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5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. The Power of Compound Interest

    • 3. Risk/Reward and Different Investment Types

    • 4. Housing and Alternative Investments

    • 5. Case Studies and Finding The Right Mix

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Project Description


The next class in this series, we will explore in more detail which types of stocks, ETF's, mutual funds and bond funds you have available to possibly put into your investment portfolio. Before we get started with that, we need to develop our investing mix. Your task is to look at your age, and risk tolerance and show what type of investment mix you want to shoot for. This can be a mix of bonds, stocks, alternative investments, housing and it may be wise to at least put 5 percent of your investment mix in cash or other currencies. 

You do not have to have a fancy pie chart either, just simply placing your desired investing mix in text will work just fine! This is an essential first step an will get you jump started on being able to start picking specific funds, stocks and bonds.

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