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It's easy to paint with alcohol markers

teacher avatar Ale Saiz, Artist and pattern designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. About this class 1

    • 2. Art supplies

    • 3. Nibs and lines

    • 4. Blending the colors

    • 5. Transparencies and saturations

    • 6. Fisrt final porject

    • 7. Second final project

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About This Class

Make the dream of painting as professionals come true!

In this class we will learn step by step the technique of alcohol markers. With this technique we can make from realistic drawings to vibrant colors, to simulate beautiful watercolor paints.

My type of work is very colorful and vibrant, I really like nature and things full of color.

My work is sold at various print on demand sites.                                                                 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ale Saiz

Artist and pattern designer


Hello my name is Alejandra Saiz and I am a Mexican artist. I studied architecture and for many years I dedicated myself to it, but for a change of city looking for a better quality of life as a family, I stopped working in my profession.
This change of residence, helped me to reinvent myself, to think that if for different reasons I could no longer dedicate myself to architecture, I could have liked something and passionate as much as that and started painting, studying online and entering a world totally unknown to me that is working 100% on the internet.
I sell my paintings in print on demand sites and now I teach at Skillshare. All this has allowed me to do what I love so much, earn money and be able to be with my daughters for as long as they require it, since I do my job from... See full profile

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1. About this class 1: Hello, everyone. My name is Sandra and I am the founder. Off size for I like that my art in pointing demand size like Society six on Bright book. They turned my heart in many articles, but you come back like cellular from cases, curtains, back apperance and many more things I love to paint with alcohol markers on water called I Am going to teach you my process in an easy to follow step by step. You don't have to be an advance are you only needs to want to expand your painting techniques. I'm going to start talking about a supply side you, including Marker brands, Piper types on the other materials I use every day. Then we're going to make some basic drug win exercises like lines layering, saturation outta going. The Colors final project will be divided into two parts. The 1st 1 will be a book it made off late. Each flower will be painted with different dollars, and that way we will give it light and textures. The second part will be to paint some banana. In this work, we will blend the colors to achieve the shadows and textures. So we're covering a lot in this class, but I'll be raking up in the short period, so it's easy to follow. If you have questions, you can post it on the discussion. Three. And I am going to answer all of your doubts. Don't forget to follow me on a scale ship. Soju with the first to know about new classes are now that I want to share with you. You can also follow me on Instagram size Act to see the latest works in progress. 2. Art supplies: Now we will review the list of materials that we will need off our illustration. We start with the markets. I used copy ground because the colors are more vibrant and intense. They are refillable, and you can replace the name if it is necessary. Co pick has different types of markets. Chow sketch, elastic band white. I prefer tell on sketch, because I like the brashness within. The options are markers. Opiates are the most expensive brand, so I have been buying one by one. There are another brands of markers like Winsor and Newton. I like to use them to and many other legs, expensive brands, but that don't have the benefits of the previous ones. Another and simple one is a heart pencil on a robbery. Racing the pencil must be to age or three age because the marker sink and become contaminated and measure its color. And once it has been painted a top off the pencil, it's not possible to race. I don't sketch with the pain. Still, because they live is too dark on the page and it is no possible to erase it. I also used in a double room when the sketch is finished, I will mark it with ink. I used this rumor over the entire s cage and live a simple and very clear plans will mark, but I am going to hide, like with the inked. Then I use a gutter system. Black fine liner on Mark the outline off my drum. Now let's move on to the paper paper. It's really important because off then it will be the texture saturation on blending off our illustrations. I really that the type of paper, signage and texture. It's a very personal decision that everyone should try and define language, everything we like to work personally, I prefer the markers paper. I like the texture on. How can I? Valente cold, but my sketchbook is more, although the colors the paper is not white. I like the texture and sat arranger that the colors rich, and I don't feel that that out there is the totality of the markers, very much having my drug wings together in a single sketchbook. And it's no Harry. I can take it with me in my back. Everyone on drone, at any time, that is, their supplies list will be juicing. Judah have to use these rants, the others can work the same way. Where is really important is what you are going to drop, not where you're going to draw it with, so let's go to work. 3. Nibs and lines: depending on the type of need and what we're going to paint, it will be the type of line that we're going to drop due to the high cost that the topic markers half it is no necessary that we have all the colors with the different needs. So this exercise is very important. Toe have dissents. It'd it'd and position when making a line, we're going to start with a wife nip. We can use it in two ways. Make a line with a thick part off the name. This name is used to feel the biggest place that we want to be the same call. Then if we turned the same lips, we can make thing line like we have a classic mark. Deception can be just toe the alienated spaces in which we're going toe work or simply make a thin line in our work. The name that I like the most on the one I use all the time is the brush here is a very self need. It covers all the surfaces very well, and I can make six and train lines with it only by borrowing the pressure I exert on it. So now you know, in a single market, we can have different thicknesses off nips. So let's go to work. You have to go several line exercises and feel and calculate the pressure to make a difference. 4. Blending the colors: In this exercise, we will learn how to blend the colors. First, we will dry rectangle off the color futures, and we will feel them. Then we will just a darker shape off the same color, and we will make on the same rectangle as likely shorter one. We used the light color again, trying to blur and makes the union off the two colors by making circles and looking toe height the line that divides them. - No , we're going to use uneven, darker color and make a rectangle is more than the previous one. Fill it with the color and use the intermediate color again to blur the line that divides them by making small circles between the two coats. And we return with the lighter color and pass them through the entire rectangle to make the color changes a little more. Jennifer. It is important to repeat this exercise several times in order to master how to blend the colors to be able to complete the second final right 5. Transparencies and saturations: we're going to start with transparencies and saturation when we work with alcohol markers. We don't have a white gold. What is our background paper? So if we want to be a white, we will have to leave it with a record. We will start with a very simple exercise to increase or saturate the colors. This are done by working in layers. No, let's make a rectangle off any color, and we will fill it with this cold. Then we make another layer on top off those old really painted without completing the rectangle, and so we can make several layers. - There will come a time of maximum color saturation and come a point where the paper reaches its maximum saturation off cold. And no matter how much we continue painting over, the difference is no longer noticeable. - No knowing how many layers the paper except us. We will make same number off rectangles and put the number of layers that would correspond to them, just as I do here. So now we have different tones to the same color. You can make these exercise with another color 6. Fisrt final porject: Now is the time to the our first break. On this occasion, we will work on a book at the flowers off different color and we will do it in layers. First of all, we will rather look it. You can write yourself or trace it from that I already I will live Basie much in the resources so that you can get it out of there. There is more important to remember that you have to do in the paper that you like most to work with the markers and that is them with water resistant black fine line. Once the book, it is wrong. Remember, with the wage or three h pence, we will remove as much as possible within notably rates. Then we will culminate with a black fine liner, the world drawing respecting what goes ahead on what goes behind each flower. No, we have to choose nine different colors, which is the number of flowers we have in our brains. Lets start by putting a first layer off each color, covering all the petals, Will it right? For a moment in which we make both hours with the first layer, then we wouldn't put a second layer, but without reaching the upper it off our petal so that the edge is a lighter gold and then another layer much shorter than the second. And so we will achieve the difference in color in each better. - No , let's make this times off the bucket in the same grain. We did the pedals. We were working late. We give uneven layer off doing that we have chosen. Then we're making other layers, giving lights and textures just as I do. - For the final details, I use away Gilpin. With these, we will make some lines in the better, and with this our first product is finished. 7. Second final project: Now we're going to do our second final price. In this project, we will combine using layers and blending the colors in the same way as a previous project . We will draw or trace the winner. This are also in their resources where you can get them to copy. We will do it with two age or through each pensive. Then we will leave it almost erased, and we will put the black fine line. We'll start producing the lighter jello color. I used the white 15 in old Urban on. Then we put Warner two more layers at the ends to intensify and leave the sensor with a little life. Then we will work the shadows and sex stirs with color changes blending the colors were making the shadows with more brown on his likely ring tone to give the textures and shades off Bannon, always throwing one on top off the other without letting them drive to be able to blend it . - This is a technique that requires a little more practice, but it is nothing complicated. The secret off everything is to observe on mental separate the color off each image that we're going to drop after applying the colors on working on the shadows and color changes. We will. Just a white, pensive mine is father cast. I use this to give lights and reflections to the drug for the final details in black, such as the sport that bananas have. We will do it with find black liner and that salt in this cars. We work on the basic principles off alcohol mark. We learned the different lines that can be made according to the names that our Marcus caps , how to Mike layers and how to blend in the colors, as well as the realization off the difference. Predict applying everything, learn in future classes. We will go deeper into the issue off alcohol mark, share with me your product and so we can give each other fifth.