It's not the DIET'S fault! Coach : no diet -Emotional Eating @ YOUinsideOUT Academy. CLASS 1 OF 7 | Tamantha Williams | Skillshare

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It's not the DIET'S fault! Coach : no diet -Emotional Eating @ YOUinsideOUT Academy. CLASS 1 OF 7

teacher avatar Tamantha Williams, Coach & founder of YOUinsideOUT

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Section 1: 1. Short Introduction

    • 2. Section 1: 2. Is this class for you?

    • 3. Section 1: 3. Class outcomes

    • 4. Section 1: 4. Introduction to Emotive eating

    • 5. Section 1: 5. Lets discuss your results!

    • 6. Section 1: 6. Unwrap what is to come...

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About This Class

Coach : no diet    |    CLASS 1 (OF 7)  Time to rid your body of unwanted WEIGHT!


There are 7 CLASSES starting with this, the first CLASS dealing with Emotional Eating and introduction on what is to come and if this course will be for you.

*NOTE:  If there are any additional resources and external links a note will be made in the Lecture paragraph below.  There is one assignment in this CLASS based on True and False QUESTIONS which you will need to answer to understand Lecture 5.  Lecture 6 is a closure on this CLASS and a brief understanding of what is to come in CLASS 2.

Lecture 1: Short Introduction
Time to stop the YO-YO diet cycle, join us on a journey of self-exploration, here we introduce you to the YOUinsideOUT Academy, and the course Coach : no diet, SECTION 1, we explain the importance of having the MMM System in place and introduce you to what the course will cover and by who. 

Sick and tired of the diet-super-highway? Let us take YOU on a different JOURNEY!

Lecture 2: Is this class for you?
Yes, it is... If you have found Coach : no diet Part 1, chances are you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and need some weight removal - or, you are in search of a support system to deal with people you know need transformation.  Let us look at why you should join us, and no, we are not going to stick you on a specific diet of OUR choice...  This lecture will get you to mindfully make a decision for YOUR best interest.  After all, what do you have to lose? 

Lecture 3: Class outcomes
Are you aware that you are now on a JOURNEY of a LIFETIME?  This journey is made up of many battles and victories along the way.  We look at HOW the MMM SYSTEM becomes a victory lesson and HOW it is applicable on YOUR journey and WHY a strong foundational approach is so important.  The only question left is, would you like to be a hero in your own journey? Understand this concept with this as your external link.

Lecture 4:  Introduction to emotive eating
The importance of knowing what drives YOU and YOUR behaviors is the FIRST step towards TRANSFORMATIONAL (and Coaching) success.  Time for a quick assignment!  We then shed light on your results after all the Assignments are done!  NOTE:  See questions based on True and False in Class Project.

Lecture 5:  Let us discuss your results
The assignments are discussed and explained and some interesting information is shared.

Lecture 6:  Unwrap what is to come
Overview of the 6 CLASS SECTIONS to follow.  An added note to connect on our social platform, Facebook Community page YOUinsideOUT.




The information presented in this CLASS is a result of years of practice and experience and research by the owner of YOUinsideOUT. The information by necessity is of a general nature and not a substitute for an evaluation or treatment by a competent medical specialist. If for any reason you do feel you are in need of medical interventions, do see a medical practitioner of choice as soon as possible. Always speak to your doctor first about changing any medications or adding a new medication to your existing protocol based on your health improvement and/or transformation.


I wish you well on your journey and feel free to contact me!
Love and light

Tamantha Williams


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tamantha Williams

Coach & founder of YOUinsideOUT




Hello, I'm Tamantha.


‘Life does not happen TO you, but FOR you’ 


I am PASSIONATELY driven to support and COACH individuals in health transformation, body, mind, and soul since 2011 and now online with YOUinsideOUT Academy. I have worked with clients on a one to one basis as a transformational coach removing over 8000kgs in excess FAT off planet earth.

My DESIRE and DRIVE come from my own personal experience in health and weight challenges for me and my family. I have been shedding light on the ‘truths’ of the health and wellness industry in the hope that the accepted protocols and understandings will forever be questioned, tried and tested.

... See full profile

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1. Section 1: 1. Short Introduction: a mess of welcome to you as a student on this course with us coach. No Darcos, based on the triple in system and brought to you by the You Inside Out Academy. If you have found us by searching for some answers to your diet dilemma, then this may just be the course for you. Everybody knows that most diets advice common sense solutions such as E case and then you will. For sure. Whaley's will keep your mouth sealed and the killers were full off my personal favorite sweet like a marathon runner and your skinny jeans who actually fit. But most people actually 95 to 99% off. Most people fell at the regulated. This'll is, of course, just literally for open minded people out there that are really, really, really tired of the normal diet programs. All really tired of being told. You need to exercise a lot more and eat a lot. Lis, this is not just another diet, really. I will not be telling you how to eat what to eat or went to eat. I will also not pretending you to exercise more. I am, however, here to introduce you to a system that could make a huge difference in your life, a system that is based on the foundation of understanding why you chose your diet, hide about the actual process of diet and what's involved mainly to get it right. Let me introduce myself. My name is Samantha Williams and I have been involved in the health and wellness industry for many years. Since 2011 I've been working actively with people in coaching there in better health and wellness. Removing over 8000 kilograms affect from the planet. I personally always struggled with my weight, gone on and off diets, hated myself for it and often felt like burning the proverbial died Reagan since 2011 I started playing a lot more attention to my health, and in that time period, both my parents said he passed away within nine months of each other, based on the fact that they were both beasts and head heart issues besides other obesity related health challenges. At this point, I really said happened, took notes and decided to really take this on and get it right, not just for myself in my family, but for my clients as well it did become a passion. I grew to have a thorough understanding off what makes us tick when it comes to die. That's what makes it us get it wrong all the time and then do it over and over and over again. I mean, you may be out there and you're really tired of doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, which, by the way, on stance it was absolute insanity. Then this triple M system might be exactly what you need to succeed at your dots and never have to face a regular to diet again. So you inside out Waas born out of the process of wanting better health not just for myself , but for my family and my clans and the realization that it doesn't match of what we do on the outside. For example, what died? We take him how much exercise we do if our inside the very core of who we on what drives us for the health of our body or a mental state is not functioning correctly. Our energy being out of work fix the possible success of our bad process. What is inside comes out. We are a reflection of our thoughts and our emotions. Thes are the elements that drive certain actions that get us our results, be their weight gain or for burning. There is a lot more than just food intake and exercise when it comes to diet, and that is what we cover in this course. Really, How do you choose a diet? Is it off somebody else's recommendation? Is it because your mommy nor, said best you do X Y as a diet? Then how do you diet? Is it a haphazard approach? Cross your fingers and hope to die it. Then what does it take mentally to diet? Too often, I've heard I would love to die. But you know what? My head is just not in the right now or it's all to do with willpower and discipline. And I have none of that. This course addresses just that. So you may be asking Is this course for you for sure, But you will discover if this is a journey you're willing to take on. Some of you might already be on the course. You may have purchased it already. Welcome. I am so looking forward to working with you and some may be previewing this course, and I'm very excited to take you on this journey if you decide to take it on because it's not an average normal Jenny, I will be a coach first and then a friend. I'm not going to be prescriptive about what you need to do and how you need to do it. When it comes the diet you choose. I am how ever going to help you to determine how to make the choices correctly by implementing the triple AIM system, which allows you to make those choices through this course? We're going to the clarity on the diet industry, and we will be doing a couple of questions. Covering a couple of resource is opening your mind a little bit to what the dieting Waldrip sends thes days. We will also be doing things which are specifically for your mind. It will help you make wiser decisions when it comes to the regulated dot you choose and how to go about it and also help you with a couple of techniques when it comes to understanding your body and harder extradites and why. Maybe it didn't work. Previously, when you went on a diet. I can say this. There is nothing normal about this course. We stretch minds just a little bit. I generally don't in all processes, and I'm always seeking for greater understanding. After all, knowledge is power. I am passionate about getting it right with each and every individual work with and realize that sometimes it may just take a different approach. So what is my promise to you In this course, we will open your mind to your diet, including clarity on your journey, allowing you to become the hero in your own journey way. The bank diet, months thin way Look at who is responsible. We take on our close relative Neanderthal men and high plays an important part in our decision making process. We take on accepted norms. When it comes to the foods we eat habits we have physically and mentally, especially when we are facing a muffin or a glass of wine way Make a commitment. Yes, we learn about change, about influence our bodies and how energy blockages affect our diets. There is a lot of cover in if you are willing to do the work. I can't say you may never have to take on a regulated diet ever again. I am so excited about starting this with you. And I'm excited about finishing with you. I have great social communities at the on Facebook Instagram Pinterest, which allows you to get involved. So do get involved. Ask the questions we can share what we've been going through. We can get motivated, weaken, get information over and above what this course gives you so that I could be completely focused on your success. I'm looking forward to working with you. And my only took at this stage is really put in the effort. Get involved and let us make a difference in your life. What I can say is when I let go off what I am, I become what I might be. I've seen you next to be. We were ready. Determine if this is the course for you. Thank you. If you have found us by searching for some answers to your diet dilemma in this 2. Section 1: 2. Is this class for you?: knowledge side is this course for you for sure. An absolute yes. If you like me gave up and say to yourself I will never be able to look or feel good and healthy again. Remember this. You get what you say. So for this is a course for you. If you need a structure or maybe you need a system or someone who supports you then this is for you. If you sit yourself maybe somewhere along the line I'm done. I'm absolutely done key toe this. No sugar, lots of sugar. No fed. Lots of fit. Where do we go? What do I do then? This could be your answer. I don't say I have the absolute answer for you. That answer that fights the flab. But what I do say is I know how to take it on. So if those courses for you and you need to rid yourself off stubborn, wait. And you need an understanding off while we gain weight again and again and how to avoid it . Then it's for you. If you want guidelines for a sustainable program that you can use partly or in totality to take on any diet on this planet then this course is for you. Remember I said you would never tell you what die to use. That is your choice. And I stand by that. But I show you how to choose. Maybe you need to understand how you choose the diets and what to do with that dots and how our mind has impact on our success. And, of course, tired of hearing. Just eat rats would do more exercise or just don't give up. You will not hear that here. Not on this course. Yes. Everybody knows that sticking to a diet can each success. So why do we keep having to diet? And if you're tired of facing the same died dilemma over and over again, this may be the guideline which transforms your mind and your body once and for all. Let's have a look at the triple in process and hard works. So the foundational concept of this is triple in. And what I'd like to say first and foremost is the Triple M stands for make me marvelous. Now it's very important. The make is literally the mechanism which the diet we use. So when we choose and I help you with that. The me is the method doesn't have just getting a diet. What do you do that? How do you work with it? Doesn't suit you. Your personality, your own individual. We try and make it work for you. And then, of course, marvelous is mind. Mind is a marvelous thing. And we work very closely with you and discussing how the mind works and how to use it to our best advantage so that we can actually go on a diet and actually get it rots, not have to make mistakes and come back over and over and over again. So these three elements is what forms the triple in system might seem basic, but you're gonna be hearing a lot more what we do cover and what we will be sharing in this course to make sure that you are 100% happy with taking on this course. I want to make sure that you know what you're getting. And for that reason, we're going to have a look at three elements. Content activity and resource is from the content itself. We will move between basic understanding off dieting as we've seen it. How the Neanderthal man affected us in that process. We look at myths and dieting with debunk them. We look at ourselves as energy beings. We work within that we look at the words diet versus the word weight loss was Is this the word fat loss? We look at laws off the mind. We look out attitude in dieting. We look at whether we food log or not and how we go about it. We look at measurements and weight, and I give you a lot of my experience over the years, the wisdom that came with dealing with hundreds of people in them, trying to get rid off weight in their bodies, what they did, their struggles, their head and what they communicated with me with regards to getting to where they wanted to be successfully for their diet. We look at activity which are a couple of assignments, some logging exercises, some pdf worksheets that we do that we can make sure that you don't go into yo yo dieting process ever again. We've got to deal with with kind of healing those processes so that we can move forward with you as a person so that you can be successful in your diet and finally, they are some great resource. Is some Greg YouTube videos, some great external links. It will take you to sites that will assist you in your diet, not just in the sense off die tops, but good nutritional information. Good. Mind working information. So we add a couple of resource is that will be great for you to open your mind to what you can do in the space off. Working to a healthier you. I'd like to add that we are going to be hearing a second course, which is specifically for transformational coaching based around this triple M concept. And if you are inspired by what we are offering here, you might want to take on the coaching course as well. I'd like to remind you as well that I will put a challenge out there in this course that everybody that follows this course to send us their story, their before and afters. We will be posting it on our our website so that it actually inspires more than just the people, you know. But a lot more people globally. So looking forward to seeing you in lecture three so that we can get started 3. Section 1: 3. Class outcomes: welcome Teoh the lecture three in coaching diet and he will be discussing a little bit about the philosophy and the course outcomes off what to expect with regards to the triple in system in their approach and how we make use of it in our journey to better health. And, of course, wait. So I can't say only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how, for one can go. Very important to understand that, because sometimes sometimes we give up too soon. Or like I said, you know, you get that point, we go, I am fat and I just need to deal with it, and I'm not going to do anything about it. I'm done. So sometimes you really have to think about that approach and go, Let's change it. So the first thing that we're going to discuss is way this comes from, and that's based around the hero's journey. Now some of you may know about this. Some might have bean exposed to what this is about, but the years Juni was specifically developed by somebody cool Joseph Campbell. Now he was American professor off literature, and he wrote the book the hero with 1000 faces on his whole philosophy. Iwas follow your bliss. Um, he influenced great people like George Lucas who, you know, did Star Wars influenced him. Teoh actually portray the character around that person that takes on a calling to go and do something a bit different with a lot. So any off the big forms you can go never look to the Matrix Star Wars. Any of those big forms is based on this philosophy off the hero's journey. Now I was exposed to it personally. My fantastic individual cold mark, generous key. He showed me what it's about. I was, of course, with him. And it took me quite a bit about myself as well. So for us, we're going to make use off this as the foundation to the triple aim system. Um, and to put it in context with us, you know, everybody wants to be able to live an optimal life, and it really knows that you could make sacrifices along the way to be able to ensure that you live well and live a long, happy life. But it's a choice that you make a commitment that's gonna make especially If you get Teoh the heavier side off your weight and you have to start taking on health issues that are challenging to you, then you could decide is my life with it is my life something that I want to live optimally on. Then take on that call to action and go. You know what? I actually to do this and I need the help for it. So this is your call to action. You know, we all have bean on diets in our lives. We all feel that something needs to change. We all get to a point of going. Enough is enough. I don't know what to do anymore. And then my only question is we great? This this vacuum this whole within us by by going through life and we want to start filling it with something. I mean, nature abhors a vacuum, so it's going to find something to fill it with. And we generally look to food for comfort. So if that's where you are and you understand the damage it's doing to you didn't take this call to action. This is about you being the hero in your own journey. Everyone decides to do this at a different stage in their life, and I want to say the position off the hero's journey in your life could be at a certain age. It could be at a certain life situation which you facing that you feel that now is the time to make that change. It could be as frivolous as going to go on vacation, and you want to get ready for for that vacation. I'm hoping that this course comes into your life round about that point that you never have to go on diets again, that you confess every vacation or every event feeling fantastic and knowing that you've implemented something in your life where it becomes part of your life. It's not a regulated diet anymore, but it's actually the way you want to live to live optimally in life. So let me recap on the triple in system. As we said, it's mechanism, which is literally your ability to choose a diet. It's the method, how you apply it, and then it's the mind because your mind has to be in the right place, and how that fits into the hero's journey is literally where you are at this stage in life . But the hero's journey is about stepping into the unknown and what we're doing the triple aim system is we're giving you a foundation to work with so that the unknown becomes a little but more familiar to you that you don't feel earned, my lord, I'm going to lose it. I don't know what to do. I know. Stick to diets for two days, and then I'm off diet and then back on a diet again. So we trying Teoh give you something to work with to know that you got helpers, you got mentors. You're gonna go through your struggles. You gonna go through those days when you feel I don't want to do this anymore on DWI hoping that we going to get you through the unknown quite safely using the triple in system and that you walk in to a new life based on the fact that you have mastered diet and you've mastered understanding how becomes part of your lifestyle. And you've mastered your minds that you can actually live a life which is more complete and go into that space and inspire plenty of people along the way. If you recall. I said in the beginning off this course that this, this course is about nurturing your body, about feeding your mind in lightning, your soul, and that's made up of these three elements off. Make me marvelous. So the 1st 1 is the mechanism, that is. And as we said, we're doing the outcomes of the course what we want to achieve. But the mechanism is about making that decision, making the impossible possible for you. But choosing the right guy because we sometimes find people choose diets because their friends have used their diet, whether it's for them or not, they might hate having shakes, for example, in the friend has done a diet off shakes, and now they take it on because their friend is lost weight. It just doesn't make sense. You are an individual, chooses that that fits with you. So that's the mechanism part of the diet in the method. Now this is taking on habits because we have a thought of going on diets. But if we don't have an emotional connection, tourists are habits will not change. Its got to be something greater than ourselves that drives us to change their habits It must be something that is part of us ingrained in us and that we have an emotional connection to so we could ensure that that habit is changed or that heaven is added to make sure that you become successful in the diet you take on. So we'll be having a look at that will be having How how do we measure? How do we way? What is that critical puff to actually getting success in your chosen dots? And then, of course, the final one make me marvelous. Marvelous. I believe every person is marvelous, and sometimes I hear people that don't speak highly of themselves. And I want to say that every single individual is everything and more if they decide to be . It's not about getting your head writes. You are with it 100% with it. So we're gonna look at the mind and get to the bottom of it because, you know, too many times I hear that I just need to get my head right. You're hit his rights. You are perfect. Made perfect by Perfect. So we look at mind to make sure in this course that you get your head around taking on a diet for you by you, um, and succeeded it. Run it. So there is more, you know, we cover quite a few things is an added resource that you can go have a look at, which is literally giving you the history off the hero's journey. It's a wonderful YouTube clip off, um, explaining it in detail. It's called Finding Joe Andi. Besides that, we take on who's responsible for fatness. Now. It sounds so bizarre, but it's not just ourselves that are responsible for for gaining that weight. Andan. Of course, we look at how we are energy beings and how that influences our diets, the diet being a four letter word in the impact of it and, of course, laws of the mind and many, many more things. You know, we look at the Neanderthal family, we look at the the how attitudes influence. I don't. But I'm looking forward to seeing you Elektra for, and we're gonna have some funding for sure, because we're gonna be doing a quest. So see you. They 4. Section 1: 4. Introduction to Emotive eating: Welcome to lick truffle and stop. Wait a minute. Let's have a look. See, One of the biggest excuses I hear is I am an emotional eater. That is what stops people from getting healthy. And that's the one thing I don't want to hear anybody think or say when they're doing this course. I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that's how you grow when there's that moment off. Well, I'm not really sure I can do this, and you pushed through those moments. That's when you have a breakthrough to tree that is, before the to the next slide. I would like to say that there is a bonus resource it will be working with for your benefit so I could make sure that the more you understand yourself, the easier it's going to be to take on this journey because it's going to give you clarity . So we're gonna have a look to see what type of eater are you and I want to say, stop here. Do these assignments get them done before going on to the next lecture so we can check. What are your blind spots? Spots that are coming up when it comes to sticking to dives and making sure your body is ridding itself off. It's what's stopping you. So the more we know what the cause is, often the more chance we have of succeeding at this diet so that the basic resource is going to help you in understanding those principles off. What makes me go straight to food? Um, what's assignment? 12 and three s so you can go do these assignments? They are three years, I said. It's a simple taste that's true or false. It's gonna be very quick to do. Takes under five minutes to do all of them. Um, but you tell your true statements. So for question went to five. How many trees question 6 to 10. How many truths and so on and so on in the next section will explain all of these results. Please do not view these results and modify your arms as to just how you feel. You should be what also, you should have be truthful, because that's the only way we're gonna get to true groups about where you are as a person with regards. Teoh your eating habits and it's to assist you. So it's for no one else. But you were going to make sure we do it properly, and here I'd like to share a little bit about my own story. I know that I've crossed many parts of people that say the emotional eases and I have a good chuckle because for me, as an emotional eater, I am so bad that if I have two lovely Children and if they come to me in the middle of the day and say, Mom, we need X wines that you promised to get it for us you should have got it for us already. Uh, you know, we've got to hand it in by tomorrow for school and you can go out and get it. Whatever the case may be, let's say I'm already in that situation thinking about and I'm not even hearing what they say. I am literally at the store already buying something nice for them to eat to give to them later. In my own mind, T be apologetic about not being on top off the game as a mom. So emotional eaters are driven and immediately by those kinds off emotive responses that that food becomes the primary caregiver not ourselves, but actually food, whether it is for somebody else or just to make ourselves feel better. So don't feel alone. God, they do that emotional taste to see what top of emotive eat are you? Because in that space I don't just speak my Children. I would feed myself as well. So it's important to understand what drives you and to be able to take control of it and put it in a box. Do that, do that test and then those those assignment tests and then come back and listen to the results off it and try and make some sense of it for yourself. We will see you electrify. 5. Section 1: 5. Lets discuss your results!: Welcome back. Everybody hope yet great fun during those assignments 123 and that you learned a little bit in their process with the questions that were asked, So I want to edge to before we get going. I want to add to the fact that taking on emotions is a big thing, and that's one of the reasons why I decided to get more clarity on bites is because I was such an emotive eater. So doing this is pretty important. It gets you your head around the fact off, what you do and why you do it. It's empowering that enables you to identify kind of put yourself in a box to go. You know what I am? That and then be able to deal with the situation when it comes up. Now, coming up, I'm going to just be sharing a bit of information. A little bit of extra information. I called them the five trees off the food we eat on the slide in front of you. You'll see that the very 1st 1 is you are what you eat. There's no truer sentence spoken. You got it. See what foods does in your body we cannot run away from it. We cannot avoid it. Everything that goes into our systems affect our bodies. Uh, that's what it's supposed to do. It's supposed to be fuel for our bodies. And whether it's good fuel or bad fuel the pains on what we put in being overweight, most likely body systems aren't working. Property. Food that we're putting in isn't working property and emotive. Lee. You know it's becomes a vicious cycle off bad food in bed emotions, bad food in more bad emotions. And so it goes on. So that's the first in foremost thing. I like Thio Thio speak about us. You are what you eat. Then the next one is food can be a drug. So I think everybody knows that sugar has been demonized ever so slightly on bond. It is necessary to certain extent. I mean, nature gives us butter sugars. Uh, but we got to be able to understand what is good. How much do we need and how often do we need them? You know often often my clients, That sets me half unless I eat fruit every day, three times a day. And I say if you're exercising as an adult for sure. Your fruit. You know, Children should eat a lot of fruit because they're growing. There's an energy spurt in that kind of thing. But with adults, you kind of gotta be a little bit more careful about when you put it in a smoker to get it in. But its seasonal have when you know a certain freedoms in season and don't go overboard if you're sitting behind a disc 4 12 hours a day. So food being a drug, yes, it alters moved. It alters energy levels. I have seen people that go without sugar for period of time, and by day three, they really that that that behavior of these goes out the window. I always say to them, Do warn your husbands and your wives if you think the sugar detox. So next one diet influences everything. Uh, this is this is not a regulator diet. This is just diet food that we eat. Every single day influences our immune system. It influences our guts. It influences our brain's ability to think quickly the mental state, our physical performance ah, body's healing ability, of course. Our weight and health and appearance. You know what your skin looks like. Your skin is your biggest communicator. So whatever curse in is going to influence the skin and all of these topics. We will be covering in more detail as we go through schools. But I want to touch on a few of them now. Another one is they are wrong messages out there, and I I love when I see supersize this or pay list by adding X ones it your meal. You know, buffet, eat all you can for X amount. Happy hours. It just goes on and on and on and on. And, I mean, if it makes us feel like we're getting a bargain. But there's no Bob and in bed, bed health and challenges that come with it as a result off eating incorrectly once in a while. Sure, fantastic, but it's not normal. It's not normal to have that kind of freedom. Soon as we understand that it is really, really good branding good marketing for us to eat more, um, buying move because chances are instead of us doing it once a month and eat up because there's a buffet that you can eat as much as we like we see it as a bogan and off we. We stopped to go and eat the four times a month instead of just once a month, so it's a ploy to get us to go and sit down. More bums on seats means more money in the bank, and we gotta love ourselves enough to understand that being home, keeping those home cooked meals down in love. That's what gets carried through to your family, not the each as much as you want buffet with food that that's really not good for you. So wrong messages out there be aware of them. We kind of it kind of interest our our minds with artist, even giving it a second thought or another glance. I try consistently to educate my Children and understanding that borrowing get one. Free is not always the answer. And then the last one weight issues started home. Often I hear parents how they're struggling with the Children, the eating habits. Now we as parents, we are the ones that buy the food that goes into our home that gets fit to our Children. I ran into somebody once in a shopping center and I had whole wheat spaghetti. And they said to me, How do I get this into my Children? And I said, Well, if that is what the option is for supper, then that is what we generally eat once or twice there might kick up a fuss, but generally I find that if you slightly start having those good traces available in your home as you start having them available more often and visually being seen being eaten by you as the parent, more likely you're gonna have your Children doing exactly the same thing that we want to make sure we get to is not just ourselves in better health, but our family is as well, because then they won't have the weight issues with it. We or maybe struggling with okay, enough clues, notes Get to these assignments that we completed and let's talk the results. So for each of the five questions you have to give your top top truths and the wrist false , is that you you had headed on a piece of paper, question 1 to 500 troops and go through see, which are your highest. So the first lot question 1 to 5. If you answered true to three or more your classified as a binge eater. I'm going to explain them in more details. We got along, but we're gonna start him. The 2nd 1 is a mood eater. Question 6 to 10 Again. True, For three or more, you become a mood eater. The next is the self esteem eater. Question. 11 to 15 2 to 3 or more so you can see that it's every time it's three or more. That's basically you know, that you confess. If IAS officer not please you could be all of these, but you know, in your gut, which is more prominent off off, off what you've got you. If you're not sure, ask a friend asked them to determine which one you they think you are off the five. Next one is stress eater now his I think a lot of us do eats. I know people that don't eat anything when their stress, so it depends from person to person. You might be a stress eater, but you have a friend that is high stress and they lose weight and actually don't eat anything with mysteries. And then the last one is the snowball Effect Eater, which is question 21 to 25 if you've answered three or more than one. True, this is a snowball effect. Eat. I wanna add here that this is taken directly from Doreen Virtue's book Constant Cravings, and it's a fantastic way. It's one of the best quizzes I've used to determine people's emotional eating habits. They are a couple more out there that you can take, but they're not very clear, and they're not. They don't give you enough to work with. So we've used these five tiu, separate the the emotional eaters and will discuss them in detail. Now. Now the 1st 1 the Big Delta. But you see, it's black or white eating style. There are certain foods that are triggers. I know somebody who, when they're start on nuts like almonds that can't stop, which is not too bad. But everything in moderation is better. Eso any food, whether it's a fact to start or sugar, uh, you know can trigger you, but generally of the binge eaters, you find that starches and sugars are the biggest triggers that you will find the big problem years will binge eaters generally have happened on sweet swings in blood sugar variation. Uh, the triggers Anxiety because the miniatures sugar goes up, it causes huge anxiety, then plummets down, which makes you lethargic. So you've got this kind off up done. If I listen to the amount of people that are on a medication to kind of stabilize brainwaves, uh, based on bipolarity, that kind of thing that a lot of that stems from, you know, food becomes your medicine. And if you know what it's doing to your body, then you can kind of identify why you sit with certain chronic medications. Then, of course, high stress can bring binge eating on could also cause trouble in sleeping, which is not really what you want. So as a binge eater actions that I would say this exercise could be what you need to do, you know, um, get to relax, starts practicing meditation or pray or breathing exercises, something to just take yourself out off the high stress situation or consistently thinking about food. Usually stress is what triggers the thinking about food. So try and use. Try and change that energies that you are taking on exercise or meditation to replace what you would normally do and then understand your sleeps, not becoming conscious about when you kidding to bid. How good you sleeping, How you waking up in the mornings that you well rested and if you into supplementation gathers a great source of supplementation. So to vitamin B six and magnesium, that's what helps in being able to help with stress. Make you feel good. Give your brains a little bit of, ah, risks that you can have a good night's sleep. So that's the binge eater in broad in a Broadway next one Meat Eater. Now this is due to strong emotions, you know, usually your impacts or the other mood eaters. They could be suffering from a low self esteem. Um, you know, the minute you feel down, you go Well, you know, I'm just gonna have a nice little biscuits with my tea, and that biscuit becomes the whole box, because you you feel you are feeding strongly for someone who's maybe just come and explain to you that they're having trouble in their life, and then you take it on emotion ing such a hectic way that you need an out for it, and it becomes this again um, healing yourself with eating, and that's not the way it should be when it comes to the wrong foods. There are people that generally ignore this off their focus on others. They because the teachers, the nurses, the caretakers, these are people that are consistently looking up to other people, and they don't have an athlete for themselves. And that's why they kind of take it internally on then. They were very easy gun sit and eat everything that's wrong. Prone to self Mickley, they lead to self neglect and resentment, frustration and then more eating. So my mom was actually quite good at this way. She was such a great carer off people. Let's sometimes I could actually see the resentment into that. Nobody ever actually seemed to give her that same kind of key, and she looked frustrated with it and then should eat more. Um, so it's something that needs to be identified because it's very damaging on itself. So and then, of course, it in order to manage emotional overload, treating food like medicine. Now the food is medicine. But this the problem with emotional eaters is they used the wrong foods to treat themselves to try and resolve the problem. So actions for this gratitude diary is paramount. Now somebody relax. Changing somebody else will not be able to help. A gratitude diary is pretty important because it does. It allows you to not feel empty that you're doing something off meaning and significance all the time and that you're noting it is very important physically ed lavender to your room to improve sleep and mood. Exercise of great again is fantastic, too. Increase the blood flow to your brain and, of course, supplementation. Option vitamin D. Military one. If sleep is a struggle and good property to help your gut function because we maintain he take it on as an impact with ending up with a low self esteem, start feeding your gut properly. Your signals will improve to brain, uh, along the along the way. So Moody eater done self esteem meters. Next. This is where food is your friend and entertainer. It's literally what you use as a friend. You driven by feelings off hurts being must understood, um, or suffered rejection and abandonment to inherently distrust others. Now this is a big one possible childhood trauma. Self esteem eases you you got to find an answer for, for for things that have happened in your life. And it could be child drama could even be adult trauma. In my opinion. You know, if you go through a hectic divorce or, um, loss of a loved one, it causes trauma, which then can have impact on you and reduce your self esteem. I want to say right up, they you're everything and more. Don't don't think that, but understand this and work with it. These three issues cannot be to lose food as a friend. So the minute you go on a lech off diet, so you only, for example, are allowed, um, shakes increases your vulnerability, you won't like it. The second is limited confidence in leading a healthy lifestyle. You've got a bookshelf full of health books, but there's no action again because it's got a lot to do that number one. You're using something. There's a lack off something questioning of yourself with leads to punishment with binge eating til it hurts. So, yeah, you know, to punish yourself, you would go about binge eating, and and that is the self esteem that is the problem. So this is something that we deal with as we unpack this, Keep it in mind if you are a self esteem eater. You know, once you know that that is the case, you can actually identify yourself in that space and work with it and understand why you do certain things and you'll be able to identify and stop yourself from being certain things. Okay, the actions. Exercise and relaxation, meditation, prayer, breathing exercises. Then, of course, sleep consciousness. Be aware of getting great sleep supplementation again. Gabber, vitamin B six and magnesium is grateful self esteem Peters. Stress eaters are driven by tension and unhappiness. So the big one of lack of love in a stress eater besides work and all the rest of it. But love is a big thing. We cannot change it. What we want cannot happen. Therefore, these this this use of food to ease the tension here. The stress eater is prone to the coffee, the coax the energy drinks, the chocolate because that is supposed to be common. You, um, there are totally oblivious to what is being eaten due to being preoccupied with the problems. Actions here are, of course, exercise outdoor recreation meditation, spirituality. Start working on changing the work and all your love life, so you might need to give a little bit. Attention to love supplementation. Yes, and John's Waters Fantastic and Vitamin B's or excellent snowball effect eater. This is an important one. What's the motivation is in consistence motivation because of ridding themselves of bad health is externally driven. So here what happens is a friend says, Let's go away. You so surely be gone God first and then assumes that motivation is gone. You eat again. So it seems like you follow yo yo, process up and down and dieting all the time. You eat like a king or a pauper. So this is that the extreme year your dieter is the snowball effect eater on Guess they are fantastic, it laying blame externally. They'll come across the tired Don't do it for a day or two in this stupid diets, doesn't work and then, um, move onto the next one. Be careful of this, cause it's a trap that person can easily for them not being. They have blamed guides before, but don't get they don't go there. It's not that it's not the diet. It's where we are as individuals. What we can do again. That Gratitude diaries fantastic for this noble eater because it allows a person to go inward instead of finding external gratification important for them as well. Food, exercise, sleeping and logging everything. Absolutely everything. Breaking the cycle is paramount. It no therapy is great. Um, emotional freedom technique. So great to determine the cause that could be helpful in the getting over it supplementation none required until they work with a good coach. Really. Work of the good Cochin is because it's a study place to be in easy to fix, right? So that is lecture five complete, and I say thank you very much and we will see in the next one. 6. Section 1: 6. Unwrap what is to come...: Welcome to the final lecture in this first section, we're going to be unwrapping what's to come as you'll be doing quiet a bit of work in the sections 2 to 7. I decided to give an overview off the course, and what's expected from each section said, You don't get lost along the way. There's quite a few tasks that are going to be happening. Self assessments that you're going to be doing. Eso that we can make sure you have a thorough understanding off how to go about succeeding , a journey that you're on with us. You have not decided that it is time to take on transformation in your life to make the changes required to live healthfully. So let's do that. You know, that's what we've We've come, your four. So let's do that. And the day came when the risks remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Keep that in mind as you take on some of the difficult tasks in this course, uh, that this is what you came here for. At this point, I'd also like to say when you when you get when you get to certain tasks and go, Oh, I don't feel like doing this or don't want to do this. That's exactly when you actually need to do it, because it hasn't served you well before not to take on a regulated diet in a fairly strict system kind of manner. So try and do it this time round and see what the difference is right. Let's unwrap the different sections, the 1st 1 being the Section one we've done the introductions with unpacked the expectations . We know what we're facing in the section that is now complete Section two. The hitting is getting our teeth into why we get fits. It's quite an abrasive hitting, but I try and be very riel when I come to explaining different processes off. What what gets us to being overweight? What gets us being on housing. So the section to the primary topic is the understanding off the energy, good or bad, that sits within us and how it impacts our health. We do do a self assessment that unlocks some incredibly interesting information that may help you for sure being able to take on your diet. You think it's a Section three which is a clarification of the triple aim system. Now I want to give you a bit of an example here I think about when a person decides to. It's a bold house and you've got to a point in your life when you've decided to either take on a house or flat or something, which involves you getting involved in determining what your own space is going to be like . We spend time with architect. We spend time with the engineers we spent time with. Inter designers possibly always spend time looking for interior that works for us. The fittings are chosen carefully. The lights are chosen carefully. Your floors are chosen carefully. Everything about that building is put under the microscope. No, that's done by the basis off wanting a successful home to live in, and it's exactly the same when it comes to your body. I find it very interesting that people do not spend the time in actually deciding what goes into their body all their minds, all their souls, purely because they're just living life. So becoming self aware and knowing what's good for you is is as good as deciding one day. Our noble house and you want a beautiful house and you want all the trimmings and the finish is now exactly the same. Should be said about your body. It's the one vessel you have to work on this planet and we take the time in section three to really look at how the how having a system enables you to live a life which is healthier , which is more vibrant for yourself Now. A section full five and six is what makes up a triple in Make me marvelous A with EMS. The 1st 1 is make in Section four, which is the mechanism off the start, its primary there for us to be able to choose a regulator diets just like you haven't individual fingerprint. I believe that every single one of us has an individual regulator died. We can follow here. We do self assessment. It's critical that you do it because the whole point off taking on assistant is making the correct choice. First and foremost off what regulated argued that Go on, you may discover you need no regulator died that infect. You just need to tweak things a little bit here they maybe it's just purely habits that you need to take on. So we touch on nutrition in the section as well. Some interesting food and dietary fixing tips. Section five This is all about the measurables. This is the me section I always ask habits make a man on man makeup habits and not quite sure which one comes first. That could be a handle chick chicken scenario. So here, Section five we have a look way. Discuss body measurables. We discuss, change measurables. How do we change? You know what impacts us to change again? Will be doing assessments. Were going to be doing a discussion around logging, logging, food, logging, measurements, looking waits. What do you look and how do you look? So some great resource is in the section as well, in fact, to the section 45 and six. We do include a journey journal. I'll say that again because it's a bit of a tongue twister. That's a journey journal. This allows you to log with your keep a record, and again if you go how I don't feel like doing that. Do it. You bought into you invested in this course. For that reason, let me help you get away. You need to go by doing what is fundamentally important in taking on your own right. And then we come to six and six, which is the marvelous part, the mind. My favorite part of off all the topics, of course, is the mind. And the harlot is retake on a really, really cool way off changing your mental state. It's called cause called the Positive Mental diet. I'm not sure if you heard of it yet, but, uh, we're gonna challenge you a little bit in that one. And we also in the section learn about forgiveness. And we learned about love. So those two things are getting very important to me. And I'm sure for you you may learn again. Great resource is in this area for us to get forgiveness under the belt might not think it's important. It's It's critical, in my opinion. Right. Then we get to Section seven, which is a summary of what's happened over the entire course. I will be giving you to do guideline list there because there's a lot of things that are happening in the course that will make sure that you've covered everything that needs to be done. There's a great bonus picture which includes some wonderful resource is of fun quiz and access to a certification process that you can have printed out. So I'm looking forward to completing this course with you. And we will see you in section two, where we start with getting active into why we get fit.