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Italian Made Easy - Numbers ¦ Dates ¦ Time - Lesson 2

teacher avatar Clara Di Stefano, Nurse / Italian Teacher

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Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. 1 - Intro and Table Of Contents

    • 2. 2 - Cardinal Numbers Zero to a Billion

    • 3. 3 - Building Numbers, Exceptions and Extra Tips

    • 4. 4 - Cardinal Numbers First to Infinite

    • 5. 5 - Days, Months and Seasons

    • 6. 6 - Talking About Time

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About This Class

This is the second lesson of my series Italian Made Easy, where I try to teach you the Italian language in a simple and straitforward way!

If you haven't already check out my first lesson on Alphabet, Consonants and Pronunciation Stress!

With this lesson we are going to expand our knowledge introducing some very important pieces of vocabulary. 

I will explain you how to count from zero to infinity, the rules that Italians use when building numbers and I will give you an explaination about all the exceptions to those rules. (There are many!)

You will also see how to build ordinal number (first, second, third....) and how to pronunce them!

The second part of the lesson will be about the days of the week, the months and more importantly you will learn about time!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Clara Di Stefano

Nurse / Italian Teacher


Hello, I'm Clara.

I'm an Italian native speaker currently in the UK for work. 

I've been in England for a couple of years now and I'm quite confident my skills in both languages can be very helpful for anyone who would like to improve or even start learning Italian from scratch.

I've always been inclined to languages and in Italy I helped other students and friends with English grammar and literature in my free time. Now that I'm here many colleagues have asked me to do the same but this time teaching Italian, as I realised only few teach it, especially online.

So here we go! Check out my lessons and message me if you have any questions.


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1. 1 - Intro and Table Of Contents: Hello everyone and welcome to our series of lessons. Italian may be say this is the second lesson. My name is Clara. For those who don't know me, I'm an Italian native speaker. I'm currently living and working here in the UK. In today's lesson, instead, we're going to expand that knowledge and we're going to talk about numbers, dates, and time. Specifically, these are going to be our contents of today's lesson. How to count from 0 to a billion in Italian. We are going to see of course, the difference between cardinal ordinal numbers, which I've just like 123 and seconds and that in Italian. We are going to learn how to say the days of the week in Italian, and then the names of the months and seasons. And also we're going to see how to tell the time. 2. 2 - Cardinal Numbers Zero to a Billion: Okay, so we're going to start with numbers from 0 to ten d. These are quite different numbers. Let's say that they are completely different from all the others and they are dashed from all the roles with numbers as we have in English. So it is better if you memorize them as they are. So we start, 0 is going to be 01 is going to be uno. Two is doing. Three is drab. Four is cuatro. Five is where. Six is, say, say seventies set, that is 0.09 is no VAT. And ten is the edgy. Now we see 11 is VG, two L is this you just have to memorize, guys. Dog EEG 13 is drag. Eeg 14 is what door deci what? Vichy. 15 is Queen Nietzsche. 16, he said EG, 17 years, D just set the ADM is the Giotto, 19 is DH ANOVA, and 20 is then the from 21 to 100, we see that there is a pattern which is, Let's say 20. It is then D. But 21, it's going to be invented nano meters, it's like 20 plus one. So we have then d, 21 is then Duo. 22, it's 20 plus two, so it's going to be bending toward 23 is then 2324 is then the quatro. 25 is then the gene where 26 is then the, say, 27 is then the set that 28 is then Dr. 29 is then Denovo, and 30 is Brenda. And then from now on is going to be the same parts. And so that D one is going to be friend Bono, is that D plus 130 doors, rental, doo-wop, and so on. 40 is going to be Miranda. 50 is Qingwen. 60 is, says sounder. 70 is set down, the AD is done though. 90 is novel. And 100 is cento. We're going to count now from 101, which is Chen donor, 1 billion, which is in Italian. So we have gentle Mono, which is 100 plus one. It's going to beach. And though we have glitch and o, which is two times cento, which is two times 100, is 300. Quatro Chan though, is going to be 400. Cinquecento is 500. Sage endo, 600. Cette vision though 700 agenda is hey counted. No agenda is 900. And now we have M0, which is 100, is the same rule. 2 thousand is going to be doing is twice 1100000. Dhea law is ten times 100000. So the IHME LA Camila, one hundred thousand, one hundred and five thousand is going to be gender Qingwen Leila. So basically we say the biggest number and then we go to the smallest ones. So Chen, where cento plus 5,001 million is going to be only Ana and 1 billion is going to be. 3. 3 - Building Numbers, Exceptions and Extra Tips: This is our rule for building numbers. We believe Italian numbers in a direct manner similar to the English one. So we spell out the large numbers as one word, as I said earlier, without the use of a need to connect them. So we don't put the end is going to be cento Uno, which is 101 without the end exits, the second roll, simply the larger number at the beginning, as in the following examples. Three is going to be thread, which means pick V3 is going to be that 353 is going to be Chen doctrine. So the big number first began on varies 100, so it's going to be cento. And then 53, which is the NBA. 453 is basically the same as in English. Guys is going to be quatro cento because it's 453, which is ten to the n. So it's cooperation button, but this is 10000433. God, even in English, is complicated. This is because it's 100000400 quatro Chandon e3, which is ten per gram. So it's all in one word without end. This is three hundred, four hundred and fifty three, which is a crescendo, 3,453. The number three gains the accent on the E when added to depends. So except the first one, which is threat and all the rest is going to be printed with the accent. We have some exceptions. For example, mono and DOM, which is one. And when we found what we spell from 20, throw 90, these two numbers are going to conduct, which means that they dropped the final vowel. This rule is just to improve the fluidity of the word. But we say it like that. So it means that there is no one, there is no eighth we are going to spend, and we're going to say it as a whole number 20, which is 20 and do which is duet. It's going to be the whole venti, dwell or machine where it's 75, which means very sip Panda. And she is the whole world of the numbers there. But when we have 21, you see the numero uno number one. There. Ben, Juno is going to be Ben Duo Because then D is going to drop the last vowel. And just, it's just more fluid to save then donor instead of Ben de uno or say some Dato, you see that there is the a is just, the Bible. Says some dot, dot is going to be 6868, says summed up 68th or the instead of, since Sang Gao Du says some book, don't. We leave the world of the eighth and we draw desk some back. The last vowel. Still talking about building numbers. We use periods and commas in a different way than in English. It is basically the opposite. So when you have an Italian, the dot, It's going to be like the coma in English. So let's say 10000500 in Italian is with the dot y in English is one comma 500. That means one hundred and five hundred. And the same time, if I have one pound, 50 is going to be one comma five in Italian instead of one dot five in English. So we have the point which is the dot, and the three digits have been from the right. The 101 comma two divide the decimals. I'm going to give you some useful tips now for building numbers. In Italian, we have nouns that derive from the cardinal numbers that are used to refer to large quantities. So hundreds, hundreds in English is going to beach and denial from Chengdu, which is a 100 and in Italian, and when it's thousands of things from me, which is 1000 and in Italian. Also another PHP feeds that to refer to someone's age, we add to the number of the age. We are the ending. So it means that an 18-year-old, it's going to be beach AF_INET because it's Beach or though which is a beam. And Nim just because she has or he has 18 years old. I've been 20-year-old. Den Den, which is plenty for us and met with them and so on. It can be anything. It can be 53-year-old, this game to be friend that the NM, It doesn't change. If it is also, it is always and net. Ending with. Now we're going to look at building an address. In Italian. It is almost the same, but we have just a small difference in the, or the, or the things that you have to write. So we basically reverse the order of these three numbers and the zip code from the typical pattern in English. So we have in Italian numbers that follow the street name and receive the CD name. So our address is going to look like this. See the aroma though the sheep then descended and that Milano in Italy. We have the name of thermal euro. See this G, which is the aroma. The number of the House is going to be 12. The zip code is 2133. The CPS Milan. And the CPE shows as it's coupled logo, it's called in Italian. It's going to be MI. And the country. 4. 4 - Cardinal Numbers First to Infinite: We are going to see now the ordinal numbers. So there or the placement and the sequence from pests to bend, the ordinal numbers are quite different from B had been on ones just because we have the gender with them. So they agree in the gender with the noun or the pronouns that they modified. It say fest. It depends if what we're talking about. It's male or female is going to be three months or three months for extremely fast. But if I'm the first one, let's say in a competition I'm going to be the prima. If he is, my friend is going to be the very home. Same thing for any, any other number. So say no or so-called null, which is second, basically the standard rule is that if it's female is going to end with, with an a, if it's male is going to end with an O. So say Called knot. So then south, which is the Fed, acquire them from the fourth queen of window for the fifth sense, the incest stuff for six. And set demand for the second row of gamma for eight nano or not of the night. And that she more or that cima per ten from the feds to the ten. And as the cardinal numbers, you have to know them all because they are all different. But we're going to see that from the 11th to infinity, they follow a regular pattern. So you form ordinal numbers by dropping the final vowel of the Cardinal number and adding CMO with a stress on the E means into the Anxi mom. Every number. So 12 is going to be CMO. The third P4 is going to be an icy moon. Always with ending every moment. Betsy more deaths. Every, every one of them is going to enter the Chiemsee more ordinary Jackson. And but what dressing or dress him. And then we have the 100. And it's going to be lexeme or, or molest him. The only exception to this rule is the Cardinal number that ends in three, because in this case, you retain the final vowel, which means it's going to be then the CMO. We don't have the short version of this number. We, we have a double E. If it is, then CMO, it doesn't sound with it's been the dressing room. There is something missing. You. You always have to add the, the, the end of the word. So even if it's ending with an e, you still have to do it and to pronounce than the grass. Or the Fed is going to be one. With the WEEE. 5. 5 - Days, Months and Seasons: We're now going to learn the days of the week is going to start with Monday, which is loaning me, and is going to end with Sunday, which is Domenico. When you write them, the days are not capitalized as they are in English, unless of course they begin a sentence. So we have no Navy Monday, Mark DB, which is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, salvador, Saturday, and Domenico, which is someday all of them except the last one, omega. They are all masculine. So if we have to put the article is going to be the main form of the article, which is E. So every other day of the week except domain, you guys going to be d, d, e, met colony, and so on. Let's talk about the months of the year. Now. January is going to be Gen Na Yang. February is going to be the Brio. March is going to be marked, so April is going to be a three-level. May is much job. June is juno. July is Louis, you get quite similar. August is Agosto. September is September. October is not. October. November is November. And December is the chamber. As you can see, that not capitalized, not even the month of the year. In Italian, the, remember the days in the month. We have a little time. It is just to remember which month have 51 that the open da days or 29 sometimes in such children brine and it's Brenda, Germany on November cannot relate junior September. And even Dr. channel one or two tiao premium than duodenum, which is basically quite literally means 50 days house. November with April, June, and September with 28 days. There is just one. All the others have 51. We are now going to learn about the seasons. In Italian, we have genders also for the seasons. So we have two seasons, feminine and do our masculine as the days of the week and the months of the year. They are also not capitalized when we write them. And we have La Primavera, which is the spring, which is feminine. Let's start them, which is the sum. And he's also feminine. Love to know, which is the foal and he. Masculine and limb there, no, which is the window. It's also masculine. Don't worry about the article here because we're going to see why we have the L and B apostrophe, but that is complicated. So we're going to see later in this slide, I wrote down some words to remember the taboo useful. Or example, Guam dot, which means how much. And we use it in the phrase quanto tempo, which means how much time do you have? It is for uncountable stuff. Quantity, which means how many? And we use it for phrases like pantheon PNIAI, which means how many years have you got? Technically, that is how all the EU on BMI ie. We have numero, which means number. And Me, which means yes. Guano, which means when. When are you free? It becomes cuando se lead barrow. It's birthday. Jordan, or means Day is the month. In here. There is the example that we saw Clara upon Jamnia. It means how all they, you, but more literally it means How many years have you got? And the answer is, I have 26 years, which is R, then this am me. But I'm just saying is I'm doing this six years old. 6. 6 - Talking About Time: Our last topic is going to be broken about time. And we're going to learn how to answer to the question, which is, what time is it? So do ask me time. You say Kiara or chaotic zone or you can use them both. Doesn't make any difference is basically what time is it? What ours. As in the plural one, we have next an octet, which is 24 o'clock, let say midnight. We have metal Jordan or illiberal DG, which means known or midday. And then every hour is going to be just the number of the hour, but in the end anyway, so it's going to be the one lady who is going to be the two, is going to be the three, and so on. So like walkthrough is going to be the four leaching way, going to be hi, so on e Medina, if means in the morning, the Martino, or therefore Mary Jo, it means in the afternoon. Or the Sarah, it means in the evening. So we are going to meet in the evening is going to be cheap and gamma B sat down. We're going to see each other in the evening before. In general, when we say the time, we had the first 40 minutes to the hour, and then we subtract the last 20 minutes of the hour. So it's going to be if it's to ten, which is ten plus two, we say summer led nowhere in BAG, which means after two. If we have for 20, which is 20 minutes asked for, is going to be sonar liquid, draw a density which means liquid drop the four plus 20 quatro intended. Even if we have 555, It's going to be leeching where, which is the five? And the five is going to be a machine where plus 35 minutes after five. But if we have the last 20 minutes of the hour, we're not going to add them, we're going to subtract them. So it's going to be 40, which is 20 minutes before. Ten, is going to be libya achievement of N D because then the 20 minutes before ten Libya Ci Man of de Nano is basically minus. A BIG ten minus 20 minutes. Still talking about time. We have the quadrotor. Instead of saying we mushy, which is 15 minutes, we add white dot, which is one quarter of an hour. That means that 15 is going to be leeching Where L1, which is the five plus one quarter, instead of being Nietzsche mean would be duopoly achieved when, when referring to half an hour. Instead, we say men zone. So instead of and met with the anthem solving, we say do and Mensa. Instead of 30 minutes past two, let's say we have how for there after the two so it's doing and men zone. We have the agenda also for the hour. So it's going to be either do do a man's up or do a mental barrier depends. If we refer to the hour. The hour in Italian is feminine, so it's, it's fair meaning. So you can choose basically whatever you want, but it sounds bad if it's Men Zai Duan immensely. So when we ask what time is something going to happen? The question is, this is going to happen. But let's say, when are you free? Chiara, say leave that on. When are you free? And the answer to that? It can be made in three ways. It depends on what time you are going to say. So if it's one o'clock, if you're going to see someone up one, you're going to see I'm going to see you cheated Biao are Luna one basically at one. And our answer is going to be either meds and all the major jaw known as as if it's midnight or midday. The answer is going to be just meds and all the messages, not just with the article a or if we are referring to an hour, whatever our but the number of the hours except for one is going to be our left. So let's say we are going to see each other up four, it's going to be our liquid drop alleging who, LSA, whoever, just among them. But you can also say that. So when you want to say like around, let's say we're going to need around four. M is going to be, we're going to see each other in pairs. So liquid drop. In the next slide, we have some useful expressions that can be still used talking about time. So we have Prima, which means first. It's more like we do that first. So dream among jam or let's say means at first we will eat and then do something else. Three, Milan jom. Boy, it's basically then, for example, buoyant gamma. It means, then we will go dopa if means of them. It is almost like coin, but it's, it's afterwards. So dopa, it becomes afterward we have talk. Frown. It means within. So something that is going to happen, Fran and Zora. It means we've been how fun hour, let's say half an hour. It's going to be we see each other from enjoyed them. It just means later you start believing them or it means later we'll see them up you doorbell. It means I'll see you later. So until later on. See you later. Appetite and him. I'm yeah. And small note here in Italy, the mental Giordano, if it is used to refer to the south and regions of Italy. From Rome down basically including the CCA and Sardinia, which are the islands. We use that term because of it is, it is difficult base basically the wind that comes from the south, it is called mental Jordan. It is the name of the wind and that's why we called like them. You can find this word in publications, newspapers just to refer to the south and the south and an area of Italy. And this is the end of lesson. Do. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you all in the third lesson, which is going to be about basic grandma and Essentials for communication.