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Italian for Intermediate - Improve Your Italian Skills in one simple class

teacher avatar Emerson Ierardi, Italian Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Introduce Yourself

    • 3. How to Thank People

    • 4. Italian Greetings

    • 5. How to Apolozige

    • 6. Plural Nouns

    • 7. Italian Body Parts

    • 8. Italian Fruits & Vegetables

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About This Class

If you want to learn Italian even FASTER and BETTER, subscribe for FREE to Rocket Language:

Joining this class is the easiest and fastest way to improve your Italian. You will be taught by a Native Italian Speaker and you will learn:

-How to apologize

-How to introduce yourself

-How to thank people

-How to use greetings

-How to use plural nouns

-Italian Body Parts

-Italian Fruits and Vegetables

At the end of the class, you will be able to write, talk and read like an Italian.

So what are you waiting? Join me and all the other students and Start Improving Your Italian Today!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emerson Ierardi

Italian Teacher


Ciao amici, my name is Emerson and I'm a Native Italian Speaker.

I always liked to teach Italian and help people with this amazing language and that's why I decide to start releasing classes here on Skillshare.

You will be taught by a Native Italian Speaker and you will learn in a simple way how to start speaking, writing and understanding in Italian.

So if you are interested in learning Italian in a fast and easy way the only thing that you have to do is join my classes.

I hope to see you there.

Ciao :)

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1. Introduction: damn ET. My name is Anderson, and I'm the founder of Italian for beginners, and I want to welcome you inside my intermediate Italian class. So this class is perfect if you if you already have. If you already know a Beatles Italian, but you're still not ready for advanced class and you might learn things like how to introduce yourself, how to think people, how to use plural Nam's and a lot of other interesting stuff so high. I hope to see you inside my class, and I hope to help you improve your Italian and remember, is always keep practicing until the next lesson by. 2. How to Introduce Yourself: tell me I'm Emerson for Italian, for beginners and into this leg. So we're going to learn how to introduce yourself in Italian, both in formal and informal situation. In the previews lesson, we have learned Italian greetings. And so now you have to learn how to introduce yourself. Okay. So without for their do, let's start so informal situation. There are two ways that you can use to introduce yourself. So if it's still six PM, we usually say Bon giorno sewn. Emerson, your RV Ph a ready? You know Sharla. Good morning. I'm Emerson, Your RV. Nice to meet you. Okay, let's repeat again. Born giorno. So no, Emerson, your rd be a charity. So informer situation. You have to say both your name and surname. Okay, Now, after 6 p.m. we say born Acerra. So no. Emerson, your RV be a chair in the corner. Shelagh. Good evening. I'm Emerson. Here are the nice to meet you. As you can see, they are the same. The only things that change is the great at the beginning. OK, so is your asses. We learn in the previous lesson till 6 p.m. We say bon giorno while after six PM We say Born a said, Uh OK, so let's repeat them again. Bon giorno. So no Emerson year rd p a charity Sharla born Acerra. So no Emerson year rd ph area the corn sheller. OK, so this was the outer. Introduce yourself. Inform our situation. Now let's see. Informal situation. Now, Informa situation is much easy. In fact, at the time of the day is not important. And so you always say chow. So no Amerson Ph area the corner grocer T Hi, I'm Emerson. Nice to meet you. Okay, child. So no Anderson be a charity connection. As you can see, we only say our name and we say chow at the beginning. OK, so this was out. Introduce yourself in informal situation. As you can see, it's much easy to remember. Okay, Informal situation. Now, let's see the main difference between the two way off. Introducing yourself now for former situation. As you can see, based on the time off, the day we say bon giorno, which means good morning or we say born Acerra, which means good evening. Okay. While in informal situations, we always say chow both in the morning in the evening at night. It's not important. The other difference isn't at the end of the same dancing for four months. Situation we say PR charity Cano shared lock. Okay, while for informal, we say pure charity Corno shorty. Okay, As you can see, the ending is different. They both mean you. In fact, the is to and means you while LA is lay a means you buff but two is used for former situation while lay is Hewlett for informal situation. Okay, so those are the main difference between the two ways off. Introducing yourself. Now let's recap them. So you remember better. So for informal situation, we have chow. So no Amerson Ph area the corner shirt, e kind. So remember, child the beginning and we say no shirt. Okay. While for former situation, we say one giorno. So no Emerson Ghirardi be a charity. Cano Sharla. Okay, so remember bon giorno or born Acerra based on the time off, the day at the beginning, and at the end, we say Cano Sharla kinds of the ending is LA Okay, so this waas how to introduce yourself in Italian 3. How to Thank People: Tom et I'm Emerson for Italian, for beginners and in today's lesson, we're going to learn how to thank people. Okay, we're going to see out of 10 people in informal situation and informal situation. This lesson is really important because knowing how to thank people not only will increase your level in Italian, but since then Ah, thank people is also our one off the basic off good manner. You will also be more people will be also more friendly with you if you know how to thank them. So without for their do, let's start now for formal situation. When when you have to thank somebody arse Italian say la ring Roxio. OK, which means thank you. In this case, Law means you and its use it as a pronoun. Okay, so we say la ring Roxio Okay. Yeah, green grass. Now remember that LA in Italian can be both an article or a pronoun based on the situation . So, for example, if I say la my ex Trump, it means the teacher. And in this case, in this case, a lot is an article while la Ingrassia which which means thank you in this case, a lot means you and it's a pronoun. So don't worry if at the beginning you don't know, you don't know the difference. But if it's important that, you know little are can be both an article. And you know and I'm also done on entire lesson about article in Italian So if you haven't done go watch it. So this was home to 10 people in former situation. Now let's see informal situation in informal situation A city island usually say grassy OK , which means thank you. But you can also say, for example, grassy me Let, which means thank you 1000 times literally. In fact, me let means 1000 in Italian or Garak Setanta, which means thank you a lot. Okay. And grassy me Ling Ratchet anti also means thank you very much. Okay, so you could say Let's repeat, you will say Gratz here. Grassy Miller Grassy Don. Okay, so this was how to thank people in informal situation? No, how you answer when somebody tells you grasa So in both for formal and informal situation, you can say Borrego, which means you're white, come or non trade decay, which again means you're welcome. Okay, so you have but I go okay and non Che decay. Okay. While only for informal situation, you could say figure pretty, which means no problem. Okay, so we have Yeah, Go None. Chedi care and figure already. Okay, so those are the young Swear when somebody thanks you. Now, if I could give you a little tips sees probably Europe begin. Ah, you want to keep it simple so you can remember that you can use grassy both informer Any former to thank people. So if you want, just remember grasa toe Thank people and pray go ones were OK, so you keep it simple. And in this way you will be able tow tanks and long, sir, to every Italian people that you will meet. So for these lesson about thank people is everything 4. Italian Greetings: tell me, T I'm Emerson for Italian, for beginners. And in today's lesson, we're going to lure Italians. Greetings. Okay, this is a bonus less something that I've prepared the for. All the people with downloaded my pdf. Okay. And this is a busy class. Um, but it's really important because every time you will meet somebody, you will always have to greet them. So it's really important how toe is really important to know how to do it both in formal and informal situation. Okay, so without further ado, let's stop. So let's start with formal situation when you meet somebody. If it's still 6 p.m. you can say born giorno, okay, Born giorno. Which means good day or good morning. You can also say Georgina which literally say they but Jordan is perfectly acceptable in former situation. But you should you should use it on Lee if you're if you already know that person. Okay, so if it's the first time that you meet a person is always better to say bon giorno. Okay, so after 6 p.m. we usually say wanna Sarah, which means good evening. Okay. Bwana said again. You can also say only Cerra, which literally means evening. But as giorno is better to use it only if you already know that person. You can also say Salva probably disease much easier to remember because it's okay to use a salver during every part off the day. Okay, so it's not important. If you say solve in the morning or in the evening, it is always acceptable. Okay, so a little bit again. Salva. Okay, Salva, Which means good morning or good evening then when we leave, the time of the day is not important. And we always say are really their ci. OK, which means goodbye. I believe it. They're cheap. OK, so if you don't know which one is should the Met you should remember I suggest that you only remember Salva and river there. Okay? So knowing salvage and rebuild their you will always be able to greet somebody Informal situation. Now let's see Informer situation. So for informal situation when we meet somebody again, The time of the day is not important. And we always say chow OK chow, which means hi or hello while when we leave again. The time of the day is not importer. You have different options. You could say chow, which means Hi. Hello. You could say a presto. OK, which means see you soon. A presto. You could say domani which means see you tomorrow. Ah Domani Oh, you could say cheat video Dopo See you later Cheek video dopo Okay, if you can give you our little steep And if you only remember Chow, you will be able to always greet people in informal situation. Okay, because chow is perfectly acceptable both when you meet somebody and when you leave Okay, so toe to recap Just remember, child for informal situation and Salva and reveal their cheap for former situation. Okay? And so you were always able to greet any talent that you would meet. So, for this first lesson is everything. 5. How to Apolozige : so I mean cheap. I'm Emerson. For Italian, for beginners. And into this lesson, we're go to learn how to apologize in Italian, we will see how to apologize. Informal situation and in informal situations. You know, knowing how to apologize is important not only for your Italian knowledge, but also because sometimes equal make equal solve a bad situation. And also because knowing how to apologize is one off the basics off Good manners. Okay, so without for their do, let's get started. No informal situation arse. Italians say schools e Okay, which translation is excuse me? Okay. So little bit again. Schools e Okay, schools e you could be used. For example, if you are in a bar on in a restaurant, you could say schools e in cafe perform Bora. Excuse me? A coffee, please. Okay. Or for example, if you are in the street in you are looking for our particular place. You will say schools e sad. Avella, start Siona. Excuse me. Do you know where is the station? Okay, so the school's e is you the informal situation? Usually when somebody that you don't know you can also say me schools e Ok, it's the same has schools E. Maybe it's a bit more formal, but schools e it's perfectly acceptable in every former situation. Okay, then for informal situation usually say school za okay, which also means Excuse me, but it is for it is used in informal situations. For example, if you're talking with one of your friends, you will say schools up. Sony retired. Oh, excuse me. I am late. Okay? Or for example, you could say schools are killed. Asano Excuse me. What time is it? Okay. So as you can see, schools and schools e are really similar Onley the ending change. But once is more you city in for informal situation while the other issues it in informal situation. Ok, now let's see something that it's a perfectly acceptable in both situations. And maybe it's the best things that you could remember, you know, because you only have to remember one words that is good for both situation. And it is me Dispatcher. Okay, I'm sorry. If you say me dispatch, this is perfectly acceptable both in formal and informal situation. Okay, So if you want to remember only one things and keep it simple just remember me dispatcher. Okay, As you can see, we can say minutes beyond my fortune Rather spent. Oh, I'm sorry, but my phone was off, okay? Or for example, you could say me Dispatcher No, sir. Paper for simple time. I'm sorry. I didn't imagine it was important. Okay, if you want the roles of those free expression that the old means I'm really sorry. Okay. So for example, you could say me this piace Danto, which means I'm really sorry or me this PRC Malta again. It means I'm really I'm really sorry. Or so no more photo this Pierre Trudeau, which against me. I'm really sorry. Okay. But as I said before me, this be Archer. Okay, let's repeat again me. This piace is perfectly acceptable in formalin for my situation, and every Italian will accept it. Okay, is ah on apologize. So for apologize in Italian is everything we've learned out to use anthropologists, informer situation and informal situation. So now you only have to practice. Okay, So see you in the next life, son Chow 6. Plural Nouns: Tom et I'm Emerson for Italian, for beginners. In today's lesson, we're going to lure floor announced in Italian. We will learn how to create plural announced in Italian and we also see some exception. Okay, you know, knowing how to create bluer now is really important because it is one of the basics off grammar. Okay. And while in English is pretty easy because you only have to What? The sun s at the end off the world in Italian. There on a bit more rules to follow, but nothing really complicated. So without for their do, let's get started Now, as you can see toe create a plural noun in Italia, you have to follow to step. So step number one is understand If the now is masculine or feminine how you do that? Simply look at the article before do now, OK, if you If you don't know articles meet Alan. There is a lesson about this topic. So go watch it. In fact, looking at the article before the now will tell you if the now is masculine or family Okay , for example, here we have e can it In this case it is a mass schooling single are now. So we know that cannon is on mass schooling now. OK, so once that you understand if the noun is masculine or family, you simply have to change the last vocal off the now, according to his general, in this case we have we say that Canada is a masculine now. So we changed the last vocal according to his Joyner. So if we want to make a noun masculine, plural we change the last vocal with one eye. Okay, As you can see, Canada becomes canny and then you change the article before the world is the same is I said before it is a masculine, singular article while e is a masculine plural article. Okay, so you change the last walker and the are people, So economy became becomes Sorry, e Connie. Okay, the dog, the dog's. Now let's see the other two examples. So you understand better. But, you know, it is really easy. You simply have to practice anti. It becomes natural. Okay, so we have la maquina in this case, we know that Locke is a family article. So Martina is a family know So followed these charter. We know that you have to change the last worker from an A one e. Okay, so we have market and then change Lock with let Okay, because leg is the feminine plural article. So la maquina becomes lay maquina. Okay, the car, the cars Last example Egat toe is the same before. Look at the article. We know that it is a masculine, singular article. So Gatto is a mass schooling single are now. So we have to change the oh, we want I Ok, so we have got tea and then we change ill We've e Okay, so you gotta becomes Egat. Okay? The cat Look, it's as I say is a pretty easy You simply have toe to practice, okay? To repeat this process until it becomes natural. Now there are some exceptions to this rule, so let's see them. So you ever full vision off pronounce in Italian So those are some exceptions. There are some words that totally change the article before them. So what does it mean? For example here we have a large radio is seeing where while layer audio is plural As you can see, only the article exchange OK radio remains the same while LA which was not family singular . Article becomes lay, which is a feminine plural article. Okay, so Lara audio there are you the radio? The radios, Another example. La moto becomes Limato again is you can see mortal remains the same only the article change . Okay, LaMotta, Limato, the motorcycle, the motorcycles, okay. Or the example Laugh for talk leg photo again. Only the article change. Okay, Lefortovo live photo. Therefore the photos. Okay, Last example. E commune e commune again Disease mass couldn't sing. We're now because, as I said before, look at the article. It is a masculine, singular article. So canyon is a single up masculine now. And when we want to make the plural off camera, we only have to change the article. So ill becomes a okay, the trucks, the trucks, e common economy. Um, so there there aren't too many exceptions. So you don't need to learn to memorize all of them. Simply black practicing and speaking Italian. You will start toe. Remember them. OK, so for these lesson about Fleur announce is everything. I open the to learn something you and feel the Lexus. Um keep practicing. Chow 7. Italian Body Parts: tell me, T I'm Emerson for Italian, for beginners. And in today's lesson, we're going to learn body parts in Italian from add to food dolla Testa i p Eddie OK, so it's a Sadie in a previous video, those less, um only only. Hey, man, to teach you new words. Okay, Because you know the key to learn any language e r. Number one Always learn new words number true practice. OK, so with this type of video, I will, Um my aim is to teach you some new words. Okay. So without for their do, let's get started. So let's stop with the upper body. So I'm going to read the body part in Italian. And if you want, you could be tough for me. Okay, So you also train your pronunciation. So the 1st 1 is Testa. Okay? Best bound, then we have a key. Oh, key or a year or a Kia. Now. So now as o Both camp Boca Guan Chump Guangsha Labra labra t Yeah. Shiya Lingua, lingua. So Oprah Chia Okay, it is a bit difficult. So boccia then there, then there. Okay, so this was the upper body. Now let's see the middle body So we have Bracho but true Go Mito go Mito Ball is so balls sir My No, my no de Vito de Vito Spalla Spalla back though. So ski Anna Scana Buncha banta And I don't mean Ali, I don't mean Ali. Okay, also always remember that in Italian where there are two constant, you have to mark them. Ok, so for example Spalla show I don't mean Ali, you hear? I always marked the double continent. Okay? And if you want to learn more about Italian pronunciation, I've done a video about the alphabet. Okay, so go watch the video now the lower body. So we have Gamba Gamba Gino Cure Gina Cure pullback. Chou pulled bachelor, Be a there. Yeah, there. Pull back, pull back. And the last one is glue till glue tell. Okay, so those were the body parts in Italian. I hope that you learn some new words and is always steal the necklace, so keep practicing Chow 8. Italian Fruits & Vegetables: Tom et I'm Emerson for Italian, for beginners and into this video, we're going to learn 20 new words. We will see the top 10 vegetables and the top 10 through It's in Italian. You know, this could cool seems useless, you know, toe know the name of vegetables and fruits. But in reality, the key to learn any language is toe. Always learn new words and practicing. So with the lesson off today you will increase the numbers off words that you know. And so you will increase your level of Italian. So without further ado, let's get started. So let's start with vegetables. You know, I'm going to read only the Italian name because you have the translation. And so you understand what I'm saying. Okay, so if you want, repeat after me. So you not only start memorizing them, but you also improve your pronunciation. Okay, so the 1st 1 is broccoli. Okay, Broccoli. Then we have carro. Carro. Then say three or low Che three or low, Cheap Orla, Cheap or love? I remember that in Italian where the rock It's true, constant together we mark them. OK, so for example, in broccoli and cheap Paula if you were, I'm marking the double continent. Then we have far Jolie. Hey, fat Jolly luck to you. Lot to God but that, uh, about that easily, Easily for my daughter. For more Dora and spin Archie Speed Naci. Okay, so those were the vegetables. Now let's see the fluids. So we have I'll be Kaka. Okay, I'll be Cauca. I'm Gloria on Gloria by 90 by nine A chili, a job chili a job frog Ola frog Ola, Maaleh, Maaleh. Then may loner may loner on Chung. Sorry. Here I I put in the wrong harder Arancha Vera. Okay, Fair. Uh, and Basica Basica. Okay, so now you know 20 new words that you can have to your Italian vocabulary. Okay, so I opted to enjoy this video and still the left till the next lesson. Keep practicing chow