Ionic 3 - Tips & Tricks for Developing Ionic Apps | Tinashe Munyaka | Skillshare

Ionic 3 - Tips & Tricks for Developing Ionic Apps

Tinashe Munyaka, A lover of anything creative

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12 Videos (1h 44m)
    • In-App Browsing (WITHOUT installing plugin)

    • 3 Page Background Options

    • Ion-Grid Customization

    • Text Wrap Ellipsis

    • Customizing Loading Spinner

    • Tabs navigation from custom "Home Page"

    • Push Notifications (One Signal) - Android

    • Push Notifications (One Signal) - iOS

    • Implementing 3D Touch on iOS

    • Create Animated Splash Screens using Animate.css

    • Video Backgrounds in Ionic

    • Streaming Audio Playback in Ionic + Changing Play and Pause Buttons


About This Class

Hey guys...

Thanks for checking out this course! I developed this course as a way to continuously help you learn IONIC TIPS AND TRICKS on a regular basis.

There is so much to learn about Ionic, and I created this course as a way to help you learn as much as possible by creating single videos that teach you various techniques and concepts. 

This course however does require you to have some knowledge about Ionic, as I don't go into detail about teaching you what Ionic is and how it works. It assumes that you have a little bit of knowledge (at least) about Ionic.

As of current, the course covers some sought after content on:

  • How to implement  3D Touch on iOS Devices
  • How to send Push Notifications to iOS Devices
  • Some cool navigation techniques with a custom Home Page
  • And a bunch of other cool material added weekly!

If you are looking to become a better Ionic developer, join me on this journey by learning additional skills in developing Ionic mobile apps to become a better ionic developer.





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Tinashe Munyaka

A lover of anything creative

Hello, I'm Tinashe.

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