Investing 101: The Easiest & Quickest Ways to Start | Sabrina Ana Maria | Skillshare

Investing 101: The Easiest & Quickest Ways to Start

Sabrina Ana Maria, Your Personal Finance Motivator!

Investing 101: The Easiest & Quickest Ways to Start

Sabrina Ana Maria, Your Personal Finance Motivator!

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5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: How to Start

    • 3. Lesson 2: Apps To Use

    • 4. Lesson 3: Learn More

    • 5. Conclusion

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About This Class

This course will help you get into investing quickly and easily regardless of your experience with the topic. Investing is a key habit for those who are financially independent and successful. You have to start sometime and the time is NOW (or right after you go through this course).  

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Meet Your Teacher

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Sabrina Ana Maria

Your Personal Finance Motivator!


Hi, I'm Sabrina!

As the founder of Sabrina Ana Maria, I created this financial education company in 2017 because I had a passion for personal finance and helping others. I started with helping family and friends create budgets while posting personal finance help videos on my YouTube channel. I decided to take it a step further and after reading tons of personal finance books, spending many hours studying and passing an exam, I became a NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor. With this certification, I am capable of helping individuals create personal finance goals and achieve those goals by becoming educated on financial literacy.

Let me help you achieve your goals here on Skillshare or at !

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Sabrina and Maria, and today we're going to be talking about investing one a one exactly how to start and which resource is you should be using. If you didn't want my freeze course and don't already know, I am a certified financial education instructor, which means that I'm trained to help people become financially literate. Financial literacy just means that you have enough skills and knowledge to make effective financial decisions. If you clicked on this link, I am assuming that you're either interested in investing. Or at least you have the assumption that a lot of wealthy people are always investing. You always hear that term go hand in hand, and that is so true. The most wealthy people in the world and the biggest companies in the world are always investing in their own ways. So if you want to start your journey of becoming a millionaire or becoming incredibly wealthy, then keep watching this course and we will go through how to start 2. Lesson 1: How to Start: So the first lesson is we're gonna go through how to start the Symbolist and easiest way if you do have a job that has this option is with the 41 K That is a standard, simple investment strategy that doesn't require very much research. Your company sets it up for you, and you could literally be a 41 K millionaire. Just look it up on Google and you can see how much you can contribute and what that will lead to in the future. If you start doing this, you're getting into the habit of paying yourself first, and that makes it so much easier to get to investing so much easier to build wealth. And I highly recommend this strategy, especially because a lot of companies will match for one K, which means you're investing at an even faster rate than you would just investing in regular stock. The second way to start investing is just to start and start incredibly small. If you want to start investing $1 a week, then all power to you. Don't anyone think that you cannot do so? There are going to be absolutely going to be going through in the second lesson to help you start small, go through some automatic transfers that will help you build wealth long term. The third way to start investing or to continue investing is toe. Have the absolute will Mention. Manage your investment portfolio for you. The third way to start investing is toe. Let these APs manage your investment portfolio for you. So in step two, I mentioned just having automatic transfers. But in this Step three, you're going to let the APP kind of take your investment portfolio where you need it. If you click on this video, you're probably not expert investing and neither mine. So that's why I like using these abs. To manage for me now with the research is that I'll mention in less than three if you want to keep learning about this and then start going through other avenues and other brokers from shore. But I think the apse are the greatest way to do this easily and quickly and without any complications 3. Lesson 2: Apps To Use: now for Lesson two, We're going to go through all the APS that I think you should be using and what I currently use that I find super simple and the easiest way to get involved in investing. The first act that I love to use his acorns. And I love using a corns because they round up all of your purchases and you don't even notice that you're investing. And I think that's the easiest way to start investing the next app that I use this stash and I really like stash because I kind of just put my money in there once a month, and they give you some investment portfolios that they suggest you should be investing in. So, for example, I have two of them. I have moderate mix and park my cash so park my cash is more off. A low fixed rate, long term investing strategy and moderate mix is a little bit more of Blake and says above Eurythmics, so it's a healthy blend of stocks and bonds that reflects your moderate investing profile. It gives you strong diversification, so it's up to you where you want to put your money. But this one kind of helps with giving descriptions on general portfolios that you can purchase. The next app that I use is wealth. Simple on the reason why I love, while simple is not on Lee. Does it have some investment portfolios that you could invest in? But they also have some savings accounts. They consider it smart savings. And essentially, it's kind of like the park my cash that I mentioned the stash. Essentially, you will eventually grow wealth over time, but it's kind of a low risk, low reward. This platform is my favorite. Just because you can act, it's on your computer. You can access it on the app. But I just really like design. And they make it very simple for you to understand and understand the portfolio. The fourth app that I have recently started investing in but very much like is Robin Hood. This one's a little bit more simple in the sense that I'm actually buying stocks. I'm not having someone manage it for me and say here we're gonna give you a mix. This is Hey, I want to buy a Ford or I want to buy GoPro or I want to buy a stock in Apple, but essentially just automate your savings into that account, and then you can buy whatever you prefer. So this kind of giving you a more freestyle investing, but it's up to you, but I kind of like having a little bit more flexibility in this app. I really like using all four of these abs because I'm a big believer in diversifying my portfolio, whether that be investing or I have a bunch of different checking accounts in a bunch of different savings accounts. I like putting things around everywhere just so that I don't spend it if I have it in one account. And also, I just like having more accounts because it means my portfolio is gonna be more diverse, and I have a little bit more flexibility on certain upside don't in others. But this is all up to you. If you look at one of these acts and you love the platform, you love the way it operates and you want put all your money in there. By all means that's up to you. But I just like the flexibility of, you know, having a couple of different ones. Either way, these are all great APS that will be super simple for you to start and continue investing 4. Lesson 3: Learn More: lesson Number three is how to continue your education with this. So I'm not an expert in investing. I will be completely honest. I try to learn as much as I can, but I tend to use these APs because I am not 100% a guru or expert in this topic. There are tons of podcasts and books and YouTube channels and blog's that you can follow that if you just search investing, how to invest. You will find this on global, but I'm going to give you my top resource. Is that our super simple and super personable? And I think you're really gonna enjoy them. The first person I follow is on YouTube, and his name is Graham. Stephan Graham, seven, is super young, and you always see like a portion extensive car in his background. He will teach you how to invest in regular stocks and index funds and work your way up to real estate, which is his favorite form of investing, which you doing some time to get into everything, is explaining his videos. I love his videos. They're very straight to the point with a little bit of humor, so I think you're really going to like him. The next website that I love following is the financial diet. They also have an instagram page, a book and a YouTube channel. This is generally geared towards millennial woman, but everything that they're saying obviously is super valid and could be applied to anyone's life. They're also more focused on, obviously your personal finances and all of your decisions. So not only will they be talking about investing, but they also talk about budgeting and how they cut costs. So I think it's a great channel to kind of understand the simplest forms of investing, especially through while simple. The third person that you can follow is Dave Ramsey probably heard his name before because he has a podcast. He has books. He is YouTube channel. He is very well known in the personal finance arena. He definitely is a no nonsense type of guy, so it's nice seeing his perspective. He's going for the direct investment route that will lead you to financial success and wealth. He doesn't really like playing with all these fancy things. He probably would just tell you to invest in a certain thing, and that's the one way that you need to be doing it and that's it. But it's an interesting perspective, tohave. He is definitely a very successful businessman, and he has helped hundreds of thousands of people get out of debt, so he's a very, very credible source. But he obviously has his own perspective compared to other people, so just keep that in mind. 5. Conclusion: Now that is it for this course. Now your project will be just to sit down for 15 minutes and go through the 1st 3 steps that I mentioned. One. Find out if you have 41 K If you do and roll, figure that out, too. Make sure you're setting money aside, no matter how small. Just set it in your budget you want but $1 week, $2 a week, $5 a month whatever you need. But make sure you putting that money aside. And the third thing is to download any of the upset I mentioned. Whatever is your preference, maybe Donald them see if you like them, and then if you don't like them, you can just, you know, obviously just download them. But it's up to you and this isn't part of the project. But if you would like to follow any of the people that I mentioned, you can continue investing education through that. If you're still watching this course, I appreciate you very much, and I would encourage you to go into the description box for the scores I will be having four links were all the APS that I mentioned eight corns and stash. You get a free $5 if you use that link, and if you click the Robin Hood Link, you will get a free stock. Obviously, you can get a lower value stock, or you could get in a stock from Apple. It's kind of just by chance, but feel free to check that link. You'll get your first free stock and unfortunately, well, simple doesn't offer any incentives for you. But if you want to click that link and support me because you like this video, and you really appreciate what I have to say, I would greatly appreciate it if you click that link. Also, if you like this video, follow me on this gil share. If you would like to see more videos and I would greatly appreciate if you love to review, just so I kind of know if these videos are something that you will are interested in and that they were helpful to you in some way. And if you need some personalized personal finance health than I would be happy to help you out, just check out my website and you can set up a consultation and we can definitely work something out and I hope to help you in some way. So that is it for this course. I hope you greatly enjoyed it. And I hope I see you soon. Have a great day, everyone.