house. So we reached close six which for me is my absolute favorite. This is where we take on the final aim off the triple M system. If you don't know what I'm speaking about, please go and revisit the previous classes. They are seven classes in total in this course off Coach. No diets. And this is the marvelous classics where we take on the mind. We first of all, first point. We look at our minds way, try and get an understanding of how we think and processing. What do we need in place to succeed at this? Our primary focus for this classes laws of very exciting because it makes you instead how we can use our own understanding of the mind to be of benefit in succeeding in our diets. And of course, I like taking this on because I believe it should be discussed in any course where you working with changing yourself transformation that you take you, that is love and forgiveness on then influence being the final discussion point. But love and forgiveness from me or primary anything taken. And sometimes I find when people get a little bit stuck, it's sometimes 11 forgiveness. It needs more work in anything else. So I'm looking forward to taking you on the Jenny off the mind. I will see you in the next lecture. 2. Lecture 2: Marvellous. YES you are!: I'd like to welcome you to the final off the three m's in Make me marvelous, the triple aim system. And I would like to say you are marvellous. Don't let anyone else tell you anything else. Your marvelous as you are, you're everything and more. This is the mind section. It is hard to accept, but you can't change the past You Congo back and manipulate the things to the way you wanted them to happen because life being meaningless and boring and just not worth living. But you can change the future. And that's a beautiful thing about laugh. Yes, you will make mistakes and yes, you will have bad days. But as long as you let the past go, you'll have such a gorgeous and bright future ahead of you knowing that things were meant to happen, knowing that each day you will learn something so that you keep growing to be a better person. Laugh is like a rope twined in all its complexities and yet weaved into one marvelous stream success in health and weight loss and wellness. It is all mind, and that is OK. Often we get faced with the process off a diet in our lives, and the first thing we do is we look for the fault within that usually drives us to going on diets. I want to say to you sitting right, I don't find the fault in you find the greatness in you because too often we spend time on finding what's wrong with us. I advocate going onto regulated diet, not because there's something wrong with anybody, but because I know that we want to be the best possible beings on planet Earth that we came here for. And as the diet industry has not managed to demonize, the would die to such an extent. It makes it acceptable to say that diets don't work, and then when you do attempted diets, you have people that are nearest and dearest that literally abused the fact that you've started a diet to improve on yourself, whether it's straight off to New Year or just before a wedding or whatever the case may be . But very quickly they point fingers about you getting stuck back in the old rats of laugh, the old habits and fetter than before. No, I want to say that it's not the diets that do not work, even though everybody is starting to point fingers at that. It's not the diets that do not work, and it's why I've developed the triple M system. It's because the diets we choose don't suit us. As individuals, we need to become a lot more picky and a lot more selfish and a lot more educated to make the right choices. Diets do work, and it might be a hard pull for anybody to swallow who feels that they don't because it's not The diets fall. Maybe yes, died. Industry makes it a tough place to work in to have success because they will try and sell anything to anybody because they know the desperation level. It sits within us when we want to lose the weight. So one of the biggest challenges is that everybody gets to the end of the diet and we coming out to kind of the end of the triple em sistemas. Well, we'll be taking on the lost thing, which is the mind, But people get to the end of the diet, and then they is this understanding all this acceptance that you're going to gain the weight again, and that's because whatever you've taken on doesn't agree with your body and whatever you done with your body based on the diet that you've chosen in desperation is not right. And therefore the chances are that you can gain weight again is great. But how do you change that? You change the system with which you choose the time you start there before he even get to the diet. Then the diets get blamed because I'm making us unhealthy. The diets that that caused us to get sick and ill and become obsessed with food and perfect bodies. And that's being quick fixes and band age to those physical problems that are something that we should be taking on an exercise regime. But it's not the diets fault. Choose a died wisely with logic, with intelligence, with investigation with a mind that is focused on you, looking off to you, then you will have success. Okay, so now it's not the diets fault. Then it must be your fault. I'm a witch. Please stop. Whoever says we have mental problems, we have emotional problems. We are disrupted spirits. We want to improve and and and grows human beings. It doesn't mean this is problem within us. Yes, they avoids that. We want to full with food. I'm not gonna argue that, but we're not sick. Were not ill. We don't have emotional hang ups. He's no trips on our shoulders. It's purely wanting to become the best possible version off yourself. So please, if you sitting there, there's nothing wrong with you. I am taking this on best, in effect, that you've had struggles before. We make the same mistakes over and over. Let's change it and the mind we focusing on that? Why are we doing that? Because the mind forms part off a diet. If we can strengthen our minds, we have greater success in our diets. If we understand the pitfalls off the mind, we have greater success in a diet. Instead of handing over our ability to do a diet to our mind, to control, they asked, Think about it first and then put it on order. Pilot, we taking on the mind pots off you in the triple M system, not because we think there's a problem with it, but because we feel it is an amazing, marvelous part off you, and it will help you in getting your diet 100%. I'm gonna add a small bonus. I'm going to speak a little bit about cravings. We touched on emotions and section one and this is all about our mood and heart can steer us to certain foods as little bit of, ah, taster of what's to come in mind. But, yes, there are mood foods. If you find yourself looking for meat or hard crunchy foods, they could be a underlying anger that sits in there. If you're looking for sugars, it could be depression trying to lift yourself out of depression, that serotonin you're trying to get that so returning and dopa mine fix If you're looking at soft or sweet foods like your ice creams, Jilly custards, those kinds of things, these anxiety that sits within that salty foods, very possibly your stressed then big foods. Bulky foods like your pastors and those big plates of foods could be loneliness. Um, and it could also be sexual frustration, interestingly enough, and then if it's can, if it's anything, absolutely anything and everything that you want to eat, it's often associated with jealousy, so keep that in mind when you start feeling like you getting moody and then you driven by cravings. Think about it in that line. There's a couple here that will maybe put your finger on it that you're gonna There's no need for jealousy or there's no need for anger or anxiety. Let's move past it. Rats were going to get started with the mind section. I'm really looking forward to this. Keep an open mind. Everybody knows that. To be able, Teoh move forward and to succeeded what you're taking on in this journey of yours, you need to be able. Teoh. Focus in on what you're doing with an open mind, and I'm looking forward to investigating that. Please again, you know, have a conversation with us. It's great to have the interaction off anybody who's taking this course and what they think . We all respect each other's opinions. What What I don't want to have start is anything which is, uh, you know, condescending on someone else's opinion. I value anybody's opinion. Andi. I hope that the people on this course value each other's opinion as much as I value. There's so be open minded, be tolerant. And Shea, how you feel. Let's get started 3. Lecture 3: 7 Breathes in: Welcome to the lecture. Seven breaths in at this stage, I'd like to say thank you for your hard work. It does take strength of character to push through, to be able to complete something once you've started it. And if this is to be, it really is up to me. Now, of course, a lot of us have got to point in our lives where we really just wish someone else would do it for us. It would make it so much easier, but it doesn't work that way. And we're going to start this section off this this electoral off with the basis off the seven breaths which is based around the coach. No diet would. So we're gonna start off with, see which is the challenge. Move on to the in number stay. Oh, open mindedness. The decide. I investigate e emotions tea time. So, coach, no diet and we're gonna work with those in the following sections. Reason why I'm doing it is because it gives you a bit of a foundation to how we all take on the mind and looking at where we're at. Maintain me as we go through this diet process 1st 1 challenge. The challenge is not just overeating. It's incorrect eating a lot of the times. You know, People immediately blame portion size, and I know you know, places like America that have supersized portions. But it's not always the portions. It's just incorrect eating. You can have a massive place of sell it. You know it's not going to do you as much damage as a massive pizza. So the challenge is to see the truth when you're looking at food and how it is presented and know that what's right and what's wrong and then start with concentration have a willingness to be logic about it. You know, you can't say, Well, all big plates of foods are wrong or it's only got to do with size and portion control. And no, there's more to it. And we all know that you know, the importance is to focus on water eating, what choices you're making in food constantly as you as you pick up food that you become second nature, that you're always reaching for better, better quality, better food, not not the junk that's out there because there's a lot of junk out. Then they're classified as junk food or ah, fast food that fast and junk food shouldn't even be a second part of the dead process. So it's just fast and junk. Then think positively about it, creating a one for correct eating, not just for now, but forever. Do it long enough to feel how good your body feels on good food and see how it makes you feel to only have good feeling your body You stop craving the rubbish immediately, your joints start easing and you start feeling better. So I challenge you sort actual weight once and for with a triple M system and stop using your goal. Weight is the rate pin. We all have this mystical number in our heads that all put their based on the correctness off are being I ratio and out. You know that it our height and age, we should be X. Wait. Yes, it is an indication. But that becomes this little this little devil that sits on our shoulder that keeps reminding us that we haven't got there that we haven't. We don't have that perfect figure that we not we not succeeding feel better. And then that weight did you supposed to be at will get the feel better about your body. Feel bits about the food you're putting in. Make better choices, be more mindful and that Vettel holy number that little devilish number will happen. Stop using it to beat yourself up. You know, we brought up in scooting systems that they bring out the rig pin and they tell us what's wrong. Children, we get told. No, no, no, no. The time it's there to protect us, for sure, But in this case, your goal Weight's is not protecting you. It's hurting you. Take it out of your mind for a while. Start focusing in on how you feel, because with feelings and emotions without with it, when those things happen and you are driven by them, you will get to that number. But the feelings first. So that's my challenge to you. The second point number stay so number stay means the divine in me bows to the divine ing. You and this I acknowledge and pie on it. Anyone on a fat loss journey? Reason for it is giving up. Smoking is easy. I'll say it again. Giving up smoking is easy. Doing a diet regulated diet where you need to control what you eat. To be mindful is the toughest thing you'll do. Why? Because you need food to survive without feed, you will die without cigarettes, you know gonna die. In fact, without them, you're gonna live a lot longer. So anybody who takes on this journey I am respectful off purely because I know it comes with criticism. It comes with judgment. It comes with, um, giving up, burning the wagon, getting back on again. And I'm hoping that this triple M system's gonna change all of that. Find the gold within you. It's there in bucket loads. Look at the people around you that you admire that have got the great figures and and are amazing looking people and all the rest of it. Any reason why you can admire them for who they always that you have a little bit off them in you as well. So if you honor and respect someone, write down, why pick a couple of people? The fact that you can identify that in them means it's in you as well. Guy never look at that resource finding Joe and understand that a these gold within you and everything you see that is good within. Everyone else is within you as well. I challenge you every day. Say I am everything and more and have fun with it, you know, symptoms driving my car. And I may feel that my energy levels are dropping a little bit. You know, something matter happened or I It wasn't a pleasure driving in traffic. And I start chanting I am everything and more. And I keep going until I feel like a $1,000,000 because you're lifting you stepping up, sear steak eyes in front of you, lifting that energy within yourself and realizing and acknowledging yourself all the time. Self esteem. One of the biggest reasons why we end up with the weight issues we do, you know, learn to love yourself. It's okay. We allow to now open mindedness is the 3rd 1 Learn to listen. Tune into your senses. You have six. If they say no. Oh, yes. Listen, you know, besides your site, we spoke about it. You know, you don't just eat with your your mouth and your taste. It's site as well. It sat its ears, its mouth. It's touch. It's intuition. Listen to those things. Listen to those gut feelings that come through. Pause long enough. Don't rush through life pause long enough to actually listen. Be mindful and identify fact from fiction from belief system. So there again, I'm not good enough. No, you all What is fact? What is fiction? Or if I eat this to martyr, I'm going to get fat. Fact from fiction can never look. Oh, if I don't follow the high fat diet like everyone else, I'm never getting lose weight. Fact from fiction. Nobody loves me because I'm overweight. What is the belief systems? Have a look at them. And then something on the practicality off eating hunger learned to deal with it. You know, we were so afraid of hunger, their shops every way there are take our trains everywhere. There are restaurants everywhere. We are fearful of hunger. It's okay to be hungry because food is within reach and it always will be. There's always something some way. So you're hunger. Your first signal of hunger is generally your body saying, Please, Can I have some water? We interpret it. That must be food. Now you get signals going from your your stomach to your brain every 15 minutes, and as time progresses, those minutes become less so that eventually screaming hunger so that first little signal could just be water. I say God, never cup of tea or cup of coffee. By the time the signals are coming through thick and forced, most likely it is time to eat. And then I challenge you. When you sit down for that mule, take the Take five approach and leaf off. The take five approach works as follows when you sit down for your food. First of all, if you're dishing yourself, dish it. Please 5% less than you normally would will use a smaller plate. Okay, then, when you sit down at the table, wait for five minutes literally turned and have a conversation with someone or from your own. Pick up your phone and just do something to take away your attention from your food for a little bit. Then, when you start eating, look at your food. Be aware of what's going and taste your food. Taste it. We usually shovel it down because we rushing. Just taste your food, then horrify through your plate of food. Stop what you're folk down. Wait for five minutes. At this point, check if you actually are tasting your food. If you're not testing a food your brain saying you've had enough Check if your Tunney might be full by then and then decide with the inner Continue. If you do continue, stop. When you've got about 5% left on your plate, put your knife and fork down. This is the A B C off mindful eating. Use all your senses and stop when you're full. Right. So now we get to number four, which is decide. I meet plenty of people that poor's when it comes to the decision, and often that leads him further down the rabbit hole than what they need to be. Make the decision. Decide what you want to do. Decide about moving forward. Decide that you take on your journey. Decide that you commit to your journey and make their decision based on you or nothing else and nobody else. Okay, so then be diligent, patient and persistent. You've made the decision. We've determined that it's a good decision. You've done your research now. Each have two work through it. Don't be held hostage by a muffin and I say muffin, but it could be anything now here. Saying no, thank you is not actually enough. You should rather say no, thank you. I do not want that right now, because chances are you gonna want that muffin, but right now is not the time for it. Are you going to get there later on? You've got a whole life ahead of you. You'll still be able to eat it. Nothing. But right now, you don't really want it. Be careful about hesitation, especially if somebody offers you a muffin. Because what hesitation does is it opens up this massive hole off acceptance. If I offer somebody a muffin and I see hesitation, I put it straight into their hands. Said, Come on, have the muffin. Have you not done that before? So if you're going to hesitate, it's your body saying yes. And then you gotta make it again. You're gonna make a decision. Is it okay? Do you wanna have this muffin? And if you do enjoy it, have it. Don't feel guilty about it. You might not have the whole method, even one, but might be enough. But then don't blame yourself or feel guilty or burn the bill in the diet wagon. You know you've had it. Enjoy it. I had a lady once walking to my office. That's it to me. I'm gonna be super proud of it, she said. No Turkic. But then, eventually she succumbed to the person offering the piece of cake and said, OK, I'll have a piece, she says. And there was this beautiful, beautiful, creamy chocolate on the top. And there was beautiful, creamy chocolate in the middle, she says, and you'll be so proud of me. I only had the bottom half off the cake and I looked at her and I said, Can you go back? Can you go back and go and finish that piece of cake? I think you you let everything into your senses. The smell, the look, the textures when you were eating at the taste intuitively, you decided to take it and then you didn't. So when you make that decision stick to trust yourself, it's okay. Don't throttle yourself with your rules. It's okay. Sometimes it's gonna happen, but it's a decision and it's okay to make that decision. I challenge you each and every time you feel obliged to say yes. Please ask yourself This is that person event situation going to get on the scale or deal with my health challenges for me? Okay, so that's if you're really in a quandary about saying yes or no in that kind of thing. You have been invited to dick it and do or and you really are on a mission, then decide beforehand. Decide if that situation or that person serves your object of what you want to get right with your journey, the side make it about you. Now we come to 0.5. How did we get to a coach? No diet situation? Well, besides using the triple in system, there's a lot of reflection, a lot of introspection, an investigation. You re investigate not only the Dodge on but yourself self assessment. We've done that. That's how it becoming powered. Then, yes, that self respect shin introspection be vulnerable. It's OK now. It's not a problem to be vulnerable, and I'm going to give you a story here. One of the fans are dealt with, and that's why investigation know why you get you know, you gaining that weight. One of my kinds used to come to me. She's to drop in weight beautifully and then conversations with coaching her. She tell me what's going on in her life and she got a new boyfriend and that's washes losing weight so beautifully. 20 killers down. This is the first time um, I stopped seeing her and I got hold of us that we are You know that, you know, laughs happened. She's not coming back right now. Said Okay, great. You doing well? Yes, about you Later. See again She's back to her. She waas the mosquito. What happened? She's No, no, no, You know, the boyfriend shows with didn't like the guys looking at her. So, you know, she broke up with him and all the rest of it and then Shiites again. This cycle happened three times with me and I said to do you realize that every time someone falls in love with you for who You all at the sides. Yet whether it's 80 kilograms or 90 kilograms you saw in Emmett and in love with this person, you end up losing way. Do you feel good about yourself? And then you start getting attention from other guys and your boyfriend drops you and you've got into the same cycle again. Is it? So Get out of that cycle. Decide where you're happiest and embrace yourself in that space with her to 80 kilos or its 60 killers. But make the decision about it. My own personal story is I used to eat literally to keep quiet. So in the space off, um backed a news in this, you know, in the understanding off, being able to speak my mind, I didn't feel like I could. So as I I moved through that journey off mine, I ate every single time to keep myself quiet, not to argue, not to lift my opinion, not Teoh disagree with the conversation because I was frustrated in the conversation. So I ate. And every single time I was in a situation where I felt I couldn't lift my opinion, I would eat, and this continued in our picked up 30 kilograms and they got into the same situation again years later because I lost the weight. But then I came to the same situation and I couldn't speak. I couldn't vocalize my disagreement and I gained 40 kilograms. And then I realized I need to really strengthen my voice and really feel ok about speaking because by not speaking, I was killing myself with food. So you've got to go into that understanding off who you are and don't see it as a weakness . See it as a strength because life happens for you. So learn from it and go. You know what? How does strengthen myself coming through that investigation? How do I focus in on what almost rings and both on them? So I challenge you If you have not signed the commitment certificate yet do so not for me, but for you heaven honest conversation with yourself. Make sure you understand who you all when you're doing the start. And for what reasons you doing it? Why you doing it and do the work? Do the work in this course to allow you to move past the point of where you are now. Emotions is the next one. We have spoken about it quite often. I did say before emotions not expressed or dealt with funding organ. I'm going to say emotions. They don't find a tear, find an organ. So remember to express yourself the minute you hold onto those emotions. They've got to go some way and they're going to find a cell. Tiu Tiu Takeover. I learned to hand it over, you know, so that you before if you felt that you needed to control something handed over if you felt that you weren't strong enough handed over, if you felt that you weren't good enough handed over and then ask How does the serve me any situation, any emotion, any choice? Just ask yourself, How does the served me investigate vulnerability and what it and how important it is for you? How vital it is for you is a fantastic resource. Off added gun. Look at what? Keeping vulnerability and the chick does to a person. It's okay to be vulnerable. It's OK to to have emotions and to express them and to live your life the way you want to. Instead of building up a foundation which is not yours in building a house which is foreign to you. My challenge You take time to to watch that resource, Roz. Above a challenge by flipping the switch we spoke about it previously flipped the switch. You have a negative thought in your mind. Push the positive Stop catching those thoughts because the conversations we have with ourselves we here Okay, the last one is time Now here. A lot of people say to me, but I have no time. If you start stretching time, you could lots of time that I say to my superpower. It's and conveniently the last one on this list. Allow in a piece to come within is no chasing required. You have get greater success guaranteed. Think about what stress does Slow yourself down now some people say to you, but I don't have time to slow myself down. Do you know how much time we have? Go and look at your week. Take on eight hours with sleep. Take up eight hours for work. Take out eight hours for the wrist. Eight hours is a lot of time, but we have to slow ourselves down. We have to become mawr, uh, organized. If it's not written, that's not true. That's why diary in the planner allows time to open up And then when you in that time be present, we're thinking about what happened yesterday and were planning what's gonna happen tomorrow but were not present. We miss none. There is only now You can't move past this point until you move past it. And by keeping your thoughts in the yesterday, it keeps the yesterday keeps repeating today where what you do right now in your life will affect your tomorrow. But if you so focused on tomorrow, you're now becomes nothingness to become a way. When you are speaking to somebody, look into their eyes. Slow everything down in that moment. Pay attention. Listen, stop your thoughts. Stretch your time. That is a part of being absolutely present. Have patience when it comes to dot You have entire life to have that piece of cake or that Ah, some ass cream. You've got your entire life for it right now. Your objective is not to have it and be okay with that. You've made the decision be present enough to go. You know what? I don't need that right now. So I challenge you when you sit down to eat anything to 50 times I tried a couple of times . It's quite interesting, but to 50 tons. Eventually you might not even get to your plate of food. And then, of course, how do you stretch time. Do your 15 minutes it again. People say to me, but I've got no time. 15 minutes Make the time that I arise that if you must, But watch how your time opens up in life because off 15 minutes off, sitting and pondering and embracing off in that time. Right? We are not done with the seven Brits and we move on to the next lecture. Thank you very much for the time in this one. 4. Lecture 4: The SUBLIMINAL 7: Welcome to the subliminal seven. This lecture in our series of the mind is really to determine what is the attitude we go into our diets with, said we understand ourselves in our decision making process. Attitude has everything to do with it. One of the painful process we are paying for our so called modern lifestyle in more like we all suffer through the same television shows read the same magazines were the same freshens and by the same new frozen foods. We all live and die by the clock. Cut each other off in similar looking automobiles. Pass up a night at the ball game for a night of the office. Never seem to have much time for our spouses. Our kids watch helplessly as our oceans and legs are poisoned and try not to think of a hydrogen bomb landing in new in er, city or town. We are always use past falling into step in order to march to the beat off the same drummer , racing forward or backward at the same pace as all others. Smiling almost on command, Mess produced beings with no more individuality than any of the millions off salt line crackers that emerge daily from the ovens off Nabisco. So how do we choose to march down Drum? I personally feel that it's got a lot to do with us taking the sense of control off. Our own minds are in subconscious and unconscious process. So now we're going to speak about the marvelous mind and about being your own best friend. First, your own personal cheerleader. What can I do that if they are certain attitudinal attributes that we look a carefully? So we're looking at these. Subliminal is because sometimes it's not a conscious thought that you have, but it is consistently part of your character. First on being a beginner's mind, then self acceptance and understanding, nonjudgmental attitude, love and patients. An internal intuitive trust attitude, an authentic self attitude in having face. Now your first question might be why I called it the subliminal Seven war. I do believe an attitude comes with you as you grow. Grow up, will grow forward in life, and so it's sub subliminal. It's not something that you conscious about it sitting in your subconscious. So I take these on these attitudes on and say, How do we work with him? There's a great resource which I will speak about, but it points in the right direction to take on each of these different attitudes in a way that allows you to work on them subliminally. So the first on the way to speak about is a beginner's mind. Number one. Open your mind. Avoid cognitive dissonance Now they cognitive dissonance. You might be in a situation where you feel you start living the process off. Let's let's work with sweetener. You decide that you cannot drink your coffee or your tea without a sweetener. The friend comes to you and says, Why didn't you just take that out? Its chemical. It's not an issue Good for you. All the diet that you've chosen says please, no sweetener, and immediately your mind switches over to its impossible. A contract that way, kind of my coffee without sweetener in the story that's cognitive dissonance. You. It's not a truth you can love without sweetener, but you live your life based on that perceived truth, and it becomes you switch off to the idea you close your mind to the idea off, being without it. So cognitive dissonance is putting you on the back foot. Explain it in a different way. What we know becomes our reality. So we we will change our external circumstance and how we live it to suit what we need in allies. That's how we become adept to we adept what's around us, said We can become comfortable within it, whether it's for a benefit or not. We adept like that. So it's time to open heart eyes in my mind so that we can take on everything with a beginner's mind. For diets is to you. Regulated diets is to you. You know what? You're not only supposed to take two liters of water, take 2.5. Don't immediately throw your arms up into the and go Impossible. Open your mind. Change your attitude. Allow yourself to embrace a different, bold process and allow your diet become successful because you approach it with a beginner's mind. Number two. It's self acceptance and understanding. This is a really important attitude to have you got to be self acceptable, so accept yourself as you are. Understand yourself from. That's why I went into that space off self assessment and then, as well. Beranger self enforcing the fact if on a day you have to. Let's say, based on your dietary choice, have to go Ran for five kilometres. Um And you physically don't feel like you can Don't force yourself be a bit more accepting of yourself. Be patient, be prison. Know that your body is saying not now Go for a walk in ST you might along your walk decide . You know what? I can actually run. Start with small steps, but don't force things into your body. Force your body to do what it's supposed to do because it has a knock on effect. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. So be okay with who You all remember. We addressing the vessel that you're in, not you. As a person we are seeing your body as a as a vessel that carries you and we want to help you perfect that vessel based on your requirements. And we you wanted to be be nonjudgmental with yourself. That's the third point that energy is when you look at yourself in the mirror, speak love into yourself. So I love you. You're the luckiest person alive. Be kind. Have positive thoughts about yourself. we? Sometimes if you If you speak to a friend like you, think about yourself. Do you think you'd have friends? Be kind to yourself. Love yourself into wholeness, one cell at a time. That's how we apply it in this diet as well. It's not about. It's not about making yourself into a model that is acceptable to husband, boyfriend, family friends. It's about you loving yourself into wholeness, one side at a time, being not non judgmental about yourself. Written by sit. You focus on on the joy or feeling healthy and vibrant. Not that kilograms scale weight or, um, a specific size. Focus on how you're gonna feel emotionally as a person. The success that feeding off Dan it's focusing on that instead off the actual reward off being a certain kilogram. Think about it this way. You do not walk around with a scale, something that weighs you. You don't walk around the debt in your bag or in your shoulder, and every time you run into someone, you say, let me show you my scale. Wet. No, they see the smile on your face and in your eyes, and that's what we want to perpetuate with this Be nonjudgmental. Well, just for yourself. But with others as well. I think everybody knows. Judge not. You know, I always believe the military judge actually inviting that same judgment into your own life . A swell so important one this number four love and patients there again that prisons being mindful, uh, enjoy every single moment because it does impact your future. Be patient with your journey. Life is happening four year Not to you. You hear me say that often, and the minute we feel that life happens to us, we're taking on a victim mentality. We decide them to be a victim, which means we decided to imprison ourselves where, as taking on that life excepting for you. Then even when things are going wrong, you realize that there's a reason for it going wrong, that it's teaching you something. What's part of the process off you going? We you need to go. So be patient and be loving off yourself Maken. See, with all of these attitudes, you end up from a character point building up a a more rounded, more coping, well balanced persona. Then another attitude could be compared to that is internal intuitive trust. We have forgotten how to listen to our gut feelings when we look at those incredibly Fetty pastries and societal understanding off, those is a wonderful they creamy. They're this. They're that taste and we know they don't. No, they actually don't. But we've so tune out of it and and started reacting with everybody else. Would we see a pastry go? It looks beautiful. Know it might look beautiful, but we know doesn't taste nice, so it might look beautiful. And it's great to look at, but putting in your mouth, you get a stick it ballots, and it's kind of tasteless, maybe very sweet if it's got a bit of jam in it. You know, so good. Trust your gut feelings of your fuel body says no. Say no with it. Tune into it. How was say, they're only speak once or twice if you If you stop listening to your body, it's stop speaking to you. So tune in. When your body says something, you listen. Whether it's a sneeze, a cough or a pull up of the nose to something you know is not healthy for you. Listen to your body grow that attitude of trust between yourself and what your guts is nourished. The got to facilitate communication. Look after your gut. Microbiome. Make sure that you you you got is functioning correctly because then you're gonna hear clearer signals from your body. Make sure you get a good robotic in every single day. So you are nurturing your gutting to better health and proliferating good gut flora, which means signals all clearer. So if you're taking on a diet that looks off to gut fantastic six point on attitude, authentic self, there's only one you. Everyone else is taken, so be you. Don't try and feel that you need to be anybody else. If you're losing weight for anybody else, wrong move. It's a little lost if you're losing weight because it's the except norm. Wrong move. If you're losing weight because your boyfriend's is so wrong, move. So be authentic about what you're doing and why you're doing it. The side really Is it Is it the actual the actual weight that you're moving or the dress that you want to be able to feel good in? Go for those emotions, those feelings off I've succeeded. That's gonna help you remember you're everything and more. I'm gonna keep saying it. Hopefully you're saying it yourself daily as well. Remember, his marvelous to be you celebrated in the last one is faith must remember that faith is handed out in equal measure to everybody on this planet. So let's say you start your regulated dot I'm on my regulator diet, and I have absolute faith that this one is gonna work for me. I have a belief and a desire and a faith that cannot be beaten. I know that I'm going to do it. And you come in on the same process and you go, Yeah, you know, try and I didn't have faced like Tim does. I don't If I you know, I don't know if I've got the same. No, you've got exactly the same face. It's your decision about where you put that faith. We're gonna put that faith in yourself from being able to achieve this. It's gonna work. Learn to live it go things around you. There's external things control. The controllable is you can't control everything. Let it go so that you can focus in on the faith. You have to get you where you going all the other stuff, it seems to come up hurdles and this and that. Let it go. Put your head on the fact that you have faith and keep it there, create the voids and that you can do its work. Yes. So you have faith, for example, that you're going to succeeded this diet. But, you know, we near it. But there's immediately there's that that space between where you on where you need to go, which is a void. So now I can fill it with negativity. We confirmed it with no face. Or you can fill it with failure. In not doing as you said you were going to do not commit yourself to it all. You can make it happen with faith. No. Yes, A voice ID. Faith can move mountains, but you've got to bring the shovel. You gotta dig. Okay, so there is action involved in this, and with the diet, you've got to show up. Then you got to do the work, but have the right faith because everybody has got it. Just use it right? So those are the seven attitudes that we taking on, and I'm giving you a bit of a tip off, added some greats of criminals and an article about subliminal as part of the resource. You know, if you feel that it's tough to sort out your mind on some of these things, then working with subliminal is can be fantastic. You literally play them in the background on and quietly let it do its work on your subconscious. I love working with him. I could literally feel that lifting my immersion or charge and my energy as I work with them if they are specific for what I'm trying to do at that point. So they're grateful if you're gonna go for a walk around the block, perfect to put in your years. Take a listen to it. Huge help If, if you know, you go to sleep and you want to put it on the background, great for that as well. Not only can they help you specifically with your diets, but what I find with these programs is they change the level responsibility that we take, which helps us to participate in the world a lot easier. It also allows us to have improve ourselves belief, giving us specific skills along the way um out in a chatter reinforces our confidence and our determination. And that happens on a subconscious level that brings us to the end of this lecture. And we will be covering her realism and love in the next one, which, of course, it's one of my favorite topics, and I'm looking forward to sharing that with you, and I trust that you've enjoyed what we've gone through now and look forward to seeing in the next one. 5. Lecture 5: Holistic approach & LOVE: welcome to our next lecture, which is about the realistic approach and love. Now you may be saying, What does that got to do with guides? Well, just about everything. I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary. Of course, we still in the mind section off this course, and we're going to give some clarity to hurl ism and love. Think about it. Without these two, would we ever do a regulator diet? Would we ever be concerned about our weight if we did not feel that there's something that we needed to improve on, which is body, mind or soul? You know, losing your weight is got to do the body, but it's driven from mind and soul. And if we don't love ourselves enough, let's put it that way. If we don't love ourselves enough, would we take on any regulator diets if we were just happy to be as is and feel tired off, you know, possibly have illness, you know, not want honest, really love ourselves into any kind of wholeness the entrance so we wouldn't do anything about it. I grew up is a young child, and I always believed that love makes the world go around like That's why I put it in here when the going gets tough hole ism and love. So let's look at what a holistic approach, which is characterized by the belief that parts of something body, mind and soul are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. So they cannot be seen a separatist such, but they are so interconnected that you become a whole as a result of those three elements . And then, of course, there's love, which is dictionary definition, that warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion, adoration, anything is is it unconditional? Is it all encompassing? And do you love yourself? Do you love yourself enough to be nonjudgmental? You know all those attitudes you spoke or firstly, in the previous lecture? Is that something which you are willing to take on that love for self? What? We're gonna take a little bit further in this lecture and the first thing we're gonna look at his whole ism. Let's look at us our souls so that you or the cornerstone off those three entities and these a flow of energy life force which comes into our soul which holds our heart, our core values, who we are not a personality, who we are. So either you are a fun loving person or you're or a power loving person. You know you want to, you want to succeed and you love, um, being in a space where you're achieving or you could be somebody who is a teacher at heart who wants to share information, who is caring and empathetic, Um, considerate or you a peacemaker, you know? So it's those core values in a person that you're taking on, um, by having an energy flow to it and always say, the soul is such that as we as we grow up in life and we hear the nose and we get disciplined and we get enforced to do certain things in our lives, whether it is go to school, um, or take on a job. There's certain things that have to happen along those lines, and you start interacting with people and people cost judgments so they'll say things and you decide whether you take it on to yourself and make it part of your soul. So if you can visually see a white board in front of you. And every time someone say something to you, it's gets written on their white board and you take it on into your soul and your hearts. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it's wonderful, but we we ratted on tar Soul, and so we go on a long time, and this is constant flow of energy and our soul and our subconscious of consistently speaking to each other as well. So we hearing and feeling and touching and smelling all those senses are constantly informing the subconscious mind about our environment, about how we feeling about our interactions and the energy that's flowing to us and around us. And that has an impact on our mind to those emotions that are coming through those energies that are coming through from ourselves, the surrounding to put ourselves in the people. We surround ourselves with the venture, start influencing the mind so sometimes we can spend a lot of time in front of the TV or in the car on the radio, listening to advertising as we go along. Those are away having an impact on the sub e. It's taking it in, um, you choose your brainwashing literally by turning on the radio to turning on the TV and you could decide. I mean, I watch TV, I listened to the radio, but I also feed my mind consistently with good subliminal, which give positive energy through to my mind. So now people speak to us and we keep writing on this white board, and eventually it's It's so dirty that no message can come through. That's when the cognitive dissonance comes to play, where you literally live in a world that you created and the energy that's supposed to come to you to work through. You can't you need to clean it up. That said, 15 minutes certain how important it is in allowing us to clear out our thought processes. And I will allow us to clean the white boards that we've got that flow of energy coming to us and through us, and that works in the mind, the mind and the severe. Consistently speaking, you get a consciousness about you, your thoughts, your personality, how you react to things. Um, you know, whether you are vivacious or whether you are more intimately quiet person like your own space. One of those behaviors are driven by your subconscious and that flow of energy and emotions that you have all of that revolve around the mind and can be used. Drive anything with enthusiasm or not, you know, build on that body. The physicality off the vessel we are in. Every bit of action we take on is driven by that energy that flows the mind that is driven by emotions that then gets relate into the body. You walk in today. Yes, everything becomes into connected eventually the body, then those that drive that desire, the emotions, the mind. What you do with habits you take on gives you the results. So your soul body in mind, uh, those three are integral to making up years of person. And if you look at number four, your emotions number two your sub e. Those are really important parts off what your results are. Number eight and how it feeds back. This is this concentrate loop that keeps happening. It feed specter. So I'm in a good place or I'm in a bad place or hurt or anger. And then that feeds through to your sub because dependent on that white board and how much we've written on it and how much we've clouded it and how much we've not given it that 15 minutes set to clear it out. Creds assault. It could be hurting. And then you've got that relaying through to the sub B and the savvy relaying back to the soul. Yes, are merging, which then drives the mind to not initially walk around with a smile on your face or embrace life. Want to pass on a good energy in your in your The way you speak to people and your personality and and how you behave in situations so consistently, Each drives the other if we take it from the body signed. If if you're not happy from the from the emotion body side, if you're not happy with your body, it could drive worse results or could drive a higher motion to do something. Enthusiasm, which then gets you to change your habits. Take on different actions, which gives you different results, which it makes your soul feel so much better. And so they're circle continues We all this constant spiraling flow of energy, and we can just decide whether it's a flow of energy upwards. Oh is going down. That is a decision we make every single day every time we wake up in the morning when we go to bed at nights and I believe it's very important to take this on. If you go to bed at night with good thoughts about how amazing New Day Waas and how you looking forward to the next day, chances are you gonna wake up in that same frame of mind. That's what I always say when you wake up in the morning, say thank you, start today with those good thoughts and then drive you the rest of your day and then this spire off body mind and souls only going better and better and better in energy levels. Then we look at love. What has love got to do with it? Well, it's not for self. If we doing a regulated diet, he's got to be some sort of self love and understanding that were you owners not were you happy? But the word love is interesting. I think we're missing something and I'll show you why I say that because I've done a bit of investigation in my search for love. If I can call it that and I looked at a couple of dictionary definitions about love. And, interestingly, Lovas, a definition is always about external love out they love for, um, it's giving an example here, so affection for another admiration off open benevolence off based on that so and then warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion. And that's to something, and they are very important to you. So not I am important to myself. They are very important to you. A door key for treasure. Cherish other. So those are Simmons, then strong feelings. For another, the very existence is a gift, and the thought of them fools you with deep hope. Everything about them is a Theresia thinking off them. They're always there with you. Deep in your heart. It's a feeling off hope, inspiration and passion, understanding, happiness and beauty. It's as if love has become about everything around you, which it there's a lot to do with what's around you to love. But what about you? It's like we've for gotten to love ourselves, and this is where I want to say, What about you? Let's look at you. Can you imagine that you take all of those which we just read now and turn it in on you every time you wanna moan about your wobbly gin area, have a fiction for it. Admire its. Maybe your hips have a warm attachment, enthusiasm and devotion for it. They because flabby arms a door. Kate treasure and cherish it your chest that you keep complaining about. Whether it's Fletcher's that are too much tested or not enough pass IPs have strong feelings for it and those thighs. Everything about them is a treasure. And then, of course, always the thought of them fools you with deep hope. And the very existence is a gift. When you look at your legs and your ankles. Hope, inspiration, beauty, understanding, passion. Imagine if we shared the love that we are so willing to give out people to our body into our souls. Isn't that where we want love to be so in you taking this journey, I'm hoping that that is where your love is, and I can say that love does make the world go round. In my opinion, love is equalizing, harmonizing, balancing and adjusting power that is ever at work throughout the universe, and with you it within you if you allow it who struggle with self love have said this before Start expressing love extremity You know, if you the loneliest person on planet earth walking a god and say beautiful flowers, Beautiful birds, beautiful sky I love you all Start saying that you have wonderful Children. Keep telling them how much you love him. If you got a partner, tell them how much you love them. We'll come back to multiply it, you know is the book that says to be the change You have to change and sometimes just by handing love out your entire world starts tilting on its axis just by sharing love a day. You too consciously love yourself, literally. Look in the mirror, look into your eyes and say I love you. Love every bit of all good in you and around you keep noticing love Keepmoat noticing the good that's around. You have any part of your body that is crying out for healing. So let's say your knees a constantly love them. Breathe into them. See them healing with absolute love. Direct left Any situation in your in your life it seems to be a challenge. Same thing. Breathe into those 15 minutes of quiet sit use that this time to breathe love into those those challenges. Although situation Now, let's say did say, if you could get a sentence, which, as you're doing this, maybe writer down again, rather down in your journey journal. But possibly say to yourself, I am fooled with love and wisdom. I am guided in all my ways by love and only embrace that. And those which are for my highest good may sound selfish. It may sound selfish, and if it does sound selfish to you, I'm asking you learn to love yourself because that ain't selfish member of your cup painful . You're not gonna be able to help and love anybody around you, so start by loving yourself first. So why do I speak about this topic so in earnest? You know what? I had a conversation someone once, and we spoke about this, and I think as you grow up in life and if you're young, you may learn this along the way as well. It's kind of life happens and you get hurt along the way and you go through your trials and tribulations. It's a hero's journey, you know. You take on life and along the way things happen, and every time something happens, it's it's like having a pinprick and you flinch. Now you can take that flinch and rub it off and go. You know what? It's one of those things. It was So let's move on. Or you can start going into what we refer to this French status where you literally are in flinch mode all the time. This conversion lies how you flinch and hold it. The that's what happens to people. They start holding that pose, waiting for the next thing that's gonna happen, which is not going to be good. And I'm asking you to open your mind two loving yourself into wholeness again and unflinching yourself. Get into a position where you stand broad shoulders, open face smiling, loving, caring, empathetic and successful at the task that you've put a head off you that is off getting your body to a point where you go on the I'm so happy with who I am as an individual in this vessel I have got for this one visit to planet Earth. That is the end of this lecture, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next lecture where we will be taking on laws off the mind. We've just done a couple of laws of the heart here. Let's take on laws of the mind. 6. Lecture 6: Laws of the MIND: I'd like to welcome you to this in section six. A lecture on laws off the mind is a saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. I believe that the mind is mightier than any movement. When you take risks, you learn that there will be times when you succeed. And there will be times when you feel and both are equally important. In this lecture, we're going to specifically look at seven laws off the mind. Not generally. We take good cognizance off what is going into a body. We've chosen a regulated diet. We've spent the time, we've done all our self assessments. We can see where we are. We know what's good for us. With regards to food. You take our timing, taking that in. But what feeds the mind and that's where we working now is in the seven laws off the mind and what it has to do with a successful diet system. I have added it is a resource for your benefits that you can have a look and keep it close by and have full understanding off the seven laws of the mind. I'm gonna go through them quickly, and then but more details. The first will begin to take on his law of substitution basically negative and positive when a negative thought comes in. Flip that switch and you can check it straight over into a positive thought. Law of Relaxation is the next one. War power has nothing to do with it when faced with difficult choices. Just relax and little girl Lou of Growth, living or dieting. Everything is energy in motion, including food law forgiveness. Our diets could be stuck for a reason, I think forgiveness. It's something. It's very powerful, and we are going to be putting and completely since just on that, So we'll cover them a lot of detail. Then in love Deal Thought an idea in a feeding EDS fire If you really wanted emotive Lee, it could make all the difference if you just kind of want it, You know, if you're not enthusiastic about it, if you don't have an emotional drive for it, then it must have happened. So when you put message feeding into a specific idea, it's that desire that gets driven through. You will, you'll get it right and the thought it doesn't stand alone always has an attached emotion. Love subconscious. Ask me anything if I say to you, uh, what color is the sky you're gonna tell me? It's blue and your brain. Amethi finds the answer, and it's always looking for the answer. If a question comes its way and you can tap into that and then love practice, which is basically all of the above. So let's have a look at how we can practice thes so that it can be toe up. Benefit the 1st 1 lof substitution. Your mind cannot hold two thoughts At the same time, it's impossible trying to sink off two thoughts simultaneously on top of each other. Either we have a positive thought or we have a negative thought or we have a neutral court . There is really no in between, and those thoughts are generally attached to an emotion. And those emotions is what drives us to a certain sense of action, a certain sense of behaviors beliefs. So we either have a positive or a negative thought or a neutral thought, and generally what they have to do with is either relationships who health or finances. So it's taken application of law off substitution. If you get a *** thought. Not another day with no milk in my coffee. So now we're looking specifically with the diet. Replace it with the positive thought. I am so grateful for this amazing cup of coffee. So you always reaching up in thought, you always reaching for a better thought. So we generally think something before we say it, and when you think of something and it sounds slightly negative, think about the law substitution and say, How can I make this sound better? Step up in thought. Let's look at the second law, the law of relax, ation. Your mind needs to remain in a relaxed state now that we spoke about hormones and how the impact is and how what stress does that Fattal flat process that we go through lack the Neanderthal man and understand that when you take on a related that the less stress you have in your system, the more success you will have in succeeding at your diet, you make better choices will be more organized on. Then we can have a look. I mean, an application would be if you're stressed about having a shake breakfast every day for six months. So you coming on the start? Friend? Sister, you got to try it and it's a shake breakfast for the wrist. Off the next six months, she really saw forfeit. You know, you're not a shake person. You know it's the wrong guy. Cannot see yourself doing this every single day. Or, let's say, the dart that involves eating 80% fat every day, further Soviet off and you can't even eat the fat off a piece of meat. And then it's the wrong laughs topic. So don't put yourself under extra stress because that's only going to complicate your journey. Make sure you pick something which you don't have to struggle through everything you're putting your you. You. Your day's work with regards to regulate, to die. But don't struggle through it. It doesn't have to be this continuous sacrifice and suffocation. Let it be easy. Let it be s ease, right. The next layer law growth. It's 100% true what we focus on grows. So we focus our energy and thoughts on our success in a dot we will get there. So if we don't pay attention to us, if we don't do our journaling if we don't do our measurements. If we don't take our photographs. If we don't do our planning, our research are everything. Then charges of success decrease by attention to what you're doing for your body. So application, negative energy, nothing fits. I will have to be on diet forever. Johnson's all Then you will have to be. It was a positive energy focus. Every day my clothes fit better. I feel healthy, and sticking to my plan is easy. Can you hear where the energy is going? Between those two? One is definitely better, and we want more off better. So the law of growth is start focusing in on the good things, starve the energy off the bad things off the situations that don't serve you and rather putting the efforts into what does. The fourth is the law forgiveness my absolute favorite team afford in life, including ridding your body of fact. Forgiveness is essential. Now people say what on if temp have you lost it completely? Hanging on to hurt and pain and suffering keeps you anchored to that event. Personal situation. There's active energy in the thought of it. Think about the previous law we said What you focus on grows, it keeps you in that space. You can't move forward in life. Now is not growing up. Life is growing forward. You call me Ford. If you are still clinging to that that negative energy, release it and let it go. And this does not mean you have to agree with it to condone it or accept it or love that the person who's wronged you not at all. Just forgive it allowed to me Eve out of your last that you can move on with your life. I'd like you for a few minutes. Just visualized Let's say something situation or a person that wrong do was not see or something that happened. You know, um, that they'd say, I'm going to use this as an example. I was involved in a car crash and I remember the whole process. I remember the people being in the wrong driving straight into me. Um, it was a head on collision. No, If I take that and that and I feel it and I feel the hurt it gives me, I need to forgive us because that weighs you down. So you've got fat and wait That weighs you down physically. But your emotional thoughts and remembrance off certain situations, events or people can cause the same weight which sometimes literally pulls your body down. We're speaking about spirals and energy earlier, on and about. Our body, mind and soul interact with each other. That's exactly that. Don't get that that pride and ego stop a person from forgiveness, forgive it, release it and let it go. So is it 80? Ponder who does forgiveness affirmations, and I'm gonna give you this and say it daily. All that has offended me after give was in and without I forgive things past things, prison, things, future I forgive. I forgive everything and everybody who can possibly need forgiveness of the past or off the present. I forgive positively everyone. I forgive myself. I am free and they are free to all things are cleared up between us now and forever And feel how good that feels within you. Forgiveness in the law of it is vital. Let that energy car rats. Next one law off Deal thought thought is made up of an actual thought in the motion that underpins that we've spoken about this nothing comes singularly. There's always a thought with an attached emotion. You don't have a You don't have a thought that just hangs. So you have a thought which says I need to get into shape. That doesn't sound like your Your subconscious is going to get very excited about it or take action with it. But the minute you throw in that emotion, I'm so excited about the journey I'm taking to get into fantastic shape. This is my life. Can you feel that excitement? Can you feel that the power that it has behind it to make you want to change behaviors, take on habits that's gonna get you to where you wanna go? Think of it in your deal for Don't just make the statement. Don't just say I'm starting my dad tomorrow. No, I'm so excited. I am going to die tomorrow and I'm going to get it right in this time. This time I'm going to make a difference for myself. So bringing that emotion, it does make a difference. No, of subconscious. Yeah, we could make a demand, a suggestion, a question. And then our subconscious interacts with us immediately. It looks for an answer it looks for ah, how to do, and it works 24 7 to comply, So loss of consciousness is very important. This is where you would use questioning informations. Leave it to your brain. Did your brain figure out how important it is to actually take on the actions to get you successful in your diet? So here's a couple. Why is it that I am releasing fed rapidly and permanently in a healthy manner? And my brain immediately is looking for an answer for that? So we're not walk to the fridge to pick up a muffin? Chances are looking to because it's still looking for the answer to how I'm going to release fat and picking up a muffin and eating it is not going to help me release fat. Why do I see myself is healed whole and healthy? Why is following this diet so easy? So put these into your journey journals that you can work with him. Make some of your own, develop your own so that you have got something that is tangible for you to use as you progressing through your diet. In the Lost the law off the mind is love practice. I mean, nothing. Nothing done once is going to cause perfection. So I would advise that you stop, go through these laws again. Start applying them. Start making part of your You're not just on your regulated diet, but life. You know, if you want. If you want it, I want to say a more east ease in living, more peace, more joy. They start focusing in on those thoughts. Uh, you know, for example, why my so at ease and peaceful in everyday life, you know? So it's not just about the diet. It's but about regulating your mind, to start living a better life. So that off practices consistently sticking Teoh not just these laws of the mind, but to your your what? You've decided this your regulated diet. It could be the habits have taken on sorting that out. That's consistent with in what your decision was. What died you were going to do make it part of your lifestyle. How do you apply its print out? Each of the laws put it in place around you put it in your journey journal. Added to that said every now and then, you can remind yourself about how to succeed at your dad's as you're going along with it. That's the end off the laws of the mind, and that brings us to completion on this lecture, and I will see you on the other side looking forward to it. 7. Lecture 7: Levels of INFLUENCE: I'd like to welcome you to the next lecture. The levels of influence. Now this is a polite title thes other ways of saying it also called the excuses levels of excuses, which a person vines when it comes to regulated diet. But welcome to this lecture. And of course it is our choices that show what we truly are. Far more than our abilities now, generally through life, we have a way off making excuses with a re late for a meeting, or don't do homework for a teacher or maybe even being late for work with your boss. So we generally all have gone through this process where there's an excuse and it's comes around influence on us. So how it works is, let's say, for a child in homework, the influence off being able to go and play with friends is greater, then the need to do homework. So when it comes to facing the teacher, the excuse, you know, could be anything from the dog ate my homework, Teoh. Whatever it has to be for him to get away with not getting into trouble. So the wings off change is everything to do with influence and how we take it on doobie lived by choice, or do we live by chance? Now there's a man that wrote something quite profound when he said the same winds blowing us all the winds of disaster, opportunity and change. Therefore, it is not the blowing of the wind, but the sitting of the cells that will determine our direction in life. That's but Jim Rohn and really, I have this discussion. Often. I get my clients come in and they tell me, Okay, They they had a, um uh, terrible week and now a setting. Why? Why was the week so bad? And the immediate reaction will. You know, my friend, it was a birthday. And, you know, we went out for a party and we had cake and we had alcohol and all sorts of things and immediately like it or not, that's an excuse, because it's not. It's not your birthday, you know? So when we spoke about planning your when you started new regulator diet one of the things that came up Waas Best friend's birthday, your own birthday. Make sure it's not in that area unless you decide to take the day off. But don't go about sitting up for regulated diet, saying you're going to get through it. And then when you get there knowing that it's gonna come, then use that as an excuse. So know what? What are your parameters so that your excuses don't come fast and furiously so influences have a huge impact on us in a regulated diet. And I'm gonna explain to you how that works. So let's have a look at this. First of all, here we have a you outside in situation. This is you. And of course, there are external energies that are consistently working in on us. Your world around you virtually works in on you, and that could be literally anything from the, you know, the politics to the do's and dont's the latest diets that you hear about animal rights. You know what's happening in the weather? These are all external energies that are coming into use a person in your world, and then it's closer to your immediate environment, which is the hearsay at the office. You know, work and how that impacts on your time. Stress, Boss says, demands he needs certain things done at a certain time and time constraints. And then, of course, family and exercise in obligations and friends. And so it goes on and then we work on the inside way. We always you. Now here, this is what you can control. Your diet, your spirituality, your thoughts, your beliefs, how much water you drink, your actions exercise, sleep, love that's working on inside out. So all of those things haven't impact going outwards. Okay, which then has an impact on you as a person. So if you're living from outside two in and then inside to out, then you working from your world having the most impact as it works in on you so that what's lift is your worrying your stresses and your anxieties about what's happening, that you've got zero control over. You can do nothing about it. But there's worry and stress about it, which then drives you into a space of being you outside in okay. And that then results in that our stresses on our worries about things we could no control over. We get emotional, we eat, we angry, we eat well off eat. And so it goes on and on on were controlled by what's happening on the outside and working in with. Now let's take a look at the other way round the you inside out approach again. There's your world is external energies that work in on you the politics. Whether all of those latest died student loans, they will have impact on you your environment again work, friends, stress obligations, etcetera etcetera are working in on you. But you have developed your strength off character to such an extent by working on your mind by working on your thoughts by nurturing yourself by having control off your exercise with your water, the thoughts that you have your sleep that you get him. You've developed so strongly in your core that all these external influences and energies that come in literally bounce off you that you are strong enough to control that your drive your positive drive is too grow in such a way that your insight comes out beautifully in the world we live in today. And therefore you're not any impact yourself in improving yourself but everybody around you and your outcome is batons. Person. You you wait is under control your thoughts under control. What you believe is is set. You know what you're diet is you know how much exercise you do. You know how important sleep is. I want to say it's kind of a perfect world, but rather aim for that, then the chaos which happens when we allow external things to influence us. It's like being in control off your own ship at the end of the day, and often you'll hear when things are chaotic and someone comes running at you and screaming about this and that in the next thing, people have, Ah, funny tendency to say You're your circus, your monkeys, which is your problem. You know your cows, you deal with it, which is not always the case. That person is not going to always push someone on your way, but you can only control what is controllable for you. So I hear people complain about politics. I hear them complain about bad drivers. I hear them complain about anything which could possibly upset they day, and I come from the point off again, releasing it ago. You cannot really think about it, what the weather is doing, what that drivers doing, It's etcetera. You cannot do anything about, so don't let it drive. Don't let it take over your mental space, your emergence space and they for lead you to something which is off physical natural. I want to take a little bit further with, with the levels of influence if you're in the situation and it's causing you to like myself . I mentioned it previously, where literally didn't. I didn't speak rather eight to keep myself quiet. If you find yourself in those types of situations, get yourself out of it, change direction or learn to take on a stronger voice. And if you in a space with that conduit, let's say your work and you have a boss, which is very domineering and you can't say anything and you can't voice your opinion and you eat for that reason, and the frustration of that goes home as well, and you do the same at home, then change the circumstance that you're sitting in if you can, you know, find a new job and note sounds very easy to do. But it's possibly the healthiest thing you can do for yourself, not only from the points off. You know the fact that you're gaining weight, but emotionally and mentally those kinds of conditions can be sold a string, and you've got to take control of what you can control. You can control with you. Work the or not weekly like you can control what diet you decide to regulate yourself with . This is not you know. You don't have taken a diet that suffocates you as an individual. So to you, don't take on influences that Suffolk Ages and individual Vikander something about it. Then change with your yet so that you can be in a space. We can be in better control off your controllable because it does impact your life and the success off any dark you're going to be taking on then my top tip in levels of influence. And this comes directly from the hero's journey. And Joseph Campbell, he said. We should be willing to let go of the life we are planning so as to have the life that is waiting for us. So sometimes, when things on working exactly as you thought they were, a little girl, things are out of your control. They'll go so that you can have the life that is waiting for us. Sometimes when things don't happen the way my Children want to always explain to them that is better. Base of things coming is always a reason why things don't work out the way you want them to . It's always better coming, so nothing stays constant. Were all energy beings surrounded by energy. So this thing's gotta be movement is gonna be changed. It's gonna be growth. There's gotta be DK uh, He's got to be those changes and transformation, so that's really important. And again, control your own energy. You can't control the weather. Don't try. Expect change. Impossible growth because of its we living in a changing environment all the time and these days much faster than ever before because this this new everything all the time, so con controls pace of that. But you can adapted and expected in the transform in that space and then control your controllable. Zoff said that if we cannot take responsibility and have influence on ourselves, how do we have influence on anything, end or anybody? So for us to take on a life off living, you inside out, which means you take on what's coming around you decide what's good for you and have impact on people's lives around you. and outside of your space in a positive way, or take on the influences and be negative about them and worry and streets and have anxiety . So we want to make sure that you live you inside out, said the strength that you developing within you living outwards. My question to use. Who do you inspire today if you can inspire somebody every single day, but something you say Bye, smile by a congratulations by hug, whatever it may be, influence something. Inspire somebody today by what's in you as a person, because you like a ripple, you know, they drop falling in the water, that ripple effect. You can change somebody's laugh today purely by your inference. And on that positive note, I will just add that the is a bit of a challenge in the bonus section, which has got to do with you, um, inspiring somebody, possibly. So keep it. Listen out for that. And, uh, you know, let us know if that's something you would like to take on. That's the end off this lecture, and I'll see you in the next 8. Lecture 8: * | FORGIVENESS | *: welcome to the forgiveness lecture. I promised a while back that will do an entire lecture on just this, and there's a good reason. It does not only affect us emotionally, but it affects us physically as well. Forgiveness is vital to our success. And, of course, his mother, Teresa, said, letters always meet each other with a smile for the smile Is the beginning off love? Let's have a look at the power of forgiveness if you ever felt stuck, like whether it's in a job, whether it's in a diet you've done before, whether it's in life, the ever felt stuck. Now we can't say forgiveness is a gift to give yourself Tony Robbins said. This and it's it's 100% correct, and that is 100% correct, because by forgiving, you can move forward as an individual in your life. Now, let's go from the point of departure that we are all energy beings, um, and determine how is forgiven us. Good for our diet in house. Well, fact is, you will live longer and have a stronger immunity if you work around forgiveness, good thoughts and embracing it with with in a good emotions um, Whether it is, I love you. Peace, truth or wisdom. Oh, even just saying thank you All of this makes a massive difference, and forgiveness is at the core of it. The year is, Ah, Japanese author Dr Emoto, who started a lot of work in human consciousness and the effect of it on a molecular structure in water. Now, how does that work with us? We 70% water. So I stay in an area where they literally as they bottled water. There's a there's a factory close to us. Were they bottled water and they literally sing to the water. They also make sure the pops aren't angular. It's it's straight. So the water flows easily with ease and no stress and, um, quick movements or anything like that, and the water tastes beautiful. Now we are 70% water. And what we say that vibration goes through into us as human beings as well. So have you ever stood in front of somebody in a conversation and let's say they are upset with you and they say hurtful words. Do you feel it in your body? Do you feel that kind of not cringing, but that feeling off off hurts. There's no other word for it hurt. Now that's it's because it's resonating within us. It's taking on every little butt off us on a cellular level in the factory, 7% water, and it's implicating that negativity. It's joining with us literally, physically, as they're saying something that's negative. That's what was said. People get out of those conversations will get out of those spaces and why it's so important for you to choose a diet that regular to diet that doesn't put you into that space off hating every single day because you're physically damaging yourself and why I play and put such emphasis on forgiveness is because you're physically hurting yourself and moving forward is only good for you. I can say that they're all cases we forgiveness is it is a tough ask work with somebody to help you get through it. If you must go through the proper process, don't hang in that space for too long. There could be my best advice, and I know there are specialists at this, their doctors to deal with it. But my advice is try and forgive release it and little go you know and a lot of people that have been hurt or or in a space where their forgiveness is difficult want to hang onto because it gives them some sort of justification for where they are at in their lives. And this may sound very hard, and it's not meant that way at all. I'm saying it with a lot of love, purely from a point off for you to be who you want to be by holding onto that's anger, that bitterness and that and forgiving nature. All your damaging is yourself, you know. Think about it. This rate. If you hold a poison's chalice in front of you and you don't give it to the person that you are angry with, who's holding their poison chalice, you nobody else. It literally destroys ourselves. So have a look at these pictures that Dr Emoto did. He he literally worked with speaking into water, Um, labeling it, holding it and thinking about saying thank you to it, and then froze the water and then cut the it's sections out of it. And these are the crystals that come from it. I mean, you could just have a look at that. I love you, Crystal. This is You make me sick, which is in the bottom left hand corner, you know, So there's always that that space if you look at the polluted water before prayer, polluted water off to pray how it changes. So be kind, because when we speak to any person, we have an impact on them. We did not just from what they hearing us say, but physically. Be careful of the words We speak the spoken word because there's power in the spoken word and say good things. Say good things about the diet have chosen sacred things about your journey. Family friends, loved ones keep saying good things because not only are you expressing it to the person in front of you, but that collaboration is also working in on you. So if we are found speaking, uh, wrong words on a continuous basis, it starts having an impact on us physically as well. That's an interesting one. You more than I want to go have a look at this lot of information on Dr Motors work on the Internet. I will try as well and put a extra resource in with regards. That is very interesting. And then is forgiveness good for our diet and 1/2? And now here, for sure. You know, we think that that forgiveness is just this hereditary t in the kind of thing it's not. It's it's an emotional and physical process, you know, if you work on forgiveness festival, you helping you adrenal vent. It will breathe a sigh of relief, period, because the more you are working in unforgiveness is anger being held. This these, um, there's an edit stress, which affects your adrenal gland. Fight or flat. You know, it turns on the adrenal gland, which we saw in how home minds work, lead you to food. You tell one A B stressed, and that's one of the reason why you should forgive. I mentioned it in the previous lecture with regards Teoh just visualizing thinking about something that's happened that was wrong and how heavy it feels, how that burden sits on you. You know, when you forgive, you can breathe it literally. You gotta take it on and say it's gone, Stan, your heart will had you without forgiveness. Stress and anxiety elevates their for your blood pressure increases, and your heart has to work harder. So there's that poison chalice again. Who's holding the poison? You are because your blood pressure goes up. Now your hearts go to work harder as well. If you forgive others. And yourself, your heart feels the love your soul competes for the small. How does this forgiveness affect our diets? Forgiveness is release, so you do not any release emotions, But fat may be released as well, and this is just physically what happened with one of my kinds. That's such stress, um, that they suffered from extreme constipation on every time they were in a relaxed state. They wait with drop, and every time they were back at work, we had the best results when they were when they went on holidays eating the wrong foods literally because they relaxed and they could breathe in the adrenal gland could function in the heart could function. Um, and I started working with them purely on the basis of relieving stress and forgiveness Too late. Them actually master the ability to control the thoughts, to control the emotions, to work in forgiveness on a continuous basis, that they could release the fat from their bodies as well that sometimes, as I said, rats and beginning of this course. It's not all about the food we eat and the exercise we need. Okay, then. Mental health improvement. I was forgiven us. Help us in that were interesting. They, uh there was a therapist, Dr Lin in Hawaii and used the process off the Hope Poona Poona, where he worked with a prayerful men Tre. He cured an entire world of criminally insane patients. And this was done without even meeting them or spending a moment in the same room because there were so dangerous, they literally couldn't be in the same room as a person. But what he did is he reviewed each of the patients files and literally spoken mental over those falls as you was working. The powerful statement was a simple as this. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you for me. Possibly four of the most powerful sentences on planet Earth. Some of the shortest. His well, but some of the most powerful sentences No, this, oddly enough, elevates anybody. If yours are in a stressful situation and all you do is you say I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you silently to yourself. Or if you're driving in your car or if you're walking outside, doesn't matter where you are. It doesn't matter at which format you use. You can say thank you. I love you. Please forgive me. I am sorry. Doesn't matter which for me to use. But those four sentences are extremely powerful, and I make use of it in a edit resource. We have helped with a forgiveness meditation you'll find in the resource section and you'll see there's a section where I literally just repeats that statement. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. Very powerful again. Go and read up on him, Doctor. In very interesting. So how to forgive? When we hold resentment towards a situational person, we're bound to their personal condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. So the pregnancy off forgiveness is the only way to dissolve a link and be free for end of the day. You want to be able to move on. So how do we forgive? First of all forgive. Others set for often are every day in may. Forgive everyone that you are out of harmony with feel badly towards or are concerned about nuts. You know, when I started doing this, I thought they couldn't possibly be a lot of people that I need Teoh forgive and then I really those 15 minutes Quiet said. I really started focusing in on who do I need to forgive, even when I get stuck in life at certain places like let's, I wanna have something happen but everything is getting in my way. I immediately go and sit and think, Who do I need to forgive? Who needs to forgive me? And asking for forgiveness is important as forgiving. Now you don't have to go up to the person and ask forgiveness. You could do it without even being close to them. But mentally ask for forgiveness if you feel that maybe you didn't treat someone 100% correctly today, so asking for forgiveness if you have accused anyone of injustice. If you have discussed anyone unkindly, if you have criticized the gossiped about anyone, mentally ask for their forgiveness and subconsciously they will respond. I think it's in the Jewish faith where it's quite interesting that the one of the highest, um, forms of wrongdoing is to chatter about other people negatively. Um, you know, to not be kindly off people behind their backs. So it's all about this, you know? Also forgiveness. Sometimes those are the things that keep us stuck in one place, and until we ask for forgiveness, we stay stuck. And then finally ask yourself for your own forgiveness. That sounds out. We have the tendency off possibly being most critical off ourselves, possibly blaming ourselves for failures for mistakes. Ask yourself for forgiveness. It's as important. And you could do that daily until you've mastered how to be positive. 100% of the time rights are included. A forgiveness deformation, and it's a little bit different to the one I did previously. So I'm going to read it. If you'd like to sit still, said quietly, put off your phone, put down your pin pencil if you busy writing and just get comfortable, and I will started forgiveness information. Oh, that is offended me. I forgive within and without. I forgive things past, things present and things future I forgive. I forgive positively everyone and everything that could possibly need forgiveness off the past. All present, I forgive absolutely everyone, they are free. Nine. I am free to all things were created between us now and for ever. I am in right relationships with all people in all situations. Now I fully and freely forgive you. I lose you and let you go to your good quickly and in peace. Always clear between us now and favor just a you fully and freely. Forgive me, lose me and let me go to my good quickly and in peace. All is clear between us now and forever. I forgive myself. So that's the forgiveness information written by a couple of people. Primary person who brought it about wars. Catherine Ponder Amazing woman that spoke about working strongly with the right words and allowing us to hear the right word saying the right words thinking the right words. So this will give us information fantastic to use. So that's our electric complete on forgiveness. And do you take the time to do the meditation on forgiveness? And if you do go and have a look at the subliminal, as I spoke about earlier on and you sign up for the newsletter, there is a forgiveness subliminal that he gives away free when you sign up for his news later, which of course, is a great positive. So feel free, enjoy 9. Lecture 9: | NO | and the impact thereof: welcome, Teoh the lecture. No quiting tattle. I'm sure you think Well, I can tell you this is the end of the section and I thought, maybe understanding the power of known how it influences us in the mind is a good way to in the section, knowing that once you've mastered the mind, No, it's not a problem. You see, many of life's failures are people who do not realize how close they were to success when they gave up is this is the lost lecture off the section? We're going to be giving a little bit of an assignment. End of it. But for now, let's have a look at the reality off negativity and what to do about it. Why 95% of people felt when their own dots or afterwards as well well, we face 400 knows from the day we born basically and it's 400 knows a day that we get now. There's very few years is in between those knows, but where does it come from now? As of the explain before for Neanderthal men, keeping you safe meant we had to understand and listen to the nose because they weren't the the safety nets that they are today to keep us from danger and to keep us safe. So we were faced with plenty of nose, but that's continued in our d N A. That's the negativity that kept us alive, you know? So how does this impact the diet success and what to do about it? Well, first of Olympic start success because you immediately go into a diets even though you feel highly motivated. There's an undercurrent of knows that run through your system that you think, man, I don't know if I want to get Russ. Please, can I get a Ross's time? So you're driven by that space off. It is possible that you'll get it wrong. And I want to say to you most of your mind and you can flip that switch completely. And the nerves become yes, is now, Yes, it takes practice because you're gonna find yourself catching your thoughts that are negative, and you're gonna be switching them over to positive. But that over time is going to get easier. And we're gonna started with an assignment we're gonna give you. And that's called the seven day Positive mental diet. Now I did promise right at the beginning that I would not tell you which died to use. But this one, I'm going to tell you which died to use. And it's called the positive mental diet, preferably run it for seven days. If you can only manage with one day, and that is a challenge, Uh, then start they You know, you really want to be able to get this to a point off 14 days, but seven days, everything changes ever so slightly because off seven days of positivity, it's the toughest thing you might do. But it's quite worth while the time and the effort and get you get your family to play along if you are. You know, if you're married and you have Children, get them to play along in this process. Um, if you're single, then even better. It might even be easier if you might have more sanity to be able to take on a positive mental diet. So let me explain hard works. I'm gonna give you a couple of steps and advice about how to go about this, first of all, to get clarity on negative so that you know what I mean when we say negative, Any thought? Election? You know, it's not a thought that immediately comes if it stays with you, then we close testifying it as a start again. So any thought that stays with you, You know, if you if you just buy by chance thinks something negative, just flip the search, Turn it into positive. If you can't flip the switch, it means reclassifying it is negative. So any grown complaint gossiping, Um, physically doing something negative, you know, thinking something negative about yourself and dwelling on it. Uh, having any kind of I envy your condemnation of yourself or another person. Learn to bite your tongue in that space. And it's interesting I'd went through this process of being through a couple of times already. It's once is not enough. Okay, so not in the world we're living. So what I found was, I am an extremely positive person. And going through this process, I realized that how many negative thoughts I had and I was quite surprised because I'm I'm an optimist. I always see the silver lining. So in us, when I went through this process and I realized how many *** foods are head. It was quite an eye opener for me. So I advise you take it easy on yourself. That's the first point. Spend a couple of days assists where you are your personal things, negatively or positively. Listen to that inner voice and be honest to yourself, because that's the most important part off this. You know, before you start, get it, get an idea. Are you 50% positive person? Just that you know where you Yet before you get into the starting blocks, then prepare. I found that for me. I put little positive signs every ways that I could remind myself, and I know it sounds a bit futile because you remind yourself. But when you get busy in life, you forget. So I started my positive mental, died by having little positive signs everywhere in the bathroom, in my car, in my lounge, my kitchen. I had every way. And what's nice about it is that people that come and visit say, What's this about why you got it everywhere in your house, and then it becomes a great conversation about positivity. So besides preparing and having it in my space, it was great because it brought more positive conversation and understanding about positivity. Right then the third thing is start well, wake up on your first day and then every day they after saying thank you. You know, get a national rhyme like this is going to be a great day. And I'm the luckiest person alive. So set the pace. Set the tone of your day that you know that you're starting off. Well, make sure that you put something. You can also put something on your fridge which has the seven days a countdown. You know that. You know that you are on a positive mental diet. Be aware of it. I need rules. They always don't dwell on the negative thought because otherwise you're gonna have to start again. So don't dwell on the negative thought. Flip, it's and it's not only the thoughts you have, but it's any spoken word or action. If you struggle the first day. This is the first helpful. Took your struggle. The first they start taking notes on positive things around you and speak about minute. We stopped taking note of things that are positive. It's way easier for a person to remain positive. So It's also quite normal, you know. Don't Don't be alarmed. Can't be long bites and all its It's a tough one. This The next one is number six mine trickery. Somewhere along the line your mind's going to say, Oh, what a waste of time! Why must I do this? Negative thoughts. Turn it around, you know started Gratitude Diarrhea. Continue with your gratitude diary. If you took it up with the journey journal that we gave you Teoh using your regulated diet . But trust me, your mind is going to say you are made once again. That's quite normal. Think about it this way. We spoke about the Mount of knows we face in those seven days. Trust me, your mind is gonna go. No, this camp you don't know. This can't be done. Then you can really say Welcome home The end of the old man. Sit down, Please keep quiet. I'm going to do this. So the seven thing is the restart? Yes. If you do utter and hold that negative thought or word or dwell on it, you need to restart that Some people do that. Some people don't. You know it's up to you. What it does do that makes you hyper aware of what you're thinking about. And the restart has to be a serious one. It's not just every little thing that comes along. I continue on my first day. I had a couple of restarts, so it's quite normal. Don't let the Neanderthal man sit down, make coffee. You know, make supper. Make himself comfortable because you're going to feel this is so tough. But that's OK. Keep going. Positive. Mental diet is, is is worthwhile every single day, so the next is involvement. As I said, get your family involved, but body up with somebody you know. If you're single, speak somebody at work about doing this. You might even start a complete revolution in your office by bringing in some positivity. Right then, the ninth point is no control. Then try and control your thoughts. Another. It's tough because you're working with a positive mental diet where you need to be aware of your thoughts. But there's a difference between control and awareness. So become awareness and have mindfulness so that you are consistently aware off the thoughts they're running through your mind. Remember, everything is seven seconds later, 6 to 7 seconds after you've thought about something. You only then become aware of that thought. So if you've decided to pick up a cup of coffee, you actually made the decision seven seconds before you did it. So try not to control it. Let it flow. If you're finding a lot of negative thoughts in this positive mental diet, may reset that negativity tone that sits within and allow you to take things on a little bit more positive, become a little bit more aware. And what's going to be quite interesting is you're gonna become very aware off the people around you and what is spoken. So be patient. That's the last one. Be patient with yourself. You know, it's not the easiest thing to do when you realize the amount of negativity that is around you. I don't condone it. Judge it. It's completely normal for where we are as humanity, and it only takes one person's upliftment in Thorton and energy that has an effect on entire Um, I mean, maybe you've also maybe you've got a friend that is so positive that when they come in contact with you, you actually your beat goes up a swell. Or you could be that friend with that positivity that walks into a room and everybody's beat goes up a little bit now. That's what we were trying to attempt in doing this not only for yourself but to lift the spirits of everybody around you as well. So it's not just an impact diet for yourself. It's going to have an effect on people around you and watch how what you are doing, the fates, your laugh, that the end of the day. We spoke about this in one of the earlier lectures where we spoke about how change comes about with who you mix with, what you're reading, what you're listening to that is applicable here as well as you lift your energy in transformation. It impacts the people around you, and it impacts your life for the better. And that's why the positive mental dire to master this is first prize. So I have included as a tip something which might be of assistance to you comes from a very special book, nearest and dearest to my heart. It's called The Greatest Salesman. What I'll do is I've included a, um, document discussing these thes 10 f ERM ations. I've included that as a resource in the section. If you could lay your hands on the book, I will put it is a reference right at the end. If you could lay your hands on the book, it's well worth a read, because these are really just the upper level off. What's in that book. Don't be put off by the title. The Greatest Salesman. It is applicable in every area of life. But Matt Tips include a couple of affirmations, and the reason why I'm working in the space is because you're trying to stay positive. You're working through your regulator died. To have these information's come through could be a huge help to you. So what he's done in this book is he's used the basic you'll see off of highlighted the first section off the sentence that is his Reformation, which is referred to as a scroll in the book. I'm adding to his Reformation based on the fact that we are working with a regulated died process so you'll see the blue off to the white sentence is an addition to his sentence. Now how to use these is in your day some way, you know, even if you can do it more than once, it will take exactly two minutes to go through these sentences. If you're working with the book, each one of these sentences can be used for a month. But for the positive mental diet, those seven days, this is a nice grouping off affirmations that could be taken to hearts and and brought into yourself fully to help you on your positive mental diet. So daily isn't be at lunchtime just read through, but with with emotion with enthusiasm. Okay, so I'll go through them one by one. Today I begin a new life focus on my diet success. So if you can start every single day with that mantra in mind, you'll know that you today is going to be successful. Doesn't matter what happened yesterday in the 2nd 1 I will greet this day with a love in my heart and a positive mental attitude about my dad's off course. I the idea off greeting everything with love in my heart. This is a beautiful, beautiful one in his book on defect Weaken, tired to the positive mental diet. Even better then I will persist until I succeed on my dad to better health. Of course, we are in a regulated that we've got a time frames. This is very helpful. I will possessed. I'm not going to stop until I get what I wanted. When I set out on this regulated diet, I made a commitment. Next one. I'm nature's greatest miracle, and I will be supported on my journey. So sit the intention. The in his book, he refers to the fact that done it that the miracle of your birth in the your nature's greatest miracle it continues through your life and bring in that support on this journey that you've decided to take this hero's journey. You walking? Then I will live this day as if it is my lost need for a diet ever again. We never want to have to go on a regulated diet again. So we're gonna take every day in our pursuit off getting where we want as our lost day that we will need to be on died ever again. Then today I will be the master of my motions, as I have made perfect nourishment choices, keeping my body in mind balanced so There we go. You You know, your motions are mastered. You're not gonna react to anybody and go eat a muffin. You're gonna make good choices. The next one I will off in the world today is I am in control of my house. Now that's means to she joy. Okay, then the next one. Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold, for I now have the energy. So there it's about being physically active. Being able as you proceed with his diet is of course, what you want to be. You want to be physically able, and as your weight drops, you're going to feel a lot better. Then the next one I will act now is I am with it. They would go. You're everything and more. Every single choice you make. Every decision you make has an impact on what's coming. So it now be present. Act now because it's gonna affect your future. And then today I will pray for gardens on my journey to better health. Now, for those people who don't pray, you can just say today will ask for guidance if you're working in a support system or you butted up with somebody All you could say today I will sit for 15 minutes for gardens on my journey to better house. Because just that internal guidance is going to work with You are praying or sitting for 15 minutes. No matter what you do, that quite time's gonna help you in your ability to succeed in this. Okay, so I'm give sending you major strength going through the positive mental diet. It's a fantastic challenge to take on these 10 informations will make a mess of difference for you. I have added, As I said, the resource is where there's a document that goes into more detail of this and I will give the reference in the book a t the end off the course. So that brings us to end in section six. That's the lost off the triple M system. And I wish you absolute joy as you go along. This journey that you've decided to take on will close off in the next section, specifically around maintaining what you're doing. I mean, for sure you didn't come through all of this to not maintain once again. And that's the most important thing in my opinion. I remember when I used to take on these dots to sort myself out. I had this absolute fear when I came to the end of the diet because it's socially accepted , that I'm gonna gain the weight again. So everybody's watching and waiting for me to get fat again. And the problem is that often that is exactly what happened. So we're gonna make sure that that that doesn't happen and working with us and working through this triple M system, I'm hoping you're clarity and no, where you going and mastering the mind. This section we've just completed now is part of the process. You know you can You can dwell on the baggage that comes with you in life. You can sit, you can meditate. You can, um, go into the lotus position and feel that life is going to get better. But if you bury what you walking with and don't deal with it, whatever you bury gets bigger because it doesn't disappear in mastering the mind and knowing what's good for you and what isn't and how to work in life is only to your benefits . So I'm looking forward to the next section. We, Concetta, about how to keep this going positively for you in your life. After all, success in any regulated diet is the maintenance. We'll see you on the other side.