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Intuitive Tarot : The Uses and Meanings of the Medium

teacher avatar Joarian Grai, Queer Medium and Witch

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Chapter 1

    • 3. Chapter 2 Method: Part A

    • 4. Chapter 2 Method: Part B

    • 5. Chapter 3 Prediction vs Self Help: Part A

    • 6. Chapter 3 Prediction vs Self Help: Part B

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About This Class

This is a class to help new students of the occult strive to improve their skills in one of the accessible divination methods out there.

In this first lesson, we will go over how it can be used to uncover hidden messages in our subconscious, and use them for guidance across any topic. In my practice, I work mostly on using tarot for self help and guidance, so if you are looking for an easy way to predict the future, this may not be for you. In my experience, adding variables and feelings around a wanted outcome usually can effect our feelings and actions surrounding that event or wish. We must train ourselves on healthier forms of manifestation which I can also cover if that's something the community is interested in.

This is an INTRO class, therefore, you do not need any particular background in this field. 

If this is something you find interesting and would like to continue to pursue, I would recommend purchasing a tarot deck from your local book shop or online to follow along with the later card interpretation and practice spread method classes.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joarian Grai

Queer Medium and Witch



I'm Jo Grai and I have over 13 years of tarot experience and am a professional reader and medium. I am the CEO of Vervain Ritual and Readings where I blend psychic and occult services with sigil magic infused vegan and cruelty free products. 

I believe that in order to best serve our body, mind, and spirit we must find a balance between confronting hard truths and engaging in a ritualized form of self-care.

I believe in the beauty of uncovering mysteries within our souls to help us achieve maximum potential.

I read tarot a bit unconventionally and I'm looking to share this fresh perspective with a whole new generation of occult enthusiasts and witches from all backgrounds. 

In the future, my classes will break ... See full profile

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1. Intro : Hello, which is Ravens and friends. My name is Jory and Gray, and I'm here to hopefully turn you into an amazing intuition based terror reader. Before we start, I would like to share away little bit about myself so you can get to know me better, transparency and vulnerability or key and building trust. And I want to kick off this class by building that bridge with you. I've been meaning terror for over 13 years, and I'm a professional medium. I started seeing goes age three after a near death experience and a close relationship with the departed and the spirit roam. I remember the first time I got into Tero. I was at the Renaissance Fair. I was 13 years old and there was a woman who came up to me and she had a deck and I looked at her and I said, I want to do that where I grew up. Some patches were at I'm looking up and I have the opportunity, actually to be able to do what I want, which is also me. We used terror for self improvement and to get better, a better understanding of her shot themselves by pulling out recalls is and figuring our innermost needs and desires to set up healthy boundaries in our personalities and relationships to others. I do not believe that there is layer dark magic Onley intention in these methods are a staple. When I perform any ritual or when I read cards, it will be teaching the class this way. If that does not resonate with you, I would not recommend this class. I hope you enjoy my classes. And if you would like to book a session for reading or order a product, please feel free to visit my website at www dot vervain ritual and readings dot com. All premium skill Search Skill share service subscribers will receive a 10% discount code with promo code skill share all capital One word. You may also find a link to my website of my profile Bio intuitive Tero Uses and meanings of the medium. In this first lesson, we will go over how it can be used to uncover hidden messages in our subconscious and use them for guidance across any topic. In my practice, I work mostly on using terror of herself, help and guidance. So if you're looking for an easy way to predict the future. This may not be for you. In my experience, adding variables and feelings around wanted outcome usually can affect our feelings and actions surrounding an event or wish. We must train ourselves on healthier forms of manifestation, which I could also cover. If that's something the community is interested in, that will continuously go over this topic. Following your three chapters breaking down the historical context, methods of reading and types of readings he can perform to your client. I hope you enjoy it. 2. Chapter 1: Chapter one history or lack thereof, I could go into the history of the cards and why it's important to learn where they've come from and how they work Honestly. The truth is, though, that it doesn't really matter because the forms they have taken and the cultures they have cross has been so widely speculated. And the depictions of the images have been changed so many times that I don't really think it's worth getting into unless specifically requested. I want to acknowledge that it is a very old method of divination. However, it is not the oldest and it's certainly not the first. Essentially, the most popular myth is that they started off as a playing card game for the wealthy akin to bridge. However, these origins are typically white, washed and exclude non European countries and cultures who had very similar versions of the cards. Many sites will tell you that they originated in Italy. However, I have also heard reports that they were imported from Turkey and Egyptians have their own renditions of the cards which predate both of them. Please understand that it is not crucial for you to know these origins. 10 Otero in my over of a decade of experience. I've never felt it necessary to do research on this topic outside of a few hours of cross reference Google searching If you would like to know more, I can take deeper and find some sustainable sources by people who are non European or non wait for you to explore that on your own. In the 21st century, we have seen a resurgence of the medium. My generation, the millennials have a deep connection toe, wanting to cultivate and discover a deeper relationship to the unknown. We have our putem in Scorpio and that ridge should deeper. I believe it's one of the main reasons that it is lead Tero to take the front line in certain circles of pop culture today. This especially is true, clear in other small communities where we can empower ourselves, reclaim a sense of security and a way to better understand multiple facets of our personalities. Being able to reclaim our subconscious and our metaphysical capabilities help so many people get to know themselves better and take control of their lives when they feel like they don't have any. The currents hold us accountable if we're objective enough to hold ourselves accountable. The feelings we get when reading Informa. True meaning of the cards. Once you leave the book behind, I assure you that a whole new world of possibilities will open up in the best way. This isn't to say that by and how the creation of this medium is insignificant we're having of the concept of imagery has changed hands and transformed over so much time that by connecting it to its original form at this point wouldn't miss B wouldn't be as helpful as you might think. What matters most right now to you, beginner, is the fact that many cultures across the span of many years, what they need to know themselves on a deeper level. And that's why what we're trying to accomplish to this state by using terror 3. Chapter 2 Method: Part A: Chapter two methods. Traditional versus freeform. There are many methods of terror in the community. There tends to be a lot of gate keeping on this and on the best way to read. Some people are diehard traditionalists, while others I prefer a lot less structure the traditionalist study and study and study and recite what they read verbatim about taking into consideration the extenuating circumstances surrounding their client's life. With the imagery that may be depicted on the cards that seem counterintuitive, there's nothing wrong with breeding this way. I feel like a lot of us start this way, especially because the sheer amount of cards can be daunting. Studying THEMIS flash cars is how a lot of us get their feet wet. Their 78 cards. That is a lot of information to absorb and retain, and I respect the people that know every square inch of every single card. For a lot of people, though, this isn't that helpful or, at the very least, seems dissatisfying after the initial memorization takes place. The traditional meanings of the cards are important to be aware of, but usually they don't apply to every person that you were reading. Please take them with the green of salt. Don't disregard them, but don't take some like toe heart all the way. I was by the book for the 1st 6 years is a reader. At a certain point, I felt like a book became a crotch instead of the opposite of what it's supposed to dio. How do you learn to ride a bike? Eventually, you have to take your training wheels off. At first we must research like we're learning another language, which, technically we are. But a dictionary will only get you so far if you eventually have to speak that language to someone who is native to that language. For example, your client, you're telling them about their life. You're telling them about their personality. The book doesn't prepare you for that. At a certain point, you have to cultivate your own relationships with the cards and truly diamond to understand them. For example, let's say that you spend five years of your life teaching yourself French through reading and listening to audio sources. At this point, you can recite words, maybe even full phrases. You can listen to songs and you can watch movies you can surely right in it and reading it pretty well. Now you go to France and well being fully immersed in this language, he said. They suddenly feel deeply, deeply, deeply done, prepared and kind of in shock. You put in the time now you must dive in. It's a little daunting. At first. It's always a little rocky, but with people who were understanding, you usually will grab onto it faster than you could have imagined. This is why when you first start reading people, friends and family make your best first clients because you understand them and they understand that you're learning. 4. Chapter 2 Method: Part B: freeform rating can be used by finding a deck that resignations with you and somehow using the artwork instead of the pre written meanings in the book to gather your information. This is the method that I usually use. I have three ducks better varying degrees of blunt to sugar coat, which we will go over later. And depending on my client, I usually ask which one they'd like to hear from. Sometimes, pulling the tower to someone who's already been through a very hard time on the sugar coat deck might seem like a softer blow. Most people, however, opt for the blunt deck on day. Want to just get dragged by all heck, and that's fine. I think that's really cool with this method. We love the card, speak to us. We put them where they want to be and let them tell us what's going on. We trust their tummy and her heart and not our brain of the art. And a lot of these decks can be very informative on how they want to be read. So, for example, I use three decks, which you don't have to do because that's an investment of these over time new clients. I normally start on the middle ground deck. So the stuff is really nice because it doesn't have, like, the traditional writer way that's, like very binary engendered. And, um, wait. And just all around, pretty conservative. So a deck like this that house beautiful images of art that convey feelings. However, it's not to embellish to where you're gonna be getting giving the person I keep pulling something a softer blow, if that makes sense. So like by using these images that are descriptive enough to tell you a story but not overly embellished to sugar coat it, it makes for a very good reading. Now this deck is my blood deck, which most people request. Thean Mages Air Very reductive. So essentially the more reductive the image, the more blunt the deck is going to be because you're not going to have to dance around describing the imagery to your client. If that makes sense. So like these air very minimalist and the Sugar Co. Deck, I pretty much only used for people who are going through really, really hard time and have been for quite some time, or use it for my block post because it is beautiful. This is the Aquarian deck. I find it to be very nice and friendly and like even the image like the devil is just like not that bad. The Art Nouveau gives you a lot of time and space to talk about all the little nuances that you would otherwise miss and other ducks that you might be using that are a little bit more reductive. Also just named the decks. My name. I obviously just went over the Aquarian deck of the middle ground duck that uses an imam Monday. Um, right here you can find it. And then the hard blunt deck that's my favorite is the wild on new entero. This one's pretty popular, So I'm sure you've probably seen it around if you're not super new to the field, So yeah, that's the decks 5. Chapter 3 Prediction vs Self Help: Part A: Chapter three. The uses predictions vs Self help. Justus. There are many methods. Sotero. They also have many uses. A swell stereotype is usually when you walk into a dusty little cottage for some, lovely crown tells you to take a seat in Abruzzi. A cup of tea. She might even have you. You ask if you will find someone. Soon you ask about the promotion that Europe for you. Ask if you will have Children get married House whole nine yards. This is usually the type of reading that you will receive if you go to the boardwalk or if you visit a witchy tourist trap again. There's nothing wrong with this type of reading. Usually they bring peace to a lot of people. Usually they will come true to some varying degree. Usually the timelines will be off, though, because Tero can be an unpredictable method of giving you any sort of timeline, because each card is so loaded with information that it may be difficult to discern when certain things will happen. Unless your individual practice uses. The minor are kinda heavily connected to the seasonal associations or the major economies association at certain astrological signs. But This isn't the only type of reading weaken Dio. In fact, I think it's a jumping off point to the self. Help yourself, Axl. Actual evasion aspect. Most of us think we know ourselves pretty well, but don't tend to want to visit our shadow cells or hold ourselves accountable for our character flaws. Terror can be an excellent way to understand our deepest needs and figure out a solution to materialize them in a healthy and safe way where we feel both empowered and supported. The major are Khanna is a powerful resource for this type of reading. Here we have signifiers representations of yourself at the moment, or a mirror of yourself, or of the situation, along with the solution oriented cards that will help you achieve what you need in order to become the best version of yourself or to reach Uncle. The major are Khanna is not the only signifier cards that are possible. They're just usually the most easily identifiable. This is the type of reading I enjoy doing the most because I believe it comes with the greatest reward 6. Chapter 3 Prediction vs Self Help: Part B: Normally, it's unfair to ask a reader predictions if you were unwilling, toe. Also seek a means to your intended outcome. Ah, lot of the time, even being aware of said, predictions will undo them because without a solution or goal, but how to get you there. You may decide to stop working as hard towards it because you were told you be receiving it . I will continue to bring this up in every class because I get a lot of flak for it. But I also think it's incredibly true. For example, you ask your reader if you will receive the promotion you've been working your tail off for . The reader tells you that you will, in fact receive this promotion. You may unintentionally not put as much effort into the grind because, you know, do you now feel entitled to it? In doing this, you may have cost yourself that opportunity. Remember, nothing is set in Stone is the outer piece of the puzzle of our lives, and it's up to us to fill in the middle with the choices that we make. If we don't help ourselves, the universe will not help us either. Most things don't fly into our laps, and if they do, they should be considered a rarity. And you should appreciate them to agree to sticks that in a more advanced situation, Terra may also be used to help access the part of our subconscious that holds past life memories. These types of readings usually blends with spell work and could be very difficult and very dangerous have not done correctly. This is the type of reading not everyone can dio. If you were interested in this, I offer sessions privately via Skype in person. If you were in the greater Philadelphia area, please contact me directly through my site, which I have mentioned at the beginning of the video. This wraps up our first introduction session has been to a terrorist. This video, consider, is considerably shorter, as I previously mentioned them, the ones that will follow with terror. There are a lot of complex elements that I want to take as much time and as much care and effort to dive deep into. I will break them down and do my best to make them as accessible and not overwhelming as humanly possible. All feedback is welcome and appreciated all of my social media wings are directly on my profile. Please feel free to follow and subscribe. Engage with me regularly until next time plus a B.