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Italian For Beginners - Learn the basics of Italian in one simple class

teacher avatar Emerson Ierardi, Italian Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Italian Alphabet

    • 3. Italian Sentence Structure

    • 4. Verb To BE

    • 5. Verb to HAVE

    • 6. Italian Articles

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About This Class

If you want to learn Italian even FASTER and BETTER, subscribe for FREE to Rocket Language:

Joining this class is the easiest and fastest way to start learning Italian. You will be taught by a Native Italian Speaker and you will learn:

-Italian Alphabet

-Italian Sentence Structure

-Verb To Be

-Verb To Have

-Italian Articles

At the end of the class, you will be able to write, talk and read like an Italian.

So what are you waiting? Join me and all the other students and Start Learn Italian Today!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emerson Ierardi

Italian Teacher


Ciao amici, my name is Emerson and I'm a Native Italian Speaker.

I always liked to teach Italian and help people with this amazing language and that's why I decide to start releasing classes here on Skillshare.

You will be taught by a Native Italian Speaker and you will learn in a simple way how to start speaking, writing and understanding in Italian.

So if you are interested in learning Italian in a fast and easy way the only thing that you have to do is join my classes.

I hope to see you there.

Ciao :)

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1. Introduction: tell a meaty. My name is Emerson, and I'm a native Italian speaker and the founder off Italian for beginners. I know. Now you're thinking with the second these do this black and is telling me that is a native Italian speaker. Well, you have to know that my mom is Brasilia while my dad is Italian and I born in Italy and leave it here for the past 23 years. So is this a I'm on a TV thein and speaker now inside my skills share class you will learn the Italian alphabet out to pronounce every letters and also how to pronounce some combination off letters. You will learn the center structure in Italian, the verb Toby the verb to have and the articles. So at the end of my classes, you will know everything that you need to start writing, speaking and reading Italian. So I hope to see you inside my class and is always till the next lesson. Keep practicing. Chow 2. Italian Alphabet: tell a meeting. I'm Emerson for Italian, for beginners. And in today's lesson, we're going to learn the alphabet in Italian. You know, the original Italian alphabet was made by 21 letters. But today also Xa if seen on J W NK are really used because there are a lot of worth, for example, Facebook link or taxi that are English world but are used daily or so by Italians. Okay, so we will see all the 21 original letters and we will also discover out to pronounce them in Italian. Okay, so without further ado, let's get started. So I prefer these least as you can see, there are all the 21 letters how to pronounce them in Italian and some example off Italian wars that begin with those letters. Okay. And the other is the translation. So you understand what those letters mean? What those words Sorry means. OK, so let's that the first letter is and we have Alberro. Aquila. The second letter is B beachy bachelor. She caza colores de then Teesta Donna Yeah, Energia added by as for for co fracture G John Low Gallo Uh huh. Hotel. I'll be you in sector insane. Jara and, uh, Luna Lotto and men more nater My no. And then new viola Now there. Or MMA or so be cool. Cuando quiet So era Ronon Teyla. Very starry s a strata studio area de Cavallo Desta Well, whoa, whoa, whoa, Mama v Vento the Anjo Zeta there, But Szoka Okay, so those were the 21 letters off the Italian alphabet. Okay, I've also prepared a second least with some I can call them exception. Okay? Because when there are true words together, sometimes they sound a little different. Okay, now, let's see. So for example, when we have C h together, they sound like a Okay, Some example we have Kiesa Iava, Can you hear Kiesa key? Avi ch Sounds like a Then when we have C I it sounds like the ci. OK, she In fact, we have shallow chow You here See, I sound she cello chow, then ce also sound she okay? Chervil Look charb Okay. See? Sound chervil Look terrible, then. G n sound. You okay? Yeah, I'm yellow. Normal. Okay. GN is near. Then we have g l. Which sounds year. Okay, g l is you I You die you okay? Yo yo! And then when? Every time. We have a true constant together. All constant. I'm pronounced. Okay. You really have to mark the double concert. For example, we have Cassa locked. Okay, let's hear Cassa lot in fact, that if I say Cassa, we were single s it became Caza. Okay? In Caza means home. I was while Cassa means box. Okay, so it's really important that you pronounce all the double constant. Okay, this is a bit difficult for no, not even speaker. But, you know, you simply have to practice and repeat. Okay? So if you need maybe re watch this video, try to pronounce these exception with me. Okay, so for this lesson is everything. I hope that now you know the alphabet in entire and is always till the next Cresson keep practicing, child 3. Italian Sentence Structure : Tomiichi I'm Emerson for Italian, for beginners. And in today's lesson, we will learn out to structure a sentence in Italian. Okay, we will see a positive sentence on negative centers and an interrogative sentence. Okay, this is really important because if you don't know how toe the structure of sentence, you won't be able to express yourself in Italian. And most important, people won't be able to understand you. Okay, So is really important that you understand the sentence instruction in Italian. Okay, So without for their do, let's get started now that begin with positive centers. So the extraction of a positive centers is subject verbs object. Okay, is the same as an English sentence. Now let's see the examples. We have eel culture Lapolla, I kick the ball your manager or owner Maaleh, I eat her neck. Put As you can see, we have the subject. You I verbs culture kik object Lapa lock the ball. Ok, so this is the structure off a positive centers, the CDO their example. You know, I some Jeff man Joe, eat burbs una maaleh on airport object. Okay, Now remember that Italian is defined unknown subject language And what does It means it means that the pronoun or the subject is often meted because is implied by how the world is congregate. Okay, so, for example, here we have sown rag Oxo seem particle. I am a pleasant guy. In this case, the subject is you OK, but is a meted because the words um Toby there, black set. When is when is present? It is referred to I or you in Italian is so no. So if any tile and you say so, No, everybody will understand that you're referring to yourself. Okay? And if you want to learn better about how to congregate and Italian verbs, I've done free lesson about the topic. Okay, so go wash them. Now, let's see the second example here we have a man Jama, Toe Telecom. We eat all the meat, Okay? It's the same thing in this case, man drama, which is the world's to eat when we use the man Jonah at the present and it's referred to us. We can only say man drama. Okay, so if you say man drama, people will understand that you're talking about us in this case, We okay, So, man John, tell a car. It's wheat. All the me. Okay, so remember any Thailand? You gonna meet the subject? Now? Let's see a negative sentence. So this structure off a negative sentence is subject negation. Verbs object. So in Italian delegation is done using known. Okay, so we have, you know, Manju una maaleh. I don't eat an apple. You're known with Grandma. I don't drive the car. Okay, So we have you, I which is the subject. The negation which is known. Don't verbs, man. You eat an object una maaleh on airport. Okay, so also in negative sentences, the structure off the destructor is the same. Okay, here with the Italian and being a structure is the same. Okay, there were, you know, wiggle a market you I subject known. Don't the negation Guido drive. It's the verbs and Lamarque in the car is the object. Okay, remember also negative sentence The subject can be a meeting. So we have no Nokia Mottama. I didn't call Mom and escape the subject Your is a meted. Okay, Another example. No. No, man. Giotto. Nana manage October care A piano. He didn't heat because it was full. I also in this case the subject, Louis or he in English is a meat that. Okay, so we have no Norman job known. Amanda October care a piano. Okay, so this was the negative centers. Now let's see interrogative centers here. There are some difference between Italian and English. Okay, so be careful. The structure often interrogative sentences in Italian is subject verbs. Object question Mark. Okay, So the only difference between an interrogative sentences and a positive centers are the question mark at the end of the sentence and the international that you use. Okay, So, for example, if I say if I say so, you're parabolas cartola. Okay? This is a positive sentence, but if I say toy a pair Telus Cartola, this is an interrogative centers. Okay? The truth sentence are the same. The only change the international. Okay. Eso we have talked way apart. Dallas Kapila in English is did you up in the box. As you can see in English, these structure doesn't apply. Okay, All the example. 11 Jack Cala Torta. Did you eat? The cake is you can see we have subject to verbs. I'm on Giotto. Object locked. Orta Question mark. Okay, so, disease, how you create an interrogative sentences in Italian also interrogate the sentence. Remember that the subject can be omitted. Okay, so we have those two example We're I fucked it. We come Pity Have you done your homework? I de facto adult Sha And you already take the shower. As you can see in both those sentence, the subject is omitted. Okay, Because we we know that they refer toa you okay involved with the cases? So for sentences, structure in Italian is everything. I hope the to learn something new and that now you're able to structure every sentence that you want. So it's always until the next lesson Keep practicing chow. 4. Verb To BE: Dmitry. I'm Emerson for Italian, for beginners, and in today's lesson, we're going to learn variable Esser the works. Toby Okay, probably the world's Toby and works 12 are the most users. Works in any language, so it's really, really important that you I understand them and know how to use them. Okay, so in this case, we're going toe learn about the world's Toby, and it is usually used for introduce us or some or somebody describe things or people give information about feelings. Okay, so without for their do, let's start. So let's begin with the present. Okay, so I'm going to read the verbs, Toby in Italian. And if you want, you can repeat after me. Okay, so we have a deal. So no toe. Say, Louis lay a Remember that these e is the accent, okay, because in Italian e with the accent Means is while e without the accent means And okay, so it's really important that you always put the accent. If you want to say he's then we have no easy ammo bully Seattle A. C. So no. Okay. As you can see in Italian, the world's Toby is an irregular verbs, so it changes for every person. So there are no shortcuts. You simply have to repeat until you memorize. Now let's see some examples We have Yosano Luca, I m Luca. Okay, Like to a beachy a Rosa. Your bike is red. As you can see, I use the powerful for the subject and yellow for the world's. Okay, so you understand better. Oh, gee, Marco A multi Stanko today Marco is really tired. Remember the accent? Now let's see the pastor or in perfect Oh, you know, I read and in perfect. Because in Italian, in perfect to is a form of past really used it. And it's a past that's refer obviously to something that happened in the past but for a continuous period of time. Okay, when we we will read the example you will understand better What? What? I mean now I'm gonna read in Italian and as always, if you won't repeat after me Yo ero to Harry Louis lay a era knowing Ahrar Mamo, volley air Our body A sea air. I know. Okay, now let's see the examples E o Aero corn. Andrea, I was We've on there. As you can see in this case When I say eo aero, I means that I waas so in the past but for a continued period of time, you know I've bean with Andrea. Okay, then Luca era in Wana Mico Luca waas A good friend. Okay? Yeah, he no heir Obama all Bob yesterday we were on the pub. Okay, so this was the in perfect. And now let's see the future. So when we use the future also in this case, remember the accent. Okay. You really have to mark them when you read the So, for example, if you have to say you know sorrow. Okay. Can you hear? I marked the accent on the last. So we have eel sorrow two. Sorry, Louis Lay a Sarah knowing, sire. Ammo. Truly. Sorry. Data a c Serrano. Ok, now let's read the example. No, I'm sorry, Mark. Uncharted unity. We will be at the concert Monday. Okay. Domani eel Sorrow. Remember the accent Corn Andrea. Tomorrow I will be with Andrea HLA Process Emma City Manna to Sarai a Milano. Next week you will be in Milan. Okay, So this was the future off the verbs, Toby. So for these lessons is everything in the next one, we will learn the works, Whoever available Lovera And so until the next life. So keep practicing. Okay, Giago. 5. Verb to HAVE: Tom et on Emerson for Italian, for beginners. And in today's lesson, when going to learn variable Bavaria The verbs toe okay is a safe in the video about the world's Toby, probably the world's 12 and Toby are the most. Use it in any language, so you must learn them. Okay, so the swear mainly used is express possession. And in these lesson, we're going to see how to use the words to ever at the present at the past, it at the future in Italian. Okay, so without for their do, let's stop. So for the presenter, I'm going to read the world in Italian. And if you want, repeat after me. We have eel all to I Louis lay a, uh, knowing I'm beyond all boy are created sc on No. Okay, as the works, Toby, this is an irregular words. So the only way toe learn it is to repeat until the memorized. Maybe if you want re wash this video in the video about the world's Toby until you remember them. Okay, Now let's see the example. We have e 00 una beachy Rosa. I am a red bike. Then a boy of eight a you know, Strano, A change. Oh, you have a strange accent, Antonio. A gotto be greasy. My Antonia is a really lazy cat. Okay, As you can see, I used purple for the soldier and yellow for the world's. Okay, so you understand better how to use them. Now let's see the pastor, in this case I written in perfect because it's a safe in the video about the world's Tobey in Perfetto is a really common form off pastor used in Italy in Perfetto is used to refer to something that happened in the past but for a continuous period of time. Okay, maybe with the example you will understand better. Now I'm going to read the words in Italian and it's always if you want Repeat after me. You are available to our baby Louis lay A I've ever knowing I have a bomb. Oh, bully. Are the body a C R waiver? No. Okay, Now let's read the examples. Knowing of Ibama una Bella casa, we had a nice house. As you can see in Italian, these centers means that in the past we had the a nice house, but for a continuous period of time Okay, then we have to our baby in kind and very close. So you add a dangerous dog. Okay, Luca, A waiver in a mama Army cable. Luca, add a very friendly mother. Okay, so this was the in perfect off the verbs sweat. Now let's see the future. Now again, I'm gonna read in Italian And if you want, repeat after me. You Avro OK, remember to mark the accent. Okay, Both in the world Sweb And in the worst to be in the future you have some accent so remember to mark them So you avro toe of rye Louis lay a Avera knowing of Rameau boy are greater a sea of Ron No! Okay, now let's read the examples you have row Remember the accent? Una fantastic A feeling Santa I will have on amazing girlfriend. Okay, two of rye bell regalo. You will have a nice present noise of Rameau Una beachy Morgado money. We will have a new bike tomorrow. Okay, so this was the future off the works. Too wet. So now you know both the future past it and present off web and Toby. Now you only have to practice. Okay, So see you in the next life son. Shower 6. Italian Articles: Tom et I'm Emerson for Italian, for beginners. And in today's lesson, we're going to learn articles in Italian. We will see the fine article. And in the fine article, this is a really, really important lesson because probably in every sentences that you will right se or here in Italian, there will be some articles. Okay. So is really important to pay attention. Attention toe this lesson. And maybe if at the end you have any doubt we wash this video, Okay, so without for they'll do Let's start with define article. So in English defined article are pretty easy because you only have the okay while in Italian there are more options. Okay? Based the on the general off the gnome. Okay, So, for example, if the define article is referred to a mask will sing. We are now. You may have ill or law toe a feminine singler. Now la toe a masculine floral e year and tow a feminine plural lei. Okay, so to understand better Lexie, some example. Here we have economy and multi very close. The dog is really dangerous. As you can see, the in the sentence is translated ill because it is referred Toe Canada, which is a masculine, singular noun. Okay, so we use Illah. Okay, now next example you we have Le Pen. A soon tableau. The pen is on the table. In this case, the defined article is referred to pain. Okay, since Penn is a feminine seeing Lara now we say la Okay, so the is translated la Now let's see the last example Leshy massage from Marta. The monkeys are hungry. In this case, the define article is refer Toa Xinye. She me is a feminine plural now so we use Lee. So the is translated lay. Okay, so the rules is really simple. You have tow Understand? If with these Sorry, the general off the noun. And then based on that issues the define article. Okay, now there are some exceptions. In fact, when the noun begins with vocal Okay, for example, we have Alba and or oh, you put l with apostrophe. Okay. It's not important if the noun is masculine or so is feminine or masculine. Okay, so now let's see the example. So you understand better. We have born you over there. Lol Alba. I want to see the sun rising. Okay in this case, Alba is a feminine known and the season begins. We've dropped vodka. Okay, in this case, A we put l with apostrophe. Okay, Why in these other example we have maybe, Arch Aloro, Sue quella pain. I like the gold on that pen. In this case, Aura is a masculine noun. But since it begins with an O, we put l apostrophe. Okay, so it's not important if the now is masculine on family. It's all important if it begins with the vocal. Okay, If the first letter is a vocal, you simply put l we've apostrophe, okay, when you have to translate the okay, so does was this was the only exception for define article. Now let's see the in define article in this case in English, we have our on Okay, while in Italian, we have for masculine singular. Now, June, you know, And for feminist single are una own. We've apostrophe. Okay, So when we talk about in the fine article, the apostrophe is used only with family now. Okay, there are no in the fine article for plural noun. Now let's see the example busy. There are a very, you know me compute genteelly I wish I had a kind of friends. In this case, As you can see, America is a feminine noun. And since it begins with a vocal in this case a, we put own apostrophe. Okay, so an apostrophe is used. We feminine noun that begins with the vocal. Okay, now or their example Value comprise in computer normal. I want buy a new computer. Okay. In this case, we translated a with June because the computer is a masculine, singular Nam. So also, the article must be the ones used for masculine seeing. Where so? Okay, so you have to go. Must be masculine. Singular. Then we have Stoneman, John Doe, Una maaleh. I'm eating on airport. In this case, Maaleh is famine. In seeing Ula and the seas, it begins with a concert. We use Una. Okay, So someone Jon Dunham. Ayla, I'm eating an apple. Okay, so those were in the fine article and the fine article in Italian. I hope that you learn something new and till the next lesson, keep practicing. Chow