It's never too late to play the violin | Neha Deshmukh | Skillshare

It's never too late to play the violin

Neha Deshmukh

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8 Videos (30m)
    • Intro

    • Know The Instrument

    • Getting Started

    • Basics of reading sheet music

    • Finger Placement

    • Twinkle Twinkle on the violin

    • Advice

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class


Hey guys!

In this class, I will take you through the simple basic steps of how to start playing the violin.

I started learning to play the violin 3 years ago at the age of 27. I didn't know how to read sheet music or play any other musical instruments, and given that most violinists start playing very young I felt doubtful whether I was going to get the hang of it all.

Rather than giving up, I adopted the mindset that it might take me longer to learn now than it would have maybe 20 years ago, but it wont be impossible. 3 years into it and I have already cleared my Grade 3 exam and starting to prepare for my Grade 5 exam.

Violin can seem daunting, but if you get the basics right and spend time getting comfortable with your instrument it can bring tremendous joy.

In this class I will walk you through the following basic steps

  1. Introduction to the instrument
  2. Getting started
  3. Holding the violin and the bow
  4. How to read sheet music
  5. Finger Placement
  6. A Major scale
  7. Play a small song in A Major





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