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Irresistible Sweet Sauce Shrimp

Faith Su Han, DIY is a lifestyle.

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5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. What's Cooking?!

    • 2. What You Need?

    • 3. First Thing First

    • 4. Let's Cook!

    • 5. Tips and Tricks


About This Class


Are you a Shrimp fans? There’s something so perfect about these little critters that you just can’t get enough of. For this recipe, we will let the shrimp be its very own star, and the best part is it is super easy to cook and ready within 15 mins. You will find this dish in every Chinese restaurant, but you won't need to be an Asian Master Chef to cook this dish, follow my recipe and impress your family.

In this recipe, you can use a variety of colors of vegetables to suit your own preference. It's so color and delicious I bet you will want more of it. Trust me you won't regret trying this recipe out because it is the world’s easiest and delicious shrimp dish you have ever made. 





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Faith Su Han

DIY is a lifestyle.

I enjoy life and enjoy sharing with people. Life is too boring to waste away. I like to explore new recipe, try new food, new cuisine, and most important good things are meant to share with others.

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