Intuitive Tarot: The Major Arcana (Part 2) | Joarian Grai | Skillshare

Intuitive Tarot: The Major Arcana (Part 2)

Joarian Grai, Queer Medium and Witch

Intuitive Tarot: The Major Arcana (Part 2)

Joarian Grai, Queer Medium and Witch

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14 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The High Priestess

    • 3. The Magician

    • 4. The Empress

    • 5. The Emperor

    • 6. The Lovers

    • 7. The Hermit

    • 8. The Hierophant

    • 9. The Devil

    • 10. The Moon

    • 11. The Star

    • 12. The Sun

    • 13. Strength

    • 14. Temperance

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About This Class

This class will continue the subcategorizing of the Major Arcana's two remaining categories; support cards, and feelings cards one by one for a nuanced interpretation. Next week, we will be covering the first suit; wands!

Meet Your Teacher

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Joarian Grai

Queer Medium and Witch



I'm Jo Grai and I have over 13 years of tarot experience and am a professional reader and medium. I am the CEO of Vervain Ritual and Readings where I blend psychic and occult services with sigil magic infused vegan and cruelty free products. 

I believe that in order to best serve our body, mind, and spirit we must find a balance between confronting hard truths and engaging in a ritualized form of self-care.

I believe in the beauty of uncovering mysteries within our souls to help us achieve maximum potential.

I read tarot a bit unconventionally and I'm looking to share this fresh perspective with a whole new generation of occult enthusiasts and witches from all backgrounds. 

In the future, my classes will break ... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello, everybody. I hope we have a wonderful Saland. Sorry for the delay. We had some technical difficulties this week. We will be covering the second half of the major are Khanna. Previously we covered the 1st 2 categories. This week we will cover the next two. Next week we will be covering the Wannsee. 2. The High Priestess : Okay, so now we're on support cards. The first thing we have is the high Priestess. This is intuition and number two. Traditionally, that this card has a feminine figure seated between two pillars of light and dark. They don a triple moon is a headdress representing the subconscious. They're the bridge between roams the walkers between worlds. There are always pomegranates for pineapples to represent the idea fertility. But I see it of as the mind the ultimate work, all the keeper of the unknown, a crescent moon of their feet and more contemporary ducks. The high priestesses usually represented as a wise animal, traditionally feminine figure who controls their own destiny. There are symbols for life, death, and again, we know that the high priestesses able to bridge that gap effortlessly wisdom and intuition are keywords. Confidence in yourself and your abilities. Here we have your relationship to the subconscious and sacred knowledge. This card is important because it can reassure you that you're aligning with your higher self. The high Priestess is here to tell you that the answers you were searching for usually within you you must dig in and sort out your troubles for a solution. Instead of searching elsewhere for an answer, you are more powerful than you know. You are wise and able to conquer whatever you'll need. Through the power of instinct and intuition reversed, we may ask why you have issues searching within yourself. Are you neurotic? Do you have issues trusting your judgment? Is your subconscious self sabotaging? You remember, Reverse for support card usually indicates trouble with this archetype and the ideals that holds. Why are you afraid of the unknown? What has happened in the past that made you question it or opposite to this? Are you always for look, are you always looking for reasons to escape within yourself so you don't have any connections? The mundane trials, in tributes of this plane with the high Priestess Week Finder answers within with the magician. We find them externally but still through ourselves. 3. The Magician : up. Next we have magician mastery and this is number one. Traditionally the magician card. It has a figure holding one arm up with the candle and one arm down, pointing in front of them. There's a Pinnacle Cup sword and one laid out on the table Above their head is the infinity . Simple and more contemporary decks. The magician usually doesn't change much. The figures may differ, but all the pieces air similar. The symbolism of this card here is inherently more important because the magician represents the mastery that it takes to perfect their trade. The items on the table represented each suit, and they have been laid out because magician both knows how to use them and is about to do so no matter what is 13 magician. They were confident in their ability because they're prepared. This card is all about prep work and giving yourself the confidence you need in order to succeed. You have the tools. You know the information. You are ready to move forward in whatever way that you need to. This is a particularly good cardinal pole in most cases right side up. The magician is here to support you by giving you a foolproof safety net that you have constructed for yourself, whether or not you were aware that he did it, you're not just being told you can do it. You're being shown that you can do it because of quantifiable skills you acquired over the years. Reverse. This could get a little tricky because, as I stated before the cars represent ideals and archetypes with the magician, we may have issues with authenticity. Here we must critique. What we see is trustworthy or if we're actually under prepared, even though we think we're ready, it's kind of like lying on your resume. I know I know that the card seems a little counterintuitive. The fine line with this card lies with your ego. You're either too neurotic that you think you're incapable of something that you clearly are, or you're so cocky about it. But it's all smoke and mirrors when pulling this card is a signifier for someone, depending on the card surrounding this person may not appear as they seem, where you may be undervaluing what they can do for you. They were the real thing for their fake. There's no middle ground with this card. It's all or nothing 4. The Empress: the Empress abundance. This is card number three. Traditionally, the Empress's a feminine figure, reclining on what appears to be a very soft and decadent pillow with the symbol of Venus inside of a heart at their feet. The address is a door with pomegranates, and wheat lies immediately ahead, lining the bottom of the card while a beautifully lush forest lines the top in more contemporary DXC imagery usually stays heavily gender coded unless you get some sort of reductive or minimalist deck. And even then that settlements, no matter what the emperor's is wearing or what they are surrounded by abundance, is the idea to remember. Here, this card is about the harvest. It's about reaping your rewards as a support card. The emperor's can be the figure to gently shepherd you into a new situation. This car can be seen as you're nurturing parent or the person who helps you leave your comfort zone safely, right either doing it with you or reassuring you every step of the white. That is all gonna be okay. Depending on the card surrounding this might also be just a validation. You need to take a much heartbreak and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Reverse Lee. This card can hinder your progress because the ideal and the archetype of the Empress is someone who has thought to be resting on our laurels. Someone who enjoys the harvest without putting the work in or even someone who fought out refuses to change because their current situation is comfortable. Just like with the magician, there are multiple viewpoints here. Depending on the surrounding cards, We could even go as far to say that the Empress and by extension, a signifier of the client or the person in question is constantly being underestimated because they are not seen as valuable. This especially rings true when we compare this card to the emperor. This is the problem with terror cards that are reliant on gender. The emperor will always be taken more seriously. But that card inherently has no more authority than the Empress. Even though the authorities that was what the ember represents. They both are strong in their own ways. And we must remember this one reading ourselves and reading our clients 5. The Emperor: the Emperor Authority number four. Traditionally, the emperor can be seen. It's a stern looking person sitting in a full suit of armor on 1/3 and looking miserable. The third is a door with rams, which could either symbolize stubbornness, determination or both. The perspective here is that you were to be at their feet. You were the one who was walking up, asking permission for what you need in more contemporary decks. The card, much like the Empress, is still heavily gender coded. The wild unknown eases a strong ways tree, which I tend to enjoy more. I honestly think it's the best representation of what the card is supposed to mean. This card isn't and shouldn't be a representation of what a father should be. Just someone who is wise beyond their years of wants to walk you through using wisdom and practicality. There is nothing more stable than allies. Pine Tree. It's the tallest point in the forest, making it a landmark for those in need of sanctuary. The tree of seen it all. And yet they stand on whether ready to continue to do so, no matter what, protecting those who live inside and out of it for hundreds of years. At the same time, this tree is unmovable and can only give you what it's been giving out over the time on Earth. Nothing new can come out of it until it's tough, where it returns back to the planet to foster new life. Much like the Empress, I could go on for days about how these two cards should either become one or diverge into minimalist representation of nurture versus authority. There, opposite sides of the same coin. Proving that extremes exists between these 21 is not as productive as both of them. Working as a team to split them is into service. I usually use is in a reading with issues that, with the ideals of this binary or issues with your client, will have with certain aspects of what these cards represent. Upright, you have a figure that wants you to follow in their footsteps, but on their terms, only authority is key. They want to direct you. Instead of the empress wanting to steer you, they want you to do exactly how they did. Even if the current times and climate making news archaic methods are unfeasible, they may have been on the battlefield before, but they've been sitting in the chair for so long that it may be a little too easy to tell you what to do without remembering what it is like to actually do it for themselves. Reverse. We may examine our relationship toe authority. Do we have released your guardians or parents growing up? Do we feel any to rebel even if we don't really want to? Or are we so stuck in our ways that were actually undoing our progress altogether? Because we're ignoring the risk? 6. The Lovers: the lovers balance giving and receiving number six. Traditionally, the lovers is the most Adam and Eve thing I've ever seen. Outside of the Bible. It's to need people of seemingly opposing anatomy. You has a snake in the apple tree. Adam has a tree burning down. There's an angel between them in a mountain at their feet. Most references for this card or two on the head. It's not about a man and a woman finding love. It's about two halves of a whole coming together in any purpose. Under any circumstance we see fit. It's about balance and duality. And of all the traditional renditions up any kind of card, I feel like we should scrap the same injury altogether because it's confusing to explain to your client where yourself when it means with the context, being solely focused on the system heterosexual room, that's Please go for a minimal A stack of this bothers you as much as it bothers me in The animal on the decade's tuber is coming together in the wild on noon. It's too. He's flying together in a bright Rambo. Even the Aquarian deck has two relatively androgynous figures coming together. This card does not always insinuate in your relationship, but usually harmony due to a conscious choice. Please see the surrounding carts for reference. If they're surrounded with cards from one of the seats, they might find harmony with whatever suit there in. If it's around the catalyst or transitional car. They might actually embark on a new partnership of some kind, but it doesn't necessarily be need to be romantic. Duality in all aspects of our life is important. No one is just one part. No one should see themselves as half of something. This card, in its purest form, could even indicate great progress on a journey for self love and acceptance. A great we will or recently have found this sort of balance in our lives. Whether whatever form that may be we may have mastered or given take, we may have a moment of self created peace. We literally might just take a moment and appreciate. But no matter how bad things get, as long as we have someone who is supportive, it's gonna be fine. Reverses work. It's tricky for some clients. This may indicate that whatever aspect of their life that they're preoccupied with this distracting them, and they're losing that sense of balance. For example, a new relationship may be very distracting if you're trying to work hard towards a goal simultaneously passion, maybe throwing us off kilter, we might not. Well, I'd be giving too much or taking too much from our loved ones. 7. The Hermit: archetypes, but also emissaries. Hermit withdrawn Number nine. Traditionally, the hermit card can be seen as an old figure alone and what appears to be an empty space holding a staff in one hand and a lantern and the other, the figure appears to be forlorn. There is no one around them. The background is even stark, as opposed to a lot of the Maurin Village backgrounds of the other cards. In modern Dexia, Idea's pretty similar. I'll have some form of life represented in solitude. There is always what appears to the emptiness or avoid is, well, some guiding, like keeping it a safe space for them to be in. The hermit is about introspection and the fine line that walks from taking some me time to mull things over or totally locking yourself away, isolating yourself from those around you. This happens slowly over time, bit by bit, until you find yourself alone in a cave thinking everyone's abandoned. You when really you just wanted to yourself needing to take time and space for yourself is very important, especially when you're an introvert. But if you're prone to overthink or not able to discern how much time you truly need to withdraw from it may become an issue. Great. We usually see this as a signifier for someone who's been hurt a lot, or for someone who usually gets lost deep in their thoughts. We also may see it for someone who feels disconnected or someone who's in recovery from some sort of trauma or upsetting event. This isn't necessarily wrong, like we've gone over earlier. It's just a tight group. We must figure out how to walk across properly. We all need some R and R, but too much R and R leads to, at the very least, boredom and that most it can take a large toll on our mental health. Reverse, we might find ourselves in wonder. Two ends of this extreme either were self isolating so much that is affecting our lives and our interpersonal relationships. Or we've over extended ourselves with plans and destructions because we're afraid to be alone with the salts. If the surrounding cards indicate that your client has been running from something they mean need to follow the hermits lead. If your client surrounding cards and more emotional or more inward they may need to branch out in order to prevent a run or loneliest 8. The Hierophant: the higher offense Tradition number five Traditionally, the higher if it is a figure adorned with religious garb with to cross keys of their feet with two subjects at the bottom of the card. Much like the Emperor Perspectively, we are to enter the card at the feet where the emperor represents authority. The higher fence represents into ITU shin or tradition in more modern decks. A lot of them keep the symbolism, but again, minimalist extend to switched up of it. The wild unknown deck has a raven holding a key getting struck by lightning in the animal Monday. It's a start looking stag with two keys as well. The keys follow through because they symbolized the unlocking of sacred knowledge that the higher believes that they're the only one allowed to pass down. In case you haven't been able to tell, they have a lot of baggage with this card, it's ruled by tourists and, as you can imagine, is the higher one's way or the highway. It's all institution. It's all follow with no questions asked. There is nothing inherently wrong with apprenticing, but we should always be asking ourselves why, and this card usually shows up when we need to know that, why to move on with this card here. Client either refuses to learn something that could be useful to them because they don't like the way it's being portrayed, or they're so used to blindly following what they're told that they need a fresh perspective. The higher is intellectual ego. It is rare that we get the cherry pick what we want to know with their knowledge, but we can choose to absorb it all and then take it with a grain of salt operate. This card can indicate that you may need to slow down and listen to this person who is trying to give you that sage advice. People who lack structure sometimes needed in order to feel empowered. A lot of tradition has been upheld because it usually works to some degree. Or you may need to buckle down and admit that you might not know everything. You get what you put in with this card. It will not serve you until you drink it all in Reverses Card may indicate the way you feel about tradition. You may be asking yourself why, without receiving any decent answer, you maybe feel lost because you put your faith into something that took advantage of you, or you may be so stuck in arbitrary traditions that it's inhibiting your growth. Either way, we need to find out what this means to us and how we can move on taking or leaving this advice given. 9. The Devil: the devil Unequal exchange under power dynamic number 15 the devil. Traditionally, this card actually looks very similar to the lovers card. Only there's a ductile instead of an angel, and the figures represented now have tails that reflect on the trees mentioned previously. This is a post apple. The devil has had them chained together for all eternity and rules above them as above. So below Juan Armagh, one arm down, holding a lit torch. This gets weird because other renditions of this card seven out of 10 times completely abandoned the look of this altogether and just literally show a devil. It's the same thing as a lover's card or the wheel of fortune. It's overly complicated and mostly doesn't know it's not relevant to the world we live in. Now. The devil isn't about internal eternal damnation or send any more. Usually, the devil is about empower and balance or being supported it to something that wishes to take advantage of you. The devil has you feeling chained and trap to something that could have been beneficial to you in the past, but has since then mutated into something nasty. Obviously, you could put that towards a toxic partnership of some kind. But that's not always the case. You could be stuck in an unhealthy pattern. Addiction, a toxic job, the crushing weight of capitalism, etcetera. There is a sense of powerlessness here, but we can reclaim it. Read more into the surrounding cards because they'll usually reveal the source of powerlessness and could provide insight to your client on how to get out or at the very least, began to put them moving pieces in place to finally feel free. Ah, break me. See a literal representation of an unfair power dynamic. Your client may be getting sucked dry by something or vice versa. With this card, we hope that it's not a signifier for them, but sometimes it is. Sometimes we take more than we think we are, and it's important to be aware of that so we can work on ourselves. Growth reverse. We see the devil as an internalized damage We do to ourselves as an opposed the self care and acceptance we tried to navigate earlier in the lovers. With this card, we are essentially self harming by way of self sabotage or varying degrees of self loathing or self esteem issues. we may feel like we don't deserve things. We may blame ourselves for things out of our control. Pulling this Carter first, also for your more metaphysical clans may in rare cases indicate that an entity of some sort is hanging around and affecting negatively. Please. Again, surrounding currents and questions asked, are always so important. 10. The Moon: All right, folks, we're in the homestretch with feelings cards in the 1st 1 is the moon, the unknowns of conscious number 18. Traditionally, the moon looks down in a grassy knoll between two towers of the dog and a wolf worshipping at Via Howell. A crawfish quietly and creepily emerges from the deep water. The moon looks upset, being upstaged by the sun around it. However, it's what's connecting all aspects of our subconscious mind. Bridging the gap between what we feels intuition and what we can transform it into were able to obtain a deeper knowledge of the unknown, more contemporary ducks. This doesn't really change much. There's always a moon, and there is 9.9 out of 10 times, also some body of water. The moon reflects off the water, like her intuition and gut feelings reflect off our deep ourselves diving and is the only way to better understand how we feel. Our emotions and abilities are so much more than face value. They're in a way sublime. The moon gives us access to parts of ourselves that we wouldn't otherwise pay any attention to. The sun shines so bright on this during the day that it may close over the nuances of much more subtle aspects of ourselves. With the beautiful, cool, diffuse and gentle light of the moon, we can see the details. We can see what the son couldn't show us because we were so drenched in the brightness operate the moon is act, asking us to dig deeper. There is more to the situation that your client is letting on to their relationship to the intuition. Maybe so in touch that all they need is reassurance, or it might be so damaged that you need to build it back up. Also, this could be seen is embracing mystery and wanting to know ourselves better. With the moon up right, we may be scared, but dipping one toe in the water at a time may serve your client in the relationship to the inner workings of their mind for years to come reverse. We may see that your client scared as hell the access, any part of their deeper mind. They may be completely ignoring their intuition, or they may be holding on to their emotions the point of oppression. They may be unwilling to unlock their mind, or they may be so willing to do it that they're using it as a form of escapism. Since this is a feelings card, we always want to look for transitional cards around it to see how these matchup this is, how they feel in regards to what they're going through at that particular moment, and it's our job to guide them through their subconscious and a healthy and safe way. 11. The Star: the star optimism, Hope, spirituality and regional number 17. Traditionally, the star shows a figure in a lush landscape pouring water from two bases, one basis replenishing upon the other. Bases were punishing their mind. They're feeding the earth, and in return they're being rewarded through their cultivated relationship with water, which represents the unknown. This brings them closer to the divine one fit into the subconscious. Deepwater is one foot firmly earthbound. Blending their worldly and other worldly feelings creates an individual who shines bright because they're actualized, their stars shining above. But the figure pays no mind. This card is so beautifully authentic because it actively cultivates a relationship with something that is not quantifiable but is also important for them to do it. This card has no ego, just hope and unwavering feeling that if they take care, they will be taken care of. They may not understand the why, but here it doesn't hurt them. It helps the wise bigger than themselves, that you're doing something genuinely pure without the need, or ask for anything in return. As humans, we're connected to this planet, therefore connected to our gods in whatever form they may take as humans. It is our duty to do so because it gives us life. It continues to do so until we stopped taking care. Operate your clients feeling surrounding the situation at hand are is listed above. Honestly, they've got this. The starting assure you that no matter what happened or what will you will be provided for as long as you continue to provide for yourself. Your relationship with the divine and with faith right now is unwavering. Hope is how you've gotten this far and hope hope and trust will get you further reverse we may feel is that we lost touch with their sense of hope or that will never be able to find this level of optimism again. We can't spiritually renew without its We may feel like we're directionless. Why are we pouring the water? We don't see an immediate return. After all they've been through, Why can't they see the bigger picture? Why are they looking for answers when answers will come to them through a nurturing themselves and those around them 12. The Sun: the sun. Growth versus ICO number 19. Traditionally, the sun has a toddler riding on a white horse, moving forward in motion with a red cloth. The child is surrounded by sunflowers being watched over by a giant and celestial sun. The current radiates being one of the most visually brain. The deck. Our eyes take a flood of yellow and orange. It is almost contagious, much like the moon in the world. Some modern renditions, only the celestial bodies, air president and others. We have representations of pure light. The key here is overwhelming and absolute warm. The sun may be hot, especially now, but it's gave us life. The sun is strong and proud, but some lets you know that you're feeling some sense of joy or warmth around the situation . Or it may reassure you that those feelings air soon. On their way, The sun gives us abundance and almost always success. If you're seeing the sun somewhere, along with the catalyst card, you'll know that whatever you're going up against you, it'll be totally doable. If you see this on your transitional card, you know to take it in stride. This card always reads 92% positive. Operate the son of strong crowd and invigorated. You were feeling great and will continue to do so. Much like the star, this reads optimistic, although this is more of an absolute sense instead of the rewarded for hard work for it. If that makes sense, here is where we should be extending ourselves outward to positively impact our community. It is ready, Better card is so sure footed. If you're overpowered with joy and radiance, it is your responsibility to reach out to those who may be struggling for this card. I want to spend some time talking about the lesser than perfect meetings for this card because it's important to note that the sun is more complex than happy joy and warm reverse . The sun can be about your ego. This is where the other 8% comes into play. Instead of warmth and joy, we may see mania, illusions of grandeur, an entitled sense of absolution. The sun is used is so used to its own warm that it sees no other way to live. We know the sun rises every day, so we never planned for the day. It doesn't depending on the surrounding cards. This may also indicate that you will get what every desire. However, it won't live up to the high expectations that you set it for yourself. In this case, you put a person or situation or ideal up on a pedestal, and when it doesn't become a reality, you feel a sense of emptiness. 13. Strength: strength, physical and intellectual. This is one of my fever cards. Talk about traditionally strength of picks, a figure standing over a lion there caressing its strong. The figure is dressed in all white with the infinity symbol above their head. When you look up old interpretations of this car, they will mention that the figure has tamed the lion. I think nowadays the card carries a different meaning altogether and more contemporary decks. The line seems to carry over more than anything else. In some decks, I've seen just a lion in some decks. I've seen the person writing the lion, and some ducks have seen a lion at the feet. I could go on and on and on. There is always a lion. Strength is not about conquer to state. This isn't a service that anyone who's been a victim of it strength is about balancing restraint and cruelty. Strength is knowing when you should show for us or take the high road. Strength means that the person didn't conquer the beast. They actually formed a relationship through mutual understanding. The line invite them at any second, but it doesn't The figure could hurt the lion at any second, but they don't with strength. Empathy is more important than anything else. This card shows an unwavering sense of courage. Is here to tell you that you can handle anything. Life throws you as long as you remain and empathetic. Sometimes we need to show that force. But strength is also asking you if this is the time to be strong enough to let it go. There are multiple ways that a person could be strong. Now more than ever, it's important to find out what this card means to you and run with it. How are you strong? Are you smart, caring, daring or brave? Operate Strength shows you that no matter what situation you currently find yourself in, you have the wherewithal to handle it appropriately. It's letting you know that you and that you may feel weak. You must look inward because there are parts of all of us that we can find strengthen. We must be proud of our unconventional courage. When we find her inner strength will be able to succeed rivers, we may not recognize their strength at all, or we may be stuck on one definition of it. Those two things may also cross to some extent, do we feel weak because we can't show brute force? Why? And firstly, we may be trying to barrel our way through with cruelty without considering that there may be better options, we may not possess the nuance it takes in the situation to actually see what we need. We may be asking ourselves why something is not working when they keep trying to push and push through it. 14. Temperance: Okay, this is our last card for the major are Kana and that is temperance patients in moderation Number 14. Traditionally, Temperance shows an angel pouring water between two chalices. They're hovering over a pool of water, their third eyes open, and they're surrounded by a lush landscape. In more contemporary decks, the card usually keeps the angel in the water. Sometimes it depicts only the two vessels in animal Armitt. Non figure based exit will show pretty much anything an animal Monday issues to blooming flowers and the wild unknown. It shows a crane standing over an open flame that's being put out by its tears. So basically, this current is drawn exactly true to write or weight, or it's a free for all. The main idea with temperance is finding moderation between two extremes, which is why the symbolism tends to differ so much. This is a pretty vague concept, and honestly, out of all of the major Khanna, the one I found the hardest to grasp. But first for this video, I will be using the traditional card to explain the meaning, because I do think it best serves that it, especially at a beginner level, the angel has to chalices. They can refill them at any time because they're standing over a pond. However they don't they properly allocate what they already have to find balance. They patiently and meticulously self sustained because of this land surrounding them is full and abundant because they have not over consumed. The wealth is shared and everyone benefits. They're focused because they have the purpose operate. This card is telling you that you have an inherent sense of purpose that helps you through whatever you need it to. And while moderation is something, you may still have an issue with your addressing it and you'll be better for it. This card is also telling you to be patient. Nothing sustainable comes quick and must be vote. This is where your goals come in. What are we crafting? If you feel strongly enough about it, you will take the time it needs to get it done and get it done right. Reverse. This card is telling you that you're feeling surrounding moderation. Maybe sq. If you're currently going through something, you may need to figure that out and re balance yourself accordingly. If you've watched your sense of purpose, it's easy just to take and take because you don't see how things are bigger than yourself. It could also signify your impatience and how it's trickling down to affect the entire situation. Balance takes time, time that you may not have currently, but without it, you're only hurting yourself. Reversed. This is all or nothing, and it's not a healthy way live.