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Italian for Travelers

Liliana Chernin

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9 Videos (30m)
    • Traveling in Italy

    • Questions to ask as a traveler in Italy

    • Food in Italian and how to order

    • Restaurant menu sample

    • Shopping vocabulary

    • Doing the shopping in Italian

    • Places to go

    • Find your way around Italy

    • Enjoy your trip in Italy


About This Class


Italy is one of those places that make you want to understand the local language as soon as you get there. It just has this amazing vibe that gets into you. Food is delicious, there's beauty everywhere you look and people are so nice. But quite often they don't speak any English (or any foreign language for that matter).

Of course, you could somehow manage without a word in Italian but you'd lose on some of the most valuable interactions - those with locals who can recommend the shortest route, the best restaurant or tell you the story of their city.

That's why learning some basics in Italian can entirely change your travel experience. Knowing a few useful Italian phrases can make all the difference when you are trying to find your way around Italy.

This online course in Italian for travelers is going to give you some of the most fundamental knowledge when it comes to traveling in Italy. There are four main topics in the course which are integral part of any trip:

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Asking directions

You will learn how to read restaurant menus, buy bus tickets, ask for the price, find the address you need, and will be a bit more prepared for other challenging situations while traveling.





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I am Liliana, a language teacher. I have always been passionate about languages and I want to share my passion with other people by helping them learn new languages. Being an enthusiastic language learner myself, I can step into the students' shoes and guide them along the way with a positive attitude.

I run the blog Beyond the Language Barrier where I share all sorts of tips & tricks that can help you improve your language skills. I try to keep it fun and simple because I be...

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