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Italian dessert: sicilian cannoli with ricotta

teacher avatar AURORA MUTI, COOKANDINE, Cooking school in Milano,It

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction Cannoli

    • 2. 02 Ingredients Cannoli

    • 3. 03 Making the Dough Cannoli

    • 4. 04 Making the Filling Cannoli

    • 5. 05 Making the Cannoli Tubes Cannoli

    • 6. 6 finishing your cannoli

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About This Class

In this Video lesson you will learn everything about cannoli dessert from Sicily: how to do the tubes and the traditional filling of sheep milk ricotta cheese.

They are not difficult to do and you will learn how to use in appropriate way the sac a poche . 

Some tips very important:

  • If the dough is too dry you can add more marsala liquor or white wine will be fine
  • when you thin the dough you can use a rolling pin instead of pasta machine but take care that the results must be thin other way your tube look and taste like a cookie. So work your dough, fold like a book and work again with the rolling pin or pasta machine.
  • When you fill in the tube with ricotta, hold the tube in your hand horizontal
  • Do not tight the dough around the metal tube 


  • Pasta cutter or a knife
  • Piping bag
  • bowl
  • little pan to fry
  • pasta machine or rolling pin
  • tubes to fry cannoli (you can find online in metal or bamboo tubes) 
  • tea strainer to spread powder sugar

I will wait for your pictures and any questions you can have.

Ciao from Chef Aurora from Milano 

Meet Your Teacher

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COOKANDINE, Cooking school in Milano,It


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1. 01 Introduction Cannoli: tell a very body. I am Aurora Muti, a chef from Milano, Italy. I have a cooking school. Could die in Italy and I teacher Italian recipes, Original Italian, traditional Italian qc. So if you follow my lesson, you will learn a lot of different Italian, a way to do different things from past on the surface song. Now I would get you a beautiful Sicilian cannoli. The cannoli feel that really caught that they use a lot. How about it's very simple to do so. 2. 02 Ingredients Cannoli: So the idea is for four cannoli. 300 grand's off much partners flower it being to have seen them on a teaspoon of cocoa powder, dark cocoa powder, 30 millimeters off white vinegar, 30 grands off butter and my salary. Queer 60 grants off Marsala liqueur. Marsala is after dinner wine, and if you don't find myself that you can use around one medium size egg for the feeling of our cannoli, we have to use a sheep ricotta fresh. They 30 grands off white powder, sugar Cherries, Candies on, um, level Skeen candy. 3. 03 Making the Dough Cannoli: okay. We had half sugar in the flour and half sugar in the recorder later. Okay, Now I use this electric old angry. So we had a flower. Then way the masala being a gun before powder Shoot that in the speech of cinnamon. Just beach like this. Okay, I will live to work for about five. Now I break. Yeah, you know, boy, because we're this the yolk and the white, and we will use our head now, so use half hanging toe. Thanks very well. And then flower. That's it. And let's stop now. We work for five meals. Now, after the mixer. Five years to work in the mixer. Here we have our dough, the discolor as being for the cocoa powder. Okay, we with the cocoa father just pinched to make the dark car and now really dressed our dough in the fridge for about half an hour, and then we will work 4. 04 Making the Filling Cannoli: in the meantime, that there the door for the tubes can I toes is going to rise in the fridge for half an hour. We can do the feeling so we are the ricotta. The shipper kata in the bull must be creamy, then the remaining sugar. Remember, we are the half of our sugar in the flour and half we will have here in their records. Then you can choose throughout the sun and lemon skins, candy or chocolate cheese. Has you prefer how much about one spoon on lemon skin or wasp? All of chocolate? That's enough as you prefer and makes everything so. And now we will put in the fridge now cases really creamy and soft. And when we put in the fridge or 5. 05 Making the Cannoli Tubes Cannoli: Okay, here it is. Look Beautiful and quite elastic. Don't little rest. We'd like to rest in the fridge in for half an hour. Now I spread some flour on the tables. Oh, my don't. And now I think that piece it's more peace like a tennis ball about like these. Okay. And then is very important. Now toe flat the beater with your finger with rolling pin and they would pass through the pass emissions. What doctor Only been working together because a the cannot tubes must be really, really think. Few millimeter store. I flipped a bit more with being and then I passed through the pasta machine. In the past, the machine there is a way with nine number we stop number five Number five is the length with being close to get there And we pass through different times who think that our past that you see, I always think Then we spread some flower flower we fought I was people faster. And then we come back again because we're to do something Before then we put a gain in the number five make some bubbles is very important to have about most. So you like it is. Okay. Now we have to do is to take juice. You can buy this you can find on the internet, and you can buy the tools to make Sicilian cannoli. Okay. And we will do like, um Iran like these about Okay, this is a tangle. No, I pull it beat like this This tool corner and by for their own don't tied to match. Other way when you take out the tubes is very difficult to do like this. I push a bit with my finger. I close a bit in this way. Okay? You don't need to do other things. And so you can do a lot or seceding cannot, uh, we can another one. We can do another one. So I cut this. It is very important. The shape here to see the sights of your juice. Then they pull a bit like this. And then again, I put like this If you like, you can take with your figure with brush it beat the bag to close. You cannot but remember to leave a bit lush. Okay, Like this. And now we will fry toe fried This cannoli we have toe had heat wave here. So boy or vegetable boy, don't use extra regional because it's too heavy. Now there is really hard and they take my tubes with being and I fry in this more man. Very tall is better one by one. This way. Few meals a few just one mute and will be Maybe I have to take care My You see the bubbles that that means that they the dogs group and we get the is a really mean So we're really getting free meals. 6. 6 finishing your cannoli: Now, when the tubes is called, we can take out the condoning like this. And then we use a second bush the second, like these way feeling with our cause that I was like a bush squeeze and push record that on the bottom of the second part of this, then twist leaves. And then we take our kind is and then from the other side like this You can finish your cannoli to put some Cherries candy outside like this. Then we feeling another one this on like this, and then propagate some cherry for a month. Final touch. We will have some pound of sugar, our technology and he Aridjis. Enjoy your cannoli. See you next time, Chow.