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Is a Career in UX Right For You?

Jamal Nichols

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11 Videos (1h 44m)
    • Introduction

    • What is UX?

    • Six Traits of Successful UX Designers

    • Care

    • Drive

    • Focus

    • Pushing Limits

    • Handling Uncertainty

    • Communication

    • Downsides Of Working In UX

    • Conclusion


About This Class

If you’ve found this course, chances are you’ve heard about the “hot new field” of UX design.

UX design is consistently rated as one of the highest paying jobs with the best work-life balance, and opportunities to be "creative." You now have vocational schools claiming that in a mere 10 weeks, they can transform you into a UX designer and double or triple your salary.

But is UX design really right for you? In this course, I will give you the tools to help you decide for yourself. I will give a brief overview of what UX design is, and the traits that make a good UX designer. I will talk about the frustrating parts of being a UX designer. And I will give you a set of questions to ask yourself that will help you examine yourself and decide if UX is a career path that makes sense for you!

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Jamal delivers very valuable information, and exercise suggestions, to help you decide whether a career in UX Design is right for you. I highly recommend it.





Design leader, mentor, and champion. The unique perspective I bring to your business is based on my unique background: because I'm a mix of very disparate cultures, I connect subjects that other designers aren't able to connect as easily. This leads to seeing opportunities that would stay undiscovered if you worked with someone who does not have this perspective.

I graduated with a Master's Degree in Media System Design. Over the last decade, I've been applying human-centered design pr...

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