Intuitive Tarot: The Major Arcana (Part 1) | Joarian Grai | Skillshare

Intuitive Tarot: The Major Arcana (Part 1)

Joarian Grai, Queer Medium and Witch

Intuitive Tarot: The Major Arcana (Part 1)

Joarian Grai, Queer Medium and Witch

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10 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The Chariot

    • 3. The Tower

    • 4. The Wheel of Fortune

    • 5. Judgement

    • 6. The Fool

    • 7. The Hanged Man

    • 8. Justice

    • 9. Death

    • 10. The World

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About This Class

This class will go through the first two categories card by card that we've discussed in the last lesson. I really wanted to try to get them all into one lesson but the process has been more time consuming than I thought it would be. In order for the classes to come weekly, I will have to break up some of the suits into sections moving forward. Some of the material I will revisit comes from my own personal grimoire blog listed on my website , although these interpretations will obviously go into deeper detail. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Joarian Grai

Queer Medium and Witch



I'm Jo Grai and I have over 13 years of tarot experience and am a professional reader and medium. I am the CEO of Vervain Ritual and Readings where I blend psychic and occult services with sigil magic infused vegan and cruelty free products. 

I believe that in order to best serve our body, mind, and spirit we must find a balance between confronting hard truths and engaging in a ritualized form of self-care.

I believe in the beauty of uncovering mysteries within our souls to help us achieve maximum potential.

I read tarot a bit unconventionally and I'm looking to share this fresh perspective with a whole new generation of occult enthusiasts and witches from all backgrounds. 

In the future, my classes will break ... See full profile

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1. Intro: all right. Hello, everyone. And welcome back to Intuit of terror. Last week we went over the four categories, breaking them down into sections in order to easily understand them. This week we're actually going over the individual cards I originally plan Teoh do all of them in one video, but I timed it out, and it's way too long. So we are getting half in this. So we're doing the catalysts and transitional currents in the section. And then next week we will be doing the support in the feelings cards. Eso Yeah, it's definitely a lot of content. I'm really excited to share it with the folks. 2. The Chariot: chariot running towards the storm number seven and the traditional renditions. The cherry card is represented with a person inside of the chariot, with two sphinxes at their feet. The person looks very determined and has sitting behind them, and they're heading towards something new. This representation does not have to be the only one all non traditional and original decks based off the writer. We have one thing in common. They all share something forcefully, pushing through. There's always an element of strength, control and determination present, no matter what the actual car looks like. In the animal Monday deck that we looked at last week, the cherry is represented by a ram just about the charge in the stack that we're gonna be using this week. You can see the horses running towards something very forcefully. This card is always in some degree of motion and usually has the upper hand. You know what you're heading into, but that doesn't make it any less of a challenge with this card, usually have more control over the situation than you think you do, and usually more were like lately to be aware that it's happening to you. This may be something that they've been putting off because it is hard and they see it will be. You must remind them that they hold the reins and have control over their outcome. They get back what they put in. If they're determined they will succeed. If they're scared and unwilling to face the situation, most likely you'll see a severe and sudden catalyst card in its place much further down the line. At this point, the inevitable will either happen suddenly or they risk stagnation until the opportunity arises. Once more reverse, the may see the need for your client to explore their control issues or why they need to feel like they're obligated to perform under pressure. Are they making easy movements in their life difficult on purpose and orderto haven't excuse the struggle? Are they just pushing themselves as hard as humanly possible to escape something emotionally that they are unwilling to face? This is one of the more difficult concepts that related your client. If you feel uncomfortable with being direct in my experience, your best clients will always want you to be a straightforward is humanly possible in order to get the most out of your time together. 3. The Tower : The next card is the tower. The road has been pulled from under you, and that is number 16. In the traditional writer weight deck, the tower has a lightning bolt striking a tower with two bodies falling out of it. There is a crown of the top that is falling off their smoke everywhere. This could be considered as the toppling of something seemingly stable in constant, like a regime or a very sturdy building that has been there for a long time. In other renditions, you may notice that the theme of sudden and shock stays with you. Usually, the image is jarring to a degree to represent the urgency to inform you or your client of circumstance that has or will occur in the animal Monday. Doug. It is personified by a smoking volcano. It will erupt, and there's nothing you can do about it. Other than a contingency plan in this deck, it's a treat, getting struck by lightning and burning down to the ground. It's under my impression that the tree is probably really old, has been there for a long time. If you have had or will have the wrong pulled out from under you in some sudden, unexpected way, then this might resonate with you. This card usually isn't going to be what you think it's going to be, though it's likely to be a jumper and will always make sure you tread lightly with your clients. When discussing the subject further, For example, it can signal a loss of a job or a death or parting of a loved one, or a sudden move to an unfamiliar place. And, um, somewhere where your client feels like a fish out of water. With this change will most likely happen. You must prepare your client for the worst. I would tell them that no matter what happens, depending on surrounding cards, that they must understand that sudden events can shape who we are as people and can course correct us if it they need to sudden changes terrifying. But sometimes it might be necessary for transformation. You may get an ominous phone call, or you may get a fantastic opportunity that involves relocating away from your current circle of friends and family. Either way, it's jarring, and how you handle this will have a ripple effect on the surrounding aspects of your life. Reversed you may feel your clients fear around a particular situation. They may feel like easy because their intuition is trying to prepare them for this change without being noticed. The specificities They may be so anxious of something happened thing or something bad occurring that they may never want to move out of their comp comfort zone as hard as this card. Usually it's a deal with these changes, usually marked milestones in our lives. This is the most difficult card to pull for your client because there's no easy way out of it or correct answer for it. 4. The Wheel of Fortune: the wheel of fortune moving pieces. This is car number 10. Traditionally, the Wheel of Fortune has one of the most visually complex cards to understand from the context of the imagery show. First, there are different forms of winging beasts representing before fixed signs. Aquarius Tourist, Scorpio Leo, one of the jump elements surrounded by clouds in each corner that are reading the Tora. Then it shows those things of the North is named to the southwest of the wheel and a new twist in the southeast of the wheel. All of these mixed together. One can assume that the cycle of life is both complex and inevitable. Not all of this imagery carries over to other renditions, though usually with most people just feel like that's over complicated. And there's a lot more symbolism going there than what I've just read. But it's it's not necessary for you to know what the card means. Usually, the central commodity commonalities of the imagery contained the wheel, some element of the unknown, some element of life and some element of death, all working together in tandem, each informing the next and so on and so forth. Here is the wild unknown Wheel of fortune. See, as you can see, the start are the unknown. There's life at the bottom with the sun a little al gonna move. It just means that what's gonna go on? It's gonna go on a lot of things. We're working through moving pieces with this card, and while transformation is certain, it may be up in the air about specifics. Here we must trust fate to guide us through the harder parts of our life. Here the wheel of the year turns and what will happen will happen. Bad transformations to good or vice versa. If we want something, many external circumstances must accommodate this and you want to catch the wall sometime. You have to think about every single other person on the street like slowing down or speeding up or missing a read later catching around. And it's not just all about you if we have had it for easy. If we had a easy for months, things may take a turn. If you have one of the hardest times of our lives, we may catch a break. The wheel of fate turns just as the seasons, and we cannot attempt to control it any time we try is a disservice to our life, path and destiny and usually come back to haunt us in some sort of strange and unexpected way. With this card, I find that it frustrates clients because they want to know. All you can really say is that if it's meant to happen, it will. But just it's not just about them right now or their needs reverse weekend again examined our need for control over our own destiny. It's a disservice and unhealthy to micromanage every facet of our personalities and in our lives. In this case, it doubles down for the need for trust and the need to surrender to the fact that the cycle of life is unavoidable and you have absolutely no say on these sacred and natural cycles. All we can do is make sure motives are pure and try our best to manifest our intentions. 5. Judgement: judgment reckoning. This is number 20. Traditionally, in the writer weight judgment appears exactly how do you think it would? An angel encompasses the entire top half of the card below, and much smaller. We see nude figures begging the angel to take them. Most of these figures are inside coffin esque boxes over a body of water, all desperate, but we don't know much else about them or what they've done over the course of their lives to war it ascension. In other renditions of this car, a common theme occurs a reckoning of sorts. Some have a heavily. Some have a heavenly being over corpses or the deceased. The animal Monday deck has a bird of prey shooting down from the stars to sweep wherever it must. Here we have a bird coming. You know it's ascending towards the top of the bunch of other birds, like kind of stuck at the bottom, all airborne beings coming back to Earth for a purpose, or, in this case, going back up for a purpose, taking or leaving behind groups based on their moral choices. This card will hold you accountable. Your prior decision making will come back in some way, and it's in this reckoning of accountability. There are usually drastic changes in regards to the failure or success based on the work or morals and play beforehand. In a way, this card can either be a call to action to do the right thing or a representation of the consequences for your behavior actions with judgment. We can reassure ourselves that absolution will occur If we did the right thing here. We must possess some sort of moral compass that will accompany the situation. We cannot outrun our karma. This card is a slow burn and may dissolve the, um, your surrounding circumstances of your life that do not match your moral convictions into your surrounded by ash. This card requires a nuanced combination of intellect and intuition. We must do the right thing to find the right answer. We must do some soul searching, Remember, even being complicity can register is evil. If the surrounding situation is a boring enough reverse, we may be too harsh on ourselves, or we could be ignoring the voice altogether. If we a really judge and worry about our personality falls, we use them as an excuse to never grow. If we don't try, we can't fail. This also aligns with ignoring our moral based intuition. We must stand up for those who are being her taken advantage of. Why are we so scared of conflict? If you refuse your call to action, this will drastically affect your karmic cycle. If you do nothing, you'll feel bad but also will be punished in some way for it. 6. The Fool : All right, So now we're moving on to the transitional cards. The full optimism in the face of change slash impulse. This is number zero. The full card is zero in the major Arconic for a good reason. Traditionally, the full is a figure blissfully whistling to themselves about walk away off the side of a cliff. They have absolutely no idea that the clip is there. They're merely focused on their journey. This serves as a beginning some readers use the full is a tool to move across the deck as an adventure. I enjoy this method, but I don't always find it applicable. I've used it if that helped to you. But take it with a grain of salt. Likewise, and other renditions. We always see what happens to be a symbol of youth or youthful figure during something playful or very naive. This doesn't inherently make them unintelligent. Just innocent. Innocence is optimism. Innocence is a mixture of impulse, and hope, in essence, provides a fresh insight to people who do not wish to start their own adventure. This can be a breath of fresh air or a much needed fire live beneath. Um, here is what the full looks like in the wild London. There's just a little baby bird, and it might fall off the tree, but hopefully that works out for them. Upright, weaken. See this card as represented a sea representing the beginning of their journey. We may were maybe starting something new and unfamiliar. We maybe has a 10 because there are too many variables surrounding this situation. But we must look at the full for inspiration. Chance and risk could benefit us greatly. Nothing new has come from people who were afraid to try something different. This card opposes stagnation because the full moves so sure footed Li that there is a new option or time for it. Reverse. There are two main themes in play here were either mortified by change or severely impulsive. There's no middle ground. People who fear change. We'll see this at face value as a bad Eman before you need to explain why they need to do this and why they shouldn't be scared. People who are impulsive will most likely see it as a signifier or call out. Why did they feel the need to Russian everything without thinking it through? We must always look at the surround. Adding cards to elaborate, further reversed establishes the relationship we have to diving right in on either side of the coin. This card and how they react to it greatly informs you on your client's unusual behavior. 7. The Hanged Man : the hanged man unable to let go. This is number 12. In the traditional writer wheat, that hang man depicts someone who was hanging upside down. They appear almost bored, or a different set of worried or unhappy or in pain. One leg is tied to the other bend and tuck behind them. Both arms are held behind the back, but not restrained. As far as we know. In other renditions, we would see some sort of creature also suspended in animal Monday. It's a spider in control of its web, just deciding to be suspended. The hangman usually can come down at any point if they try hard enough. The try seems to be the hardest hurdle to conquer. In this stuck. It's an upside down back. It could fly away at any time. It's just using to do this right now. It's not being restrained. The hanged man has you stuck in an unhealthy pattern and unable to what go. This is your ultimate Brit. This public probably is one of the main reasons your client has booked you in the first place. It may be afraid of change. They may be a victim of circumstance. They may not be physically or emotionally ready. It is clear that this position is an unstable won t even be in. If it seems like the state the safer option. The concept of tunnel vision is key. Sometimes it's easy to blame everyone but ourselves. Sometimes we blame ourselves instead of a toxic situation where we're unable to move past it. Sometimes we could easily reach up in untie will hold us back. But it's easier just to kick back and wait for someone else to do it for you. Or maybe you've never had to do so. So you don't know how. Maybe you're scared that you'll fall. This is a particularly stressful cardinal pole because it usually reflects on your client's personality more than the actual situation. Sometimes they're ready to let go and just can't. Sometimes they can, but just don't understand why they should have to. We must remind them its readers that this position is unsustainable. We must find the root cause and give them the tools to move forward reversed. We could dissect why your client feels stuck. Maybe there are blockages in place. Maybe they really just don't know or understand that they're in a rut. This is not a card that will solve anything by being a damsel in distress. This could call for a fresh perspective. Maybe they've been suspended for so long that they forget that they're there and other methods in which, till it by 8. Justice: justice tying up loose ends. This is card number 11. Traditionally, justice, the Justice current depicts our regal figure holding a sword in one hand at the scales in the other. It's pretty straightforward. What I personally find out is, while other car other renditions can blindfolded, figure this person has full site, giving them the power decide to decide the fate of those around them. In other renditions, the imagery may be similar, but justice is blind in the animal Monday. Doug. It's a calm lion with a sort of its feet in the wild. Unknown. It's a black cat and a white cat staring directly at you with the sword. In between, them all have a sense of reality and wisdom to choose what spirit was. What isn't This is the world unknown justice. I also very much enjoying this one because it gives you a sense of balance as well. Think of cause and effect. This may also dip into an archetype section, depending on the other cards that are pulled around it. This card explorers honesty and transparency and how that can impact our personalities and our situations much like judgment. You reap what you sow especially under karmic circumstances, operate. This card is always fair and always be honest with you, whether you like the interpretation or not. This card is here to tell you that in order to grow, you must take responsibility for your past actions and not judge those around you for making similar mistakes. The only way to move forward is honesty and forgiveness. If we make peace with our wrong doings and promise to do better, we should be forgiven. If you've done something in your past that you feel guilt or shame over, now is the time to come clean. This extends beyond you reversed. With Mick, we may examine what we see is truthful or what we consider fair in a space where we're unable to walk a mile in someone else's shoes or not believe them for walking a mile in their own shoes. What do you consider a gray area? Or just what do you consider a lie versus the truth? You may trust your morals over those of others. You could be clouded by what you feel is right all the time. Without actually examining the situation. We may think we always know what's best but it doesn't make it absolutely true. Under any circumstance, we all make mistakes. You and your client may feel included to discourage around one injustice while Everly reacting to an offense just a severe If justice isn't blind in your case, it must at least be objective, truthful, transparent. 9. Death : death Reborn from the ashes, this is car number 13 traditionally death rites and on a pale horse with the sun rising behind it. There is a religious figure praying, but death doesn't seem to be paying them any mind. In other renditions that could be seen as more of a Phoenix esque concept, an animal Monday deficits sneak shedding in skin in the wild. Unknown. It's Ah, up bird who has passed away, returning to the Earth to grow new life. This is not a scary card, but a new beginning. This is the climax of the adventure, where your hero has changed for the better. Rebirth and transformation are what's most important. You're probably wondering Linus isn't a catalyst card. While this card isn't a catalyst because it's usually the direct result of one, rarely do we pull a death card about laying in a lot of groundwork beforehand. In that case, you probably pull the tower. This card is a literal representation that rebirth is absolute with catalyst cards. We live the match with the death card. The things that survived the fire are reborn to create something entirely new. You can't fight or cheat death, Onley embrace it as a natural part of the cycle of life and appreciate it for its mystery. Within each life cycle are miniature experiences follow the same pattern. We start, we get held back. We pushed through and we mark that chapter complete whether we succeed or fail. This is not to say starting over is easy. A lot of people have issues with the sheer amount of willpower reinventing themselves will take. It is also worth saying that success isn't measured in a tangible way, and failure is a natural and healthy part of life. Reverse. We may be rising from the ashes, but dwelling on the past, we also may feel as if we will tarnish the clean slate with old habits. You must remember that with this card, what you choose to do with it is up to you the rivers. That card also may indicate an emotional or metaphysical transformation that you are holding close to your chest. Having a support system during these milestones is something that we should all seek. Usually transformations that occur concurrent with astrological transits. So many people were going through into the exact same time lift each other up 10. The World: the world a journey's end. This is car number 21 this is also where we're going to stop today. Traditionally, the symbolism of this card is similar to the wheel of fortune, but a little bit less complex. We have the four corners again, representing the four fixed signs and their elements, and then a figure in the middle, holding two lit candles. The top and bottom of the surrounding Laurel wreath are joined with a red ribbon. In more contemporary decks, the four elements are usually present with a figure. Or there might actually just be a pretty straightforward depiction of a highly embellished world in the animal Monday that the world is a steamy, peaceful forest, the true representations of thousands of little life cycles all going through their stages towards completion in the wild unknown. It's pretty straightforward. It's just a representation of the world. This card signifies ah, wholeness in some way through the sum of its parts. All of those moving pieces we went over earlier are now being actualized because of the work we put in. This card is more of an answer for a reinsurance instead of a step like the others, the full started. The journey for us in the world usually ends it. This card is about appreciating the bigger picture and recognizing your personal achievements. It is so easy to dwell on the things we haven't perfected. Instead of looking back toe, all the things that we've done has been great at here. We are drawn to our achievements and we should be proud. You're stronger, wiser, better versions of ourselves. We have leveled up and conquered our past troubles in some way, shape or form. This card is not one size fits all. All many journeys and experiences in our lives don't need to reach the stage to be a learning experience or personal achievement. But it does feel good when this happens. Depending on the surrounding cards, we may still have a few loose ends to tie up much like justice, but they are attainable, and calling attention to that may be all you need to get there. We may also need a level of closure in order to put matters to rest for good reverse, you may find that you feel is of taking shortcuts will get you to completion faster or that you are entitled to this level of completion without putting in any work. This also ties into the idea that if you make a prediction to your client, they may not work is hard to achieve it because they feel entitled to it. We must remember that in order to harvest, we must plant seeds and water them.